Monday 2/23/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Wild Wind, the phone rings just as David is in the shower. Krystal answers the phone, but no one says anything. David comes out of the shower and sees that Krystal has answered his phone. David orders her not to ever answer his phone again. They kiss. At Ryan’s house, Ryan looks at a pic of Greenlee when there is a knock on the door. It is Opal. Ryan inquires as to how that Emma is. Ryan lets Opal know that he needs to talk to Greenlee. At the casino, Reese confronts Zach about his conversation with Kendall in which he had told Kendall that he wanted Reese out of town. Reese urges Zach to help her get custody of Gabrielle. Zach refuses. Gail calls David and tells him that J.R. and Amanda had arrived at the hospital. Zach lets Reese know that she doesn’t deserve Gabrielle. At the hospital, Adam reads J.R. the riot act for wanting to give a hefty donation to the hospital. Frankie gives Amanda a good report on the baby .Aidan visits Annie in the hospital. Aidan lets Annie know that the competency hearing had been postponed indefinitely. Annie wants to see Emma before she goes back to Oak Haven. Erica, Bianca, and Kendall have a meeting with Miss Spellman about the custody hearing. Adam interrupts the meeting and tells Erica that he wants his money. Reese gives Zach an ultimatum either Kendall or Gabrielle. Zach chooses Kendall. David asks to see Amanda’s medical report. David warns Frankie about falsifying documents concerning a patient. Krystal arrives for the meeting with the board concerning the fundraiser. Opal and Ryan hold a séance to try to connect with Greenlee, but with no luck.

David and Krystal come out of the meeting into the waiting area. David commends Krystal on how that she had handled things in the meeting. J.R. interrupts. David leaves, leaving Krystal and J.R. alone. J.R. questions Krystal if she is happy with David. She affirms that she is. Zach arrives at the meeting and lets Erica, Kendall and Bianca know that Reese had asked for his help in getting custody of Gabrielle. Reese visits Ryan to ask for his help, but Ryan refuses. Amanda and David meet at the casino bar. David reminds Amanda that he wants her to help him to get Little A. Amanda is reluctant to do as David asks. Amanda lets David know that she had seen him at the inn in Connecticut. David warns Amanda to do as he asks or face the consequences of her actions. David also vows revenge on Adam. Aidan visits Ryan to see if Annie can see Emma. Ryan refuses. Zach arrives home to Kendall only to find out that Kendall had had him a room made up downstairs. Reese arrives at the meeting to let Bianca know that she will not fight Bianca for custody of Gabrielle.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey is more suspicious of Matt when he shows up late to see Allison and doesn’t offer up any real explanation. Allison and Casey have another fight about him butting out of her life now. Casey tells Noah and Luke that he believes the ‘M’ is Matt, but Noah is suspect because there isn’t much evidence to back it up and he assumes it is because he is jealous of Matt and Allison. Casey enlists Jade’s help even though he has been blowing her off recently. Lily tells Holden that Luke is in trouble. Luke continues his own investigation to try to prove Elwood’s guilt, as he hides it from Noah. Lily and Holden learn of Luke’s actions thanks to Noah, as they make Luke and Noah tell Margo. Holden and Luke have an argument, as he wants Luke to find some focus in his life and forget playing cops. Luke promises his dad and everyone else for that matter that he will stop, but later he tells Noah that he can’t. Matt and Allison’s relationship blossoms, as Jade tries to get Matt to sell drugs to her. Casey admits to Allison what he suspects, which leads to another fight. Allison confronts Jade about doing Casey’s dirty work. Matt later tells Jade that Casey needs to watch out because he tried to set him up and he should expect the same in return. After Matt pushes Jade’s buttons about Casey not being interested, Jade doesn’t call Casey to warn him. Derek shows interest in Jade, but she doesn’t want his help. Derek tries to offer advice about how she shouldn’t let guys walk all over her, as Casey seems to be doing. He also thinks she is trying to buy drugs to get over Casey, as Jade continues to push him away. Margo is disturbed to hear about Casey’s involvement in trying to set up Elwood. She goes to talk with Casey and finds him not home, but when she sees his backpack, she finally decides to look inside. She is distraught to find a bag of pills. She confronts Casey, who claims that he doesn’t know anything about the pills. When Casey sees Allison outside the house, he assumes she or Matt were involved, which leads to yet another fight where they get angry and hurtful with one another. Margo demands they stop fighting long enough so she can get a valid explanation as to how the drugs got into Casey’s possession or he is going back to jail.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Taylor that Rick is joining the Army. Stephanie knows he has some angle. She guesses that he is trying to get back in everybody’s good graces. After dangling over the edge of the building and struggling, Ridge is finally pulled upright with Brooke witnessing the entire recovery. Rick tells Ridge that he could never let him die. Brooke praises Rick and is grateful. She wants to tell the entire family that he saved Ridge’s life but Rick nixes that. The situation is too sensitive right now. He will settle for Ridge just letting this vendetta go and allow him and Steffy to be together. If Ridge is grateful, maybe the healing can begin now. Stephanie sees Ridge immediately afterwards and can’t believe the story Ridge is telling, that it was his own stupid fault. Rick actually saved his life, but Ridge was just in the wrong place like Phoebe at the wrong time. He tells Brooke the same thing. But he adds that he never should have been up on that roof except he saw Rick hitting upon Steffy. He would have followed him to hell to stop him. He’s trying to be sensitive, but Rick has to stay away from his daughter, nothing else will do. He can not risk his other daughter like that. She keeps reminding him that Rick saved his life today. Keep him on at the business and make him feel good about himself. That is all he wants. She’s begging him to do this for her. Stephanie confronts Rick about the little rooftop escapade. She laughs when she hears what he stooped too and about his being rejected by the Army.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip overhears Brady promising Nicole that EJ will never learn her secret. Phillip isn’t sure what it is, but vows to tell EJ what he overheard unless Nicole talks EJ into giving up the fuel project. EJ gets Melanie to sign the papers and promises to protect her from Phillip. Later, Nicole tries to talk EJ into giving it up, saying that she is scared of Victor and Phillip retaliating. Melanie tries to smooth things over with Stephanie, telling her that nothing happened between her and Phillip, and that he was just using her to get the project back. Phillip tracks her down and tells her the same thing, but Stephanie says it’s over between them. Chloe finds Lucas in the hallway after the explosion and he isn’t breathing. She prays, promising to stay with Lucas if God will only save him. Later, when Lucas is ok, she wants to renege on her promise--until Daniel tells her that Lucas surviving the explosion without a scratch was a miracle. Chloe then vows to keep her promise.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas explains his life with Emily to Rebecca. Nik includes the story of Emily’s cancer as well as her murder. Kate and Claudia bicker as Jerry’s latest DVD sits unnoticed. Kate again accuses Claudia of being responsible for Michael’s shooting. Kate plans on keeping the information to herself until the time is right. Ric tells Claudia her days are numbered with Sonny. Sonny returns home and sides with Claudia. A little while later, Ric notices Jerry’s DVD but he says nothing. Ric offers Sonny his partnership in the business but Sonny turns down the offer. Jason confides in Sonny about the need to find Anthony. Jason agrees to give Sonny back the business once Anthony is found. Sonny’s contact locates Anthony so Jason and Sam head off to find him. Lulu and Spinelli keep each other company on the phone while Maxi and Johnny attend the gala. Lulu admits to Johnny that she’s jealous of his new friendship with Maxie. Spinelli thinks he’s dreaming when he wakes up and finds Maxie in his bedroom. Maxie tells Spinelli about the gala and then she talks about her heart transplant. Maxie wonders if things would be different if BJ would have survived instead of her. Spinelli tells Maxie he loves her but Maxie is asleep. Maxie dreams she’s dead. Robin suggests an evening out, but Patrick thinks it’s too soon to leave the baby. Robin suggests getting a nanny so she can return to work early.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia and Olivia are outside the chapel for the memorial. Natalia tells Olivia they are late. They get inside and see that Alan is there and that everyone is fighting. Phillip grabs a patrolman's gun and fires into the air. Marina grabs the gun and Frank handcuffs Phillip. Before Frank drags him out, Phillip tells Buzz he is sorry for the disruption. Outside Phillip repeats to Marina, that he is sorry for what he just did. Marina yells at him. Telling him he makes her sick. Mallet prevents Alan from entering the hall where the service is being held. Josh stops it and talks to Rick about talking to Phillip to see what is going on. Buzz tell Frank to let Phillip go. Phillip goes back to where all the people are and apologizes for his actions. He says he understands better than anybody. But that it is time to stop. Phillip continues by saying, "There is no difference." That he forgives all. Buzz then speaks up. He says, "My son is dead and I can't bring him back." "And we know who did it." At which point they all look at Alan. Lizzie goes back inside the chapel/funeral home and Phillip follows her. He calls out her name, but she doesn't react. Then she lets him have it. Phillip says he cut a deal so that he could see her. She still angry. Outside, Alan comes toward Buzz. Buzz wants to know if Alan really heard what Phillip said. Buzz said he did. Alan say he'll draw up papers so that Company can be Buzz's again. Buzz isn't buying it. Alan says, "I am not doing it for publicity." Alan asks if Buzz heard what Phillip said. After a bit, Alan starts to leave. Buzz follows him to the stairs of the chapel/funeral home. Buzz says, "I don't want your restaurant." Alan tells him, "You're a fool." Buzz walks away. Everyone is in shock at what they just heard and saw. Mallet goes back into the chapel/funeral home to find Lizzie and Phillip alone. Mallet asks Lizzie if she is ok. Lizzie says she is. A bit later, Natalia and Olivia are talking about what they just witnessed. Olivia is more certain now that Emma should stay away from Phillip and vice versa. At Company, Buzz is putting boxes together to pack. Outside Company, Daisy and Ashlee arrive. Daisy sees Buzz putting boxes together and comment, "Wow he's really doing it." The subject turns to Grady and Coop. Ashlee apologizes for how she reacted to Grady. At the Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie is on the couch resting when Alan walks in. He pretends not to notice her until she notices him. Alan does most of the talking and Lizzie most of the listening. Mallet puts Phillip back in jail. Buzz's family is trying to talk him out of leaving Company is Alan's hands. Marina offers Buzz a place to stay. Frank tell Buzz, "Alan is going to get stuck with this place and give it back to you." Beth then comes in and doesn't know what to say or do. Natalia comes and asks about the boxes. Frank tells her that Buzz is moving out. Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Alan tell Lizzie, that he knows how scared she was earlier. Lizzie says, "He had a gun." Alan says he knows. Olivia goes to the jail to talk to Alan. That she doesn't want a speech, just the truth. Family and friends carry boxes out of Company leaving Buzz sitting in a chair till Lillian looks back and he gets up and grabs a box and leaves and closes the door.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie is determined to unravel the mystery about how Tess drove to the hospital right after Chloe was born when she gave birth at the vineyard. Jessica wants to see Marty with Viki after finding out she got arrested for the murder of Wes and wants to get her life back together. David and Dorian are relishing their wealth in Asa's home. But Bo investigates and finds out that they don't own everything after all. Lola and Tea admit to Cristian that they believe that Vanessa framed Ray Montez and used Cristian. Ray breaks out of prison to go after Vanessa since he does not believe that Tea will help him get out of prison. When Cristian finds out what Vanessa did, he is furious. Langston believes that Markko got accepted into Llanview U. He doesn't have the heart to tell her that he is going to UCLA. And she finds out when something drops out of his pocket from UCLA.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Jill tries to tell Esther about her gold digging husband but she does not listen. Clint and the gang celebrate Roger’s wedded bliss while Kay recalls her memories of Esther which prompts her to refer to Clint and Roger as the scum of the earth. Michael tells Glo she is not a murderer. Kevin and Amber begin the Find Mrs. C movement with customized T-shirts and posters. Daniel’s art career is suffering but Jana is there to cheer him on. Jill takes Jeffrey to bed. Victoria and Nikki give Colleen advice on how to handle THE MUSTACHE.

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