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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the ConFusion Bar. Randi lets Frankie know that she wants to marry him, but Frankie refuses. Kendall tells Zach that she loves him and wants him back. But Zach doesn’t buy Kendall’s change in attitude. Kendall senses that Zach had slept with Reese. Zach denies sleeping with Reese, but confesses that he had wanted to. Reese pours out her heart to Aidan when she thinks that it is Zach that she is talking to. Jesse lets Ryan know that Greenlee’s body had been found. Ryan calls Kendall to give her the news that Greenlee’s body had been found. Kendall arrives at Ryan’s o let him know that she is going with him to Connecticut. Pete, listens, from upstairs, to Kendall and Ryan making plans to leave town. Pete, immediately, calls Aidan to give him an update. Zach comes back to visit Reese and Reese questions him as to why he had walked out before.

Zach takes all the blame for the trouble that he had caused everyone. Jesse meets up with Randi in the ConFusion bar and she lets Jesse know that Frankie had walked out on her. Jesse tends to take Frankie’s side. Brot and Frankie have a conversation about Randi and how that Frankie didn’t want to marry her. Brot gives Frankie some very helpful advice on dealing with Randi. Taylor join Randi and encourages her to fight for Frankie. Kendall and Ryan arrive at the morgue and find valuable info that Greenlee is indeed, dead. Aidan arrives also to identify the body. Ryan and Kendall make love.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty and Meg decide to stop fighting their feelings for each other and make love the two lovebirds eat Chinese food in bed after making love. Paul is hopeful that he and Meg will get back together and that they will soon be a family. Paul's hopes are crushed when he bursts into Dusty's room and sees Meg in Dusty's bed eating Chinese food. Paul thinks Meg is a whore and tells her she finally broke his heart. Paul is hurt and angry so he calls Emily to ask for her help in destroying Meg and Dusty.

Parker and Liberty cross state lines to get married and after humiliating Carly by telling a judge about her sordid past the judge agrees to marry Parker and Liberty. Carly and Craig watch in shock while they wait for Jack and Janet to arrive. Jack and Janet arrive just as the grooms is kissing the bride.

Jack is so angry that Parker doesn't understand how serious marriage is and since Parker wants to be independent so badly Jack decides to throw him out of the house. Jack tells Parker and Liberty not to go to the farm because from this moment on they are on their own. Jack is heartbroken as he closes thee door on Parker and Liberty and he cries a little while Carly, Janet , and Craig are stunned by Jack's actions.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor hugs Thomas as he has just confessed to being the one who did all those bad things to Rick. He just wanted to scare Rick. He was the man of the house, but that turned into a joke. He pours his heart out in anguish. He is sorry that he has implicated Aunt Pam. Stephanie drops in on Brooke and explains to Rick why she won’t tell them where Steffy and Ridge are. She doesn’t want her to be a target again. Rick says she won’t be as Pam is locked up. Stephanie suggests that Brooke take her children and leave home too until the real person is found and locked up. Ridge tells Steffy that maybe he is not the father she wants right now, but it’s a lot better than him losing another daughter. She understands how when she is around that Ridge will always feel like something is missing. He suggests they start doing things together that Phoebe would want to do. Please try not to hate him so much for loving her so much.

When Ridge and Steffy return from the village with a bucket of chicken, they find Thomas and Taylor in a somewhat crying mood. Thomas has just told Taylor that he has to confess to Lt. Baker, but at least the worst part is over and that was telling Taylor. He knows she will think he is crazy and never look at him the same again. Stephanie explains to Brooke that Ridge is not going to come home until he is 100% sure that Steffy is safe. She should do the same for her own kids. The Forrester family has a chicken picnic in the cabin. Steffy and Thomas share some moments together. She confesses that she is not sure you can put Humpty-Dumpty together again. Taylor tells Ridge that Steffy is right. They need to go back home. She admits she knows who set the fire and who put the bomb in Rick’s car.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie manages to record Max opening the safe and later swipes the blueprints, handing them over to Tony in exchange for a check. Bo learns from Brady about the virus at Titan and the two go over to the mansion to talk to Victor and Phillip. Victor is livid, and Brady and Phillip later get into an argument about Nicole. Brady insists he and Nicole are just friends, and warns Phillip to back off before he gets hurt. Chloe and Lucas manage to get married before Kate can arrive to stop them. When she learns the wedding happened, she vows to make sure the ‘til death do us part’ bit of their vows comes true sooner rather than later. Bo sees Daniel and Hope together and becomes jealous because of his vision of her in bed with another man. Hope reassures him, but he continues to get flashes of her cheating on him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli hides out in Maxie’s apartment. Agent Rayner goes to the penthouse to look for Spinelli. Rayner tells Jason to choose between Sonny and Spinelli. Rayner puts out an APB on Spinelli, listing him as “armed and dangerous.” Winnifred wants to help Spinelli by making the evidence against him disappear. Carly smugly tells Kate that she and Jax are renewing their vows. Maxie and Johnny get a flat tire on their way to attend another event. They discuss what happened the night of the storm. Nikolas asks Sam if she and Lucky will reconcile. Nikolas later confronts Lucky about spending time with Rebecca and the two argue. Alexis confronts Rayner for threatening to stop Sam from getting her PI license. Winnifred hides in Rayner’s office while he talks with Alexis. Johnny kisses Maxie in the backseat of the car.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill makes another date with Lizzie. Frank annoys Marina with his directions on sterilizing baby bottles. After Frank leaves the house, Marina asks Mallet if he thinks Daisy and Buzz will find Grady. Mallet says he doesn't think so. Daisy and Buzz have a rough start in their search. Alan tells Phillip he just got a phone call from his lawyers that the grand jury will not reconvene on the case. Phillip does give Alan a warning concerning Lizzie, which is stop interfering in her life. At the Food Court, Dinah and Shayne have it out. Dinah leaves him standing in the aisle. When the two get to the checkout. Shayne attempts to pay for Dinah's things and she refuses and yet another small tiff ensues. Philip goes to see Frank about the whereabouts of Grady. Phillip isn't happy when Frank doesn't have anything new. Buzz has a mental breakdown that Daisy witnesses from afar. At Company, Alan orders a meal. Just then Josh walks in to do the same and jokes with Alan about owning the place so his order show be first. Back at the PD, Lizzie walks in to find Phillip talking to Frank. She acts civil toward her father, but feels uneasy. She leaves and Bill catches he on the way out and tells her to talk to her father. She just leaves the SPD without doing so. Back at Mallet and Marina's, Vanessa, Billy, Marina and Mallet are looking at the baby in the crib, and making funny noises. Daisy suggest going home and finding Grady another way. Shayne stops by Company to find that his dad, Josh is there. He sits down with him. Shayne wants advice about mentioning his past to Dinah. Josh suggest moving forward. Dinah stops by the SPD and talks to Frank about Grady. She wants to know if there is anything new. Frank tells Bill that all charges against him are dropped. Phillip suggests to Bill not to think about his being accused. Daisy calls Marina's place looking for Mallet. Billy answers the phone. Daisy tells Billy that her other grandfather, Buzz is so sad and can't handle it. Billy advises her to come on home. Daisy says she can't without finding Grady. Josh wants to know what Shayne's feelings for Dinah are. Shayne says he really doesn't know yet. Josh tells him there are rules. And Dinah doesn't follow them. Lizzie and Bill are at the Spaulding Mansion, at first they are alone, till Phillip shows up. Phillip says he likes what he sees between Bill and Lizzie and approves. After Phillip leaves them alone they kiss. At a party at Towers, that Dinah is hosting for Bill, Dinah runs into Ashley and asks her for a favor on reporting on this case. Ashley says she'll do her best. Dinah calls Mallet to invite them to the party. Mallet tells her they are tired after having a long day with the baby and friends. Daisy tries again to get Buzz to go home. She tells him she doesn't want anything to go wrong with his heart. Buzz still refuses to home. Dinah calls Josh to invite him. Josh tell her, "Of course we'll come. After he hands up, he tells Shayne they are going to a party. When Josh and Shayne arrive and get off the elevator, Josh finds Dinah and points her out to Shayne and tells him to go over and talk. Frank goes over to Marina and Mallet's. Frank tells them he's been working on Grady's case and that Lizzie helped a bit. And that Bill is now been released from any wrong doing. They then pay attention to the baby. Frank mentions Dinah's party and invites the two. Mallet looks at Marina and they both decide not to go. Phillip and Alan arrive at this party. Alan is not happy being there. Phillip orders him to enjoy it for Lizzie's sake. Bill makes an announcement concerning he and Lizzie. That he loves her. Grady shows up in Springfield.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody wonders what will happen with Blair's injury. Tea admits to Todd that she's withdrawn from being his lawyer and considers the possibility that he stabbed Blair, murdered Wes Granger and murdered Lee Halpern. Nora tells Cole she's going to prosecute him and get him convicted of a felony for what he did to Matthew. Marty wants to help her son but does not know how to. Cristian Vega goes to see a comatose Evangeline while she stays in the private place where her mother is keeping her in Maryland. He confesses to her that maybe he's always been in love with her and so he has failed to commit to Sara or know what he was getting himself into with Vanessa. Layla overhears and rips into him about what a coward he is. He tells her that she has her own problems and shouldn't be judging him. It looks like Evangeline might come back.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nikki assures Kay that she will soon be home with her family. Nikki starts once again to give Kay back her ring, but Kay refuses to take the ring back. Gloria walks in and starts up a conversation with Kay. Kay doesn’t remember Gloria. Outside a bank ,Kevin comes out , with a chipmunk mask on. He holds a duffel bag in his arms. In a booth in a restaurant, Billy introduces Jack to Mary Jane Benson. At the Chandler mansion, Chloe tells Esther and Jill that she is moving back in with Billy. Billy tries to get “loving” with Sharon, who brushes him off by telling him that Phyllis knows about them. In Victor’s office at Newman Enterprises, Victor and Ashley kiss. Michael join Victor to go over details of Adam’s hearing to get released from jail. Jill says good-bye to Delia. Esther advises Chloe to follow her heart. Mary Jane proves to Jack just how much she knows about him. The court hearing begins to get Adam out of jail and released into Victor’s custody. Kay tells Gloria that she doesn’t remember them being in jail together. Nikki comes up with a plan. Nikki calls Jill to meet her at the club. Mrs. Fisher finds out from the computer that Kevin had robbed another bank. Kevin arrives home with the loot that he had gotten from the bank. Clint becomes sick. Kevin wants to call the doctor, but Clint refuses to let Kevin call the doctor.

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