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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David sits alone in a chair at the hospital. Krystal walks up and asks him for a penny for his thoughts. David doesn’t answer her. Krystal tells him that he was incredible. Krystal mentions celebrating, but David is still deep in thought. Krystal asks him what is on his mind. David tells her that he was thinking about Amanda. J.R. and Amanda arrive home and stand for just a moment before they go inside. They admire the stars shining so brightly because they reminded J.R. and Amanda of Babe and that she is gone. Zach visits the Chandler mansion to see Reese. Adam refuses to let Zach see Reese. Adam slams the door in Zach’s face. Reese comes out and asks if that was Zach. Adam confirms that it was. At the casino, Ryan throws things against the wall. Kendall tries to stop him, but Ryan insists that he will own everything that is Zach’s. Kendall is surprised by Ryan’s remark. Kendall calls Zach for help, but Ryan stops her from calling. Angie finds Krystal alone in the waiting room and remarks that Krystal looks “lost.” Kendall feels faint and Ryan helps her sit down in a chair. Zach walks in and wonders what Ryan had done to her. Zach orders Ryan out of the casino. In the foyer, J.R. confronts Adam and Reese as to what Reese is doing here. Adam lets J.R. know that Reese is moving in. Alone in the living room, Amanda is confronted by David. Krystal tells Angie that Amanda is having David’s baby. Zach lets Kendall know that Reese knows that Kendall was driving the car the night that Greenlee was killed. Angie confronts Jake as to why Frankie was falsifying information on patients medical charts. Zach calls Reese to come to the casino that he needs to talk to her.

Reese arrives at the casino to see Zach, but is surprised to see Kendall there with him. Ryan arrives at the hospital. Angie shows him into an exam room to examine his hand. J.R. tells Amanda that he wants to try to make it work with her. Amanda shows J.R. a tape of Babe at the “GoRed” ball the year before. J.R. becomes upset that he takes a look at the decanter of whiskey on the bar. Jake walks up and watches J.R. from outside the window. Jake starts to turn the door handle when Amanda rushes in and stops J.R. from taking a drink. Krystal begins to question David as to where he had been. Krystal tells David “yes,” that she will marry him. Reese confirms to Zach and Kendall that she does know that Kendall was driving the car the night that Greenlee was killed. Reese denies that she will go to the police with the information. Adam walks up and tells Zach, Kendall and Reese that he will not keep such a promise.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Carly berates Craig for not being there with their venders when she was forced to drink them under the table and answer their questions. Craig should have been there, and she wants him to fix things. She agrees to stay with Johnny so he can do that. Jade surprises Derek by asking for his help with Casey. He doesn’t think he is worth it. She wants him to help her get any dirt on Matt that might help Casey. Craig is livid when Carly calls and tells him that not only is Lucy not in jail, but she is going to work at the hospital again. She is with Johnny right now. Meg is also defensive that Dusty would drop Lucy’s charges and so willingly accept her back in Johnny’s life. Craig tells Lucy that he will have something to say about this. He’s silenced when Johnny asks if Lucy can come live with them. When Craig wants to take Johnny away to see the doctor, Johnny wants to stay with Lucy. Carly points out to Craig that he can’t allow this to happen and have Johnny afraid of him. He needs to lighten up around Lucy. He can not stop Lucy from seeing Johnny. Johnny would end up hating him from keeping him from his sister. Alison runs into Casey at the police station and they have heated words. No matter what he may think, she says she believes him and is on his side. She knows he would not sell drugs. He thanks her just as Jade walks in to give him good news.

Alison returns to Matt and tells him that she saw Casey and she believes both of them are innocent. However, Jade tells Casey that Matt did do drugs in prison, so now if they could prove the big leap that he is selling also. Matt assures Alison that he only took drugs a short while in prison, but he definitely is not using or selling drugs now. He needs her to believe that. But if he’s not behind this, then somebody else is and she has no idea who that could be. Craig tells Carly that he will give Johnny enough love that he won’t need anyone else. And it’s too late for Craig to be a real father to Lucy. Carly advises that somehow he needs to find a way to forgive Lucy. Lucy too asks for a second chance with Craig. Dusty and Meg bump into each other at a movie and share popcorn. Afterwards they spot Lucy at the diner and Dusty thinks this is his chance to make things good with her. Craig laments to Carly that he is not sure he can forgive Lucy, but he can try. Carly is also impressed that Craig has already taken care of the venders. She says he is good, and he replies, “I know.”

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All eyes in the press room are glued to Brooke as she finishes her statement about the future of Forrester Creations. She flusters and segues way to the new fashion show and mentions each one – Eric, Ridge, Thorne and her son, Rick, President, no changes. Everyone wonders what just happened. The family grumbles over it among themselves and Ridge disgustingly walks out. Brooke follows, but he doesn’t want to discuss it more or have her even touch him. He thinks his feelings apparently mean nothing to her. Rick tells his mother that he appreciates what she did and he will do his best to prove them all wrong and be the leader they need. Bridget appeals to Taylor to help Rick through this crisis. Taylor could care less that Rick saved Ridge’s life. She still doesn’t want her daughter near Rick.

Ridge shows up at Taylor’s office. They agree they both need to put a stop to this. Rick took one daughter away from them; they can’t let him take Steffy too. Stephanie sees Taylor too and advises her that she had better get to thinking what could happen. Not only could Rick stay at the company, but he and Steffy could run off together.

Rick feels optimistic about the situation and shares it with Steffy. They get romantic in the office. Alone, Brooke wonders where Ridge is. He finally comes home and she confronts him. She hates the look in his eyes, not as his wife but as an adversary. He rails at her that her son is her priority and yet Rick is tearing them apart. She cries that she just wants Ridge to love her the way she loves him. But she loves her son too and she can’t just cast him aside.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Victor lays into Phillip for choosing a woman over his career again, but Phillip claims that that isn’t what he’s doing and refuses to take advice from Victor. He runs into Stephanie and tells her that he knows she likes that he is a bad guy. He thinks she wants to reform him and kisses her, asking her to call him. Kate toys with Chloe, but doesn’t let on that she knows about her and Daniel. Later, Kate tells Victor that she has something on Chloe, and has to let Lucas find out the truth without getting herself involved. Victor is eager to help. Hope tells Bo that she wants to come back home, but makes Bo promise to tell her about any future visions. Predictably, Bo has a disturbing vision afterwards of Hope in bed with someone. Nicole flips her lid and accuses EJ of choosing Sami over her. He tries to reassure her and she turns the conversation around to the fuel project and her fear of Victor. EJ finally agrees to let the project go and rips up the formula into pieces. Nicole delivers the pieces to Phillip, telling him that EJ has dropped the project. Sami tells Lucas that her baby was stillborn. She warns him about Chloe and tells him she thinks he started drinking again because of her. She and Lucas then argue about Will and whether or not it was Sami’s fault he started drinking in the first place. Will shows up in the midst of the fight.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Tracy bails Luke and Ethan out of jail. Ethan seems to have won Tracy over. Tracy wants Ethan to work at the casino. Anthony holds Claudia in a warehouse until Sonny comes up with the money he's demanded. Jason wonders how far Sonny is willing to go to save Claudia. Sonny heads off to rescue Claudia. Jax and Carly move Morgan into the Metro Court to keep him safe. Jax vents his frustrations about Sonny to Olivia. Lulu and Spinelli aren't happy with Johnny escorting Maxie around town. Sonny meets with Anthony. Claudia is tied up with a bomb strapped to her. Anthony says Sonny must choose whether to save Claudia or "grab" him.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina is on the phone with Mallet, who is in D.C. She says she is working at packing and moving them up on the adoption agency. Actually Mallet has lied to Marina and he is at a foreign adoption agency. After he end the call to Marina an attractive Italian woman asks his name and asks if he is there to adopt. Mallet shakes her hand and says, "Yes." Bill starts for Grady when Cyrus knocks him cold. Back at the house where Bill, Cyrus and Grady are, Bill wakes and takes off before Cyrus and Grady can catch up. Buzz goes to see Lizzie about Coop and what Buzz wants. Lizzie tells him he's got family that love him. She has a screwed up family. After Buzz leaves, Lizzie looks at a picture of Alan, then goes upstairs. At he Springfield jail, Alan and Phillip are talking. Phillip realizes that Alan doesn't want him out of jail and tell him so. Alan tells him that he's got a family to save. Mallet continues his meeting with an adoption agency official. In talking with him, she realizes that he is talking about a totally different woman than what he wrote about on the form. She gets up and leaves as Mallet calls after her. Then Mallet tries another agency. Beth visits Phillip. Phillip apologizes for his actions of the other day. They talk about Lizzie's kidnapping. Phillip tells Beth he is sorry for what she is going through right now. Beth tells Phillip that maybe he can start over with his children. Phillip says, "Wouldn't that be nice." Lizzie is upstairs when she hears a noise downstairs. She goes to the stairs and sees Alan at his desk. Alan tells Lizzie that Buzz visited Phillip in jail. Alan tells Lizzie that he is going to get a restraining order against Buzz. Alan asks if Lizzie has seen Buzz. Lizzie tries to lie in saying no, but Alan catches her. Buzz goes to see Marina. Bill is outside the Spaulding Mansion trying to find a way in. Mallet catches up with Dinah and they talk about Lara, Shayne and Edmund. Seems Dinah is having a problem getting a visa to travel to find out about Lara. Marina sees Buzz and how beat he is. She tells him to go upstairs and take a nap. Buzz then leaves the house making Marina more worried about him. Cyrus calls Lizzie and tells her he need a little bit of her time. Lizzie tells him she is busy with her Grandfather and Buzz. Cyrus is sorry she has so much on her plate right now. Bill is trying to find a way to get into the mansion. Cyrus is outside, he calls Lizzie for help. He suggest that she let him use the jet. She says no. Beth and Phillip end their talk and she leaves. Alan goes to Marina's asking where Buzz is. He is angry and gets even angrier when Marina tells him she doesn't know where Buzz went. Alan catches up with Buzz and tells him to leave him, and Lizzie alone. Alan tells Buzz that he didn't kill his son. Coldly Buzz says he did.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr tells her father she wants nothing more to do with him and is ashamed of herself for committing perjury under oath in order to protect him. Schuyler informs Cole that he happens to know that Cole is having substance abuse issues and should contact a counselor for some help. Cole says he knows that Starr has been talking to their teacher about him behind his back. Matthew tells his peers he may never see them again because his father is sending him to a military academy. Bo talks to Rex admitting that he is ashamed to find out that he conceived David Vickers years ago that that that man would be his son. Rex then encourages Bo to go and communicate with Matthew and be proud of the one son he did a good job with. Bo then indicates he may not want to send his son away after all. Blair admits to Dorian that she is done with John and knows that he wants to let Marty get away with murder. She then tells a detective who comes to the house all she saw and believes that implicates Marty for murder. John is still ready to help Marty beat the charges and tells her that very possibly it was Todd Manning who murdered both Lee Halpern and Wes Granger. Stacy Morasco and Schuyler Joplin run into each other at Buenos Dias and indicate that they know each other.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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