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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the ConFusion Bar, Frankie tries to reason with Randi about his deployment to Iraq. Randi lets him know that if he goes back to Iraq then it is over between them. Jake, in Amanda’s hospital room, promises her that he will help her and protect her from David. Amanda lets him know that she has a plan to get rid of the baby. Jake has his doubts about helping her. Pets and Aidan sit at a table at the casino. Aidan confronts him about Pete’s hacking into Zach’s computer. Pete denies it, at first, but then owns up that he had done what Aidan had accused him of. Ryan sits at a desk at Fusion and looks at Zach’s files. Kendall walks in and Ryan immediately closes the lid on the laptop. Kendall wants to know what Ryan is hiding from her. In Reese’ room, Zach reads the letter to Reese that she had received from Bianca. Zach tries to comfort Reese, but Reese only wants Bianca. David and Krystal meet with their lawyer to come up with a strategy plan to bring down J.R. At the casino, Zach join Aidan at his table. Aidan begins to tell Zach his news about Pete hacking into Zach’s computer. All Zach wants to talk about is why Aidan had hopped into bed with Kendall. Zach looks toward the door and sees Reese standing there. Aidan also notices Reese standing in the doorway. Zach goes to join Reese. Amanda tells Jake her plan to give up her baby for adoption. Kendall walks in and sees Zach put his arms around Reese’ shoulders and together they leave the casino. Kendall confronts Aidan if Zach and Reese are having an affair. Randi walks out on Frankie, Angie and Jesse.

Angie tries to console Randi about his situation with Frankie and his deployment to Iraq. Angie assures Randi not to let this love between herself and Frankie pass by. Amanda tries to get Jake to go along with her plan, but he still has his doubts. Pete takes Colby out for a dinner of lobster. Colby begins to question him as to where he had gotten the money to pay for this elaborate dinner. Colby sees Ryan come in, and immediately senses the connection. Krystal tells David that unless he signs a paper giving up all claim to Amanda’s baby then she will testify against David in the custody hearing for Little Adam. David does as she asks. Amanda vows to protect her baby from David. Zach comes by to see the boys and Kendall meets him at the door. Kendall lets Zach know that she loves him and wants him back. Zach lets her know that he hadn’t’ slept with Reese, but he wanted to. Reese hears a noise at the door and thinks it is Zach, but it is really Aidan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Noah asks Luke to move in with him for the summer. Noah and Luke meet with their potential landlord, but it is clear once he realizes they are gay, the apartment no longer becomes available. They are outraged, as Luke vows to not let the man get away with it. Dusty is taking Meg on their official date to a new restaurant in Chicago, as Meg is thrilled and Dusty wants her to wear the new dress he bought her. Holden and Meg argue about her relationship with Dusty, as he thinks she should take time after her break up with Paul before jumping into another bad relationship. Paul is happily babysitting for Eliza since Meg has plans with Dusty he begrudgingly admits, as he pleads with Emily to find out what is going on between Lucy and Craig; he wants to protect Meg because he is convinced Lucy and Dusty are working together to bring down Craig and Meg could get hurt. Craig misplaces his file (or so he thinks) for the shipping company he plans on doing business with, as Craig wonders if Lucy knows where it is. Lucy pretends to help and when his head is turned, she takes it out from her purse. She plays it off well, as Lucy later talks to someone about making copies from the file and meeting with someone from the shipping company. Meg cancels her plans with Dusty thinking she is rushing things, as Dusty is upset. Lily talks with Dusty about Meg and poses some questions for him to consider. Meg sees Paul lovingly talking to Eliza, as she arrives to pick her up. Paul is pleased to learn Meg is no longer going out with Dusty. He is tickled to learn nothing has gone on and it doesn’t look like it will be either, but Meg assures him that changes nothing about them. Meg allows Paul to spend extra time with Eliza, as Paul warmly thanks her. Emily tries to get information out of Craig pretending to be interested in his vodka company, but Craig isn’t really biting. Lucy meets with a man from the shipping company that is now working for Craig and pays him to ship some stuff in addition to what Craig ships without anyone’s knowledge. The man thanks her and their mutual friend for their business. When Lucy comes back to play the dutiful daughter, she puts the kibosh on anymore questions from Emily to her dad, as Craig follows her leads, which convinces Emily more then ever, that Lucy is hiding something. Holden worries about Meg, but Lily tells him that Meg cancelled her plans with Dusty. Holden is later not pleased to hear Lily offer Dusty advice about Meg, as they agree in the end to no longer get involved. Luke and Noah tell Holden and Lily about the landlord, as Lily thinks they should get this issue out there with help from the Foundation. Holden is surprised to learn Lily is working with Luke, but is happy because Luke seems himself again finally. Luke and Noah blissfully work together to research how to stop discrimination against gays in housing and to find a new place to live. Emily comes to Paul with her beliefs about Lucy, but Paul is no longer interested because he is focused on the fact that Meg is not seeing Dusty anymore. Emily tells him that she won’t back down from this story because Paul is seeing stars in his eyes now. Dusty sees Meg returning his clothes that he bought her, as she explains that their relationship is moving too fast and that she isn’t sure what is happening between then is even real, as Dusty takes her into his arms and passionately kisses her to prove her wrong. Lucy wants Craig to stay away from Emily’s questions for his own good, as she wants to prove her loyalty and trust –according to her. After she leaves, Craig mumbles to himself about how he wishes he could trust her, as he looks unsure. Lucy makes a phone call assuring the person on the other end that her dad has no idea what she is up to, but Emily could prove to be a problem, but she will handle her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor sits quietly and thinks about Thomas’ sweater that Pam knitted him. Those fibers, the same fibers found at all the crime scenes. Taylor appreciates some time alone with Thomas so they can talk. He suddenly realizes that Taylor thinks it was him that did the dastardly deeds to Rick. He confesses he is guilty. He did those things, not to kill Rick, but just to scare him. Donna visits Pam in jail and even brings her some crocheted handcuffs…..funny…..NOT. Pam accuses Donna of doing all those things to try and frame her. Only Donna would want to see her in the clink. Donna states that the police have made their arrest, and it’s gonna stick. Steffy calls Rick and asks him to be careful. He thinks he is invincible since he survived the house fire and a car bomb. He just asks that she hang in there for a few more days. He realizes her family is only trying to protect her. He tells Brooke that he hopes they are not using this time to try to change her mind about him. He and Steffy are going to be together so everyone might as well get used to it.

Ridge calls Brooke, but doesn’t want her or Rick to know where he is. Stephanie asks Marcus for his help. She is sure that her sister, Pam, is innocent. If he can shed any light on that, she would appreciate it. Stephanie visits Pam and she promises she is trying to get Pam out as soon as she can. Brooke too worries that if Pam is not guilty then it means a maniac is still out there that wants Rick dead. Thomas bares his soul about how much he hates Rick because of what he did to both her and Phoebe….and now Steffy, that is the last straw. It makes him ill to know that Rick had his hands on all of them. His mother was vulnerable and Rick took advantage. He couldn’t take it any more. He had to stop him. But he was stupid though, and now Aunt Pam is in jail because of his screw-up.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate vows to fly to Las Vegas and stop Lucas from marrying Chloe, despite Victor’s advice that she allow Lucas to marry her and discover the truth for himself. When she learns the Titan jet is being repaired, she reluctantly takes a commercial flight to Vegas. Chloe and Lucas arrive at the justice of the peace, ready to get married. Tony offers Melanie a deal in writing and sole ownership of the fuel project if she will let him develop her project. She agrees, but he tells her he needs the blueprints first. She tries to get them from Max, but he refuses to hand them over. She sees that he keeps them in the safe and starts working on a plan to get them. Stefano confronts Nicole about her trip to the convent. She sticks to her story that she is counseling pregnant teens. Stefano doesn’t buy it. EJ and Nicole plan Sydney’s christening and invite Sami to attend. Sami sends Rafe on an errand to the convent to bring Teresa ointment for Grace’s rash. She later decides that she can no longer bear to be without Grace. Will accuses her of hiding something. Mia flies back to Salem, prepared to get her baby back from Nicole

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie tells Spinelli what happened with Johnny the night of the storm. Diane suggests that Jax and Carly have a "post nup" agreement drawn up. Claudia plans the party to benefit Michael. Ric finds and watches Jerry's final DVD. Jason feels guilty about Michael. Sonny tells Jason he's calling a meeting to make his position clear. Winnifred offers to help get Spinelli out of hot water. Spinelli refuses to leave Maxie and plans to return to Port Charles. Instead of going to meet Patrick, Robin ends up at a bar. She lies about her family and her profession to the bar maid. Liz tells Patrick that Robin is missing.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie looking for her earrings and thinks Alan is upstairs, so she yells up to him asking if he knows where they are. Phillip startles her when he comes in the room. He has a sandwich wrapped up for her. Tells her she left it. This time Lizzie doesn't attempt to leave or throw out Phillip. Cyrus gets a surprise visitor in the form of Dinah. They are both looking for Grady. At Company, Bill is having lunch with Billy and Vanessa. Bill's parents just want to talk about when he was a kid. Bill tells them, "I am for the here and now." Lizzie shows up at Company and Bill and talk for a bit before Lizzie sits at the counter. Bill tells his parents that he and Lizzie are starting over fresh. Cyrus brakes into a barn to find Grady. But no Grady inside. Dinah wants to know when the last time Cyrus saw Grady. Cyrus is offended and asks Dinah when was the last time she saw her brother. Dinah answers back, "Today". Natalia talks to Phillip about Emma. Natalia gives Phillip some friendly advice, "Give it some time. And prove yourself as a good father." Phillip tells her he will. At the Towers bar, Olivia is with Doris. She leaves her and calls Natalia telling her that she thinks she has a way of "getting rid of Phillip". Dinah is snooping again. This time Bill catches her. She makes up why she is down there and Bill buys it. Phillip visits Doris. Phillip tells Doris he can help her. Doris laugh and reminds him he's the defendant. Phillip tells her he is representing himself. Doris laughs again. Lizzie and Cyrus have drinks at Towers talking about her kidnapping. And how to get Alan for it. They don't know Phillip is listening in just around the corner from where they are sitting. Olivia meets with Natalia and tells her that she thinks Doris can help her. Natalia reminds Olivia that she doesn't like Doris. Olivia tells Natalia things have changed. Billy and Vanessa are getting close. Bill and Lizzie spend some time outside together walking their dogs. Bill just got a new dog. Lizzie is impressed. Phillip goes back to the garage where Lizzie was held captive. Phillip goes outside the garage as Cyrus and Dinah arrive inside the garage. Cyrus can't find anything to put Grady there during the kidnapping. Cyrus leaves, leaving Dinah behind. She realizes she doesn't have a car and calls out to Cyrus, but Phillip appears. His appearance has startled Dinah. Dinah asks Phillip why he's there. He tells her that is where Lizzie was held. As if Dinah doesn't know. Phillip almost catches her in a lie. Olivia and Natalia go to see Doris. Doris wants to know why they are there. Olivia tells her again she wants Phillip locked up. Dinah meets up with Bill and Lizzie. Bill and Lizzie make it as if they just met. Bill pretends to introduce Dinah to Lizzie. Shortly after Dinah leaves them, Lizzie suggests she is going home. Bill changes her mind by an offer of a cup of coffee. After meeting outside, Lizzie and her dog leave. Bill is happy that at least things went well. At the TV station, Dinah is looking at a clip of Lizzie and Bill on her computer. Phillip breaks into a car grabs a bag then goes to the cliff that he met Grady at and flings the bag over the edge.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew and his parents are worried about what they do with his prognosis of a spinal cord injury that could leave him permanently paralyzed. Rex and Gigi are similarly worried about Shane's diagnosis of having leukemia, needing chemo and bone marrow transplants. Roxy goes to find Rex's bio father and secrets gets a sample from him. Unknown to her, Stacy is spying upon her and finds out that Rex's father is not dead and that Roxy is keeping a secret from her son. While she's out, Starr goes to talk to Schuyler and informs him that she's just found out that her baby could not have died from Rh disease, his mother was not negligent in finding it out and it was not his mother's fault. He investigates the situation but knows he cannot have any more contact with Starr. Brody and Jessica are together and start kissing. But they conclude that they should just stay friends for now. Natalie and Jessica are aware that it's probable that Jessica's baby died instead of Starr's and one of Jessica's alters switched the babies.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At the prison Ashley tells Victor that he is doing the right thing for his son. Victor reminds her that Adam had tried to frame Victor for murder. A guard shows Ashley and Victor in to see Adam. They are shocked to see that Adam had been beaten up and he is blind. Sharon visits Phyllis at Nicholas and Phyllis’ house. Phyllis questions Sharon if she doesn’t ever get tired of chasing after Nicholas. Phyllis tells Sharon that she had just missed Nicholas since he was on a plane to China. An argument begins between Sharon and Phyllis. Phyllis tells Sharon that she had seen Sharon plant a kiss on Billy that would stop traffic. Sharon is quite shocked by the remark. At a restaurant, Jack questions Billy if Billy is settling in good with Chloe and the baby. Billy assures Jack that everything is fine. Chloe walks up to the table and begins to confront Billy about his recent actions. Chloe tells Billy that she and the baby are moving back into the Chandler’s. Karen calls Neil to check on where he is and to remind him that they are meeting with the social worker concerning Ana’s adoption. Neil starts to leave the diner when he runs into Devon. Devon confronts Neil about Neil having an affair with Karen’s mother.

Adam tells Victor that he had gotten beaten up because he was Victor Newman’s son. The social worker arrives to meet with Karen and Neil and is quite disturbed because Neil isn’t there. Neil arrives just as the social worker is ready to leave. Jack encourages Billy to fight for his daughter. Sharon calls Billy and tells him that Phyllis knows about them about them and is threatening to tell Jack. Victor meets with Dr. Elliott about Adams’ blindness being genetic. Jack visits Sharon and tries to reconcile with her. Sharon makes Jack promise that he will take care of Sharon. Billy visits Chloe to make things right with her.

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