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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

The town has a big rain and thunderstorm.  David tells Amanda and J.R. that the baby is fine. David asks her for a DNA test, but she won't do it. J.R. is suspicious when Krystal keeps pushing him toward Amanda and her baby. Aidan visits Annie, who is doing much better. She is putting her thoughts into a journal. They discuss Greenlee and how he once loved her, and he decides to go to the memorial service. Later, he returns and tells Annie that he no longer loves Greenlee.

Ryan sits at home, alone, grieving, ignoring the telephone when Erica phones to ask him to come to Greenlee's memorial service. Emma's voice is on the phone, saying that Ryan and Greenlee are going to get married. It upsets him, so he throws the phone across the room. Kendall gives Ryan a speech, and eventually he decides to go to the service. Everyone else gathers for the service. Erica is very nice to Greenlee's mom, Mary, and they hug, much to everyone's shock. Meanwhile, Zach is in jail because of his fight with Reese. Kendall bails him out, they argue, and he goes to the hospital to see Reese, who is blind. She is still determined to stay in Pine Valley and tells him off. Jake thinks Reese should press charges against Zach, and no one wants Zach to see her. Everyone speaks at Greenlee's service. Opal thinks she feels Greenlee's spirit. Ryan feels alone, so Kendall hugs him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey and Alison agree to start over and give their relationship another try but Alison insists that Casey make things clear to Jade. Casey talks to Jade and tells her he wants to give things another try with Alison. Jade warns Casey that Alison will dump him as soon as something better comes her way. Casey tells Jade he wants to take that chance because he isn't ready to give up on Alison. Lily encourages Jade to let Casey go and find someone who doesn't have feelings for another woman. Jade insists that Alison will dump Casey sooner or later and she is determined to be there to catch him when Alison dumps him.

Kevin admits to Luke and Noah that he has known for a couple of days that Mark killed Reg and Elwood but he didn't want to betray his friend. Mark senses the walls closing in and takes Alison to an abandoned warehouse and shoots her full of drugs. Alison manages to get a message to Casey and he arrives to rescue her but Matt is already there because Alison left a message for him to meet her there so that she could help him talk to the police. Luke and Noah persuade Kevin to let them tell Margo everything and when Mark calls Kevin to ask him to meet on the bridge to lend him some money Luke and Noah tell Margo about the meeting. The guys head to the bridge where an angry Mark admits everything to Kevin and then jumps off the bridge. Luke and Noah manage to pull Mark up to safety even though he hates them and refuses their help. Margo arrests Mark and Kevin is taken to the hospital.

Alison awakens at the hospital and tells Casey that the killer is Mark not Matt and then when Matt arrives Casey leaves he and Alison alone to talk. Alison thanks Matt for saving her life and takes his hand. Casey watches the scene from the hallway and assumes that Alison has feelings for Matt and not him. Casey can't stand to watch anymore so when Jade arrives and is truly concerned about him he decides to leave the hospital with her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Marcus tells the group that Mr. Big Shot Rick just pulled into the parking lot. Rick insists on coming to the meeting. Despite that he almost got torched last night, he wants business as usual. Ridge dismisses Rick’s moment by getting right into the upcoming fashion showing, everyone needs to get to work. Rick announces he is staying on as Forrester president, and he’s made a few changes. The Surf Line tanked and he no longer needs Pam or Owen. They hate “Rickie’s rules.” Stephanie and Ridge tell Lt. Baker they think all this investigation will lead right back to the subject – Rick. They think he set the fire to his own place. Brooke asks Stephanie to leave and not badmouth her son right after he almost lost his life. Marcus vows to Rick that all of this is going to blow up in his own face. And he states that it doesn’t help acting like the big punk that Rick is.

Taylor is dismayed when she asks and finds out that Steffy has now slept with Rick. This will devastate Ridge. Stephanie tells Donna to butt out; her sister will stay here. This is not Rick’s decision. Owen has some snide last words for Rick about now having time to barbecue on the beach. He tells Rick to enjoy his power trip while he can. He has a feeling it is about to explode. Ridge admits his suspicions to Brooke about Rick. He repeats again that he does not want Rick anywhere near his daughter, yet she is keeping him at the company. In essence she is condoning their relationship, and he doesn’t think she should. He will not accept that. He’s reached his limit. He will not get over this. Brooke says she has to support her son. She can not turn her back on Rick when someone is trying to kill him. He throws it in her face. She looks at her little boy and sees a saint; he sees Satan. If he so much as touches Steffy again, well there is no telling what he will do! Taylor calls at that moment and wants to speak with Ridge…. she needs to tell him something about Steffy and it involves Rick.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope tries to reassure Bo that his vision will never come true. Bo catches Max leaving the house after spending the night with Chelsea and throws him out. Though Bo later apologizes, Chelsea insists on moving out. Brady and Daniel jog together and Daniel offers vague hints at his complicated love life. Chloe and Nicole try on wedding dresses together. Brady catches Chloe trying to leave the pier before Daniel can see her. Nicole fumes when she spots Sami doting on Sydney. EJ tries to get Rafe in trouble with Roman for becoming romantically involved with Sami but Sami catches him. EJ gets Sami to admit that she has feelings for Rafe. Even though EJ tells Sami that he only cares because of Johnny, he later delights in the news that Rafe is expected to return to Washington.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin and Ethan get to know each other at the Haunted Star. Robin tells Ethan about her childhood. Robin tells Ethan she doesn't have any children. Patrick is frustrated with Robin so he confides in Matt. Matt suggests that Patrick and Robin see a doctor who specializes in PPD. Patrick thinks things will improve without therapy. Rebecca refuses Edward's invitation to stay at the Q mansion. Rebecca asks Nikolas to stop following her around. Luke tries to advise Nikolas on Rebecca. He reminds Nik that Emily is gone and she won't be coming back. Carly tells Sonny about an experimental procedure that may help Michael. Carly is hopeful but Sonny remains skeptical. Claudia visits Michael. Robin returns to work at Mercy without telling Patrick. Sonny goes to Mercy to ask Patrick his opinion on the experimental procedure for Michael.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Unaware Phillip is listening in, Cyrus and Lizzie talk. Phillip then makes himself known to them. Cyrus leaves and Lizzie and Phillip just look at each other. Somewhere outside, Grady and Daisy meet. Back at the mansion, Lizzie starts to explain why Cyrus was there when Beth comes into the room. Lizzie decides that Beth and Phillip need to talk and leaves the room. In Lizzie's room, Beth and Lizzie talk about Alan and Phillip and how different they are. Beth tells Lizzie that her grandfather has done things and not taken responsibility. Beth leaves and Lizzie screams in aggravation. Phillip visits Alan in his hospital room and it turns into an argument. Phillip tells Alan he wants Lizzie happy. Alan tells Phillip, "People have to be told what to do to be happy." Phillip tells him, "Dad, I don't want an argument." Phillip leaves Alan's hospital room. Grady gets a handshake from Buzz for doing the right thing. Daisy says she'll support him. Grady leaves saying, "I'll be right back." In the hallway, Cyrus and Grady talk. Lizzie checks her text messages and gets one that says, "You'll be sorry.". At the hospital, Buzz wants to be released. Lillian tells him no. She says, "Who will she pamper if he leaves.". Lizzie meets with Cyrus about her last text message. After she leaves him, he calls Grady at the hospital. Phillip sees Grady leave and follows him. Lizzie finds Lillian and excited, tells her about the text message. She tells Lillian that Bill is not involved. Unknown to them, Phillip is listening in the doorway. Buzz is released and is talking to Doris about charging Alan. Doris questions him. Then tells both Buzz and Daisy that she'll get a warrant for Alan's arrest. Alan has visit with Rick. At Company, Lizzie finds Beth sitting on the floor in back of the counter. Lizzie tells Beth that Bill isn't the kidnapper. That she's tried to talk to Alan. But that he thinks she is crazy. Beth tells Lizzie, "I need to figure things out". Lizzie says, " There is nothing to figure out." Beth tells Lizzie, that Alan is dangerous. Lizzie say, " Just because he messed up her fling with Coop you say anything." At that point Alan shows up. He tries to talk to Lizzie. Then he gets a phone call. The person on the other end tells Alan to watch it. That the caller will tell all. At Cedars, Phillip goes to see Rick. Rick is very different toward Phillip. Phillip tries to reason with Rick, Phillip gives up and leaves Rick alone in the room they were in. Buzz goes to Company, which by this time is empty. And he looks around from the counter. Cyrus walks in a few minutes later. They talk about Coop. Lizzie upon hearing that Alan is in jail, goes there to talk to him. She tells him that she thinks Phillip is responsible for her kidnapping. Alan tells her the sooner he gets out the better to help her. Phillip goes to the Spaulding Mansion and calls out for Lizzie. Beth appears telling him she is not home that she is going to find Alan to tell him what she thinks of Phillip. Phillip tells Beth he would never hurt Lizzie. Lizzie goes to see Grady. She knocks on his door not knowing he is right behind her. She turns to walk away when he comes up to her. He asks her what she is doing there. Lizzie says, "I need your help".......

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr is alone at the school dance, depressed about what Cole is doing. The only person she seems interested in talking to or being with is her teacher, Mr. J. Cole goes to confront Todd. He is very angry, on edge and under the influence of pills. He later goes to the dance to see Starr and her teacher kissing. This is after Mr. Jo. has revealed to Starr that his mother revealed to him that she was ready to help Todd kidnap Starr's baby because Todd threatened to expose her son's drug addiction. Starr does not judge her teacher for that. Dorian reveals to Moe that she does not intend for him to own her house and he is merely "housesitting". He reminds her that he and his wife legally own everything that she has signed over to him. He tells her that he wants for both Lola and Ray Montez to live in his house since Langston wants her family close by. She is infuriated to hear that. Blair is upset that John jumps whenever Marty contacts him. And when Todd calls her to appeal to let her see the kids again, she tells him no way. And while Blair is alone in her room and showering, an unseen person enters and carries a knife.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Clint and his gang leave Esther and Kay to die, but they are saved by Glo and Amber; but the question is does whether Kay makes it out alive. Kevin is trapped in the trunk by Clint and has memories of his childhood. Victor and his children with their significant others celebrate his birthday and they announce that Ashley is pregnant. Victoria is none to pleased. Sharon’s mother tries to get her to admit that she needs help for her current behavior, but she refuses and Nick and her engage in a passionate kiss while Phyllis searches for him. Victor does Nikki a favor and Heather visits Adam who is having problems with his vision.

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