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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Kendall confronts Reese about her being outside her house when she and Zach were making love. Reese blames Kendall for some of the mess they are in, but still she is determined to make Bianca's family accept her so she can win back Bianca's love.
Opal sets up for Greenlee's memorial service. Ryan won't go, and Jack can't talk him into it. Reese tells Ryan that Kendall was driving, but he doesn't care. He still blames Zach, since he was the reason Greenlee was on the road. Ryan and Kendall convince Zach to get rid of Reese. Reese won't go with Zach. He grabs her arm, she falls and hits her head on the coffee table. Ryan consoles Kendall. Kendall worries that she has pushed Zach too far.

David and Krystal get married. She is upset by the service and how she has no friends there. They go to bed, and she has a terrible dream about giving birth. J.R. gets very drunk. Adam and Tad both confront him. Tad and Jake drive Amanda to the hospital. David's flunkie Gayle phones him to let him know that Amanda is having difficulties with her pregnancy. Amanda is scared; Angie comforts her but warns Frankie not to get too involved in case there is flack from David. Tad convinces J.R. to get sober and go see Amanda, saying that she is David's victim, just like Krystal. Later, Tad is saddened to see that Krystal really did marry David. Angie phones Krystal to tell her about Amanda. Jake and Frankie try to stop David from upsetting Amanda, but she agrees to speak to him. David guesses to Amanda that the baby is his, but when J.R. walks in, she still insists that J.R. is the daddy. David tells Krystal that he wants to have another baby with her. J.R. promises to be there for Amanda and her baby.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

A distraught Katie learns that her eggs aren’t viable and believes the surrogacy option might be out the window unless Brad agrees to go the anonymous egg donor road and then still let Vienna carry their baby. Brad is unsure at first and believes adoption is the better avenue, but Katie is able to convince him soon. Henry is unhappy to see Vienna, who is playing around, pretending to be pregnant with a beach ball. Vienna gets amorous with Henry, but he still isn’t comfortable with her getting pregnant. Brad and Katie come to see Henry and Vienna with this new proposal, but Vienna adds a twist when she suggests that she donate her eggs to Brad and Katie as well as carries their baby. No one is on board at first, especially Henry, who stomps out of the room declaring he will not let her get pregnant with another man’s child. Later, Katie jumps quickly on board after a little prodding by Vienna, as Brad hopes they all don’t live to regret this. Jack surprises Janet with his plan to build their new home on a plot near the Farm and Pond. Carly is hung over when Craig shows up to tell her that they have a meeting in Chicago about their business. Carly and Craig go to Chicago and are thrilled with the results of their meeting. Craig, who has been sampling the merchandise, claims he can’t drive, so he finally convinces Carly to get two hotel rooms to crash before they head back. They wind up in one room and soon their fun and laughter turns physical, as they sleep together. Carly has immediate regret, but Craig doesn’t, even as Carly demands they head home. Janet and Jack are thrilled to be looking forward to starting the next chapter of their lives, as they ‘christen’ the space. Parker finds out that Carly is going out of town for the day and tells Liberty that they should skip school to hang out. While at home, Parker and Liberty become preoccupied in the throes of passion and a fire almost starts. Jack is called to Carly’s house and he and Janet are furious to see the state of undress that Parker and Liberty are in. Jack and Janet have it out with Parker and Liberty, as Craig and Carly come home. Carly learns of what happened after Jack implies her business with Craig left her not aware of what her kids were up to again. Both Liberty and Parker are grounded separately from their Spring Break trips. Janet believes Parker is pressuring Liberty. Carly and Jack disagree over how to handle Parker; Jack wants to keep Parker and Liberty apart by sending Parker to boarding school. Carly disagrees, as Craig pipes in that Jack shouldn’t punish Parker for being normal. Parker overhears their conversation. Craig comfort Carly. Later, Jack and Janet fight over how she thinks Parker should be dealt with, as a furious Jack tells her that she wins because he is sending Parker away. Parker tells Liberty that they should still go to Ft. Lauderdale.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge takes it pretty casually when Brooke tells him that Rick spent the night here at her house because his beach house was torched. It was arson; someone tried to kill him. Likewise Rick wakes up and barks why is Ridge still there after what he tried to do last night. Both are saying the other has to go. Ridge confesses that he would love to take credit, but someone else beat him to it. He would not have ridden his bike and then admitted to being at the scene of the crime. He walks out and tells Brooke that Rick needs to be gone when he returns. Stephanie finds Thorne passed out in the office with a bottle of liquor in his hand. The others, Marcus and Owen and Donna soon join and all commiserate over what happened and could still happen again and the guilty could finish the job this time.

Steffy panics when she shows up at the beach house and finds the state of affairs. The Lieutenant asks if Rick had any enemies who might have done this. Marcus confides to Donna that he still loves Steffy, and Rick deserves whatever he gets. She admonishes him not to volunteer anything to the police. He is a suspect too because of his past history with Steffy. Rick is their president so they need to show loyalty. Just be careful in whatever he says. Rick strongly tries to convince Brooke that this fire was set by Ridge. Steffy rushes in and flies into Rick’s arms with hugs and kisses. Brooke realizes how serious things are between them, and they made love last night just before the fire. She pleads with Steffy that this relationship is going to affect Ridge’s life forever. Rick says they have given Ridge every chance, now he’s just going to have to accept it. He has every right to be with this woman. Lt. Baker calls Brooke and announces it was premeditated - passion and aggression. Rick grouses that she should have told him about Ridge being out there and gunning for him. Steffy hollers no, her dad would never do that knowing Rick was inside. Stephanie believes Rick deliberately set the fire himself. And if he could pin it on Ridge, get him out of the way, he’d have Steffy all to himself and he could ride in and be her hero and someone she would need to lean on.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ and Rafe bicker about Sami and trade pointed remarks. While EJ is out of the room, Sami reminds Rafe he must keep quiet about Grace. Rafe later tells Sami that he has to leave on another assignment right away. EJ catches the two kissing. Max and Chelsea have a date, but Chelsea worries their dating might ruin their friendship. Max assures her that he won’t let anything bad happen. The two kiss and later have trouble ending the date and saying goodnight. Bo tells Hope about his vision of her making love to another man. She assures him that he is the only man she will ever love. Stefano confronts Nicole about being so upset over Sami, and she storms off. Stefano has her followed and learns she went to the convent. While there, Nicole feels sorry for leaving Grace with Sami and wonders if she can figure out a plan to get Grace out of the orphanage.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lulu meets Ethan when she comes to the Haunted Star to see Luke. Lulu is suspicious of Ethan’s motives. Nadine notices that Nikolas is spending lots of time at Kelly’s. Nik admits to Nadine that he’s “intrigued” by Rebecca’s resemblance to Emily. Later, Nadine gets emotional in front of Matt. Patrick confides in Liz (about Robin) when he checks in on her at Mercy. Lucky brings the kids to the hospital for a visit. Robin admits to Maxie that she’s been feeling pressured and “judged.” Winnifred secretly meets with Sam to discuss her concern for Spinelli. Winnifred watches as Spinelli meets with a strange man on the docks. Jason arranges for Spinelli to leave the country but Spinelli knows nothing of the plan. Sam thinks Jason should ask for Winnifred’s help to get rid of the evidence the FBI has on Spinelli. Jason thinks it’s a bad idea. Spinelli goes to see Maxie before packing a bag and leaving the penthouse. Edward talks with the family about moving Rebecca into the mansion. Monica agrees but Rebecca says she’s only come over for a visit. Tracy is suspicious of Rebecca. Robin stops at the Haunted Star and strikes up a conversation with Ethan. Robin lies and tells Ethan she doesn’t have any children. Spinelli leaves Jason a note saying he’s left town because he knows the truth. Winnifred unexpectedly appears on the plane Spinelli has boarded.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia cries on Olivia's shoulder about her situation with Frank. Olivia talks about honesty. Natalia says that Olivia is the most honest person she knows. Olivia disputes that. Reva joins Shayne and Marina and Jeffrey in what will be the baby's room. They are all painting. Dinah and Mallet return to a hotel room and talk about what just occurred. They don't have the baby with them. Back at Reva and Jeffrey's they are alone in the baby's room talking about paint and music. Jeffrey gets annoyed at Reva and throws the paint pail at the wall. Reva asks why he threw the pail. He tells her that he is sick and tired of her being so brave. He says he doesn't even know if she'll be here after the baby is born. Outside, Shayne and Marina run into Josh. Shayne tells him that they were just at Reva and Jeffrey's painting. Josh says he's going over to see the progress. At Reva and Jeffrey's, Colin comes for a visit. Making Reva very happy. That is until Reva puts him to work. Jeffrey, Josh, Natalia and Olivia are at a club playing pool. Shayne and Marina are sharing a nice time downstairs at Reva's. Mallet and Dinah get a visitor. They are there to talk about the baby that Mallet almost had. This guy says if Mallet doesn't take this baby, the guy will throw it out on the street. Dinah questions him about do so. Then the guy reaches over and grabs the ring Dinah was using as a fake wedding ring. Making things very scary for Mallet and Dinah. At the hotel the baby is handed over to Mallet. Jeffrey comes home and tells Reva he is sorry. Shayne gets a gift. Mallet calls home. Marina hears something in the background of his message and tells him not to come home. That she thinks he's having an affair. At the hotel room. Dinah and Mallet are enjoying the baby. Shayne calls Dinah to thank her. He also tells her to have a safe trip. She thanks him and on that note hangs up. Emma comes to Olivia with a magazine article with Phillip's picture. She asks if he is in town. Olivia says, "yes." Emma asks Olivia when she can see him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Ray visits Langston and Lola, announces that he is a free man and that he is going to make a fresh start in Llanview and argues with Dorian. Cristian and Layla talk about what he has done and he asks her how to reach Sarah… Then he calls Sarah and apologizes for the way he treated her. Natalie and Rex break into hospital security and check the surveillance tapes to find out what Jessica was doing at the hospital, and realize that it was Bess and she had the baby when she went in. Gigi makes sure Stacy fills out an application and then has a conversation with Viki, where she admits that she doesn’t trust her sister. John confronts Blair about the paper and she tells him to choose between her and Marty. Marty finds Cole’s pill stash and he says that she is not his mother. Layla tells Stacy what happened between Rex and Adriana. Starr agrees to go to the school dance with Lola and Langston, and tells Lola that there is a lock of Hope’s hair in her necklace.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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