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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Opal tells Erica that she's worried about how her tarot card predictions hurt people, especially Ryan. Erica is shocked to hear that Ryan and Kendall left together and looked very cozy. Zach is very annoyed to find Kendall and Ryan sitting together in their home. Kendall is wearing Ryan's shirt because her clothes got wet from the rain, and there are candles everywhere, so Zach thinks that they were planning to have sex. They argue and Zach storms out. Kendall explains Zach to Ryan. Later, Erica tells Kendall that she is wrong to let Zach go, so Kendall rushes out to find him. Ryan is angry at Erica for how she treated Greenlee. Later, Jack tells Ryan that he has inherited Greenlee's half of Fusion. Reese gets very angry in the hospital from being blind, throwing things around as Angie tries to calm her down. Angie sends Brot in to clean up the mess. He talks to Reese, sharing his own past injuries. She thinks he's a shrink at first but eventually believes him. Taylor watches as Brot helps Reese. Later, Reese tells Brot how she feels, but it's Zach who is there, not Brot. Zach helps Reese out of her room as Kendall watches, upset that he walks right by her with Reese.

J.R. is upset that his son got sick from drinking alcohol. Adam is worried that David will use the incident to steal Little A from them. Krystal tells David all about what happened. She is suspicious again that he only married to her to get custody of Little A, but he assures her that he loves her, even though he thinks they should get Little A out of the dangerous Chandler house. Jesse investigates at the Chandlers'. Adam claims that Krystal made a big deal out of what happened. J.R. assures Krystal that Little A is ok, but he gets into a fight with David. When Jesse tells Adam that he will have get social services involved, Adam tries to bribe him, but it doesn't work. Adam and Erica tell J.R. that they are taking Little A away so that David won't get him, since J.R. was told not to leave town. David, Krystal and Jesse find later that Little A is gone. David is livid.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Cary is cleaning up her damaged kitchen, as she eyes a bottle of Vodka and is about to drink some when she is interrupted by Jack wanting to discuss how Parker can start school at the Academy on Monday. Brad and Katie tell Liberty about how they are going to try to have a baby with help from Vienna; at first, she is worried, but then she is happy for them. Their happiness is interrupted when Janet comes by wondering why Liberty hasn’t told them about the events from the other day. Liberty tries to stop her, but Janet spills the beans and Brad is irate and wants to go teach Parker a lesson again. Janet informs them all that Jack is taking care of it because Parker is being sent to boarding school. Everyone is shocked and Liberty pleads with Janet to change Jack’s mind. Janet thinks it is for the best because she is worried that Liberty is ruining her life. Liberty wants her to stop comparing them, as she races out in a huff. Parker overhears his parents talking about sending him to boarding school and doesn’t react well at all, as he tells them how much he hates them before he races out. Carly and Jack worry about the ramifications of this decision. Parker is given his friend’s car keys since he is going to Florida. Parker tells Liberty about what is going on and thinks that they need to leave town because that is the only way they can be together. Liberty isn’t sure, but is convinced when Parker tells him that he loves her, as she admits she does too. They arrange to head out of town and meet up shortly. Carly, who is considering taking a drink of Vodka to calm her nerves, is interrupted when Parker comes home pretending that he is going to give the boarding school a try. Carly offers to give him a going away party, as Parker goes upstairs to pack unbeknownst to her – right after he steals money from her purse. Liberty tells Brad that she was thinking and is going to try to stay away from Parker. She is heading to the mall with some friends and subtly asks some money to ‘shop.’ Liberty says her goodbye without Brad knowing. Parker slips out claiming he is going to play basketball, as Carly is busy cooking. Dusty thinks about his time he spent with Lucy and Johnny. Craig realizes that Johnny’s drawn picture of ‘daddy’ is of Dusty. He then realizes that Dusty has been visiting when Lucy has been watching him, so he sets a trap by asking Lucy to baby-sit again that day. Lucy calls Dusty to invite him to spend time with them. Craig shows up as they are all hanging gout and reads them the riot act. Lucy tries to get him to understand, but Craig assures her that he will never allow her to betray him again; he also intends on never allowing her or Dusty near Johnny again; he tells her that he no longer has a daughter. Lucy seems distraught and worries about Dusty not being able to see Johnny anymore as well, as if he is going to send her to jail because of that. He tells her not to worry about that and as far as Johnny is concerned, they have a bond with him that Craig can’t break and they will see him soon no matter what. Craig learns of Jack and Carly’s decision and thinks it is a bad one and she is doing it to appease Jack. Carly kicks him out, as he jokes that she is afraid that what happened between them the other night might happen again. Later, Carly swallows down some Vodka. Katie wants to make love, but Brad wants to save himself to make his deposit at the lab; he also hopes Vienna is doing the same, as Katie starts to feel left out of this equation, but Brad reminds her that this was her decision and he is doing it to make her happy, as Katie looks slightly concerned. Janet assures Jack, who is still having misgivings about his decision, that he is definitely doing the right thing by both their kids. Parker and Liberty meet, as she wonders again if this is the right choice. Parker is sure of it, as they start to leave when Johnny sees them. They talk with him a moment before he leaves with his babysitter after he sounds out Parker’s car’s license plate – Booboo.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick is delayed by Steffy as he heads to his car. Before he reaches it, the classic goes up in flames from the explosion. Rick lies on the ground with Steffy hovering beside him. Rick looks up to the Sky Lounge railing with a menacing look at Ridge. Later while all are trying to get him to go to the hospital, Rick points fingers at Ridge and tells him that he missed this time as well in tying to get rid of him. Lt. Baker says someone is having a very bad week. With Brooke caught in the middle and trying to defend both, Rick and Ridge continue to blame the other for setting both fires. Bridget runs into Owen at Café Ruse and commiserates with him about losing his job because of her brother who fired him. Steffy is worried that whoever did this could try again. She does not believe it was her dad, and she wants Rick to hire a bodyguard. She vows that she will not lose him. Rick seems strangely unconcerned. He continues to kiss her. Ridge blames Brooke for not telling him that Rick had sex with Steffy. She justifies it by saying it only happened one time. Right now she is more concerned with who is trying to kill her son. Ridge says he lost one daughter and he certainly would not wish that feeling on her too. He will do whatever he can to find the person responsible for these attacks on Rick. Rick looks in his desk for his PDA and finds a note. He calls Lt. Baker, saying the attacks are not going to stop. The note in cut-out magazine print says, "the end is near."

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Brady catches up to Melanie on the pier. Seeing how upset she is, Brady takes Melanie to the Cheatin' Heart to shoot darts and let off steam. Philip realizes that EJ planted a virus on the fuel project file that wipes the entire Titan database clean. Philip confronts EJ but EJ won’t back down. Sami confronts Sr. Theresa about the woman holding Grace. Sami asks Roman to give Rafe a job at the police station if the FBI should fire him. Roman requests that Stefano come down for questioning but Stefano refuses. Nicole calls Brady for help finding out what EJ did to Titan when EJ acts like she doesn’t need to know.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason tells Maxi he doesn’t plan to go after Spinelli. Maxie turns to Sam for help. Sam says Spinelli went to Los Angeles. Lulu and Maxie call around to LA hotels looking for Spinelli. Maxie finally tracks Spinelli down so she rushes off. Sam tells Jason she’s going after Spinelli herself. A woman in need of help approaches Winnifred and Spinelli. The Priestess doesn’t trust the woman. Spinelli decides to help the woman solve her problem. Sonny tells Claudia he wants “revenge” for Michael’s shooting. Sonny says Michael would want retribution. Sonny confides in Luke about Michael. Robin asks Lulu to stay quiet about her wallet ending up at the Haunted Star. Robin resents Patrick’s concern over her. Robin insists she doesn’t have PPD and she wants no part of therapy. Patrick isn’t happy that Robin wants to return to work and seems to want no part of motherhood. Carly asks Patrick to “perform the test” on Michael. Rebecca has a change of heart about Nikolas but Nik is suddenly not interested. Carly confides in Jason about the experimental treatment for Michael. Kate barges into the Corinthos house to threaten Claudia. Kate says she may just share her info on the shooting with Jason or Carly. Sonny walks in just as Kate and Claudia are discussing Michael. After helping the young woman in Los Angeles, Spinelli suddenly passes out.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At the ledge, Grady tells Phillip he is glad to meet him. Phillip doesn't show any kindness. He tells Grady, "You took my daughter hostage and held her for days." When Lizzie and Cyrus meet, Lizzie figures it out. All because of the mention of a dog. Beth, Mindy and Rick continue their reunion over lunch. That is until Frank comes by and tells Beth about a message he got from Lizzie about who kidnapped her. Daisy tries to comfort Buzz. Back at the ledge, Phillip continues to talk to Grady. Phillip tells Grady to leave town or he'll be rotting in a jail cell right next to Alan. During their conversation, Grady gets a call from Daisy. He tells her he is kinda busy. He hangs up and he and Phillip continue their discussion that is until Phillip grabs him and pushes him over the edge of the ledge. Phillip leaves a few minutes after Grady falls. Lizzie goes to the police with a tape and a text message. Frank gets a call, while he is talking Lizzie gets a look on her face like I am going to handle this and she and Cyrus leave. Frank turns to find they have left. Ashlee stops by to see Daisy. They talk. Phillip finds a bathroom and cleans up. He finds his hands are shaking and tries to calm down. Beth, Rick and Mindy are at their HS reunion when Phillip shows up. Beth is the first to see him. He is not listening to her when she asks where he was. Mindy starts reminiscing and Phillip doesn't even hear her. Lizzie realizes that Cyrus was protecting Grady. He tells her he'll help her find him. She asks why. He say, "So I can save my brother." She looks at him and walks away. At the HS reunion, Mindy wants to dance. Rick takes her on the dance floor, leaving Beth and Phillip standing by a wall just making small talk. Frank reaches his father and tells him that Lizzie has figured it out that Grady was behind her kidnapping. Buzz tells Frank that he is going to find Grady. Frank advises against it as Grady would probably want to kill Buzz. Ashlee leaves Daisy alone. Beth an Phillip dance at the reunion like old times. Beth recalls the good old times. Beth asks Phillip to take her into his arms and make her feels safe again. Daisy is outside her house when she makes a phone call. Mindy makes a speech at the reunion then announces their class king and queen, Beth Raines and Phillip Spaulding. Beth and Phillip get on the dance floor to dance alone. At the car, Mindy is hesitant to go with Cyrus. Cyrus tells her he wants an ending to this as much as she. While riding, they come up a figure of a guy in the middle of the road. Cyrus slows down so that Lizzie can see who it is, it's Bill! Cyrus by this time has stopped the car. Lizzie gets out of the car and goes to Bill. They hug.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Stacy drugs Rex and tries to seduce him. Gigi and Shane are in the car that collides with Cole and Matthew. Gigi tries and fails to reach Rex by phone and wonders why he is not answering when Stacy prevents him from getting Gigi's call. Cole is critical. Marty and John rush to save him. She is determined not to abandon her son ever again after this. But nobody has a clue that Matthew was also in the crash until Cole speaks up and asks his mother how he is. At that point, BO examines the crime seen and discovers Matthew's hat on the ground. After Starr has been seen kissing Mr. J., his gets fired from his teaching job and court ordered to get drug treatment and have a thorough background investigation. And he lays down the law to Starr that he failed to establish boundaries, he will never have a relationship with her and she better realize that and know that she is in love with Cole. Blair gets rushed to the hospital after being stabbed. Suspicion hangs over Todd.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

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