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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Angie examines Opal and assures her that she will be fine.. Tad walks in to visit Opal. Tad is relieved that Opal will be fine. Jack comes to visit and lets Opal know that she doesn’t have insurance on the house and that Opal is broke. Opal cannot believe that Palmer had taken off and had left her without anything. J.R. blasts Frankie for lying to him about Amanda’s baby really being David’s. David and Amanda discuss the baby, and he vows to have revenge on her if she tries to keep the baby from him. Annie finds out that Aidan is working for Zach. At Fusion, Ryan and Pete are busy at work when Kendall arrives with the boys in tow. A doctor examines Reese’s eyes and gets bad news. Zach lets Reese know that he had left Kendall. Ryan urges Kendall to call Zach. Kendall calls Zach and lets him know that she has the boy with her at Fusion. Zach leaves immediately to come and pick up the boys at Fusion where he encounters Ryan. Randi finds out from Natalia that Frankie is headed back to Iraq.

At Oak Haven, Annie meets Troy, a graduate student and gives her some pointers on how to attract a man. Angie visits Reese at the casino and gives her some helpful reassurance on her relationship with Bianca. At the casino, Aidan lets Zach know that someone had hacked into the Cambias files, namely Ryan. J.R. lets Amanda know that he never wants to see her again. Randi confronts Frankie about his going back to Iraq. Jake promises to help Amanda. Zach reads a letter from Bianca to Reese. Reese breaks down and tells Zach that she wants her family back.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Jack assures Carly that it is best for Parker to go to boarding school. She puts up a united front, but is really against it. When confronted, Parker hands them a preliminary injunction which prevents them from sending him anywhere. He's surly and taunts that a judge might see things differently than they do. They can’t touch his trust fund money to do things not in his best interest. They show the papers to Tom Hughes. He will look into it, but he doesn’t think Parker has a chance unless he can prove he is emancipated. Parker is listening and overhears this. Lucy tries to dodge Dusty and explains that she can not be seen with him. Craig’s faith is renewed about her. Liberty smarts off to Janet about being in prison. When Janet turns her back at the diner, Liberty chases off to find Parker. He has the answer - they will get married. He makes it sound like pie in the sky. Both parents look for their children. Jack drags Parker back and threatens to nail the window shut if he has to. Having Craig there with Carly doesn't help Jack's mood. He won't listen to his advise how to raise his family.

Dusty asks Meg out for a real date and then wants to buy some baby clothes at Fashions. He insists she buy herself a sexy dress. Tom gives Carly and Jack the bad news in that the lawyer can keep this tied up for quite a while and it will be long and expensive. Parker tells Liberty they need to leave soon before the parents miss them. They will find a state that will marry them. Carly checks in on Parker and asks him to give them all a chance to cool off. She's been drinking throughout the day and still has a glass of vodka in her hand behind her back.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie explains to Taylor and Thomas how and why her sister, Pam, was arrested. If she is innocent and was not involved, then someone else is. And Steffy is out at the beach house with Rick right now and they need to get her out of there. Ridge and Brooke are interrupted in one of their loving moments. Taylor calls and insists that he come over immediately so they can talk….. Steffy might be in immediate danger. Brooke tells Katie that she feels sorry for Taylor, always reaching out and trying to hang on to Ridge. She doesn’t feel threatened as she and Ridge are committed to each other forever. Rick tries to convince Steffy that this is their party and they don’t need to worry about Stephanie, so just blow her off. Ridge rushes over and they all discuss what they need to do. He’s afraid perhaps they are all over-reacting and they will end up alienating Steffy. Taylor begs him to go with her and try to get Steffy out of there away from Rick. Neither of them could live with themselves if something dreadful happened. For the umpteenth time, Stephanie walks right on in into Brooke’s bedroom with her in her sexy underwear. Stephanie starts spouting the danger that Steffy is in, but Brooke doesn’t want to listen. Rick tells Steffy that Pam is behind bars and her dad has accepted them as a couple so they have nothing to worry about. Oh yeah……Ridge, Taylor and Thomas come barging through the door and insist that Steffy come with them. When she refuses and asks them to leave, Thomas sucker punches Rick and they grab Steffy and rush her out.

Rick shows up at Brooke’s and gives his version. At Big Bear, Steffy tells them that this will not work. They can’t keep her there forever. Taylor assures her that it is only until they find the real culprit who has been after Rick. Thomas says it felt good to hit Rick. He hates that guy. When Taylor finds Thomas’ sweater, the one crocheted by Aunt Pam, and the fibers begin to fall off in her hands, she begins to have some disturbing thoughts about Thomas……and just how much he really hates Rick.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chelsea admits to Max that she broke things off because she knows he wants children and she can never have any. Max tells her that he would be more than happy to adopt, and right now, all that matters to him is being with her. The two make up and decide to get back together. We learn that Max still has a copy of the blueprints Nick sent him. Brady accuses Melanie of having something do with the worm that destroyed Titan’s files. She insists it isn’t true and later confronts EJ about playing her and never intending to develop the project. He taunts her, knowing she can’t remember the formula. He throws her out, but Tony has overheard all, and tells Melanie he thinks they can help one another. Phillip is angry about the files being destroyed and calls Nicole to threaten her. She enlists Brady to help her and he agrees. Stephanie decides to get back together with Phillip, saying his father was wrong to teach him that failure is a sign of weakens. She reminds him that he is human like everyone else. Chloe and Lucas pack to elope, but learn their flight has been delayed. Will walks in on the two kissing and Lucas asks Will to come with them to be his best man .Will refuses, making up an excuse about school. Kate confronts Daniel and tries to goad him into admitting he was having an affair with Chloe. Daniel refuses. She tries to get him to get back together with her, but he refuses to do that, too. Angry that she couldn’t get him to stop the wedding, Kate vows to do it herself. She is shocked when she later finds out from Will that Chloe and Lucas are on their way to Vegas to elope.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Winnifred takes credit for capturing the art thieves so Jason can hide Spinelli. Maxie is upset to learn that Spinelli has to leave the country. She tells Spinelli she loves him. Winnifred gets a lecture and a promotion for her actions. Jax and Carly plan to renew their wedding vows. Carly says she won't give up hope for Michael. Nik and Liz discuss the situation with Lucky and Rebecca. Claudia talks Sonny into throwing a party at the house to secure his position in the business. She says they can get some donations for Michael's foundation while they're at it. Robin tells Patrick she spent the day in the park with the baby. Robin and Patrick make dinner plans. Matt wonders if Robin still has "issues" but Patrick is confident that she doesn't. Instead of going home, Robin drives in the opposite direction of Port Charles.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia is frantic looking for Emma. She calls Emma's friends' parents to ask if she is there. Daisy calls for help. Jeffrey gets some information on cancer and the survival rate from Colin. Colin wants to know why Jeffrey wants this information. Doris tells him that Jeffrey wants to terminate the pregnancy. When Colin hears why Jeffrey wants it. Collin say, "That is the wore idea I have ever heard." Colin says that Reva can be unpredictable. Lillian visits Jeffrey's office. She tells him she was just with Reva, who was in tears upon her arrival. When Colin sees Reva, he tells her that he was just talking to Jeffrey about her situation. Reva thinks Colin is with her. Colin says, "No, that you need to deliver this baby as soon as possible. Reva calls Mel telling her she needs a lawyer. Remy goes over to the Cooper/Mallet household concerned for Buzz. Natalia comes home to find Olivia handling a 9.milimeter gun. Olivia tell Natalia she called friend, Emma's school, that she is convinced Phillip has her. Olivia goes to see Doris to tell her that she wants Phillip arrested for kidnapping. That is until she gets a call on her cell while talking to Doris. Reva meets Mel about defending her rights to protect her baby. Jeffrey is at Cedars waiting for Reva. He talks to Lillian, who is dead set against what Jeffrey is doing. Jeffrey is in the hallway at Cedars alone, he starts to pray. Back in his office, Mel visits Jeffrey. He tells her he loves Reva. Mel is shocked about how passionate Jeffrey is talking about Reva. Reva runs into Doris. Reva is angry that Doris is working with Jeffrey with this. Reva has a spell. She feels the baby kick. Doris also feels it. At Cedars, Buzz is at the nurse's station writing something when Lillian walks by. She thinks he is writing a love letter to her. Natalia finds Emma in the park with Remy. Followed by Olivia. Remy says he found her walking in the street. Remy tells them that Emma is always welcome to hang out with him if she feels lonely. Emma is thrilled. Olivia thanks Remy. Then Olivia scolds Emma. Mel questions Reva on Jeffrey's love for her. Both Mel and Doris advise a separation to Jeffrey and Reva separately. A hearing on the case begins. Jeffrey tells the courtroom that he is his own lawyer. Buzz grabs Lillian in anger and tells her to stay out of it. After he leaves, Lillian is seen shaken by Buzz's reaction. Buzz comes back quieter and apologizes for his actions. Lillian tell him she had enough of that from Bradley. Remy tells Christina she is bad for having his sister take the same class as she does. In court, Reva says that Jeffrey would make a wonderful father. Jeffrey says that Reva is a wonderful mother to the children she already has. The judge works on reverse psychology on Reva and Jeffrey. Reva agrees to have her blood count checked every day. If it gets too high she'd get help. Jeffrey agrees to that. They then hug. The judge declares they have worked it out.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and Nora are told by the doctor that Matthew is likely to be paralyzed for life and they should accept it. But they cannot. Clint overhears and tells them they cannot give up on their son. He tells them he will get all the specialists he can find and they owe that much to Matthew. Marcie admits to Starr that she's found out that baby Hope could not have died from rh disease. Hearing that, Starr is distraught not knowing what to do with the fact that it's now an unsolved mystery that her baby died. Meanwhile, Natalie and Jared figure out that it's highly probably that Tess or Bess took Starr's baby out of the hospital and she is now the baby everybody believes is Chloe, Jessica's baby died as she did not get medical care, and everybody is falsely believing that Starr's baby died when she is alive and well. And they do not know how to tell that to Jessica. Jessica and Brody are getting closer. Gigi and Rex find out that Shane has leukemia, needs a bone marrow transplant and they are dependent upon the rare chance that a family member could save his life. Immediately they rush to the only living family members they have which are, respectively Roxy and Stacy. Both of them rush to get tested. But it looks like Stacy is more concerned about scamming Rex and Gigi and saving her own skin. Starr rushes to Schuyler after hearing the startling news about her baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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