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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Bianca comes home to Zach’s and finds Reese there. Reese tries to hug Bianca, but Bianca orders Reese not to touch her. At Pine Valley Hospital, Zach wants to see Kendall, but Jake tells him that Kendall doesn’t want to see Zach. Erica overhears their conversation. Zach goes into Kendall’s room, but Kendall orders him out. Erica tries to talk to Kendall, but Kendall refuses to listen. At Oak Haven, Dr. Sinclair tells Annie that Aidan has left her. Annie lets Dr. Sinclair know that she knows everything about Dr. Sinclair being in love with Richie. At the wreck site, Aidan blasts Ryan for causing Greenlee’s death. Ryan attacks Aidan and pushes him to the ground. Jesse and the other officers has to separate them. Annie promises Dr. Sinclair that Aidan will expose Dr. Sinclair for what Dr. Sinclair had been doing to Annie. Erica tells Kendall that Bianca had told her about Zach and Reese being together .Erica tries to get Kendall not to blame Zach for the kiss, but to blame Reese instead. Bianca questions Reese about the kiss between Reese and Zach. Ryan urges Jesse to keep searching for Greenlee. Jesse lets Ryan know that Greenlee is dead. Bianca refuses to forgive Reese. Erica arrives at Zach’s and confronts Reese about hurting Bianca. Aidan arrives at Oak Haven and lets Dr. Sinclair know that Greenlee’s accident had really been an accident. Ryan sits on the ground at the wreck site and relives memories of Greenlee.

Dr. Sinclair comes into Annie’s room with a tire iron hid under her belt. Dr. Sinclair pulls out the tire iron and draws it on Annie. Annie begins to back up away from her. Dr. Sinclair starts to hit Annie with it. Instead, Dr. Sinclair drops it to the floor. Annie begins to relax and then Dr. Sinclair hits Annie with the tire iron and Annie falls to the floor. Bianca, Miranda and Gabrielle move out from Zach’s. Kendall comes home and finds Reese there. Kendall forces Reese out. Annie comes to and gets up off the floor. Dr. Sinclair pulls out a syringe and catches hold of Annie’s neck pointing the syringe right at her neck. Zach is at the casino, drowning his sorrows in a bottle when Ryan walks in. Ryan promises to make Zach pay for Greenlee being dead.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie continues her ruse, but when she gets her period, she finds it hard to cover the fact of how disappointed she is. Katie makes an appointment with a fertility specialist when Margo is with her, as Margo is confused and Katie isn’t ready to explain the whole thing. Margo is bothered by the fact that Katie is leaving Brad in the dark though. Henry is worried that Vienna is pregnant, as he admits to Brad about how he found Vienna punching holes in his condom. This strikes a nerve with Brad, who starts to think that Katie is trying to get pregnant even though Bob told them to wait. Brad looks for Katie’s diaphragm and can’t find it, as he later accompanies Henry to the hospital so Henry can get information on vasectomies. Brad finds Katie at the hospital and she covers her lie, which bothers Margo more. Later, when Katie sees her stuff is moved, Brad confronts her about his suspicions and admits her searched for her missing diaphragm. Katie almost comes clean but then claims that she threw it away because she was getting a new one. Brad feels badly for doubting her, as Katie is wracked with guilt over perpetuating her lie. Josie tries to get through to Paul because she believes the best in him, as Paul tries to dissuade her by planting a kiss on her, as Josie pushes him off. Meg turns down Dusty’s offer for help wanting to do it on her own. Dusty intercepts an envelope from Paul wanting Meg to have all his asset and Fairwinds. He goes to see Paul and interrupts him and Josie without sharing this with Meg. Paul is furious because he thinks Meg sent him over, as they have it out. Josie can’t stand by and watch Paul self-destruct over Meg, as she bids him goodbye. Paul confronts Meg, but she tells him that she knew nothing about the papers. Meg explains that she doesn’t want his or Dusty’s help. Paul becomes insecure over Dusty but when their arguing awakes Eliza, they work as a team to quiet her, and Meg seems moved by Paul’s paternal way. Josie tries to talk with Dusty to explain herself but in the end, she realizes that she has to say goodbye to him. She hopes that he takes a good hard look at what his life has become and works to get himself back on track. Even though Meg is moved by Paul with Eliza, she explains that he won’t be seeing her at the farm anymore – only a neutral location as the judge suggested. Paul pleads with her to reconsider putting their daughter through that, but Meg stands her ground. Paul stops trying to pressure and leaves without a word, as an emotional Meg starts to tear up after he leaves.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick chastises his mother. She will not talk to his fiancée like that. Jackie claims that she hates to be the meddling mother, but someone needs to stand up for Bridget. She saved Katie’s life and this is the way Katie repays her by seducing her husband. She used all of this to her advantage. Nick asks her to go, and keep her opinions to herself. He apologizes to Katie and reassures her that he feels so blessed to have her and Jack in his life. He opines that Katie is not the villain in this. He even agrees with Katie that they should have the wedding right away, like today! Steffy can’t believe what Rick is saying. He’s joining the Army. He states that no one wants him around and he had to prove to Steffy that he deserves her. Hopefully it will change other people’s opinions of him. She reminds him going to war is scary, and she won’t lose him. He should have told her first. He admits his animosity toward Ridge colored everything he did. It’s a done deal now; he just needs to know that she will wait for him. There will be a lot of long nights and cold showers for him, but it will be worth it.

Clarke spills to Bridget/Madame X it wasn’t just her designs that got her this job, but Jackie also wanted Bridget to get closer to Nick. Jackie asks Bridget to be honest. If she had a chance, would she take Nick back? She adds that Nick does not want this marriage, and he just needs a way out. Bridget assures her that she has no desire to edge herself back in Nick’s life and certainly not between him and her niece. Both are shell-shocked when Jackie gets a phone call alerting her that the wedding has been pushed up to today at the house. Jackie tells Bridget there will be no wedding……Bridget has to stop it. Steffy tells Rick that she wants a future with him, but this is all happening way too fast. He asks her to give him one last visual image of her to take with him….preferably without so many clothes. He wants to make love to her….he wants her to make love to him. With passionate kisses, he gently lowers her to the couch.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Phillip is furious when he learns Victor allowed Brady to close one of his deals, and also wants him to work with Melanie. Phillip refuses to allow it and tells Victor let him handle it on his own. Victor agrees, but threatens to fire him if things don’t work out with the fuel project. EJ tells Melanie that he knows she using the project as leverage to win Phillip. He also tells her she’s expendable because his team working on finishing the blueprints she gave him. Melanie vows her loyalty to the DiMeras. EJ later runs into Brady and they trade barbs about Nicole marrying EJ. EJ reminds Brady that he is also a DiMera and that they don’t look kindly on his work with Titan. Phillip sees them and accuses Brady of talking with EJ about the fuel project. He threatens to have Brady fired if he interferes. Phillip later shows up at the DiMera mansion to have it out with EJ. Chloe and Lucas run into one another and she admits that she still loves him. She later confides in a priest all that has happened, and he offers to give her advice as to what to do. Maggie confronts Daniel and tells him that he will have to tell Lucas and Kate the truth about him and Chloe. Lucas goes to the pub and proceeds to fall off the wagon, ordering a drink. Melanie sees him, and after he is rude to her, she tells Maggie, who tries to call him to stop him. Kate tells Victor that she plans on making sure Chloe and Lucas stay together, and admits that she regrets breaking up with Daniel. After her she gets her final blood tests done, she tells Daniel that they need to talk. He tells her he needs to tell her something too, and she assumes he has bad news about her test results.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Lucky stops Maxie from going back into the hospital to find Spinelli. Robin admits to making bad decisions regarding Emma’s safety then tells Patrick how they ended up stranded in the snow. Claudia reminds Sonny how she went “against” her family to give him information. Nikolas goes to the Metro Court staff to find some information on Rebecca. Jason finds an unconscious Spinelli. Sam performs CPR on Spinelli then the three try to make their way out of the hospital via the stairway. Sonny tells Kate she’s “better off” without him. Sonny makes it clear to Kate that he plans on staying with Claudia. Kate realizes Sonny has chosen “power” over love. Kate tells Olivia she plans on getting revenge on Sonny. Johnny persists about sending Claudia out of the country. Nikolas discusses Rebecca with Lucky. Later, Lucky approaches Rebecca with some questions. Sonny tells Claudia he’s “willing to stay married” if she’s in agreement. Sam and Jason finally exit the hospital. Spinelli is behind them. Maxie and Spinelli rush into each other’s arms as Winnifred watches.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lillian is still holding Buzz in her arms and comforting him after they turn off the life-saving machine. The rest of the family is at the window crying. Olivia goes for a ride. Alan summons Lizzie to tell her that Phillip is back unaware she already ran into Phillip. When the phone rings at the Mansion, Lizzie answers, it. It is Rick to tell her that Coop just died. Lizzie drops the phone. Alan sees this and asks Lizzie what is wrong. Lizzie tells him, "Coop just died." Back at Cedars everyone is crying. Alan tries to talk to Lizzie after hearing about Coop, but Lizzie wont listen. Olivia goes to the SPD see if she can talk to Phillip or get info on him. She talks to Mallet. Mallet walks to Phillip's cell and is about to talk to him when his cell rings. He answers it. In shock from what he heard, he looks at Phillip and shakes his head. He then leaves. Phillip is stumped at Mallet's reaction. Back home at Mallet and Marina's, Daisy has joined them. They are talking about Company, Buzz and Coop. Beth goes home to find Alan waiting for her. She is not much in the mood. At Company, Buzz is alone with the Closed sign in the window, he hears a knock and opens the door to Lillian and Frank. Lillian goes into the kitchen to get everyone coffee while Buzz and Frank talk about what to do next. Lizzie wands up at her office when Cyrus shows up. Alan tries to talk to Beth telling her it is not wise to do anything rash. Back at Company, Daisy is helping Buzz cleanup. Then Buzz and Frank go into a closet to talk. Buzz wants justice. He want Phillip to get justice. Olivia goes to see a judge to see if he can keep Phillip in jail. Buzz goes to his car and drives off after looking at a picture of his boys.

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Dorian and David evict the Buchananís and discuss how much they are going to enjoy living there, then David announces that he also owns the Palace Hotel.  Starr and Cole discuss their parentsí actions at the Go Red Ball while looking at the newspaper.  Tea and Todd end their business relationship and begin a friendship, while she also finds Blairís earring in Toddís bedroom.  John finds Marty standing over Wesí dead body and she begs him not to call the cops, so Blair calls the police when she stumbles upon the scene.  Jessica visits Brody and he admits to her that he snuck out, while telling the nuns that he went for a walk on the grounds.  News of Wesí death hits the television and Barb tells Brody about Wesí murder.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Chloe’s health is still questionable but she does pull through and Cane tells her he has named the baby. Billy can no longer take the heat so he steps out of the kitchen and into the bar where he runs into Sharon and ends up sharing a cab. Eden and Noah have been given the green light by Nick and Sharon thanks to Phyllis so they take advantage and make out like teenagers on the couch while Phyllis and Nick do the same in the car. Lily and Jill try to stop the Cane and Billy from killing each other in the hospital. Colleen, Abby, Jack and Ashley meet with the lawyer for the reading of Brad’s will.

Nicholas thanks Sharon for driving out here. Nicholas wishes Sharon a ďHappy Anniversary.Ē Sharon canít believe that it had been a year since they had gotten married. Ashley is on the phone and tells the person that she understands and she will talk to Abby. Victor asks Ashley if that was Colleen. Ashley tells him that Colleen is meeting with Bradís lawyer about Bradís will. Ashley wants to go to the meeting with Colleen, but Abby insists that she wants to go instead. Ashley agrees. Victor agrees. Jack tells Colleen if she needs him at the hearing, he will be there for her. Jack agrees to go with Colleen to the reading of Bradís will. Jack tells Billy that he is not giving up on him. Jack tells Jimmy, the bartender that when Billy finishes his drink to call him a taxi. Jack advises Billy to tell Cane that he is the babyís father. Lily brings Esther coffee. Lily questions Esther as to what the doctor had said. Jill gives Cane some very good news about Chloe. Jill commends Cane and Lily for what they had done for Chloe and the baby. The cab driver arrives and Billy tells him to take him to the hospital. Noah is surprised to see Sharon and if afraid that he is in for another lecture. Nicholas and Sharon surprise Noah by telling him that he can see Eden and sets up a few ground rules. Phyllis is surprised to see harmony between Nicholas and Noah. Victor calls Nicholas to remind him of the board meeting .

Colleen tells Jack that she had just met with the marketing people about her being the new face of Jabot. Ashley and Abby arrive at Colleenís for the reading of Bradís will. Evan arrives and the reading of the will begins. Esther canít believe that they had put Chloe on a respirator. Nicholas remembers when he and Sharon had wed. Phyllis interrupts Nicholasí daydreams. Phyllis and Nicholas go out for dinner and a movie. Noah watches Summer and spends some time with Eden. Billy arrives at the hospital, drunk and asks how is Chloe. Billy tells Lily that he is going to tell Cane the truth about the baby, but Lily doesnítí think that it is such a good idea with Billy being drunk. Cane join Billy and Lily. Billy finds out that Cane had named the baby Cordelia. An argument erupts between Cane and Billy. Jill has to intervene. Jack reads a letter from Brad to Colleen and Abby. Billy encounters Sharon at the bar and they spend the night together. Jill tells Victor that Billy cannot be C.E.O of Jabot. Victor insists to Jill that Billy remain C.E.O. Chloe begins to have an allergic reaction to the antibiotic that Dr. Okamura has her on.

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