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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, David gets a call. Kendall arrives home and sees Reese sitting on the sofa. Kendall orders her out. Reese gets her coat and purse and leaves. Outside the house, Reese receives a call. Kendall watches Reese leave from the window. At the casino, Ryan vows revenge on Zach for being the one responsible for Greenlee’s death. At Oak Haven, Annie gets up off the floor. Dr. Sinclair pulls out a syringe. She grabs Annie and holds her around the neck while she aims the needle at Annie’s neck. Annie pushes Dr. Sinclair away from her and starts to yell for help. A struggle results with Annie and Dr. Sinclair ending up on the bed. Aidan and an orderly come in and pulls them apart. Dr. Sinclair realizes that the needle is stuck in her arm. Aidan pulls out the needle before Dr. Sinclair collapses. Emma comes downstairs to spend time with Kendall. Dr. Sinclair and Annie are both taken to Pine Valley Hospital. Jesse comes in and demands to know from Aidan as to what is going on. Opal arrives at Kendall’s to pick up Emma to take her home to Ryan. Ryan and Zach still argue when Reese comes in. Ryan begins to blast Reese for her actions when Bianca comes downstairs and tells Ryan to leave Reese alone.

Bianca and Reese meet with Donna Stillman, who is Bianca’s lawyer. Bianca lets Reese know that she is having the marriage annulled. Aidan, Tad and Jesse discuss Dr. Sinclair and how that she was out to make Annie pay for Richie’s death. While treating Annie, Angie puts a pair of scissors in her pocket. Ryan comes home to an empty house. Ryan sees a bunch of flowers on the table. He picks them up and throws them off the balcony. After Kendall finishes lunch, Kendall tells Zach that she is going to see Ryan. Bianca tells Reese that it is over between her and Reese. Dr. Sinclair confesses to Jesse that she was in love with Richie and that she had tried to kill Annie. Opal brings Emma home. Kendall arrives at Ryan’s. Together, Ryan and Kendall tell Emma that Greenlee is dead.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Alison tells Emily that Jade slept with Casey and Emily is so upset she fires Jade giving her one last paycheck when Jade threatens to tell Alison the truth. Casey walks in on Emily and Jade and jade tells him that Emily is giving her one day's pay because she threatened to sue him for discrimination. Emily warns Casey that Jade is trouble but Casey tells her his life is none of her business anymore.

Luke gets thrown in jail when Kevin catches him breaking into Elwood's room. Luke finds a note in Elwood's room that says I've got you covered M" and he asks Noah to find out the identity of M. Lily and Noah manage to persuade Luke to apologize to Elwood and Elwood drops the charges against Luke. Luke tells Elwood he will make sure he pays for Reg's death. Noah gives the note Luke found to Casey and asks for his help to discover M's identity. Casey catches Matt in the hospital medicine room and starts to suspect he might be M. Jade goes to the hospital and tries to make love to Casey but he stops her and leaves saying that he has to go. Casey is hurt when he sees Alison and Matt kissing at Al's diner.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick is leaving Forrester Creations so Brooke tells Ridge that she is in no mood for the steam room this morning. She doesn’t want to lose her son to the military. Ridge sees it as another one of Rick’s ploys to get everyone to feel sorry for poor little old Ricky. In the end the Army probably won’t even take him. Katie and Nick announce to Beth they have moved up the wedding and it is today. Rick stands in line at the recruitment office, even bringing his own designer fatigues and asking if he can bump up to first class for his accommodations to South Carolina boot camp. He does have some doubts and reservations of being in combat. The officer appreciates Rick’s commitment, but considering his recent paralysis he can not in good consciousness accept him for service in combat. Jackie explains to Bridget that they have to stop this wedding. Katie pushed her way into Nick’s home and pushed Bridget out, but she will not have Nick. Katie tells Nick that she can’t wait to marry him.

Rick shows up at Forrester's to see Steffy. In his fatigues still, she thinks he is ready to go and she explains she is going to miss him. Quickly he tells her that the Army rejected him. Jackie and Bridget show up at Nick’s, and Jackie proceeds to tell Nick that he is not going to marry that woman; she won’t allow it. Ridge is glad that Rick will be far away from them, but he is going to see Steffy to make sure this is not another scheme. Without a job, Rick doesn’t know what the future holds, but states they will survive. She’s an adult so Ridge can not stop her. She just needs to tell him that she wants Rick. They can live in a mud hut if they have to. She tells him to make peace with her father. That is the only way this will work for her. As they embrace, Ridge walks up and sees them through the window.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip and EJ argue about the fuel project and Phillip storms off. Tony intercedes and warns EJ not to start a war with the Kiriakis family. EJ assures him that Stefano trusts him to make the right decisions for the company, but Tony isn’t so sure he would approve of this. Phillip heads over to Maggie’s place and proceeds to seduce Melanie. Chelsea admits to Stephanie that she and Max have feelings for each other, and Stephanie gives them her blessing. Chelsea suggests she give Melanie an ultimatum in regards to Phillip and Stephanie heads over to talk with her. She catches Phillip and Melanie kissing. Lexie worries once again that she is a bad mother and Abe reassures her. Maggie finds Lucas drunk at the bar and tells him about Daniel and Chloe’s affair. Lucas flies into a rage. Daniel tells Kate that she is in remission and she kisses him. He decides that it’s time for him and Chloe to tell Kate and Lucas the truth. Chloe prays to God for a sign as to which man she should choose--Lucas or Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie promises to nurse Spinelli back to health but she tells him to stop risking his life. Agent Rayner wonders what Sam knows about Anthony's location. Sam says she has no clue where Anthony is or if he made it out of the fire. Winnifred worries Spinelli will go to prison now that Anthony is missing. Jax and Carly spend some quality time together at the Metro Court. Milo finds the next DVD but Claudia convinces him it belongs to her. Claudia watches the DVD and later shows it to Johnny. Claudia tells Johnny that she and Sonny have decided to stay married. As Claudia looks upstairs for the next DVD, Kate searches Sonny's house. Lulu tries to make things better between her and Johnny. Max worries about Diane's health. Claudia catches Kate searching the house.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill visits Phillip in jail. Bill tells Phillip he loves Lizzie. Phillip isn't so sure. Bill says he knows who really kidnapped Lizzie. Phillip changes his tune and starts to listen. At the Spaulding-Lewis office Lizzie and Cyrus are getting chummy. At Jeffrey and Reva's they are talking about Coop's death and what it is doing to Daisy. Then Josh and Billy enter and put in their 2 cents worth about Daisy and how she is handling it. Reva is not listening to any of them and leaves to go find Daisy. Buzz goes to Coop's room and looks around. He picks up a picture of Coop, Frank and himself and throws it across the room. He then goes to pick it up and sits down and holds it. Back at the office, Lizzie is talking to Cyrus when Alex appears at the doorway. She has been listening for a moment or two. Seems Cyrus married Alex at some point. Back at the jail Bill is telling Phillip about Cyrus and Alex's connection. Phillip can't believe what he is hearing. Back at the police station jail, Bill is describing to Phillip he last memory of Lizzie's kidnapping. That is of getting a call from Lizzie telling him she's been kidnapped. Bill also tells Phillip of what he calls the "phony evidence" evidence against him. Back at Lizzie's office, she and Alex are talking. Alex mentions she is going to see Buzz. Lizzie tells Alex she blames herself for Coop's death. The way she acted toward him, always thinking of herself and not him. Alex doesn't think that is all true. Jeffrey and Reva go to Company to be with Buzz. Reva goes to sit down at a booth that Buzz is at and she puts her arm around him and talks of how much she cared for Coop and misses him. At the Springfield PD, Phillip is out of his cell, handcuffed to a chair while he is on the phone. Later Phillip is back in his cell when Alex arrives. They are glad to see each other. Alex asks Phillip if he's been updated. Phillip says, "Yes, by everybody and their versions." Alex says that Cyrus is working on Lizzie trying to get her to be closer to him. Phillip doesn't like what he has heard. At Company, Jeffrey give Buzz some advice about how to get justice for Coop. Jeffrey wants Buzz to let him handle it. Back at Phillip's cell, he tells Alex he got a visit from Bill. Alex asks, "Bill Lewis?" Phillip says, "Yes." Bill goes to see Lizzie and finds Cyrus there. Phillip asks Alex if Bill kidnapped Lizzie. Alex exclaimed, "I don't know!" Jeffrey and Reva are talking about how she felt when the cancer came back and now how with what Buzz is going through it just doesn't seem fair. Josh follows Buzz back into Coops room. Buzz is on Coops bed with is back toward Josh, as Josh hold his hand in support and friendship. Jeffrey gives Reva a gift for it being her last day of chemo. Reva opens the box to find a graduating Cap and gown. She says, "What is this?" Jeffrey explains that she is graduating from her chemo session." Reva laughs and thanks him. Bill and Cyrus have words concerning their love of Lizzie. It doesn't go well. Cyrus leaves the room. Cyrus doesn't know that Bill is behind him in the doorway of the room he was just in with the door partly opened and heard Cyrus' part of a telephone call. Bill smiles as Cyrus heads out. At Spaulding-Lewis, Billy is visiting is daughter. They are talking about Cyrus and Bill as Lizzie clears her desk. At the jail, Alex tells Philip she'll handle the situation. Back in Coop's room, Buzz asks Josh to speak at Coop's memorial. Josh tell him he will. Josh also tells him he's here if he needs to talk. After Josh leaves Coop's room, Buzz picks up a jacket of Coop's and puts it to his faces and starts to cry.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Blair calls the cops to report a murder, they take Marty to the station. Talia questions her. But she has a lawyer on her side. John and Antonio do not believe she did it and express that Todd had the best motive to kill Wes. But Blair, knowing, unequivocally that he did not, protests that they must know that Marty killed Wes. They ask her how she would know that and she hesitates to admit that she spent the night with Todd until Tea asks her to tell them how she knows that Todd could not have done it. Starr talks privately to Schuyler about how she feels isolated from Cole and has a concern about his drug usage. He reveals to her that he had a similar situation with a relationship not working because of a similar situation. Jessica talks to Brody who admits to her that he's distraught over losing his best friend and believes he might have killed him. She gives him a pep talk to know that he could not have done it. Natalie tells Jared she has to get to the bottom of the mystery of how they found a parking voucher in Jessica's purse that proves she went to the hospital the night Chloe was born. Markko gets accepted to UCLA and does not know how to tell Langston that he is moving far away.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Sharon and Billy recall the events of the night before, and both are not happy. The Newman board meeting is in effect and Brad’s seat can go to Colleen, but not if Victor can help it. Karen shares with Tyra that they are going to proceed with the adoption of Ana, this spooks Tyra and causes her to run off with Ana. The paternity of the Cordelia is revealed as Chloe tells Cane that he is not her baby’s daddy. Outraged Cane states that he is and signs her birth certificate. Meanwhile Billy hides behind the bottle and tells Lily he still has feelings for her too bad because, Lily is not impressed.

Abby tells Ashley that she is glad that Ashley is taking over Brad’s board seat on the board of Newman Enterprises. Abby feels that Victor is only doing this because he had come after Brad so hard. Victor and Victoria look over the agenda for the board meeting. Victoria tells Victor that they should delay the voting on who was to take over Brad’s seat on the board. Victor tells her that he had offered the seat to Ashley and she had accepted. Victoria is extremely against the idea. Nicholas visits Sharon and tells her that he had remembered that yesterday was their anniversary. Sharon begins to cry. Billy stops by Jack’s office to pick up his keys. Jack smells the scent of stale booze and expensive perfume and wonders who is the woman. Billy refuses to tell Jack anything. Dr. Okamura tells Chloe to cough. He tells Chloe that her throat will be a little scratchy. Esther comes in and is relieved that Chloe is better. Cane introduces Cordelia Katherine Valentine Ashby to Chloe. Neil tells Karen that he has to get to a board meeting .Karen wants to start the adoption proceedings for Ana. Neil stalls until he has a chance to talk to Tyra. Neil starts to leave when Tyra comes in. Neil tells Tyra that they will have to talk later. Cane questions Chloe as to why she was at the cabin. Jack lets Colleen that this board meeting will be a meeting for the ages. Lily reminds Billy that he had better be sober today. Billy assures her that he is.

Chloe lets Cane know that he is not Cordelia’s father. Billy comes in Chloe’s room. Cane orders him out. The board meeting begins. Chloe insists that Billy stay. Karen tells Tyra that her and Neil are adopting Ana. Ana runs in to see Tyra. Tyra relives her conversation with Karen in which Karen had told her that they were adopting Ana. Tyra tells Ana to grab her backpack that they had to hurry. Billy and Chloe explain everything to Cane. Cane confronts Lily about this news. Jack visits Sharon to check on her. Cane insists that no one is taking Cordelia away from him. A woman brings in some papers for Cane to sign. Colleen takes over Brad’s seat on the board of directors of Newman Enterprises. Victor objects.

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