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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion, Jake and Tad sit at a table just talking. Tad notices Krystal come in the door. At the hospital, Joe and David discuss David’s competency as a doctor. At the house, Zach receives a call. Bianca comes to visit him and confront him about what he had done to her and Kendall. Ryan and Kendall are at Ryan’s. Kendall has just prepared Ryan some breakfast. At the Valley Inn, Erica, the nanny and Gabrielle walk into the lobby. Erica is confronted by Reese who shows her papers that she had just gotten from the judge showing that Reese was suing for partial custody of Gabrielle. Krystal sits down at the bar and is confronted by Jake, who wants Krystal to join them. David examines Joe in an exam room. David orders the nurse to do an E.K.G on Joe. Tad notices Krystal’s ring and thinks that she and David are engaged. Krystal assures him that they are not engaged .Krystal lets Tad know that she and David may just be meant for each other. Jake gets a phone call from the hospital informing him about Joe. Krystal re-join Tad when walks in. David lets Tad know about Joe and his heart condition. Kendall looks at a pic of Greenlee, and remarks how much she misses Greenlee. Kendall knows that she should call Zach, but just cannot bring herself to do so. Ryan relives what had happened on the road that had killed Greenlee. Kendall hugs Ryan. Erica orders Reese to stay away from the baby and for Reese to leave town. Bianca is served with a court order to keep Bianca in town. Bianca tells Reese that she doesn’t love her anymore. Jesse arrives at Ryan’s. Ryan wants Zach charged with murder. Kendall takes up for Zach.

Bianca takes off her wedding rings and gives them to Reese. Bianca tells Reese that she is a disgrace to her family. Kendall meets up with Zach at the casino. Kendall wants to come clean, but Zach doesn’t’ want anyone to know that Kendall was driving the car. Erica comes to visit Ryan. Ryan blames Zach for Greenlee being dead. Kendall asks Zach does he want out of the marriage. Krystal answers David’s phone. David orders Krystal not to ever answer his phone. Kendall meets Erica and Bianca at the ConFusion Bar. Erica asks for Kendall’s help, but Kendall refuses.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Katie lies to an unsuspecting Brad that she is needed at the studio to do some promos. She ends up getting a shot from the fertility specialist. Brad goes to the studio and finds out there is no scheduled promos. Where is Katie and why did she lie to him? Craig drops by Carly’s with Johnny. He leaves cans of flavored vodka in the refrigerator for her to label. Janet tries to convince Jack to cut some slack to Carly and Craig. Craig tries to enlist Janet’s help to make sure that Carly’s life moves on and Jack stays out of her decisions. Jack catches up with Carly before they go in to Sage’s teacher’s meeting. Afterwards, for once they are on the same page, so refreshing. Parker and Liberty find the beverages and drink them. Craig later finds them on the square and realizes they are bombed. He marches them into the diner and explains to Janet. She charges him with not being responsible and should not be allowed to be around kids, not even his own. Katie is caught in her lies to Brad. He knows there is some deep dark secret that she doesn’t want him to know about. She explains it was a secret for him, and he apologizes for being so suspicious. She suddenly has cramps and goes to the doctor, and then explains to Brad that the cramps was just that – monthly cramps that she has had before but usually takes medication for them. This time she forgot.

Craig manages to get Parker home, leaving Janet to fend for herself with Liberty since she won’t let him touch her daughter and take her home too. Jack walks Carly home and they are both surprised to find Craig and Johnny there. Jack doesn’t entirely buy the story that Parker is wiped out and is sleeping. Janet calls Henry for him to get to the diner ASAP. She’s in the midst of telling Henry about it when Jack walks in. He gloats that he and Carly had been together and there was no blood shed. Carly shows up to warn Janet and begs her not to tell Jack about the vodka in her refrigerator. It will just ruin Jack’s good day and put him back in the defensive mode about her. Carly tells Craig she is not sure about this vodka venture. Her own dad was an alcoholic and she doesn’t want Parker to be exposed to that in any way. He states that is a teenager’s job, and one little mishap does not a mistake make. He’ll clear the vodka out of her house. They’ve learned their lesson and it won’t be a future issue.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie tells a minister and family that she won’t allow this wedding. Despite the accusations, Katie says she will not apologize for her feelings for Nick. Urged by Jackie, Bridget finally unloads on Katie too. This is not nearly as in the past as they all were led to believe. Nick tells the minister not to leave. There will be a wedding. He admonishes his mother that when Katie comes back downstairs that there will be a wedding and with her blessings and she will give it lovingly. Ridge spies Rick and Steffy in an embrace and realizes that Steffy is falling for his explanations. Steffy asks Rick not to do this to her. It will freak out her dad, and she can not even think what might happen to him. Rick leaves her alone and leaves the building with Ridge right behind. Jake also sees them. Ridge confronts Rick on the roof and re-emphasizes that he wanted to go to the Army to better himself and serve his country. Because of his leg injury which Ridge caused, that ruined everything. Ridge feels Rick walked into that office knowing they would not take him. It was all self-serving.

Brooke is happy to hear from Steffy that it didn’t work out for Rick. The Army didn’t take him. They both are alarmed that Ridge is missing and the last Brooke saw of him was that he was going to talk to Rick. First Jackie and then Bridget apologizes to Katie and she asks them to leave. This is not the wedding day she envisioned. On the roof, Ridge gives his spiel again that Rick should have listened and stayed away from Steffy. Brooke and Steffy discover from Jake that Ridge probably followed Rick into the stairwell. Words fly, Ridge pushes and taunts are made by Rick that Steffy will be his and there is not a damn thing Ridge can do about it. Ridge makes a pass at Rick but misses and takes a flying leap off the building, hanging by his fingernails. He asks Rick for his help in pulling him up. Rick does and then realizes he has this man’s life literally and solely in his hands.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Maggie tries to smooth things over with Lucas, but he’s inconsolable and sneaks off to confront Daniel. Daniel and Chloe rejoice over the news of Kate’s health and decide to tell everyone the truth. A repairman in Daniel’s apartment building accidentally breaks a gas line near his door, but no one notices. After Daniel heads off to the hospital, Lucas comes over and starts banging on the door. Before Chloe can answer, there’s a huge explosion outside, and she is thrown to the floor. Stephanie confronts Phillip and Melanie and tells Melanie that Phillip is using her for the fuel project. She demands he make a choice between them, and he chooses Melanie. Stephanie storms off. Melanie believes Stephanie, however, and tells Phillip she is going with EJ in regards to her project. Phillip storms off, too. Stephanie shows back up later and slaps Melanie, after vowing to Chelsea to stop playing nice. Brady admits to Nicole that he does love her and care for her. She says she cares for him too, but is in love with EJ. She continues to worry about him finding out the truth. Phillip overhears Brady telling Nicole that EJ will never find out what happened. Stefano tries to talk EJ into signing a prenuptial agreement with Nicole, but he refuses. They argue about Melanie and the fuel project, but EJ assures Stefano that he has everything under control.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Winifred is concerned about Spinelli. Winifred speaks to Jason about protecting his friend. Diane warns Jason that he shouldn't completely trust Winifred. It is decided that Johnny will be Maxie's date for the gala. Maxie and Johnny arrive at the gala, where they are greeted by paparazzi. Lulu is worried that she is going to lose Johnny. Alexis is concerned about Nikolas and his obsession with Rebecca. Nadine questions Nikolas on his feelings for her. Nikolas tells Rebecca that she needs to hear him out. Carly and Jax enjoy an intimate moment, but they are interrupted by Max. Max is worried that Diane is avoiding him. Lucky and Sam both agree that a break-up is for the best. Kate warns Sonny that he doesn't really know his wife. Sonny sticks up for Claudia, which stuns Kate. Jax tells Morgan that he is moving back home. Sonny suggests that he and Jason should work together to take down Anthony. Kate tells Claudia to watch her back.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Everyone shows up for Coop's wake that cared about him except Beth and Mallet. Frank sees Marina alone. He is worried that Mallet didn't come with her. Mallet is home on the phone calling adoption agencies. He gives up and decided to put on his jacket and leave the house. At Jeffrey and Reva's, Reva is uncertain the chemo didn't take. Jeffrey tries to reassure her that the doctor wouldn't have stopped it if it didn't. Alan reads the headlines about Coop in the paper. Lizzie shows up dressed in black. Alan asks if she is going to the funeral for Coop. She says, "Yes, someone has to represent the family. Mallet finally shows up at Company and gives Marina a kiss. Lillian consoles Beth. Buzz goes to where Coop's old classroom where he last taught English Lit. Ashlee and Daisy decide to go get some groceries, while there they run into Grady. Back at Company, Frank shows some concern for Beth being there. She says she is alright. Lillian and Buzz talk. Outside Company, Grady and Daisy talk. Inside Company Ashlee says a few words of encouragement to Buzz. Beth a Lizzie see each other and Lizzie asks her mom if she is ok. Beth says, No. They walk out of Company with Beth's arm around Lizzie's shoulder. Beth stands for a moment at Coop's casket at the church. People start arriving at the church for Coop's service which Josh is handling as Buzz's request. The family arrive and stop at the door of the church where Blake has arrived. She hugs Buzz and Frank. And squeezes Marina's hand. Alan goes to the jail to visit Phillip. Their conversation is all about Lizzie and how she has changed since Phillip last saw her. Then Phillip mentions reading about Coop in the paper. Alan tells Phillip that he had nothing to do with Coop's death. Josh starts the memorial service. Josh asks Beth to say a few works Beth gets up and does. At the jail, Alan is angry that everyone thinks he is evil, including Phillip. After Allen has his say, he leaves. Phillip is just standing in his cell shaking his head in anger. Daisy tries to explain to Grady why she hasn't called him. The words just don't come out right and he walks away. She goes back into the service for Coop. Frank then talks about his little brother. Mallet cell rings and he leaves the service. From Mallet's end of the conversation, it sounded like another adoption agency turn down. Frank starts to sob while talking and Marina gets up to help him back to his seat. Then Ashlee speaks. Saying how much Coop was her hero. Her best friend. Then Josh continues with calling Buzz up to speak. Josh pats Buzz lightly on the shoulder for encouragement. Buzz talks about how Coop could have been traveling instead of staying in Springfield. Josh asks if anyone has anything else to say. Lizzie speaks up and say, "I do." She gets up. She talks of how he was so protective of those he loved. Alan disrupts the service by saying it wasn't his fault. Reva has her last chemo session. She had to leave the service for this. She tells Jeffrey she hated leaving the service for it. Jeffrey reminds her that it is her last session. Alan spouts that he hates whenever anything goes wrong that the Spauldings get blamed. Buzz goes crazy after Alan. At which time Phillip arrives and sees this.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr and her teacher are getting really close while working together and discussing genetics. The cops want to charge Todd with the murder of Wes. But there is no evidence pointing him to the crime. There is forensic evidence against Marty, however, since her finger prints were on the murder weapon and his blood was all over her. So they have no choice except to arrest her. John, however, indicates that he cares about Marty more than he cares about Blair. Lola tells Vanessa she believes she framed her (Lola's) father for the murder of her mother and believes that Vanessa might have killed her. Cristian and Vanessa sleep together. But Lola only trusts Langston, Markko and Tea. Ray escapes from prison, goes to Cristian's home, knocks him out and goes to find Vanessa.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the cabin, Kay urges Annie to untie her, but Annie refuses. Clint begins to believe that Marge is really Katherine. Roger suggests holding Kay for ransom. Michael questions J.T. as to why Colleen is wanting Brad’s seat on the board of directors of Newman Enterprises. At the bus station, Ana asks for some chewing gum but Tyra refuses. Ana asks to play with Tyra’s cell phone and Tyra agrees to let her. Neil gets a call, but no one says anything. Ana tells Tyra that she doesn’t want to leave Genoa City, but Tyra tells her that they have to. Karen and Marisol search for Ana and Tyra, but they cannot find them anywhere. Esther offers to move in with Chloe, but Chloe refuses. Lily interrupts Chloe and Esther. Billy meets with Jill. Jill tells him that he smells like a brewery. Cane arrives and tells Jill that Billy is the father of Chloe’s baby. Neil catches up with Tyra and Ana before they can board the bus. Roger surprises Esther by telling her that they can get married today in Genoa City. Victor and Colleen have a meeting about her taking over Brad’s seat on the board. Cane confronts Lily about her not telling him that Billy was Cordelia’s father.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Jill finds out some shocking news from her sons about the paternity of Delia, and Paul tells her the truth about Roger. Unfortunately, it's too late, Roger has already persuaded Esther to marry him at the hospital. Billy, Chloe and Delia are privy to this 99-cent extravaganza. Cane wants a divorce, and Lily wants to make amends. Tyra and Ana are tracked down by Neil. Kay's still trying to convince Annie that she is the real deal and Clint's half buying it. Colleen wants her dad's seat on the board but Victor is suspicious and proceeds with caution.

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