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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

J.R. takes Amanda to live with Tad and Jake in order to protect her from his mean father and keep his new baby away from Adam. After J.R. informs Krystal of David's nefarious plan to use Amanda to get him to resume drinking so he can take his son away from him, she rails at her fiancé, but after the little boy drinks a whole glass of Scotch to be like his daddy, she changes her mind and thinks David is right after all to want to protect his grandson. Jake and Amanda enjoy watching a Spanish telenovela together while eating popcorn.  At the hospital, Reese screams at Zach, blaming him for her blindness. When he goes home, Zach is not pleased to see Kendall comforting Ryan who's grieving for Greenlee.

***BONUS AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

More rain and thunder in Pine Valley. J.R. brings Amanda home from the hospital, to Tad and Jake's place. Jake and Amanda chat; he is being very protective of her and her baby, which Tad notices. Jake and Amanda discover that they both like watching Spanish soap operas. Jake confides to Tad that he's drawn to Amanda now that Taylor is no longer available and Amanda is pregnant. Tad tells J.R. that he's proud of him for getting clean again. Krystal drops by and is surprised to hear that Amanda is staying there. J.R. gives her an earful about what David did, so she runs home and yells at David. David claims that he didn't marry her just to get Little A, that he was trying to show everyone that the Chandler House is not a safe place. Krystal doesn't buy it. Adam thinks that J.R. is just playing Amanda to get the baby, but J.R. tells him that he's going to protect Amanda and the baby, and keep them away from Adam. He pours himself a glass of scotch and puts it down on the table to prove that he is not tempted. Later, Krystal arrives and finds that Little A has drunk the whole glass. They call the EMTs, who help Little A. Adam thinks Krystal set it up somehow to make them look bad. Krystal goes home and tells David that he was right about the Chandler house not being safe for Little A.

Opal and David pay their condolences to Ryan. Opal confides that she's been feeling Greenlee in a cold, dark place all day. Ryan no longer wants to hear about Opal's psychic stuff, so she agrees to keep it to herself. Jesse questions Zach about Reese and her accident. Zach feels guilty but denies that they had an affair. Reese's doctor takes the bandages off her eyes, and she can't see. They tell her that it's too soon to panic, but she gets upset anyway. She yells at Zach a lot, too. Ryan and Kendall have a long discussion about Greenlee, and about Zach. They go to Zach's place. Kendall confesses that maybe she pushed Greenlee toward Ryan so that he wouldn't be available for her. Zach walks in right after that.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Henry brings Katie a peace offering of flowers. He explains that there is almost nothing that he wouldn’t do for her, but he hasn’t changed his mind. He can’t get past the thought of Vienna and Brad having a baby together. They will have this unbreakable bond. And there is always the thought that Vienna may want to keep the baby. Katie tries to convince him otherwise, and he says he will give it more time to think about it. Vienna and Brad also share baby talk at the diner. She thinks Henry is being pig-headed, but hopes he will come around. Vienna experiences some morning sickness symptoms and asks Brad to take her home. Craig needs a sitter and Lucy is more than happy to oblige. Dusty is right around the corner and he and Lucy make plans for him to spend time with Johnny. Emily greets Paul and tells him to be kinder. She is helping him make Meg jealous. Yes, their last scheme made a small dent and got a rise out of Meg, so it’s just a matter of time now, fate accompli. Meg shows up unexpectedly. Emily hides, and Meg apologizes for previous behavior. If Paul wants to keep company with Emily, then she won’t try to stop him. Emily tells Paul that it sounds like he also just gave Meg the permission to sleep with Dusty. Paul ticks Emily off and she threatens to leave and let him find another way to get Meg back. He gives in and admits that he needs her help. Meg spies Dusty at a table at the Lakeview and sits down. She invites him to hang out with her, but he declines and tells her that he will be taking advantage of Craig being at a meeting and he will be spending some time with Lucy and Johnny. Craig’s meeting is cancelled, and Meg catches him in the lobby before he heads back upstairs. She delays him a few minutes. Then she quickly calls Dusty for him to duck out quickly. She goes to his room, and he thinks she is jealous of Lucy. She denies it and ends up kissing him. They start ripping off each other’s clothes and panting for each other, but Meg calls it off. The time just wasn’t right. If she only knew that Paul was right outside ready to bust down the door. Emily stopped him.

Henry comes home and finds Brad massaging Vienna’s neck with peppermint oil to soothe her nausea. Henry comes in and barks that he knew it. It’s not only their chromosomes co-mingling, but everything else as well. Brad explains that it is not what it looks like. Henry screams that it looks like soft porn. Why can’t Brad go impregnate another woman? He throws Brad out, and tells him to tell Bubbles to forget it. There will be no babies between Brad and Vienna. Katie calls and tells Brad to come home; she has good news. Brad has to let her down that he messed things up. Katie thinks she convinced Henry, but Brad says no he’s changed his mind and is now against it. Vienna does some fast talking and manages to soften Henry a bit. She doesn’t know how he could be so suspicious of his….. their…. best friend, Brad. She only wants to have a baby for him, not with him. They show up unexpectedly at Brad and Katie’s. Henry stammers but apologizes for losing his temper earlier and being so suspicious. He concedes that he loves and trusts Vienna and thinks this baby thing is a good idea. Vienna says they need to get started right now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge questions Taylor. Why did she call him and what is it she wants to tell him about Steffy and Rick? She tells him they don’t have the luxury of time; something must be done right away. Ridge goes ballistic when he realizes that Rick has done their daughter. Okay, he’s through playing games now. Owen cleans out his office and gives a thank you card for Eric to Thorne. Rick finds Pam in his office and reminds her that she is fired and does not work here any more. Brooke warns Rick sternly that Ridge must never find out that Rick has slept with Steffy. She says if Rick knows what is good for him that he will stay away from Steffy. Rick calls Ridge and informs him that he is to meet him on the Sky Lounge right away. Ridge clears Jake and an assistant out of the way so he can meet the little punk.

Steffy overhears Thorne and Owen talking about Rick and tries to set them straight how sweet he is. Yeah, like they buy that! Taylor warns Brooke that she better try harder to keep Rick away from Steffy. Ridge knows now and is ready to go off on Rick. On the roof, Rick tells Ridge that he didn’t come here to fight, but to reason with him. He loves his daughter and she loves him. Everyone is not listening; Ridge is just trying to control the situation. Their feelings are too strong. This is not a game, he is serious. He asks Ridge for Steffy’s hand in marriage. He compares his situation with Steffy to Ridge’s with Brooke. No one, especially not Stephanie, could keep them apart. He understands how that feels now. Ridge gloats that this is over. Rick will never touch Steffy again. Rick has parting words that he doesn’t care any more. He’s sorry that Ridge doesn’t like him and that he doesn’t approve of him being with Steffy. He’ll leave Ridge alone to cool off. Stoically, Ridge watches as Rick walks away. Jake tells Brooke and Steffy that Ridge and Rick are on the roof going at it. They arrive just in time to see Rick walking to his car and it exploding in fire.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip calls Stephanie into his office hoping that a kiss will reunite them. When that doesn’t work, Philip has Stephanie help him with a computer problem. EJ and Stefano delight in watching their plan to hurt Titan via their computer system play out. Sami corners Nicole into talking about EJ’s feelings for her and how Nicole needs to get EJ to stay away from her. Nicole acts like she doesn’t care when talking with Sami but later confronts EJ. Melanie tries to get more money from EJ but EJ informs her that they’ve decided to abandon the project. Melanie confronts Philip for sabotaging her deal with EJ but Philip threatens to sue and throws her out. Kate meets with Chloe and enjoys watching Chloe squirm as she works vague hints about Chloe and Daniel’s affair into their normal conversation. Sami panics when she learns that someone else was at the convent holding baby Grace.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin and Patrick disagree about her returning to work full time. Robin insists on being involved in Michael's possible experimental treatment. Lulu returns Robin's wallet but Robin offers no explanation as to why it was at the casino. Luke advises Rebecca to stay away from Nikolas. Claudia almost gets caught by Carly when she visits Michael. Jason worries about Spinelli. Sam discovers that Spinelli is in California. After Jason confides in Sonny about his concern for Spinelli, he decides against going after the Jackal. Spinelli and Winnifred do a good deed for a kind restaurant owner. Maxie goes to the penthouse looking for Spinelli and instead finds the letter he left for Jason.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mindy Lewis is back in town. She drops by to see Beth. They have a tearful laughing reunion. Mindy sees Beth is troubled and asks if she can help. At the Springfield PD, Frank scolds his father for fighting with Alan at the SPD. Alan tells Buzz that, "I feel Mr. Foley's testimony won't see the light of day." Mindy, Rick and Beth have a reunion. Lizzie calls Phillip scared that someone is after her. Now she knows it isn't him. Before Phillip can understand the call, Lizzie hangs up. Cyrus and Grady meet outside. Cyrus is angry. He tells Grady he's had enough. Then he tells him he loves Grady and hugs him. Phillip goes to search for Lizzie. Finds her at the a garage, they hug. Buzz argues with Alan. Phillip tries to comfort Lizzie. Lizzie gets up off the ground and starts walking past Phillip. Phillip slowly follows her. Rick wonders where Phillip is when he continues his reunion with Beth and Mindy. At Marina's, Daisy tries in vain to occupy her grandfather. She gets a deck of cards and suggest 5 card stud. Lizzie goes to see Cyrus. By this time she is upset that she didn't see it before. Phillip is an edge of a cliff when Grady appears. He sees Phillip and wonders what's up. Phillip introduces himself as Lizzie Spaulding's father. Grady's facial expression goes from wonder to surprise.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the school dance, Cole flies into a rage and lashes out at Mr. J when Starr kisses him. She admits that she understands and values her teacher more than her boyfriend regardless of how it looks. Matthew has his eye on Becca although she has another boy interested in her. When he asks her what is up, she tells him that she does not care for Matthew right in front of all the other kids. Back at home, Nora and Bo reflect all their memories of their son and the fact he's growing up. John and Marty talk about Cole and how he is her baby. Right then, Cole is popping pills and impaired to drive home. Matthew demands that Cole drives him out of there. Gigi drives Shane to a sleepover and then has to turn around and go home to get him his asthma medicine. And it looks like the two cars collide. Stacy is up to no good ready to drug Rex and take Gigi's life away from her. Somebody sneaks into Blair's home and stabs her. Todd coincidentally appears to see her passed out and bloody on the bathroom floor. Dorian assumes he did it and wants him nailed. But it's unknown who did it.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Esther, Amber and Glo wake up from the explosion only to find Kay unconscious, but at the hospital she regains consciousness but loses her short term memory. Kevin is still held up with Clint and his gang, causing Jana and his family and friends to worry especially when a picture surface implicating that he may have behind the explosion. Sharon calls Jack after Nick goes home to make love in the shower to Phyllis. Sharon wants to go all the way with Jack but calls out Nick’s name and kills the mood. Chloe and Billy argue about the severity of his commitment.

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