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AMC Recap Written by Suzanne

Tad catches Jake surfing a dating website and teases him about it. Amanda tells Petey that she was kicked out by the Chandlers. Amanda tells J.R. that she gave David his money back. J.R. wants her to sign away custody of her child to him, so she gets angry and tells him off. Adam pressures Erica about the money she lost. Erica threatens to go to the police with his tainting the Bella fragrance, so he calls her bluff and tells her to go ahead. Erica agrees to make cuts at Fusion if Adam works with her; Amanda quits when Adam suggests Erica fire her. Erica advises Adam not to try to run J.R.'s life. Jake and Tad have a hard time coping with Kathy.

David surprises Krystal with a wedding and a prenup, which she reluctantly signs. She tells Tad about the wedding, and he's shocked. Taylor and Brot have breakfast the morning after. Jake has a drink at the bar, even though it's morning. David drops by and invites him to have a drink to celebrate his marriage. Amanda also shows up and shares her woes. She almost lets slip about David being the father of her baby. Jake invites her to come stay with him and Tad. She is a hit with Kathy and Jenny. Tad visits Taylor but is surprised to find her and Brot all cozy together, so he makes a quick exit. David and Krystal get married as Amanda has pain and tells Jake and Tad that she's spotting.  J.R. starts drinking again--a lot.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

It's Meg's first day back on the job at the hospital and she shares some information with Lucy on her first day too. Dusty stops by and Lucy tries to avoid anything personal. She does say that Johnny was her whole life and now there is a big hole there. Meg notices the tension between them, but she accepts Dusty's invitation to go out and celebrate her first day back. Emily laments to Paul that she thinks he is whacko for thinking Meg will give him another chance. He insists that she still cares and if she does there is some chance. Paul drops by the farm and is so smooth and polite in thanking Meg for letting him spend time with their daughter. He then dashes to Emily's and asks her out for a night at the Lakeview. They both know Meg will be there with Dusty so if Paul manages to push her buttons, great! Lucy is over the top to be staying with Johnny, never mind that it was Carly's idea. She calls Dusty to give him this opportunity to come and spend time with Johnny. It's all she can do for now, they have to be patient. He brings Johnny a gift and they have a great time playing. Lucy reminisces but Dusty says they can not go back. Dusty calls Meg to break their date. She's already at the Lakeview, but stops on her way out to confront Paul and Emily who have shown up and are conducting a little love session at the bar. She knows it is for her benefit, but states this jealousy bit won't work.

Alone with Stan for a few minutes, Carly is greeted by a slick move and an unwanted kiss. Craig arrives just in time to punch him in the mouth. He tells Stan to get out, they are no longer partners. He quips to Carly anyone else that wants to kiss her will have to kiss him first. Dusty drops by the farm and Meg is not too receptive, but he barges on in. He even confesses where he really was with Johnny. She realizes this means every time he sees Johnny that Lucy will be there too. He knows that Meg is jealous and takes her in his arms and plants a kiss on her. At Paul's, he gloats that Meg was just using Dusty to get to him. Emily spills her drink and rips off her blouse, but tells Paul not to get ideas. Craig makes a toast with Carly since he was the hero tonight, a chance to celebrate. He's like to pull an all-nighter with her, but she nixes that idea since he has Johnny to think off. She thanks him for saving her from Stan and gulps another slug of vodka.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Ridge knows that Steffy is too old for curfew, he calls Taylor to see if Steffy is at home as he just wants to hear her voice. She is basking in the glow of lovemaking with Rick at the beach house. She says it was the most beautiful night of her life. She tells Rick that she is in love with him and she definitely will not give up on them now. She has to go though before her dad may find them. Brooke wakes up and finds Ridge gone. She calls Rick to warn him that Ridge may be headed his way so do not confront him. Rick takes his flashlight and pokes around on the porch outside looking for any lurker. Someone wearing black gloves pours charcoal lighter fuel around the doorway and windows and sets fire to the place. The house is quickly engulfed before the alarm goes off and Rick realizes he’s in danger. He manages to get the door open from inside and has a fire extinguisher that manages to put out the fire. The fire department asks if he has any enemies. They will have to report this to the police as it was definitely arson.

Taylor catches Steffy all giddy about her current state of being in love. She confesses to an inquisitive Taylor that she has been with Rick. Taylor repeats again that this must stop. Rick is taking over her life. Steffy says Rick is not bad and she is sick of everyone saying so. Pam takes a message for Marcus who was on a dinner break. He tells her that he is dealing with Rick in the only way he knows how. Thorne shows up too and says he was out for a drink. Jake is straightening up Rick’s office, but says he just got there. They both speak of little Ricky getting burned. Ridge arrives home. Brooke quizzes where he has been and remarks that he smells like gas. He says he stopped and filled up his bike. He admits he went out to Rick’s but did not see Steffy’s car, so he turned around and came home. Rick storms in at Brooke and swears at Ridge upstairs. He tells Brooke that Ridge torched his house. Brooke defends Ridge saying he would never try to kill him and she won’t listen to this, but Rick is not convinced. Brooke remembers Ridge's gas smell and has her own doubts.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel mourns Chloe and drinks at the bar. Much to Max’s chagrin, Chelsea demands to know what is wrong with him. He tells her about Kate being in remission, and admits that he is questioning what kind of man he is. Chelsea tries to reassure him, but he encourages her to go have fun with Max. Chloe and Lucas make up and Chloe vows to spend the rest of her life making him happy. Lucas tells Chloe about Sami losing her baby. Will nearly overhears. Later, Lucas asks Will to be his best man at his wedding to Chloe. Nicole panics when she learns EJ is with Sami and calls Chloe. She comes over and tells Nicole about Sami losing her baby. Nicole knows she didn’t and is a bit confused. Chloe counsels Nicole not to worry about EJ and Sami, but Nicole vows to herself not to stand around and do nothing. Chloe also tells Nicole about the sign from God and her decision to choose Lucas. Sami admits to EJ that she has always loved him. He makes some pointed remarks about Nicole being a new mother, which upsets Sami. She plays it off by saying she is just concerned about Johnny, and she warns him about both Nicole and the DiMeras. EJ reassures her that he will always make sure Johnny is able to make his own decisions in regards to the DiMera family. Rafe shows up as EJ is getting ready to leave, and he and Sami have a joyful reunion.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas uses Rebecca’s room at Kelly’s to clean himself up after he drops a tray of food. Rebecca offers to cook dinner for Nikolas so the two can talk. Alexis tells Nik she did some research on Rebecca and found no connection to Emily. Jason tells Sam that agent Rayner “wants Sonny.” Jason refuses to “sacrifice” either Spinelli or Sonny but he considers sending Spinelli out of the country for his safety. Spinelli overhears Sam and Jason talking about agent Rayner’s demands. Claudia and Sonny fool around. Sonny questions Claudia about something Anthony said to him. Claudia understands that Anthony was talking about Michael but she pretends to know nothing. Johnny wants Claudia to leave Sonny. Claudia says she and Sonny are “getting closer.” Claudia fills Johnny in on her time with Anthony. Patrick and Robin disagree on how to spend their free evening. Robin heads off alone to run errands. Sonny pays Emma a visit and ends up babysitting when Patrick gets called into work. Sonny confides in Robin when she returns home. Robin advises Sonny to leave Claudia. Later, Sonny and Claudia agree to try and make their marriage work.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia sees Natalia on her hands and knees doing the floor and asks if she needs help. Natalia says no she can handle it. And continues. Dinah and Mallet meet to help each other on their problems. They pretend to be husband and wife to help out Mallet. Marina visits Buzz in the hospital. Buzz wants Marina to go find Alex. After Marina leaves, Buzz picks up the Springfield Mirror magazine an sees Alan on the cover. At the jail, Frank goes to Phillip's cell and tells Phillip his bail has been paid. Frank is not happy as he mentions Coop while opening the door to the cell. Just before leaving, Phillip sees an article on a computer screen about Alan. At Cedars, Lizzie is fed up with her grandfather's antic and tells him so. Olivia sees Natalia is not happy. Olivia wants Natalia to open up to her. Natalia is at first wary. But she does. She tells Olivia that she prays every day. Yet she is still in the same boat. Natalia gets a phone call and rushes to the hospital before Olivia can ask her what that call was about. Mallet and Dinah meet as husband and wife with the adoption agency agent. Still the agent is not convinced. Daisy goes to see Buzz. Buzz wants Daisy to go find Grady for him. Daisy says ok and leaves the hospital room. Grady meets with Buzz. Buzz asks him to kill Alan. Grady fears he'll go down for it. Buzz assures him he wont. At the adoption agency, things are beginning to turn in Mallet's favor. Shayne and Marina have lunch together and talk about what they are up to. Olivia runs into Jeffrey at the gym. Lizzie runs into Frank, who tells her Phillip made bail. In his words, "unfortunately". She then goes running off to find him. At the adoption agency, Mallet and Dinah are shown a baby. The agent hands over the baby to Dinah. Mallet is a little wary. Lizzie is listening to a tape of someone warning her of a kidnapping when Phillip walks in on her. She tells him she knew he'd come for her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr reveals to Langston that she can no longer talk to Cole and he's not the person he used to be. Cole refuses to go to school and only wants to take his pills. His dealer comes by with more. The school has issued a deficiency letter to Nora about his school skipping, failing grades and disruptive behavior. Meanwhile, Nora warns Marty that she is in serious trouble and she might go up the river for murder. The one thing she can do in order to save herself and get absolved by the DA's department is if she returns to Nora's home and lives with her son. At first Marty tells Nora that will not work but Nora manages to convince her. She goes with Nora back to the house and is ready to attempt to bond with her son. She enters his empty room and notices the deficiency letter and the drugs. And she knows she has to be there for her son. Antonio goes to question Brody for the murder of Wes. Jessica is in his corner and willing to lie for him. Natalie asks Rex to help her investigate the mystery of Tess's whereabouts the night Chloe was born. Ray goes to see Lola and see Langston and urges them to let him into their lives. But at that point, somebody comes and knocks him out. Stacy looks like she wants to break up Gigi and Rex.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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