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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

David tells Jesse that Erica has also left town with Adam and Little A. David and Krystal argue with Jesse about them taking Little A and what happened with the alcohol poisoning as Jesse tries to figure out what really happened. J.R. has checked himself into the hospital to prove he has not been drinking and to get some counseling to prove that he is a fit father. Amanda visits him and feels guilty about all of her lies. J.R. gets a subpoena because David is suing for custody of Little A. In the mental hospital, Annie is a little obsessed about Aidan, writing in her journal about him and pretending she's dancing with him. He comes to see her. At first he thinks he should leave her alone for a while to let her get better, but she gets upset, thinking that he's abandoning her. Later, a doctor tells Aidan that he should stay away from Annie because it would help her get better.

Ryan tells Kendall and later, Zach, that he is her new partner in Fusion. Kendall gets upset again about Greenlee's death and her problems with Zach. Kendall gives Ryan access to Fusion's company information on the computer. When Pete drops off some Fusion papers, he tries to get Ryan to sell him his Fusion shares, but Ryan tells him that he's not selling. Ryan listens to Pete's silly ideas and is interested when he says he can hack into any computer system. Ryan gets Pete to hack into the Cambias system and later Zach finds Ryan snooping around in his office. Kendall visits Reese, who is helpless and a bit pathetic, she sees her as a real person for the first time. Reese yells at Kendall. Kendall tells Zach that he has to help Reese. She also phones Bianca to tell her about Reese's accident. Kendall asks Ryan to swear to her that he's not just using Fusion to take Zach down. Meanwhile, a specialist that Zach hired tries to examine Reese, but she is filled with anger and doesn't want anyone's help. Zach tries to calm her down. The doctor tells Zach that they can't do anything else until her wounds heals. Zach tells Aidan that he has a job for him involving Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Meg and Dusty decide to take things slowly because Meg admits to Dusty she has not gotten over Paul yet. Dusty tells Meg he has feelings for her but will wait until she is ready to have a more serious relationship. Dusty and Meg agree to be friends and Dusty agrees to help Meg take care of Eliza when the baby has trouble falling asleep because it feels good to act like a father again.

Parker and Liberty run away and get to a mall outside of Chicago where they have a good time at a local mall. Johnny gives Lucy a tip that he saw Parker in a car and the car had a funny license plate that read boo boo. Lucy manages to track the license plate to the Chicago mall. Lucy Carly, Janet, and Jack Frantically look for their children and Carly continues to drink to help her deal with her problems. Lucy calls Craig to tell him she knows where Parker and Liberty are and they both head to Chicago to look for Parker and Liberty. Lucy tells Parker and Liberty how hard life is on the run and she and Craig manage to persuade the kids to come back home with them.

Jack is even more determined to send Parker to send Parker to boarding school because his running away proves he needs discipline. Carly doesn't want to send Parker away and despite Parker's pleas for her to help persuade Jack to change his mind Carly is determined to stick with Jack's decision to send Parker to boarding school.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Carlos they are in heightened security at Forrester. Pam shows up and explains that Stephanie hired her back. She won’t be knitting any more bikinis, but purses and perhaps the occasional dress. In a rotten mood for tasting a tofu dog given to him by his son, Charlie, Lt. Baker reads the report. The note given Rick was cut from a surfer magazine. He calls Owen to set up an interview. Owen tells the police that yes he was mad at Rick, but he’s not a suspect in this mad scheme. They grill him with the motive, opportunity and means. He claims he would not be that stupid. Steffy feels like her parents are ganging up on her. She agreed to meet her mother, but did not know Ridge would be there too. He reminds her she could have been killed yesterday in Rick’s car. She must stop seeing him today. She states that she is committed to Rick. She loves him and she will not walk away. Please don’t ask that of her. She might make mistakes, but she has to do this in her own way. She begs them to understand. Brooke tells Rick that it wasn’t Ridge making these threats. That person is still out there, and Rick needs to take this seriously. It must be his first priority staying safe, not mooning after Steffy.

Donna tells Stephanie that she has put up with her because of Eric, but Stephanie has no right to call the shots around here. And she still considers Pam to be loony. Steffy tells her parents that she doesn’t want to lose them, but she won’t be controlled. She needs them to accept her as an adult now. Even if they don’t agree with her decisions, at least support her and let her make them. They assure her that if anything bad happens with Rick, she can always come to them. They agree they just want her to be happy. Steffy rushes to Rick and tells him that her parents are not happy about it, but they won’t stand in their way anymore. Charlie gives Lt. Baker more news. They found fibers, special crochet yarn fibers on Rick’s desk and at the beach house. Fibers found in yarn that Pam Douglas uses all the time……the same Pam Douglas that tried to poison Eric with her lemon bars….the same Pam Douglas that poured honey on Donna and left her with a bear….the same Pam Douglas that sent a deadly snake to Marcus. They pay a little visit to the Forrester office and it becomes clear to Stephanie that they suspect her sister.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie tells Chelsea that she can see herself marrying Philip. Chelsea overhears Max talking to Will about having kids and asks Daniel if there is any way for her to still conceive. When Daniel tells her no, Chelsea decides that she must break up with Max. Sami calls Abe to try and get Rafe a new job but Rafe yanks the phone out of her hand. Rafe goes to the police station to ask Roman for a job. Kate tries to grill Daniel about the affair with Chloe but after a private talk with God, Daniel has decided to let Chloe and Lucas marry. Chloe decides that she won’t be able to stay faithful until the wedding so she surprises Lucas with a request to elope tonight.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie heads to Los Angeles to find Spinelli. Spinelli wakes up in a computer room. The woman he met at the restaurant, Cassandra, is there – she admits to being an art thief and says Spinelli will help her steal a piece of art or she’ll kill him. Later, Spinelli hallucinates and sees an “angel” and “devil” version of Maxie. Both versions of Maxie give Spinelli advice on how to get out of trouble. Carly goes forward with her plan to have Michael tested by Patrick. Patrick isn’t too happy when Robin shows up at the hospital to observe Michael’s test. Robin is infuriated when Patrick says he won’t allow her to watch the procedure. Carly doesn’t want Robin involved in the procedure. Jax is afraid that Robin’s presence will distract Patrick so Robin backs off. Carly asks Sonny to have “hope” for Michael during the test.

Sonny tells Claudia he regrets the bullet didn’t hit him instead of Michael. Later, Kate privately tells Claudia she (Kate) can’t inflict any more pain on Sonny by telling him the truth. Kate is confident that the truth about Claudia will come out without her input. Back at Sonny’s house, an unidentified person finds one of Jerry’s DVD’s. Liz gets to know Rebecca a little. Liz sees a spark between Rebecca and Lucky. Johnny rents a garage so he can open an auto repair shop. Winnifred conveys her worries about Spinelli to Ralph just as Maxie arrives in LA.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Frank has a voice recognition test done on Lizzie's last phone call. Marina comes in and Frank updates her on the situation. Mallet, Dinah and the baby are on their way home. Dinah can't get the ring that Mallet loaned her for being his "fake" wife off. She tells Mallet she's going to the ladies room to try some soap and water, she gets so far and changes another thought. At Olivia and Natalia's, Emma wants to see Phillip and tells Olivia. Olivia makes a phone call after Emma leaves the room. Rick, Mindy. Phillip and Beth (known in the 80s as the 4 Musketeers) are at Company having a few drinks. Outside somewhere, Bill and Lizzie talk. Back at Company, the "4 Musketeers" talk about the good old days. Phillip takes his eye of the 3 to look out the window. He sees Olivia at the door of Company and excuses himself to go and talk. Olivia tells him, "I can't stand to look at you." She then walks away. Natalia brings Frank a dish of cookies. They ask each other how the other is doing. They both say, "Good." She hands Frank a cookie she has baked him. Mallet is alone with baby when it starts to cry. Dinah races to the rescue. Dinah and Mallet make faces a the baby. Dinah looks at Mallet and the baby and say, "They look good together." Mallet and Marina talk on the phone. Mallet says he is on the way home. Marina and Remy leave a bar after the phone call. Remy runs into Natalia and starts joking with her. She takes it the wrong way. After a bit he walks her home. Olivia and Frank fight over her wanting to put a restraining order on Phillip. When Bill and Lizzie walk back to the car, Bill sees Cyrus and tries to pick a fight. And says he's in trouble because of Cyrus' brother. Bill knocks Cyrus out, grabs Lizzie and takes off with her over his shoulder. Mallet and Dinah get the baby in the car. At home, Marina is getting ready for Mallet's homecoming and Frank is getting ready for a date with Natalia. As Frank leaves, Marina asks him to take the trash out. Natalia and Olivia are on a bench in town talking about Frank and themselves. Olivia says they are a team and Natalia agrees. Back with the 4 Musketeers, Phillip tells the other 3 he's glad to be home. That he is finished with all the anger and says the past is the past and they are all moving forward. Rick agrees with him. Bill has Lizzie in his arms. Lizzie tells Bill that she knew the first second she saw him that he was for her. They kiss. Mallet arrives home with the baby. Dinah is watching from the end of the driveway hoping not to be seen by Marina. Natalia tells Olivia she is sorry for the, "Whole Phillip thing" over a cup of hot chocolate outside their place. Just then a car pulls up. Olivia sees it's Frank and tells Natalia she'll leave them. Frank appears as Olivia leaves. He gets on his knee and proposes!!

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo finds Matthew but not until after Cole, Gigi and Shane have all been taken to the hospital and given proper medical care after the accident. Marty promises to be there for her son and help him get clean from his drug habit. Dorian believes that Todd stabbed Blair. But Todd convinces Starr that he could not have. And Dorian admits to John that although she despises Todd, it did not look like he did it. Stacy gets Rex drugged and passed out and admits that she wants to take him from Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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