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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. walks in on Jake and Amanda, hugging and demands to know what is going on. Jake makes up some lame excuse as to why Jake was there to keep J.R. from finding out the real reason why he was consoling Amanda. Krystal accepts David’s marriage proposal, but sets some conditions on accepting. Tad is at the blackjack table at the casino when Taylor walks in. Taylor join Tad. At the casino, Reese assures Zach and Kendall that she would never go to the police with the info that she knows about the accident when Adam walks in and tells them that he will go to the police with the info. Tad questions Taylor as to what is going on with Brot. At the hospital, Brot confesses to Frankie that there are some “bedroom” issues between him and Taylor. J.R. orders Amanda to confess everything as to why she had put the DVD in the television for him to watch. Amanda confesses, but not to the real truth that David was blackmailing Amanda into doing his will. Adam walks in and wants to know what is going on. J.R. reveals to Adam that Amanda had been using him. Pete catches Adam outside the Chandler mansion and reveals to him that Erica had lost all his money. Zach breaks down the door when Kendall refuses to open the door and let him in. Zach insists that he loves Kendall and not Reese. Zach tells Kendall that he will leave if she wants him, but if he does then they will both die.

Kendall tells Zach that she loves him and they kiss. Frankie and Brot join Tad and Taylor at the casino. Brot and Taylor leave together. David join J. R. and Amanda at the Chandler mansion and reveals all to J.R. as to how that David had paid Amanda to get drunk so that David could gain custody of Little A. Zach and Kendall make love. J.R. tells Amanda that he wants her gone.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Vienna wants to push full steam ahead with plans to be Katie’s surrogate, but Katie is still not sure. Brad asks for Henry’s help filling out paperwork to start adoption proceedings; he doesn’t want to push Katie yet, but when she is ready, he wants to be all set. Katie finally talks to Brad about their other options, as Brad thinks she is talking about adoption and Katie thinks he is talking about surrogacy. They have their signals crossed, but finally they understand what each is talking about. Brad is unsure and worried about Vienna carrying a baby for nine months and giving to them, as Katie tries to get him to see she would like to go this route first because it is the closest option to giving him their own baby. Brad finally agrees, but reminds her that Henry has to be on board too. Vienna talks to Henry about helping Brad and Katie, as their signals get crossed too, and he thinks she is just talking about adoption paperwork while she thinks he realizes what she wants to do. Finally, they also understand what each other wants to do, as Henry is not on board at all at first, but Vienna can be convincing. Henry and Vienna come over to Brad and Katie’s with news that they are all on the same page. Katie and Vienna are thrilled, as Brad and Henry look much more unsure. Luke continues to push Elwood about what he knows and even reveals about knowing about ‘M’. Later, an anxious Elwood calls Luke and wants to meet to tell him what he knows. Kevin and Noah hear this; Noah worries about Luke’s involvement, but Luke is adamant they have to do this for Casey, as Noah wants to go with him. Luke tells Alison, who in turn happily tells Matt, thinking he is about to be cleared. Luke and Noah show up to meet Elwood, and as they see him walking towards them, an SUV drives towards him knocking Elwood over the bridge. Despite Luke and Noah’s efforts, Elwood dies. When Margo questions them, Noah is able to remember part of the plate. Mark Vero is back from the psychiatric hospital and when he sees Alison, he approaches her to apologize. Mark seems stuck on Alison, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Kevin when they meet; he reminds him Alison would never be interested in him because he tried to rape her. Matt is late to meet Alison and explains that his car was stolen. Luke and Noah break the bad news to Casey about how Elwood is dead. Alison brings Matt into fill out a report, as she goes into talk with Casey, Luke and Noah. She learns the bad news, but then Margo tells them that the car, which drove at Elwood, was traced to Matt. No one can figure out how he knew where they were meeting until they realize Alison told him. Alison still defends Matt until she realizes he is no longer at the station. An emotional Alison angrily wonders if Casey is waiting for an ‘I told you so’. Casey wants to comfort her, but he pulls back and doesn’t.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge asks Brooke if she could reverse the roles and just forget about it if his daughter caused the death of her son. That’s what she is asking him to do. No matter what Rick does, Brooke will overlook it and ask everyone to get past it. Ridge states that he has never felt this amount of despair and hate. Thanks to Brooke he can not forget or avoid Rick, he’s a user and very destructive. She begs him to help her help her son. Go to therapy, whatever it takes to accept him. The love he feels for Brooke is colliding with the hate he has for Rick. And Rick must stay away from Steffy. Rick calls Brooke to make sure the coast is clear and Ridge isn’t heading to the beach house. He wants free sailing with Steffy. Thorne is noticeably angry and tells his dad so…. the presidency was pulled right out from under him. Pam joins in and tells Eric that Rick is a problem, a spoiled brat who needs to be taught a lesson. Eric tells the group that Rick in their president and will be treated with respect. He’s tired of all their whining. He tells Donna that he just has to believe that Rick will change. And he assures Donna that Pam is all bluster, she is harmless. Eric doesn’t believe as Donna suggests that he has to get rid of her as she is not a psycho, no evidence of that since the operation. Thorne, Marcus, Owen and Pam all separate saying they have other things to do. Steffy meets Rick at the beach house and he leads her to the bedroom. She’s overwhelmed by the flowers and the warm glow of the candles when he says he wants to make love to her. She says it is their time. He has her heart and knows what to do with it. They kiss and he lifts and takes her to the bed. They begin to disrobe each other.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Will, Lucas, and Sami reunite. Lucas divulges the reason as to why he is in the hospital and why he started drinking again to Will. Chloe begs Maggie not to tell Lucas her secret and Maggie agrees for Lucas’ sake. Chloe then drops Allie off at Sami’s and notices she had her baby. Sami freaks out and demands that she leave. Chloe then heads off to see Lucas and Will accuses her of being the reason his dad almost died. EJ comes to bring one of Johnny’s toys to Sami and he notices how sad she seems to be. She calls the convent and tells Teresa she is working on a plan to reunite with Grace. Sami and EJ talk about his upcoming nuptials, and he suggests he make Nicole’s worst nightmare come true and marry Sami instead. Brady tries to convince Nicole to leave EJ when she tells him she can’t see him anymore. He thinks she deserves to be loved for who she is. She refuses to give up on EJ but thanks Brady and says that he is a good friend. EJ tells Phillip that he is conceding the fuel project, but later calls Stefano to tell him Phillip fell for their ruse. Phillip breaks the news to Victor, who demands to know why EJ was able to get it from Melanie in the first place. Kate and Victor work on their scheme to get revenge on Chloe. Stefano shows up at the pub and asks Kate out on a date.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason promises to deliver Anthony to agent Rayner. Agent Rayner gives Jason a short amount of time to make good on his promise. Spinelli is hauled into the PCPD. Maxie promises to help Spinelli. Sonny promises Anthony his freedom if Claudia is released unharmed. Jason catches Anthony just as he’s about to make his get away. Sonny finds Claudia on the roof with the bomb strapped to her. Sonny enlists Jason’s help to defuse the bomb. Jason walks Sonny through the procedure successfully over the phone. Anthony doesn’t spill all about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. Claudia is grateful and “impressed” by Sonny’s actions. Alexis gets her first glimpse of Rebecca at Kelly’s. Carly is bugged by the latest disruption in her life caused by Sonny. Olivia tells Carly about her own past experiences with Sonny. Lucky pays Liz a visit in the hospital. Jason calls Carly and tells her the crisis is over. Agent Rayner is pleased with Jason’s delivery of Anthony but he demands that Jason get evidence on Sonny next. Back at the house, Sonny and Claudia discuss the ordeal, and then share a kiss.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie is at the Springfield P.D., when her father, Phillip is released. She sees him entering the offices of the detectives. Beth gets advice from Rick about how to handle the current Phillip/Alan situation. It doesn't sit well with her. Cyrus and Grady are on the phone talking about the kidnapping and how they have to cover themselves. Christina tells Remy that her grandmother is back in the hospital and it's his fault. Remy tells her that he is sorry. Alan tells Buzz to get off his property. And tells him that he is not responsible for Coops death. That he gave Company back to them. Alan then tells Buzz that Buzz is responsible. After a fight, both men collapse on the snowy lawn. Lizzie ask Ashlee for help. And back at the Spaulding Mansion, Alan tells Buzz to call for help. Buzz tells Alan to do it. Phillip and Beth go before a judge. Beth tells the judge she'll be responsible for Phillip. Judge grants bail for Phillip at $250,000.00. Grady visits Lizzie, who is scared of his visit and not happy when he tries to make nice with her dog. Back at SP PD, Frank puts Phillip back behind bars till the release papers are in order. At Cedars Hosp., Alan raises cain.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo goes to inform Matthew that he's just found out that David Vickers is his son. He admits he does not know how to deal with that. He also confesses to his son that he realizes that he had problem when he was young and so he does not want to send Matthew away and does not want to lose the one son he is really proud of. Cole is very frustrated with Starr's relationship with their teacher and does not want either of them interfering in his drug problem. And he keeps taking more. David concludes to Dorian that he does not want to be a scam artist anymore. He wants to go to Hollywood, be an actor and earn his living. Now that he's found out that Bo is his father, he no longer wants to be dishonorable an doesn't want her to double-cross his "family". She clarifies to him that she does not intend to hurt Bo, personally. But she still wants to stick it to Clint. They agree that it's ok for her to do that. And he departs. Schuyler reveals that he knows Stacy Morasco, they used to date and know a lot about each others' families. Rex tells Gigi he's found out that his father is somebody Roxy doesn't want anybody to know about and his mother might have killed his father. Roxy then goes to confront an unseen comatose patient in a private hospital whom she reveals is her son's father.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

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