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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Krystal, Randi and Amanda decorate for the “Go Red” benefit. Krystal finds the opportunity and questions Amanda as to what is going on between Amanda and David. David sits in a booth in a bar. J.R. join him. David suggests that they call a truce for tonight in honor of Babe. David offers his hand to J.R. As Jack sits at a table in the Valley Inn, Erica joins him. Jack lets her know that he went to Connecticut to the river’s edge to say good-bye to Greenlee, but he just couldn’t bring himself to to it. At home with Kendall, Zach finds one of Gabrielle’s pacifiers underneath the cushions. When Kendall notices him with the pacifier, she assures him that Gabrielle will never want for anything. Zach tells Kendall that Gabrielle is his daughter no matter what. A cosmetologist applies makeup to Annie’s cheeks and eyes. Angie joins her. Annie lets Angie know that Emma is stopping by to see her. Aidan comes in and informs Annie that Emma is not coming. Annie gets up off the bed and begins to hit Aidan in the stomach. Adam comes into the waiting room and sees David and J.R. shaking hands. Adam pries their hands apart and pushes David onto the sofa. David gives Krystal another sedative to take if the stress becomes too much for her to handle. Reese joins Adam at a table in the casino. Adam tells Reese that he had purchased her a dress so she could accompany him to the benefit at the hospital.

Everyone begins to gather for the “Go Red” benefit for the Babe Chandler Memorial Wing of the hospital. Angie comes in to Annie’s room and lets her know that the orderlies from Oak Haven are there to take her back to Oak Haven. Aidan and Annie spend some last moments together before she is taken away. Erica confronts Adam as to why he is here at the benefit with Reese. Adam asks Erica if she is jealous. Krystal puts one of the sedatives in a drink and stirs it up. When she is called to the podium, Krystal leaves the drink unattended. Erica asks Reese why she is there. Upset, Reese takes a drink of the sedative-laced drink. After her speech, Krystal can't find her drink. Krystal overhears Jake and Frankie and finds out that Amanda is having David’s child. Reese overhears Kendall telling Zach that she was the one responsible for Greenlee’s death. Krystal confronts Amanda that this child is David’s.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie and Brad work through their issues about how she lied to him and risked her life to try to get pregnant, but then Katie learns some bad news from Brad. There was damage done during the Ectopic pregnancy and ensuing surgery; the likelihood of her getting pregnant or carrying to term is almost impossible. Katie is devastated and blames herself for ruining their dreams. Brad tries to comfort her to no avail. When Vienna visits, she makes a startling and generous suggestion – she would like to be the surrogate for her and Brad so she can still have a baby. Katie isn’t sure how to feel, but she is elated by the offer and seems to break out of her funk. Katie and Vienna keep it to themselves until Katie knows how she feels. Katie is able to go home, as her outlook has much improved about how things are in her life. Barbara visits with Eliza (and Meg) and notices the tension between Meg and Dusty when he drops off her belongings. Meg explains he might be hurt that she wants to do this on her own. Barbara races over to tell Paul the news, but she finds him otherwise engaged – with a ‘professional’. Paul pretends he doesn’t care about the news, but after Barbara leaves, he decides to take Ashley out in public. Meg visits Dusty and asks him out to lunch because she wants to be friends still and thinks it would benefit them both to hang out regularly and do lunch. Dusty finally agrees. Craig stuns Carly when he tells her the Midnight Sun vodka launch party is that night at Metro. Carly is angry at first, but Craig turns on the charm and soon she is on board. Craig almost has to back out him self in the end though when his babysitter can’t look after Johnny so he convinces Carly to let Parker step in. Barbara chides Carly for her news that she is going into business with Craig. Barbara tries to warn her by reminding Carly of all Craig has done, but Carly doesn’t change her mind. Dusty sees Johnny, as they get to briefly hang out, which is at the same time, Paul strolls in with Ashley on his arm. Meg can’t help but stare. Paul doesn’t stay with Ashley long, but when he approaches Meg to ask about Eliza, Meg can’t help but ask about Ashley. Paul tries to play it off as to why she would care since they are no longer married. After Paul leaves, Meg tells Dusty she will get over Paul and raise her daughter on her own. Paul is thrilled to tell Barbara that Meg was jealous and that is all he needed to see. Carly is nervous about the party, as Craig drops off some vodka to pass off to the investors. Craig calms her nerves and promises that he has her back. The investors arrive at Metro before Craig is back so Carly starts to pour glasses of vodka for them to try. Craig is headed to the launch party when there is a knock and he opens the door; he looks annoyed at who is standing in front of him, as he thinks the person has nerve to show up back there.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge repeats again that Rick is out of the company, right now, as of today. Rick grouses that it makes no difference if he saved Ridge's life or not. Ridge agrees no, that doesn’t matter. Brooke appeals to Steffy that the only way for Rick to stay is for Steffy to leave. She has to convince everyone this is what she really wants. Steffy agrees she wants to be the one to make it happen. It’s little compared what he has done for her. Thorne tells Katie that he’s looking forward to his finest hour, to be president again. He will be much more involved with publicity. Eric reminds Rick that it’s time to go to make the announcement. Rick feels it is to the gallows…..all of this to placate Ridge who wants Rick to just stay away from Steffy. Thomas tells Taylor they need to find some way to get Steffy to listen to how ridiculous she is acting over Rick. But she’s a bright girl and perhaps she will come to this conclusion on her own that Rick is just using her. Rick tells Eric what happened on the roof and Eric thinks this makes a difference and they should hold up the press conference. When Steffy tells Ridge that she wants to leave Forrester, he won’t let her sacrifice her future for Rick’s. This would only be good for Rick, not Steffy. Brooke confesses to Ridge that it was her suggestion, a way to make peace and she hopes Ridge can accept this and do it for her.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole tells Phillip that she can’t talk EJ out of dropping the fuel project. In retaliation, Phillip calls EJ to tell him about her and Brady, but is interrupted when he learns Lucas is in the hospital. Nicole starts to head over to beg Phillip not to give her up, but has bigger fish to fry when Sami shows up to get Johnny. The two trade pointed barbs about EJ’s upcoming nuptials to Nicole, and Nicole drops some hints about knowing about Sami’s baby. Later EJ shows up and begs the two to stop fighting. Later he offers to let Sami hold Sydney, and Nicole has a melt down. Phillip asks Stephanie for a second chance, but she refuses. Kate and Lucas talk about Chloe and Daniel, and Lucas later confides in Phillip that he will probably take Chloe back. Phillip tells Lucas that he has realized that love is more important than money or power, and Stephanie overhears. Meanwhile, Chloe tells Daniel that it’s over, but Kate catches them kissing.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny tells Claudia to cut her ties with Ric. Sonny asks Spinelli to freeze Anthony’s offshore bank accounts. Spinelli says he can’t “hack” without permission from Jason. Spinelli finally agrees after some coaxing from Claudia. Rebecca visits the newly reopened Kelly’s, where she runs into more people who mistake her for Emily. Kate is unhappy at first that the red dress ended up at the wrong function. Kate then says Johnny and Maxie are an impressive “match.” Kate wants the two to appear at a new club opening. Johnny is hesitant but Kate offers to pay him $1,000. Sam and Jason are hot on Anthony’s trail in Florida. Carly asks Jax to move back into the house with her and Morgan. Lucky tells Nikolas nicely to leave Rebecca alone. Later, Lucky gets to know Rebecca. Bernie refuses to give Sonny contact information for Jason. Anthony goes to Sonny’s and threatens Claudia with a gun.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva does another video log. Marina is feeling down. Lillian helps getting ready for Reva's baby shower at Company.. Jeffrey takes Reva to Company and she is surprised by her friends. Hawk Shayne arrives surprising Reva. Vanessa arrives and gives Reva a hug and hands the gift for her to Blake to open later. Later Lillian meet Buzz outside. She tells him she has been worried about him when he took off the other day. He tells her he just had to think. He also tell Lillian that he is happy for Reva and her baby. Vanessa goes outside to talk to Buzz. She tells him she remembers what Jenna told her while carrying Coop. Buzz tells Vanessa he feels he let her dad and Jenna down. Vanessa tells him not to think that way. Josh arrives to congratulate Reva, but tells her he is not staying. Reva invites him to stay. At Towers Shayne and Dinah are having a mini argument over going to the shower. Olivia arrives for Reva's shower and sees Jeffrey outside Company. Olivia hands Jeffrey the gift she was going to give Reva and leaves. Josh helps Natalia. Dinah is now talking with Edmund about Shayne and about Edmund's past and his daughter. Edmund goes back in the room where Shayne is and they talk about files that Shayne wants. Edmund tells him to go be with his family at Company. Marina tells Mallet she wants a baby so badly. Mallet kisses her forehead. Shayne arrives at the Shower making Reva's day. Back at Olivia and Natalia's, Josh tells Natalia he knows when he sees a good person. And he sees one in her. Olivia shares a drink at Towers with Mel. Mallet, Marina and Shayne share some catching up moments. Then Marina says she's going to help with some cleaning up and leaves the two guys to talk. Reva gives some advice about running to Buzz, who is feeling the pressure to do so. Unknown to them, Lillian is looking at them. Back at Towers, Mel is asking Olivia why she falls for anyone. Mallet gets to the crust of the problem with Marina. It is her wanting to always be there when family is in trouble. Buzz talks with Lillian about Reva's happiness. Lillian tells Buzz he is a good guy who cares. Jeffrey tells Reva he forgot something in the car and leaves Company. Jeffrey is in his car looking at a camcorder. He sees a video Reva had just made that doesn't sit well with him. Dinah books a flight to Bosnia. Back in Company, Reva wants Jeffrey to film her talk there. Buzz gets in his car and drives off. Olivia and Natalia have a rough moment where Olivia says she can't talk and goes upstairs, leaving Natalia wondering what's to do next.

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Moe makes breakfast for Starr and Langston, and makes them talk about their problems. David has the DNA test run again and finds out that he is a Buchanan, but Asa isn’t his father. Rex has a nightmare about being David’s son. Rex asks Roxy and she says that David is his father, but Bo calls and says that Rex is not related to David in any way. Markko talks to Noelle about Langston. Stacy gets a visit from Officer Fish and Gigi finds out about their activities the night of the Go Red Ball. Markko asks Cole if he and Starr can work things out, while Langston asks Starr the same thing.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Eden is apprehended for Sharon’s thievery. Jack tells Nick to stay away from Sharon because she is only making her life worse. Glo goes free and Cane goes off letting Billy and Chloe know that he will be an important fixture in Delia’s life. Sharon once again forbids Noah to see Eden. Sharon talks to her mom at the hospital, and to her mother it is apparent that she falling apart. Billy admits to Jack that he wants to fight for Cordelia. Cane nearly breaks Billy's nose at the mausoleum.

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