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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jack, Bianca and Erica sit at a table in the ConFusion Bar. Erica urges Bianca to stay in Pine Valley. At the bar in the casino, Adam suggests to Reese that she fight for her daughter. Kendall and Zach in their living room. Kendall questions him about how he had slept. Kendall suggests to Zach that if the mattress isn’t good enough then she could buy him another one. Zach lets Kendall know that she is not doing this. The camera shows the living room of Ryan’s condo. The wind blows the newspaper around on the floor which shows a pic of Greenlee. Ryan stands on the balcony, without a shirt on. Opal comes in and begins to yell for Ryan. She becomes concerned when he doesn’t’ answer her. She is relieved when she finds him on the balcony. She quickly wraps a blanket around his shoulders. Kendall reminds Zach of all the things that Zach had done and lied to her about. Kendall tells Zach to leave if he doesn’t like the living arrangements around here. Adam offers Reese his help in her gaining custody of Gabrielle. At the bar, Amanda and Jake discuss her cramping. J.R. walks up and join them. J.R. is concerned about Amanda’s cramping and asks if she is alright. Krystal and David sit on the bed at Wild Wind. They propose a toast to Babe before they kiss. Ryan receives a visit from Jack, who tells Ryan that he is going to Connecticut to the river bank to say good-bye to Greenlee. Ryan refuses to say good-bye to Greenlee. Erica and Bianca visit Zach to say good-bye. Erica urges Zach to go see Gabrielle. Zach refuses. At the hospital, J.R. and Amanda see Adam, sitting in the waiting room. Amanda goes to the pharmacy while J.R. confronts Adam as to why he is here. Jake and Krystal discuss Krystal’s heart health project. Bianca starts to hug Kendall good-bye, but Kendall pulls away.

Zach and Ryan meet up at the bar in ConFusion. Ryan tells Zach that Jack is going to Connecticut to say good-bye to Greenlee. Zach tells Ryan that Bianca is leaving town. Bianca, Erica and Kendall encounter Reese at the casino bar. Reese wants to see Gabrielle to say good-bye. David gives Amanda her instructions concerning J.R. Amanda refuses to do as David’s asks. Krystal walks up and sees David and Amanda deep in conversation. Krystal confronts them as to what is going on. Opal brings Emma home to Ryan’s. Emma surprises Ryan with a butterfly that she had made in school. Emma wonders if Greenlee can see it in heaven . Bianca lets Reese hold Gabrielle. Ryan picks up Emma and together they go out onto the balcony. Ryan and Emma let the butterfly blow away in the wind. Kendall hugs Bianca good-bye. Zach comes to see Gabrielle before Bianca leaves.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Henry and Vienna argue when she finds a brochure about a vasectomy among his things but after a long fight Henry tells her he didn't go through with it and they agree to discuss any future decisions about a baby. Katie finds out that Brad also considered a vasectomy and gets so mad at him she leaves him at Metro with Henry and Vienna. Brad later discovers Katie bleeding and passed out on the floor of their house. Brad rushes Katie to the hospital where the doctor tells Brad that Katie suffered an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured her fallopian tubes. Katie is taken into surgery where they fix the problem. Brad is stunned to discover that Katie was taking fertility drugs. Katie is heartbroken and promises Brad she will never keep another secret from him.

Margo gets the toxicology reports back and finds out the pills she found in Casey's backpack were the same kind of pills that killed Reg. Tom persuades Margo to get a search warrant to search the house and the cops find a large amount of cash. Casey admits to Tom and Margo that he bet on a horse and won the money. Casey also tells Margo that he and Jade were trying to catch Matt but he set him up to take the fall. Margo wants to believe that her son is telling the truth but given that she has no proof to back up his story and the pills were found in Casey's backpack, Margo has no choice but to arrest Casey. Jade promises Casey she will find a way to prove he is innocent.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge both say that their children are everything to them. Brooke just wants Ridge to give Rick another chance to at least stay in the company. Rick saved Ridge’s life. The least he can do is let him keep his job. Ridge says no, he won’t waver on this. She should not ask him to accept Rick as he killed one daughter and he doesn’t want him around his other daughter. He can't do this. Rick explains to Steffy that he can’t tell her now, but there might be a miraculous way that he will be accepted again and they can be together. Steffy tries to get a good word in for Rick about him saving Ridge, but Ridge isn’t listening and declares he is even more determined than ever to keep Rick away from her. Rick whines again to Brooke that he needs her support in hopes of staying here at Forrester’s. She can’t do that without considering her husband’s feelings. She asks him not to give up hope. She has someone to talk to and perhaps this will work out after all.

Ridge and Rick continue their argument in the office. Ridge tells him the only thing he deserves is a one way ticket out of Forrester. As long as Steffy works there, Rick won’t be! Brooke asks Steffy about her feelings for Rick. Steffy claims they are very intense, nothing like she has ever felt about any other man. She’d do anything to be able to keep Rick here at Forrester. Brooke suggests that there might be a way if Steffy were the one to leave and not Rick. Perhaps she could take a leave of absence for a little while and come back later. She is asking Steffy to make this sacrifice for the man she loves.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole tries to talk EJ into dropping the alternative fuels project, even going so far as to threaten to cancel the wedding if he doesn’t. EJ blows up, telling her that everything will be fine, and warning her to never threaten to leave with their daughter. He adds that he never wants her to see Brady again. Later, they both learn that Sami is coming home. Sami and Rafe share a tearful goodbye. Sami has doubts about leaving Grace behind in the convent, but decides she must do so for the baby’s safety. Brady confronts Phillip about how he chose to deal with Melanie and the fuel project. In retaliation, Phillip reveals that he knows something is going on between him and Nicole. Bo begs Hope to come home. Even though Ciara is in agreement with Bo, Hope tells him that she isn’t sure she will ever be able to forgive him. Chloe discovers that Lucas does not remember anything that happened earlier in the day, including Maggie telling him about Chloe’s affair with Daniel. Chloe begs him to take her back, saying she was mistaken for ending their engagement. Lucas agrees, and Chloe later tells Daniel that it’s over. Kate presses Maggie for answers as to why Lucas was at Daniel’s place, and Maggie suggests she talk to Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

In today’s fantasy episode, Maxie dreams she died and her cousin, BJ, lived. Patrick is the hospital chief of staff. Carly is unhappily married to Patrick. Carly likes to flirt with losers and hang out at Jake’s. BJ is engaged to Matt and she’s a medical student. Robin visits Maxie’s grave. Robin is very meek in her personality. Mac is a police officer and an alcoholic instead of the commissioner. BJ seems to be “perfect” and Lulu is jealous of her. Lulu works at Kelly’s. Spinelli isn’t his usual positive self. BJ tells Spinelli about Maxie, and Spinelli is touched. Spinelli runs into BJ at Maxie’s grave. Johnny runs a strip club and he takes an interest in BJ. Spinelli works for Johnny.

Maxie wakes up from her dream feeling “grateful.” Maxie tells Spinelli she feels “lucky to be alive.” Maxie visits BJ’s grave and promises to “honor” BJ’s life and her heart.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia looks at a picture of Rafe and Gus. Frank gives a hug to Natalia as she is packing up some stuff. Shayne visits Reva. Shayne says he should go, but Jeffrey tells him to stay and that he has to get to the office. Olivia while visiting Phillip tells him to stay out of his life. Frank and Natalia kiss. Jeffrey goes to Company and talks to Lillian about Reva and chemo. Jeffrey start going crazy telling Lillian of his worries and she just smiles and tells him to not worry. Olivia enters Company and puts her two cents in on the conversation. Still not calming Jeffrey. Edmund views a video on his computer of his late pregnant lover talking about being pregnant. Reva confides in Shayne about her feeling during and after chemo. She says she felt power during treatment. Now that it is over, she feels empty. Daisy goes to see Phillip. He asks about Harley. She tells him that Harley is happy where she is and doesn't want to come back. Olivia comes home calling for Natalia. Natalia and Frank are in bed together. Natalia tells Frank that he's been so good to her. At Towers, Edmund and Shayne are at the bar talking while Edmund waits on his phone for a call. Daisy goes to see Reva. She says she was at Company and ran into Lillian but she is not Reva and she wanted to talk. Daisy feels like she will forget Coop and doesn't want to. Reva reassures her that they all won't forget Coop. Lillian goes to visit Phillip. She tells her she still loves him, but is angry with him. He says he understands that. She then walks away. Dinah does more snooping on Edmund's things. Reva records another video for the baby.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo tells Dorian and David that he's found DNA proof that David is not Asa's son. So that means that David and Dorian have no claim to their family's fortune. A DNA technician comes to the house and informs him that he's ruled out the possibility that David is Asa's son. But he found a DNA father and son match between David and Rex Balsam. They then conclude that means that Rex is David's son. Bo calls Rex to inform him and it blows Rex's mind. Yet there's no legal action anybody can take about whether or not David and Dorian inherit Asa's estate. Gigi reveals to Marcie that she is not comfortable with her sister back in town getting so chummy to Shane and to Rex. Natalie is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of how it is that Tess drove to the hospital shortly after giving birth to Chloe. Yet, nobody has an answer for that. Markko tells Langston that even if he's been accept to UCLA, he is going to stay right in Llanview with her because he is in love with her. After Cristian hears Vanessa admit that she framed Ray for the murder of Lola's mother, took her from her father and used him the same way, he calls Antonio and Talia to take her away. Ray goes with her. But she pleads with Cristian that he is the love of her life and begs his forgiveness.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Ashley and Victor both think that Jack has something to do with Colleen’s current interest in Brad’s vacant seat on the Newman board. Adam calls on Heather for help with a nasty rash, his request a real doctor take a look at it. Cane and Chloe come clean with each other about their relationship (or lack thereof) and also the fate of Delia. Esther finds out the truth and takes Chloe and Delia in and Jill calls a truce for the sake of the baby and the current living arrangements. Colleen moves into Brad’s house and Sharon continues her kleptomaniac ways.

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