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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, David and Krystal encounter J.R. and Amanda. J.R. is served with papers that David and Krystal are suing J.R. for custody of Little A. Amanda promises to testify for J.R. Krystal worries that Amanda will spill the beans and tell that David had paid Amanda to get J.R. drunk. Ryan promises Kendall that he is not using her to get even with Zach. Aidan visits Zach at his home. Zach asks for Aidan’s help. Aidan agrees to help Zach. Ryan suggests that Kendall buy him out, but Kendall refuses. At the hospital, Tad sees Brot and questions him about Jake. Brot lashes out at Tad for no apparent reason. Krystal spills the beans and tells David that the baby that Amanda is carrying is actually David’s. Brot stands at the bar in the casino when two army men come in and begin to discuss how they are looking forward to going back to Iraq. Brot lashes out at them over their attitude. Kendall walks in just as Zach and Aidan shake hands over their recent business deal. Kendall questions them as to what is going on. At Tad’s house, J.R. shows Tad the custody papers that he had been served with at the hospital. Tad is deeply disturbed over David’s recent actions.

David comes up with a plan to manipulate Amanda into keeping quite about David paying Amanda to get J.R. into drinking again. At the casino, Aidan runs into Ryan and lets him know that he had taken a job with Zach. Zach asks Kendall to cut Ryan off from all contact, but Kendall refuses. Tad visits Krystal at Wildwind, but Krystal knocks him unconscious and fears that she had killed him. David tells Amanda that if she testifies against him that he will take her child.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily and Allison talk about how she wants to try again with Casey, as Emily hides her dismay. Casey tries to apologize to Matt, but he is hearing it. He even tells Casey that Allison told him that she doesn’t want to be around him anymore and wants to be with him, as Casey believes him especially when Allison shows up to see Matt. Casey stomps out without a word. Matt tries to guilt Allison into spending time with him; she can see how things go with Casey when she gets back from their short trip, as Allison finally jumps onboard. Emily enlists Jade’s services again to sleep with Casey and make it so Allison finds out, but what she doesn’t know is Allison is listening outside the door. Allison confronts Emily, who tries to explain she is worried that she is going to get hurt by Casey. Allison is sure that it is purely selfish on her part – she doesn’t want Casey, but no one else can have him either. Allison goes charging over to Casey’s house afterwards where Jade has gone to and is trying to seduce Casey again after he is upset about what Matt told him. Allison rips Jade off of him and slaps her across the face. Jade tries to deny Allison’s accusations at first, but then cops to it. Casey kicks her out and Allison and Casey finally agree to start over after they set a few people straight. Casey sees Emily and after they have it out, he asks for her blessing. Allison confronts Matt and asks him to understand why she needs to see this through, as she says goodbye to him. Emily tells Jade to back off because she thinks that after everyone stops trying to pull Allison and Casey apart, they will fall apart all on their own and then she can have Casey all to herself. Parker enlists the help of a lawyer in respect to some clauses in his trust fund. Parker wants his mom to be removed as trustee so they can’t use that money to send him away. Liberty is unsure of this route because it will really hurt his parents. Parker is determined to do whatever he has to, to stay in town. The lawyer makes a request to a judge about an injunction to stop him from being sent away, as they await word. Craig admits to Carly that it was Lucy that found Parker and Liberty, as Carly doesn’t know if she can trust him again. When Carly goes to thank Lucy, she asks for her help getting her dad back on her good side. Carly isn’t sure at first, but then makes up with Craig and offers to take him to lunch where Lucy is waiting. She tries to mend their fences, but Craig won’t be swayed, as Lucy leaves dismayed. Carly threatens to no longer be partners with Craig if he treats his family so badly. After hearing Carly out, Craig goes to see Lucy and makes amends. Lucy is thrilled, as Craig puts on one condition – that she can no longer be friends with Dusty because he can’t trust that they won’t leave town with Johnny. Lucy thinks about this and then agrees, but asks that he not rule that his mind could change. Craig agrees to that. Allison and Casey meet up to begin their do-over, as they share a kiss. Craig comes to Carly to tell her what happened, as he can’t believe Lucy chose him over Dusty. Carly can’t believe he put on conditions and only hopes that Lucy is telling the truth. Lucy makes a mysterious call to someone telling them that they are back in business because she is back in her father’s good graces.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam says she has nothing to hide, so the police can fire away. She’s the Crochet Queen of Forrester. She denies being a firebug. The police show her the note cut from the magazine and the fibers that match the ones used by Pam. Then even more incriminating, some plastic explosive device in her storage box and towels with a lighter fluid smell. Steffy and Rick ask Ridge if after all he has said and done that now he is giving them their blessing. Brooke says this will make all the difference in the world in their families. Rick still finds it hard to believe. This is not how Ridge operates. Perhaps he is just buying time. Brooke states Ridge is making a judgment of faith and she thinks they should accept that. Donna tells Marcus she knows it is Pam. The police must now know that too. They do arrest Pam. She goes berserk insisting they are making a big mistake. As they cart her out, Donna yells names at her. Rick can’t believe it is her either. She insists she is innocent. At the station, Stephanie begs that they take off the handcuffs. She is not a flight risk to go anyplace. When they do and take her off to be booked, Stephanie promises nothing bad will happen to her. Alone later, Stephanie can’t help but point out there is a mountain of evidence all pointing to Pam. She doesn’t want to believe Pam could have done this, but knowing she could have been protecting the family, it is understandable if she did. Pam cries on Stephanie’s shoulder that she is innocent. She doesn’t know how all that evidence got in her possession, but she did not do this!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas refuses to elope and Chloe storms off. Abe pulls some strings to get Hope her job back. Rafe applies for a job at the station but instead is offered a job in New York. Daniel follows Lucas into the Cheatin Heart to make sure he doesn’t drink and ends up suggesting that Lucas and Chloe having secrets could be a good thing. Will gets angry that Sami isn’t around for him anymore but ends up having a heart to heart talk with Chloe. Dr. Baker visits Nicole to tell her he is leaving town. Nicole tells Sami that EJ will never leave her alone while she is seeing Rafe. Sami tearfully tells Rafe that she needs him to stay in town.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly and Jax wait at the hospital for Michael’s test results. Patrick says Michael isn’t a candidate for the experimental procedure. Maxie blames Winnifred for Spinelli’s disappearance. Sam arrives in Los Angeles to help Maxie find Spinelli. Jason arrives unexpectedly. Cassandra still holds Spinelli captive. Spinelli is finally able to gain computer access to the museum vault. Robin plans to spend the day with Emma. Matt arrives and brings up PPD, which offends Robin. After Robin asks Matt to leave, he goes and tells Patrick what happened. Luke introduces Lucky to Ethan. Winnifred gets a lead on Cassandra with Maxie’s help. Winnifred learns that Cassandra is a suspected art thief. Jason figures out why Cassandra has taken an interest in Spinelli. Cassandra admits she planned to kill Spinelli once she was finished with him. Once Cassandra learns of Spinelli’s connection to Jason, she changes her mind. Winnifred figures out where Spinelli is being held. Robin gets an emergency call while at Kelly’s so she heads for the hospital and leaves Emma just sitting alone in her stroller.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina warms up to the baby. When Mallet tells her how he got the baby and how Dinah helped, Marina can't believe her ears. She gets sarcastic. Mallet swears there will be no problems from Dinah concerning the baby. Dinah has a visit from Shayne. She tells Shayne she can't be with him, that she needs her life to be hers. She opens the door and Shayne walks out of the room. After Frank proposes he tells Natalia that he'll wait for her answer. Then he leaves with a smile on his face. Olivia is at a bar having a drink. She is talking to the female bartender. Just as she leaves she encounters Doris. Back at Mallet and Marina's, Mallet hands the baby over to Marina to hold. There is a knock at the door. Mallet goes to see who it is. It is Dinah. Marina is not happy. Natalia goes to the church to pray. Dinah talks to Marina and assures her that she did this for them. Colin gives advice to Reva and Jeffrey about to handle Reva's latest health crisis. Colin advises to take the baby as soon as possible. But he gives them time to decide. After Colin leaves, Reva says, "No chance in hell." Marina is crying, but happily. Dinah puts her arm around her neck and tells her to take care of the baby. Dinah leaves them. Natalia meets up with Olivia. Natalia tells Olivia that Frank proposed. Olivia tells Natalia that she wants her to be happy. Jeffrey professes his love for Reva and tells her that it would be hard to loose her. She says she wants what is best, to continue.

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Everyone deals with the aftermath of Blair’s attack and the car accident. Blair makes it through surgery and is put into a chemically induced coma to help with the swelling in her brain. Cole, Bo and Nora find out that Matthew has no feeling in his legs, and Nora finds out that Cole was high when the accident happened. Gigi finds Stacy and Rex in bed together and tells them about the accident. Stacy claims that Rex was coming on to her, but he denies it. Marty sticks up for Cole to Nora.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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