Tuesday 2/17/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Oak Haven, Aidan quickly hides when he sees an orderly. When the orderly leaves, Aidan gets Annie and takes her to her room only to be confronted by Dr. Sinclair, who awaits in Annie’s room. Zach visits Kendall at Pine Valley Hospital. Kendall asks Zach had Greenlee been found. Kendall blames herself for Greenlee’s death. David comes into Kendall’s room and demands to know what is going on that her heart beat and blood pressure is up so. At the inn in Connecticut, Erica gives Bianca some chamomile tea to help her sleep Jesse, Jack and the other police officers come back into the inn. Jack lets Erica and Bianca know that Greenlee hadn’t been found. Jesse tells Ryan that the police had gone from rescue to recovery. Dr. Sinclair shows Aidan the newspaper picture of Greenlee and that she is missing. Aidan rushes out of Oak Haven. Reese arrives at the hospital to check on Kendall and if Greenlee had been found. David comes out of Kendall’s room. David blames Zach for Greenlee’s death and for Kendall being in the hospital. Zach orders Reese to go. Ryan begs Jesse to find Greenlee. Ryan lets Bianca know that Zach had slept with Reese. Kendall realizes the bond between Zach and Reese because of Gabrielle. Bianca lets Erica know that Ryan had seen Zach and Reese together. Aidan arrives at the inn to help find Greenlee. Krystal comes to the hospital to tell David about Greenlee. Dr. Sinclair sets up a competency hearing for Annie for the next day. Dr. Sinclair asks Annie how had she killed Greenlee.

Amanda and J.R. visit Babe’s grave and encounters Krystal and David. At the hospital, Tad watches Krystal and David, hugging. Jack goes in search of Greenlee. Annie denies killing Greenlee. The camera shows the waterfall. The search resumes for Greenlee. The police find a piece of Greenlee’s dress. Ryan blames Zach for Greenlee’s death. Ryan tells Jesse about Zach and Reese. Kendall dreams that Greenlee visits her to say good-bye and tells Kendall to hang onto the love that Kendall and Zach share. Bianca arrives back at Zach’s house to find Reese there. Reese starts to hug Bianca, but Bianca orders not to ever touch her again.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly, Henry, and Lily outsmart Craig when he tries to get a new designer to replace Carly and meet with the vodka distributor. Lily agrees to back Carly in the vodka deal and the two business partners are about to talk to Sigler when Craig interrupts the meeting. Mr. Sigler makes it clear to Craig that Carly's creativity is what made him want to distribute their vodka and if he still wants to invest in the venture he must let Carly call the shots about the vodka. Craig doesn't want to let go of such a good deal so he agrees that Carly is the boss. Carly, Henry , and Lily are all very pleased with themselves because they managed to out smart Craig.

Meg feels pressure from both Dusty and Barbara because Barbara wants Meg to ask the judge not to put Paul in jail and Dusty wants Meg to ask the judge to send Paul to jail. Paul is willing to take any punishment the judge feels he deserves. Josie speaks on behalf of Paul at the sentencing hearing telling the judge that Paul's love for Eliza is what is pushing him to get better. Everyone in the court room is shocked when the judge gives Paul a suspended sentence and supervised visitation with Eliza. Paul wonders why Josie spoke on his behalf in court today and is angry because he didn't get the punishment he deserved.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget continues with the wig and sunglasses so she won’t be recognized and her family will know it’s her. She’s not sure she is ready for that until she knows if she is good as a designer yet. Nick comments that he likes her in this mode. While it starts off cordial, the gloves come off and Jackie tells Katie in no uncertain terms exactly what she thinks of her and how she took over and commandeered Nick’s life. And then there is the pretense of how sorry Katie is for wrecking Bridget’s life. She even calls her a Black Widow…..a disgrace to her brother’s memory….the ultimate act of betrayal since she wouldn’t even be alive if it hadn’t been for Bridget.

Ridge catches Steffy weeping in the shipping room. He realizes it is hard to let go, even someone you know isn’t good for you. He implores that she can never trust Rick again. He is incapable of change. It’s all an act; he’s still a jerk beyond redemption. Marcus tells Steffy that he suspects Rick was the other guy. He sent him to Paris so he could get him out of the way and he hit on Steffy. She says it is over. She can’t be with a guy who is such bad news to her family. He vows he will always be there for her. Rick tells Eric and Brooke that he knows it is a shock, but he has joined the military. He asks them to please understand as this is so important to him. Brooke takes it badly and blames herself for making Rick leave the company. She can only pray this is the right decision for everybody. Rick calls Steffy. Even though she is at work, he wants her to come to the beach house. He informs her that has life is taking a whole new direction and he needs to see her and explain. He tells her that he is going away and he will come back a new man…one that she and her dad can be proud of. He tells her that he’s putting his life on the line and joining the army. Nick interrupts his mother and Katie before Jackie can do more damage with her hateful words.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Melanie tells Phillip that if he breaks up with Stephanie and agrees to be with her, she will come back to Titan. Phillip refuses. Stephanie tell Steve and Kayla that she is going to break up with Phillip. She meets him later and he tells her that he can’t change who he is to suit her, but that he cares for her. She fears that he has some kind of obsession with Melanie that goes beyond the fuel project. Max and Chelsea admit that they have feelings for each other. They also agree that they can’t let anyone keep them from being apart, including Stephanie, and they kiss. Melanie catches them and confides in Max that she has Phillip right where she wants him. Roman tells Steve and Kayla that Hope has been suspended from the force pending an investigation. Kayla wants to make some calls to officials, but Steve says she has to let Bo and Hope work this out on their own. Bo begs Hope to come home with him, but she says she can’t forgive and forget what happened. Nicole catches EJ calling Roman to find out when Sami will return. She becomes hysterical, worrying that Sami will return and ruin her life. EJ tries to soothe her. Later, she has a nightmare that EJ discovered the truth about Sami being Sydney’s biological mother. She vows not to let Sami come between her and EJ.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claudia talks in circles with Sonny and it seems like she’s about to tell him the truth until Ric interrupts. Nikolas is upset that Rebecca left Mercy. Liz tells Nik that Rebecca came by her room to “hide” from him. Nikolas is obsessed with finding out more about Rebecca. Nikolas catches up with Rebecca at the Metro Court. Maxie and Johnny share a moment outside of GH. Later, Maxie tells Lulu about her adventure with Johnny. Maxie advises Lulu to “hold on to” Johnny. Jason and Sam search for Spinelli inside the hospital. Spinelli manages to get himself up in the air ducts. Jason hears Spinelli calling out and he tries to direct Spinelli to safety. Spinelli jumps onto the floor and there’s a sudden explosion inside the room. Ric informs Sonny and Claudia of Trevor’s death. Agent Rayner questions Patrick. Winifred tells Patrick that Emma is “in stable condition.” Claudia tells Johnny about Kate and the DVD. Johnny wants to send Claudia out of the country for safety. Claudia is certain she can keep things under control with Sonny. Mac prepares to take Emma and Robin home from the hospital. Sonny tells Robin how well Patrick handled the hospital crisis. Robin seems more at ease around Emma. By the time Patrick gets to Mercy, Robin and Emma are gone. Sonny reassures Patrick that everything is ok but Patrick feels guilty for choosing his job over his family. Patrick finally makes his way home. Maxie calls Winifred on leaving Spinelli in the fire. Sonny tells Claudia they no longer have a reason to stay married.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Buzz remember argues with Jenna about when she left town. He then goes nuts and Frank tries to calm him down by telling him Coop is a fighter. Buzz remembers playing with Coop when Coop was a toddler. Then he hears the machine flat-line. The doctors are able to bring him back, but Lillian says he is brain dead and on life-support. Buzz collapses in Frank's arms after hearing this. Lillian says that she wishes she didn't have to bring them this news. Buzz walks out of Coops hospital room to talk to Frank. Buzz says he blames himself then takes off. Outside Cedars, Buzz runs into Alan. Alan starts gabbing about Coop. Buzz tells him to shut up and then says that he is dead sort of. Alan then tells Buzz what it is like to loose a son. Buzz tells Alan that he should have listened to him years ago about listening to his heart. Buzz has a vision of when he was in the hospital and his children being with him. Buzz takes out a cigarette. Frank, who has come up on him catches him and makes him put the cigarettes away. Buzz wants Frank to do him a favor that he will have to go along with this. They wind up at the jail. They go to Phillip's cell. Frank lets Buzz in. Buzz tells Phillip about Coop. Phillip blames himself. He tells Buzz that if he had called first none of this would have happened. Phillip tells Buzz that he owes his whole family a debt that he wants to payback. Phillip wants to really know what Buzz wants from him. Frank comes back and tells Buzz it is time to leave Phillip. Outside the Springfield PD, Buzz sees Alan walking away. He thinks back to when he and Coop were talking about how sick they were of Alan. Buzz lets him walk. He sits down on a bench and Jenna reappears. He says he feels like a failure. Jenna tells him that his children don't. Buzz tells her that Coop had dreams and that Coop just left them to stay in Springfield. Jenna tells Buzz to let Coop go. Buzz goes back inside Cedars and tells his family he wants to see Coop. Frank offers to go with him. Buzz says no. Buzz enters Coop's room and Lillian hugs him. She says she'll be right outside if he needs her and leaves. Buzz starts talking to Coop about the "Light". He also tells Coop a story about a boy's love for his father even though the father messed up. He tells Coop goodbye and kisses him. The Doctor tells Buzz about paperwork, Lillian stops him saying she'll do it later. Buzz turns off the life-support and then goes back to Coop's side, kisses forehead and tells him goodbye and cries. The family is just outside the room looking through the glass. Downtown is playing on the radio.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora, Bo, Clint, Renee and Nigel all wake up hung-over after the night of the ball where David Vickers finds out that Asa left him everything. Knowing they won't have a cent to their name, they all wonder what to do. David and Dorian appear and tell them it's time to get the hell out of their home. Stacy stays at Gigi and Rex's home. But she brings Fish over. She has seduced him the previous night but doesn't want anybody to know. At that point, he announces to Layla that he's found somebody else assuming Stacy is serious about him. Blair and Todd wake up together in his bed. She asks how that happened. He reminds her that he wasn't going to let her drive home drunk, have their kids see her in the state she was in and he couldn't go to Dorian's house since he has a restraining order. And they both know that John and Wes have been fighting over Marty. At Wes's, Marty awakens with blood on her hands and freaks when she sees that somebody stabbed Wes to death. John attempts to help her. Blair goes and observes them standing over Wes's dead body and calls the cops to report a murder.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Esther holds the baby and marvels over how beautiful that she is. Lily brings Cane and Billy some coffee. Cane thanks Lily and Billy for saving Chloe and the baby’s life. Neil asks Rafael if he has good news. Rafael tells them that the judge had terminated Yolanda’s parental rights to Ana. Karen wants to start the adoption proceedings right away to adopt Ana. At the hospital, Dr. Okamura tells Cane that Chloe has septicemia bacteria in her bloodstream. At Newman Enterprises, Jack walks in and wishes Ashley good-morning. Jack asks about Billy. Ashley informs jack that Victor had offered her Brad’s vacant seat on the board of Newman Enterprises. Jack is very much against the idea. Victor remembers a time when Hope was little and she was learning to dance. Adam tells the chaplain about a time when he had played ball and had sat on the bench the whole game and how he had threatened on quitting, but his mommy (Hope) had encouraged him to keep on playing. The chaplain laughs. Olivia can’t believe that Cane and Billy had dragged Chloe out of the cabin and onto a toboggan and had gotten her through the snow to the ambulance. Tyra thinks that it is crazy that Lily and Billy had saved Chloe and the baby. Lily urges Billy to come clean and tell Cane about the baby being Billy’s. Cane wonders what Chloe was doing at the cabin.

Neil confronts Tyra about his avoiding him. Tyra feels guilty about the kiss that she and Neil had shared. Victor reminds Ashley that Hope had been dead a year. Cane tells Lily that he loves her, but he cannot discuss this now. At the bar, Billy tells Jack that Chloe had the baby. Victor visits Adam and gives him his mother’s Bible. Billy refuses to tell Cane that the baby is Billy’s. Cane names the baby Cordelia Katherine Valentine Ashby.

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