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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David blackmails Amanda into keeping quite about his involvement in getting J.R. to drink again. Amanda, reluctantly, agrees. Krystal calls David and tells him that she fears that she had killed Tad. Pete and Colby arrive home to see a fire inside the house. They fear the worst since Opal and Kathy are inside the house. Annie is happy when Aidan visits her at Oak Haven. They hug and begin to kiss. Kendall tells Zach that she had never stopped loving him. Zach lets her know that he knows that, but she had never stopped loving Ryan either. Zach opens the door to leave and sees Ryan standing there. Ryan starts to leave, but Kendall urges him to stay. David examines tad and finds out that Tad will be fine. David pours a pitcher of ice water into Tad’s face to revive him. J.R. visits Amanda at Tad’s, looking for his cell phone. J.R. reminds her that the lawyers will be taking her deposition later that morning. Amanda feigns pains in her stomach to get out of the deposition. Annie and Aidan kiss and lie down on the bed. The lawyers arrive to take Krystal’s deposition. Reluctantly, Krystal begins her deposition.

David and Krystal arrive at the hospital to witness Amanda’s deposition. Amanda lies on the deposition. J.R. cannot believe that Amanda would do this to him. Brot rescues Opal and Kathy from the burning house. Annie and Aidan make love. Angie tells Jesse how Frankie had falsified information concerning Amanda’s ultrasound. Frankie lets Jesse know that he had gotten his deployment papers back to Iraq. David tells J.R. the truth that the child Amanda is carrying is really David’s.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lily and Lucinda hatch a plan to get Luke interested in the foundation again and it works because when Luke thinks that the StarGlow foundation won't work with his foundation because he defends gay rights he defends his foundation . Luke realizes that his foundation is important and decides to work on it again. Brain returns to help with the StarGlow foundation meeting and later visits Lucinda and they agree to be friends. Lily decides to be the new administrator for Luke's foundation.

Vienna is ovulating so Brad has to do his part but he has a hard time doing that unless Katie is in the room with him. Henry pretends to be okay with everything because he wants to make Vienna and Katie happy but in reality he isn't happy at all. Vienna is about to be inseminated when Henry drops Brad's sperm on the floor and Brad must make another deposit in a cup. Vienna is inseminated and Brad, Katie, and Vienna are hopeful that she is pregnant and all three are sure they feel the baby kick. Henry feels left out of the happy family despite the fact that Brad, Katie and Vienna do their best to include him. Henry feels like he will lose his beloved Vienna once the baby is born.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam clings to Stephanie and begs her to believe her that she did not do all these things to go after Rick. She claims she is not capable anymore of hurting another person. Stephanie realizes someone is trying to set Pam up, but who would do that for Pam to take the blame. They both put the blame on Marcus and/or Donna. Brooke begs Ridge’s forgiveness for her not believing in him either. Steffy and Rick are kissing in the office, but interrupted by an unhappy Marcus. Rick apologizes to Marcus for being cool during this time since he is the one who lost out. Marcus assures him that he hasn’t lost out and he just hopes Steffy opens up her eyes and sees what an ass she has fallen for. Donna leaves a love note for her honey bear to join her in the steam room. Instead Stephanie reads the note and slips in and pours a bucket of ice on a horizontal Donna…..just what she needs to cool her off. Stephanie wants to talk to her later, but Donna says she has nothing to say to her. Funny says Stephanie, Donna always has her lips flapping. Stephanie accuses Donna and her son. Stephanie is not going to let her sister take the fall for something they have done.

Thorne and Felicia welcome Rocco home. Felicia is surprised to hear Thorne say that he asked Rocco back to work on a special project. Rocco bumps into Rick who is happy to see him. He introduces him to Steffy and tells her that Rocco works at International. Rocco says no more; Thorne had him transferred back to the states. Rick tells Steffy that Rocco is some loser that he’s been trying to get rid of for years. Rick escorts Steffy to the beach house where he has set up a celebratory dinner. With Pam behind bars, their worries are over. He pours her wine, but says if she drinks enough of it, then she can’t drive home and must have a sleep over. Stephanie has overheard they are there and she bursts in and insists Steffy go with her. Steffy refuses, and Rick tells Stephanie to get the hell out of his house. Stephanie slaps him and reminds them if anything happens to Steffy that she will kill Rick herself.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Nicole surprises EJ with a romantic evening in bed. She gets a mysterious and unwanted phone call. Kate talks over how to get revenge on Chloe with Victor and he suggests she arrange it so Lucas finds out the truth on his own. Rafe wants to work with Sami to bring down the DiMeras so he turns down the task force job offer. Both Chloe and Sami separately convince Will that his parents won’t be getting back together but Will is sure that the pairing of Rafe and Sami will lead to disaster. Daniel convinces Lucas to give in to Chloe’s desires to elope and Lucas hires a jet to fly to Vegas tonight. Kate confronts Daniel about the affair with Chloe.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Everyone is disappointed that Michael doesn't qualify for the experimental treatment. Ethan and Lucky get into a fist fight, which Rebecca breaks up. Robin goes to Mercy and helps with an emergency. When Nikolas mentions Emma to her, Robin suddenly remembers leaving the baby at Kelly's. Robin rushes back to Emma. Emma is safe and sound when Robin gets back.

Spinelli breaks the code on the vault. Jason and company arrive to rescue him. Maxie manages to detain Cassandra and her partner in the parking garage until Jason, Sam, and Spinelli arrive. Lulu embarrasses Johnny by trying to drum up business for his repair shop. Ethan flirts with Lulu. Jax asks Carly if she wants to renew their wedding vows.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Phillip goes to see Alan. Grady is a no show at Doris' office. And Daisy says she thinks she knows why. Edmund tries to cheer up Dinah. Shayne gets a visit from Josh, who just wants to play a friendly game of toss with a football. When Grady doesn't show, Buzz get nervous. Buzz asks Daisy to call him on her cell. Then Alan appears at the door of the courtroom. Overhearing their conversation, Alan tells them, "He has 17 minutes before court starts. I am sure he wouldn't want to miss it." Phillip and Dinah meet at the park in the gazebo. Dinah asks Phillip what's it like being back. Dinah asks questions about Grady of which Phillip tells her he can't answer. Shayne tells Josh that he's going to fix him up with someone and wants to know his type. Josh laughs it off. Edmund arrives and Josh excuses himself. Back at the gazebo, Phillip feels uneasy. Grady is a no show by lunch. Doris has told all that the jury has gone to lunch. Buzz is furious. Daisy is scared. And Alan is smug. Reva and Jeffrey decide to go home from the hospital. Dinah is alone in her room. She calls Grady, but gets his voicemail. She leaves a message. Then after hanging up she gets out a suitcase and packs. At Grady's, Buzz is outside calling his name. Daisy and Lillian are with him. Lillian tells Daisy to find Grady. Outside the hospital Reva and Jeffrey get to the car. Reva gets in and drives off leaving Jeffrey there. Jeffrey arrives at Doris's office. He wants to know why he's there. She tells him about Grady. Daisy is outside Grady's on the phone crying. Lillian gives Buzz some advice about dealing with Daisy and himself. Phillip goes home to see Alan happy. Alan tell him he's free. Phillip asks how he did it. Alan tells him he sent Lizzie to deal with Grady. Phillip is furious that Alan sent Lizzie back to whom kidnapped her. So much so Phillip order Alan never to go near Lizzie again. Dinah goes to see Shayne and tells him about what she knows about Lizzie's kidnapping. Shayne tries to calm Dinah down. Dinah and Shayne end up in an embrace and kiss. She pulls back and tells him she doesn't need him or anyone else. She leaves his place. Back home Daisy gets a text message. In short he is sorry and that he couldn't change. That he didn't love her that he used her. Reva finds papers that have Jeffrey legal guardian. Reva is not at all happy.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie is determined to get to the bottom of the unsolved mystery of how it was that Jessica (or one of her alters) was in the hospital shortly after Chloe was born. And Marcie discovers startling information. While visiting Michael, she comes across Cole's chart that confirms that his blood type is not what could have caused the disease this killed his and Starr's baby. And Marcie informs Natalie that les than an hour before she heard that Hope died, the baby was perfectly healthy. Hearing that, Natalie has a theory. Jessica goes to visit Brody at St. Anne's and helps him to move into Angel Square. Gigi hears Stacy allege that Rex tried to get her in bed. But Rex says it did not happen. She drugged him. And he will have a drug test in order to prove it. But before he can, they get the startling information from the hospital that Shane has leukemia. Starr needs somebody to talk to and has nobody. Schuyler calls her realizing he can't get into any more trouble than he's already in. He tells her he just wanted to find out about her mom and about Cole.. John is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of who stabbed Blair, who murdered Wes Granger and who murdered Lee Halpern, realizing that all three were stabbed by an unknown assailant. Michael allows his brother to examine the autopsy reports, against hospital policy. And John comes up with a theory.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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