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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan walks into Zach’s casino and immediately goes up to the bar. He orders five Scotches. The bartender thinks that he is ordering for a party, but Ryan assures him that the drinks are all for him. At the podium during the benefit, J.R. makes a speech. Krystal confronts Amanda about the baby that Amanda is carrying as being David’s child. Amanda assures her that the baby is J.R.’s. Reese listens to Kendall and Zach’s conversation in which Kendall owns up that she was indeed the one, who had been driving the car which killed Greenlee. Tad notices David and J.R. shake hands. Jake walks up and hugs Tad. Tad questions Jake if he had seen J.R. and David shake hands. Adam sees Reese starting to leave, and he questions her if she was running out on him. Pete, with his laptop, visits Colby to talk to Adam. Colby admires Pete’s glasses. Pete tells Colby that he had received an e-mail from Greenlee from the grave. Colby is stunned. Amanda blasts Frankie and Jake for Krystal knowing that this baby is really David’s. Krystal walks up to David and tells him that she needs to talk to him. She kisses him on the cheek for luck.

Adam tells Erica that he guess that she is glad that Reese is leaving town. Kendall takes the podium to donate $250,000.00 in memory of Greenlee. Pete tells Colby that Erica had lost all of Adam’s money. Amanda confesses to Krystal that this baby is really David’s, but she begs Krystal not to tell David the truth. Jake walks up and assures Amanda that Krystal is not going to say anything.

Colby fears for her family’s financial future. Reese is brought back into the casino and the waiter helps her to sit down in a chair. Adam walks in and asks if she is alright. Adam talks Reese into going home with him. Kendall and Zach have a talk about her not mentioning his name in her speech about all the people that she had come back for. Zach kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Krystal assures Amanda that she will not say anything to David, but only because of J.R. David catches up with Amanda and, once again, reminds her of what she has to do to keep David from telling J.R. about their plan. Amanda gives David back the money that he had given to her in order to get J.R. to drinking again. Reese tells Adam that Kendall had been driving the car the night that Greenlee had been killed. Kendall arrives at the casino and finds out that Zach had gone looking for Reese. Ryan vows to Kendall that he will own this casino. Adam promises Reese that he will keep her secret concerning Kendall driving the car the night that Greenlee was killed.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly is left stranded by Craig at the launch party for midnight sun vodka because Craig is surprised by a visit from Lucy. Carly gets very drunk and when she goes to throw up the bar owners decide she can't hold her booze and leave Metro. Janet is shocked to catch Parker and Liberty making out at the movie theater when she arrives with Sage to see a movie. Craig is mad at Parker because he allowed Dusty to spend time with Johnny so he tells Parker and Liberty to get out of his sight.

Craig pretends that he is going to drop the kidnapping charges against Lucy so she will accompany him to the police station. Craig and Lucy arrive at the police station and Craig tells Jack that he wants to press charges against Lucy and he might consider giving a statement tomorrow. Craig picks Johnny up at Al's diner and tells Dusty that Lucy returned home and she is in jail. Dusty tells Jack that Lucy had his permission to take Johnny to keep him away from Craig. Dusty tells Jack since he had legal custody of Johnny at the time Lucy didn't kidnap Johnny. Jack tells Dusty that the story isn't going to work in court so Dusty tells jack he won't testify against Lucy. Jack allows Lucy to go advising her to leave town. Dust tells Lucy he helped her for Johnny's sake and asks her to persuade Craig to allow him to spend time with Johnny or she goes back to jail.

Janet arrives at Carly's house with Sage and sees a drunk Carly and gives her something to sober up she also keeps Carly's drunken state a secret from Jack and the two women form a tentative friendship. Craig apologizes to Carly for leaving her stranded and explains about Lucy. Craig admits to Carly that he was scared Lucy would take Johnny again and that is the reason he put her in jail. Carly decides to continue to do business with Craig even though she doesn't think that he will fix everything with the bar owners tomorrow.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge grouses that they all can’t stay at Forrester Creations and play nice. Brooke can’t ask his daughter to leave just so her son can stay. He won’t allow that. It’s as simple as this, Steffy stays, Rick goes! He accuses Brooke of having Rick manipulate her and plant this seed in her mind that Steffy leave so Rick can stay. He says that she knows how much he likes Steffy working there, so she’s definitely going against his wishes to push for this. Before he walks away, he tells her for the sake of their marriage that she has to let this go. Owen wishes to speak with Rick about the surf line, but Rick brushes him off. He says the line has tanked and if he’s still president after today, Rick will be firing him. Felicia tells Thorne she can’t wait to celebrate and get little Napoleon out of here. Owen assures Thorne that he is on his side and can be counted on. Stephanie speaks with Taylor and apprises her of the circumstances with the press conference today. Rick manages to unnerve Marcus in just a moment’s passing in the hall. Steffy tells Rick that he’s made a bigger contribution to Forrester so of course he should stay and she should leave. Pam tells Eric that the press is getting antsy. Eric starts the press conference, but with no warning Brooke walks up and takes over the mike. Regrettably she says she has a life changing announcement to make, one that will affect all of their lives and change Forrester forever.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate catches Chloe and Daniel kissing and tries to tell Lucas about it. However, he has decided to take Chloe back, and interrupts Kate’s reveal, telling her to butt out of his life. His blood pressure raises to dangerous levels during the fight, and the doctor warns Kate not to agitate him. She is thusly forced to admit that she was wrong to interfere, and that Lucas can make up his own mind about Chloe. Lucas is suspicious of the reason why Kate keeps changing her mind about Chloe. Daniel and Chloe continue to argue about her ending things. Phillip confronts Chloe and tells her not to screw up the second chance Lucas plans on giving her. She vows not to. Daniel breaks down in the chapel and cries after telling Chloe that he will always love her. Kate tells Chloe that they have to talk. Victor confronts Phillip about EJ meeting with Melanie, questioning Phillip’s commitment to the project and Titan. Phillip blows up, claiming he lost the most wonderful woman in the world because of work. He later calls Stephanie and tells her he won’t accept that it’s over. Rafe visits Grace at the convent and begs Sister Teresa not to tell Sami that he was there. She agrees, but tells Rafe that she thinks he and Sami care for one another and would make a good match. Sami and Nicole continue to butt heads after Sami holds Sydney. EJ tries to mediate unsuccessfully. Sami is reunited with Johnny and Nicole overhears her calling Sister Teresa to check on Grace. Nicole flips her lid after Sami leaves, accusing EJ of still being in love with her. Sami visits Lucas and he asks her where her baby is.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky helps Rebecca get a job at Kelly's. Edward offers Rebecca a room at the Q mansion, but she declines. Edward is certain that Rebecca is related to Emily. Nikolas is disappointed that Rebecca won't accept his offers of help. Jason and Sam discover that Anthony left Florida and is headed back to Port Charles. Bernie is unhappy to hear that Sonny is taking over the business again. Sonny puts his guards on everyone, including Morgan, which upsets Jax and Carly. Anthony holds Claudia prisoner at Kate's house. Jason and Sam return home to look for Anthony. Claudia calls Sonny and tells him she's with Anthony. Anthony gives Sonny two hours to pay for Claudia's release. Tracy goes to the jail to see Luke. Tracy pays Ethan's bail but she leaves Luke in jail.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey tells Reva what he found on the video Cam. Buzz comes back to Company and sees Frank cleaning up. Frank sees Buzz isn't himself and asks him to sit and talk. Cyrus goes to see Alan with a proposition. Grady calls (using a weird voice) Bill and threatens him. He tells Bill he owes him 5. Back at Reva and Jeffrey's they continue their fight about what Jeffrey found on the Video Cam. He tells her she will be around to see all the kids grow up. Reva shows him a box of other tapes she has made. Back at Company, Buzz and Frank talk about Coop. Frank tell Buzz he has better than Alan Spaulding. He's got family. And respectability. Back at the Spaulding Mansion. Grady, Lizzie and Alan are in the Study talking about Phillip and other things. after Lizzie and Grady leave, Alan is alone and he clutches his stomach. At the Springfield jail, Bill is talking to Phillip about Lizzie and wants his help. Philip reminds Bill that he's got a few problems, one is that his daughter hates him more than Bill, and second he is locked up. Back at Jeffrey and Reva's, Reva explains that all of it just started out as a video diary. Alan is at Cedars being check by Rick. Reva is at Cedars talking to a picture when Rick walks in wondering what she is doing. Reva is beside herself and is asking Rick for advice on marriage. Rick tells her to go home and live her life with Jeffrey. Buzz visits Phillip. Unknown to Phillip, Buzz has a set of keys to the cell. When Phillip tells him he is locked up, Buzz goes and puts a key in the door and turns it. Phillip is confused. He has no idea what Buzz is doing. Bill tells Cyrus about the dreams he's been having of Lizzie's kidnapping. Lizzie asks Cyrus to unbutton his shirt. Lizzie says to both Bill and Cyrus that Cyrus isn't the one that kidnapped her. Jeffrey stops by Company looking for Reva. He asks Frank if he's seen her. Frank says no. Not since the shower. Jeffrey tells him of the fight he and Reva had. Jeffrey notices Frank isn't himself and ask. Frank says it is his Dad. Jeffrey tells Frank, "He must be hurting." Frank say, "Yeah." At the Jail, Buzz is in the cell with Phillip when he collapses. Phillip eases him to his cot. Phillip calls for a guard. Next thing, Buzz gets up walks out of the cell turns around and closes and locks it's door and leaves. Phillip is stunned and confused. At Company, Frank decides to play bar bowling with a couple of bottles and the bar table. When Jeffrey doesn't want to play, Frank wonders and asks what is going on with him. At Cedars after seeing Reva, Alan leaves, still not feeling well. At Towers, Lizzie and Cyrus leave Bill just standing there. Jeffrey comes home calling for Reva. Soon after Reva come through the door. Jeffrey wants to know where she was. She says she was at the hospital getting a checkup. Jeffrey tells Reva he's not going to let her die. At the jail, Alan is there when Frank comes barging in asking how he got in there. Phillip says that Frank needs to go see his Dad. Frank leaves telling Alan he has 5 minutes with Phillip. Bill gets Cyrus and Grady together to talk....

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The DNA technician tells the Buchanans that he's found out that Bo is David Vickers biological father. Hearing that, Bo realizes it's entirely possible he slept with David's mother all those years ago. But they find out that David is not Rex's father. Rex demands that Roxy tells him who his real father is. And she indicates to him that his father is somebody who did terrible things and whom she doesn't want anybody to know that she conceived her son with. Yet we still don't know whom he is. Lola tells her father that she loves him and believes that Vanessa framed him. In his jail cell, Ray meets Marty and finds out that she, ironically is also being falsely accused of stabbing somebody to death. And it looks like he might become her friend. Blair tells John she wants more than he can offer her.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Esther finds out Kay is alive and Roger is a crook. Jill and Glo fight over Jeffrey. Karen informs Neil that she saw him kissing Tyra and puts him in his place. Michael and Lauren think they may have a chance at normalcy. Cane talks to Neil and tells him the truth about Cordelia. Billy shares with Lily that he needs her help getting custody of Cordelia. Both Cane and Billy propose marriage, Cane to Lily despite Neil’s objection and Billy to Chloe who is absolutely shocked.

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