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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the church, Bianca and Reese exchange wedding vows. Outside the church, Annie holds a gun on Ryan. Aidan intervenes and urges Annie to give him the gun. In the car heading away from the church, Kendall tells Zach that Reese and Bianca are staying in Pine Valley. Aidan and Annie hug. Kendall and Zach and Greenlee are on a collision course which results in Greenlee going over a high cliff on the motorcycle and lands up in some water at the bottom of a water fall. The camera shows Greenlee knocked unconscious. She begins to move her fingers. Zach finds Greenlee’s veil. Kendall comes looking for Greenlee, too, but Zach tells her to go back to the car. Zach calls 9-1-1 and reports the accident. Zach orders Kendall when the authorities arrive to tell them that he was driving the car. Ryan arrives at the scene and finds Greenlee’s wheel of the motorcycle. The sirens of the ambulance and police sound in the distance. The police begin to question Kendall, but she seems to be in a trance. Aidan promises to be there for Annie and to get her the treatment that she deserves. Amanda checks on J.R., who she sees sitting in a chair by himself. J.R. lets her know that he was thinking of Babe and the wedding that they never had. Bianca and Reese exchange vows and rings. Bianca and Reese are married. Ryan finds out that Zach had been driving in the middle of the road and had run Greenlee off the road. Aidan tells Annie that he has to take her back to Oak Haven. Ryan tells Kendall that Zach had slept with Reese, and as a result Greenlee is dead.

Zach denies Ryan’s accusation, but then tells Kendall that he had kissed Reese, but had brought her home. Erica gives Bianca and Reese a wedding gift of a piece of land in which to build their dream home. Zach and Kendall arrive at the reception and tells everyone about the accident concerning Greenlee. Tad, Jack, Jake and Frankie join in the search for Greenlee. Reese blames herself for all this trouble. Annie watches Emma sleep outside the window. Jack, Frankie, Jake, and Tad arrive at the scene to help in the search. Kendall collapses before she can tell Erica about Zach kissing Reese.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Parker, and Liberty as well as all the people that Johnny loves give him a special valentine's day treat as they each read him a story from a book of classic fairytales given to him by Parker and Liberty. The first fairytale is Rumpelstiltskin acted out by Meg, Dusty, and Craig of course with the classic Oakdale twist: they shred paper into gold instead of hay. The second story is a mix of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella called Cinderfella acted out by Craig and Carly as well as Margo , and Katie as the evil stepsisters. The third and final story was a twist on The Wizard of Oz with Meg as Dorothy, and Paul as the scarecrow, Dusty as the cowardly lion, and Craig as the tin man. Bob plays the wizard of Oz and Barbara plays the wicked witch and Margo is Glenda the good witch. This was a wonderful Valentine's Day treat for little Johnny as well as the fans.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick is serious. He wants Steffy to marry him. He promises that he loves her and wants her to be his wife. She asks if this is real or is this Rick’s ultimate revenge against her dad. She wants to believe him, but she doesn’t want to be used. He’s outraged that she would listen to other’s views and even consider this. Even though he is disgusted now, he admits in the beginning he did use her naivety. But he is not faking it now. He does not want to lose her. She responds that she can not live like this not knowing from day to day what crazy things he is going to do in the name of love. He tells her that he is going to prove he can be that man she wants him to be. Brooke tells Ridge that as much as it hurts her, she realizes that Rick can not be welcome to be part of Forrester Creations. Still, she feels like she is turning her back on her son. He suggests that Rick needs to go away for a while and grow up. He does not want to be around Rick for a long time and that goes double for Steffy. Ultimately there will be a place in the family for Rick.

Rick apologizes to Eric and even promises to get help. He’s going with his head high and will not look to Eric or Brooke to solve his problems. Eric says he never stopped loving him and never will. He still has respect for him. He doesn’t see this as an end, just Rick taking some time off to get his life together. Brooke and Ridge come in and Brooke says she hates how this had to end. Rick says she raised him better than that, and she and Ridge did not deserve this. He’s going to work on being a better man. Ridge does not believe this self reflection and thinks Rick is up to something. Rick finds Steffy on the Sky Lounge rooftop. She says this can’t be, but he won’t listen. To hell with her father, he will be gone for a while but he will be back and no matter what they will be together.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Mia calls Nicole and threatens to come get her baby. Nicole tries to convince her that what she is doing is best for her and her child. Brady threatens Dr. Baker, who gives Brady the idea that Nicole isn’t telling him the whole truth. Brady confronts her, but she claims that Baker is lying. She calls Baker and he tells her that Brady is obviously in love with her. Later, she asks EJ to make love to her. He refuses since she just had a baby. Melanie arranges to meet with EJ and a suspicious Phillip follows her. EJ promises to get the injunction lifted and gives Melanie payment for the first half of the blueprints. Phillip confronts the two later, but can’t prove that Melanie or EJ did anything wrong. After EJ leaves, Melanie offers to consider doing business with Phillip, but only if he gives her what she wants. Stephanie confides in Chelsea about Philip and Melanie, and Max tells Stephanie that Phillip is a scumbag. Chelsea gets upset with Max for being so concerned about Stephanie and finally admits that she wants to be more than just friends with Max. Hope has her hearing before Internal Affairs. Bo is forced to testify that Hope didn’t follow protocol. Kayla, Roman, and Abe all testify on her behalf, but Hope ends up handing her badge over to Bo in tears.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason pulls Sam and the poison sphere to safety. Sonny heads to the trailer where Claudia greets him warmly. Agent Rayner warns Sonny he’s being watched. Robin comforts Emma at Mercy while they wait for Patrick to arrive. Nikolas and Rebecca join Matt and Nadine for the ambulance ride to Mercy. Johnny searches for Maxie inside the hospital. Jax is reunited with Carly outside of the hospital. Still in jail with Ethan, Luke tries to talk the guard into letting him call Lucky. Ethan can tell Luke is “disappointed” in Lucky’s chosen profession. Luke talks to Ethan about Lucky’s childhood as a young “con.” Claudia denies Kate’s accusation that she’s responsible for Michael’s shooting. Kate suggests that Claudia “confess,” so Sonny will have Claudia “convicted” instead of killing her. Claudia reminds Kate that she has no “proof” of her accusation. Kate doesn’t mention anything to Sonny – she says it’s between her and Claudia “for now.” Mac arrives at Mercy and tells Robin that the FBI is questioning Patrick. Sam tries to mend Jason’s bleeding gunshot wound. Lulu isn’t happy to hear that Johnny went into GH to find Maxie. Johnny finds Maxie, but no sign of Spinelli. The two make it out of the hospital safely. Sam remembers something that may lead her and Jason to Spinelli. The Q’s are concerned about Rebecca’s safety but Nikolas sets them at ease. Later, Nik learns that Rebecca was released from Mercy.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia continues to try to tell Olivia she is strong and can handle Phillip being back in town. Lizzie visits Coop in the hospital. She tells him she still doesn't get he and Beth together. She tells him while she was pregnant with Sarah she was mean to him. That she is sorry. Lillian finds Beth asleep on a hospital stretcher, wakes her and they talk. Lillian wants to know what is going on. Lillian then has an idea and tells Beth not to move that she'll be right back and leaves the emergency room where Beth took refuge. Buzz visits Jenna's grave wanting advice. Back at Olivia and Natalia's, Natalia tells Olivia she can't keep Emma a prisoner in her own home forever. At the hospital Lizzie stays with Coop to talk while Beth returns to see Lizzie there. Coop asks Lizzie to leave and she does. Coop then orders Beth to go after her. Buzz is still at Jenna's grave telling her he misses her. Lillian finds Buzz at Jenna's grave. She promises Jenna she'll take good care of Buzz. He kisses Lillian and they walk hand and hand away from Jenna's grave back to Cedars. Beth is outside Cedars talking to God. Pleading God to make things right. Then Lizzie shows up. They talk about a toy she loved and that Phillip got it for her. They also talk about Sarah. Lizzie is scared for Phillip and Alan. Bill goes to see Olivia. Olivia doesn't want Natalia to know what she and Bill are up to concerning Phillip. Frank visits Coop. Frank starts joking with his little brother about the Bauer BBQ and their dad. Coop asks Frank to promise to take care of Buzz. Buzz returns to Coop's hospital room to see his two sons together and Coop more awake than the last time. Outside Cedars, Beth and Lizzie are still talking about Phillip and Coop what Beth sees in both men. Lizzie can't believe that she is in love with Coop and gushing over Phillip. Olivia tells Bill why she is worried for Emma. She tells him about the essay Emma wrote. She tells him it was about her and Natalia calling them " Her two mommies". She says she is afraid Phillip might use that to get Emma back. Back at Cedars, Buzz is tell Coop not to worry that when he gets home things will change. Coop wants Buzz to listen because he (Coop) feels he doesn't have much time left. At Olivia and Natalia's they talk about their feelings. Olivia admits she is confused about them. Bill catches up with Lizzie, who angrily tells him to go away. He doesn't budge. He motions her face into his and talks. Buzz is at the nurses station desk asking for a doctor to look at Coop again. Frank sees this and asks what is up. Buzz tell Frank of their latest talk. Beth is in visiting Coop. Coop wants to know how he can ever thank him for the last few months. Coops starts talking like death and Beth tells him he is strong. Coop tells her to follow her heart. Coop makes Beth laugh. Beth then finally want to know how she can thank Coop for the last few month together. Coop wants her to just be her and go. Beth leaves the room to find Frank right outside the door. She tells him to go find Buzz now. Frank runs off to go find Buzz. Then she runs into Lillian and tell her that Coop said goodbye. Lillian says no that it's the medication he's on talking. At Olivia and Natalia's, Natalia offers to go with her to see Phillip. Olivia says no. Then Natalia says she is here for her. They then hug. Bill and Lizzie argue over Cyrus and his helping Lizzie after Bill left. Buzz is in with Coop talking. Coop suddenly stops talking and Buzz sees he is struggling. Lillian and the rest of the ICU crew come rushing in to work on Coop to save his life.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the ball, Gigi's sister Stacy informs her that their parents died. Gigi is distraught that she left and never looked back. There is a brawl between Tea, Blair and Marty and then between Wes and Todd Wes tells Marty he does not believe she cares about him. She only wanted to use him to make Todd and John jealous. And it looks like many people believe he murdered Lee Halpern. Nor, Bo, Clint, Renee and Nigel all drink and wonder what they're going to do now that David Vickers and Dorian are able to take everything from them. David tells Dorian that if he inherits Asa's money, he will donate it to noble causes but will not share a cent with her since she has never shared he wealth with him nor done anything except use him. The next morning when everybody wakes up hungover, they are all startled at where they wound up. Nora notices she fell asleep with Bo. David and Dorian awaken together. Todd and Blair awaken in bed together. Marty and Wes awaken and she notices that somebody has stabbed him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki comes into Victor’s office and inquires as to where Nicholas is. Victor lets her know that Nicholas had gone home to spend the holiday with Phyllis and Summer. Ashley questions Nikki on how Casey is. Nikki starts to leave, but Victor urges her to stay. Victor fills Nikki in on Noah and Brad. Clint confronts Margie (Kay) about her being found out. Kay insists that someone is lying that she really is Katherine Chancellor. Jill tells Paul that Margie had fought hard for the DNA but now she had been caught in her own trap. Cane holds his baby in his arms and tells her that he is her daddy. Chloe begins to cry at seeing the baby. Billy assures Chloe that the baby is fine. Cane questions Chloe as to what she is doing up here. Chloe complains that she is cold, so Billy and Cane go outside to get firewood. Lily notices something wrong with Chloe and calls out for Billy and Cane. Chloe has begun to hemorrhage. Nikki thanks Victor for filling her in on Noah. Victor tells Nikki that he had offered Ashley the vacant seat on the board of directors. Roger tells Esther that he had them booked on a flight to Las Vegas and they could be married before midnight. Paul lets Jill know that he cannot find anything to prove Roger is a fake. Jill calls Chloe but only gets the voicemail. 

Chloe wants to know what is going on, but Cane shushes her. Cane assures Chloe that everything will be fine. Cane tells Billy that Chloe is in shock. Billy calls for a doctor. Nikki congratulates Ashley on her appointment to the board. Esther tells Jill that she and Roger are flying to Las Vegas to get married. Jill tries to get them to postpone that wedding and let Jill give them a proper wedding here in the mansion, but Esther refuses to let Jill do that. Annie tells Clint to get rid of Margie. Cane and Billy come up with a plan to use a toboggan to get Chloe down the hill and to the ambulance. Nikki join Paul for a drink. Cane calls Jill and tells her about Chloe. Jill relates the message to Esther. Jill and Esther go to the hospital. Cane, Billy, and Lily arrive at the hospital with Chloe and the baby. Dr. Okamura assures them that the baby is fine, but Chloe has to have immediate surgery. Dr. Okamura tells the family that the surgery is over and he has done everything that he can do for Chloe.

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