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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In Amanda’s room at the inn, J.R. is asleep on the sofa. Amanda wakes him up and gives him a cup of coffee. Amanda tells him that he has his own room. J.R. tells Amanda that he wants to be near her. Reese dreams that they are at the wedding ceremony and Bianca gives Reese away to Zach. Reese wakes up with a pounding headache. Bianca, happily wakes up and calls Reese, but doesn’t get an answer. Where there is a knock on the door, Bianca thinks that it is Reese, but finds out that it is Erica. Reese is downstairs getting her some morning coffee when Kendall comes in. Reese remembers the kiss between herself and Zach. Kendall comments that Reese is whiter than she already was. Zach wakes up and finds Kendall gone. Aidan wakes up with Annie towering over him. Aidan questions Annie as to why she had hit him in the head. Annie tells him that he was trying to prevent her from doing what she needed to do. Greenlee, in her room, readies herself for the wedding. There is a knock on the door. Happily, Greenlee opens the door, but when she sees that it is Ryan she quickly closes the door in his face. Greenlee tells him that he cannot see the bride before the wedding that it is back luck. Ryan tells her that they are not getting married. Greenlee can’t believe her ears.

Aidan tells Annie that Dr. Sinclair was in love with Richie and was wanting to make Annie pay for killing him. Greenlee questions Ryan as to why he had change his mind about the wedding. Ryan tells her that he had seen Zach and Reese, kissing, and they were all over each other. Bianca has her doubts about leaving Pine Valley. Aidan forbids Annie from hurting Greenlee. Annie urges Aidan to sleep and when he does, Annie steals his gun and leaves the room. Greenlee leaves the inn on the motorcycle. Ryan yells after her. Bianca tells Erica that she and Reese have decided to stay in Pine Valley. Erica is overjoyed, but Kendall is angry. Kendall leaves the inn with Zach in tow. Kendall tells Zach that Bianca and Reese are not leaving town. Kendall and Greenlee are on a collision course. Ryan starts to go after Greenlee, but is sidetracked by Annie, who holds a gun on him. Aidan appears and talks Annie into giving him the gun. Reese and Bianca’s wedding begins. When Greenlee sees that she is going to collide with a car, she runs the motorcycle off a high bluff. Kendall screams when she sees the motorcycle and begins to try to turn the car. Aidan and Annie hug much to Ryan’s relief.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Carly has a whopping hangover and stumbles to the kitchen for some aspirin and water. The phone rings and it is Craig. Her head is pounding and she hates his chipper, cheerful sound. Barbara tells Paul she wants him to stay calm and not panic. She’s got her lawyer working on his case and he can say he was not responsible for his actions. The treatment can keep him out of jail, but he must help himself. Josie shows up and Paul objects. He wants to handle this alone. He doesn’t care now what happens to him, and Josie and Barbara shouldn’t either. Josie huffs out that if he wants to be a father, he should grow up first. Paul tells Barbara that he loves her, but she has done all she can and now she needs to stop. He will not change and they all need to stay as far away from him as they can. Dusty shows up at the hospital to be with Meg as he knew she would be taking Eliza there for a checkup. She smiles that after all he has done, he can check up on them all he wants. Dusty takes Meg home. Holden disapproves, but he does shake his hand for making things happen. Eliza is home and well and that is all that matters. Dusty warms a bottle of milk while Meg goes upstairs to the baby. Josie drops by and tells Meg that she wants to thank her for not pressing charges. Josie fills them in that Paul no longer cares what happens….he needs help. Dusty asks Meg not to fall for this Paul in despair routine. When she leaves, Josie returns to make sure Dusty doesn’t hate her. He says he doesn’t. He just doesn’t trust her. It’s better for both of them if they just let their relationship go; it was based on a lie from the beginning.

Carly calls Lily; meets her and lays out her plans for Midnight Sun and asks her to consider investing her money to the project. Lily thinks this has great potential, but she’s not sure about them being partners. She needs more time and will get back with her. When leaving, Lily runs into Craig and she lets slip that Carly asked her to be her partner. Going along, Craig says Carly is always full of surprises. Craig then shows up at Carly’s and wants to see what progress she has made on her designs….the ones she gave Lily. Carly tries to wiggle out, but Craig is too sly and tells her she has stabbed him in the back when it was his idea and she is now acing him out. That’s beyond low. He admits he had an attraction for her and despite her denial he knows she had one for him too, but whatever they had is dead now. He tears up the paperwork and tells her that she can not replace him. He will replace her. Lily calls and says while it sounds like a terrific idea, they would be asking for trouble and should not be partners. Craig gloats and says he realizes now that he has Miss Tenney exactly where he wants her. Meg shows up to see Paul, and Barbara warns her not to hurt Paul again, don’t build up hope. He’s surprised, but she tells him that she still hates him. That has not changed, so don’t dare make her feel sorry for him. She doesn’t want her baby’s father in jail though. He needs to give her one good reason why he should not be in jail the rest of her life. She isn’t sure that Eliza needs him that badly in her life. Paul asks Josie if Dusty is not interested, why is she staying in Oakdale? She tells him it is for him. Carly tells Craig that he inspires her to work harder and better. She just got nervous with this huge undertaking. So if he can just cut the personal business of trying to get her in bed, then they can work good together. He assures her that is not what he is trying to do, maybe in a drinking mood but not in a sober one. So he will have to consider his other options. He leaves with Carly still nursing her hangover.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he knows it’s tough, but she knows what Rick has put them through and Rick has to go. The rest of the family feels the same, but Eric says it is up to Brooke. Stephanie asks why he left it up to Brooke to make the decision. It is Eric’s company. Steffy tells Bridget that she doesn’t think Rick has to lose his job over this. Bridget says she herself fell for the wrong guy more than once. She found life after Deacon and life after Nick, and Steffy will too. This can’t work with the entire family against it. It won’t be worth all the pain it is causing her now. Rick tells Brooke that the happiest moments in his life have always been ruined by Ridge. He just wanted that happy little family he always wanted – Brooke, his dad and himself. He was driven by re-uniting the family. He begs Brooke not to take this away from him. This title is all he has left.

Brooke states that she missed Rick so much while he was working in Paris. She would like nothing more than for him to continue working here. She loves Ridge and Rick knows it and yet Rick doesn’t support that union. Rick has tried time and time again to break them up. She says that her final decision is that he no longer works there. Ridge walks in and gloats that the day has come. He wants Rick out of the building within the hour. The others question Brooke as to what decision she made. Stephanie is the first one to tell her that she knows she must have asked Rick to leave and she knows that hurts. Ridge repeats it again, Rick has one hour to leave. Rick states that Ridge can throw him out of the company, even out of Los Angeles, but he can’t throw him out of his daughter’s heart or her in his. Ridge thanks Brooke from the bottom of his heart for her courageous decision. At Rick’s summons, Steffy shows up in his office. He tells her that he is out, he has to leave. He doesn’t care. They can have the job, but he loves her and that will work out. He wants her to go away with him. He asks her to marry him.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ springs a surprise on Nicole when she learns he has set a wedding date for mid-March and had it announced in the paper. He gives her ten grand to buy a wedding dress and she gives it to Brady to repay the loan he made to her. She confides in him that she is worried Baker may continue to threaten her and that she could go to jail. Brady reassures her, not knowing about the baby switch. He later confronts Baker and threatens to break his neck if he goes near Nicole again. Mia calls Nicole about her baby. Sami learns that she and Nicole gave birth on the same day and that she’s marrying EJ. Rafe warns her that she could lose Grace if EJ finds out what she is up to. Sami considers ruining Nicole’s wedding by telling EJ the truth, butt decides to make Grace her first priority and keep her birth a secret. Max refuses to give Melanie the blueprints, but she takes a peek at them and heads over to EJ’s. He demands the blueprints and Melanie draws them out for him on a piece of paper, claiming she has a photographic memory. Brady is angry when he learns of what Phillip has done to Melanie. Phillip tries to make up with Stephanie, saying that she did fall in love with him for the man he really is. Melanie tells Phillip she wants them to get along and let bygones be bygones, but Phillip is suspicious of her motives.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas and Rebecca escape the fire and make it to the chopper. Maxie heads up the hospital stairs to find Spinelli. Carly and Sonny manage to get themselves down the stairs and outside safely. Carly is reunited with Jax. Johnny learns that Maxie is inside the hospital so he goes to find her. Sam struggles with Trevor on the hospital roof and Trevor falls to his death. Jason later pulls Sam and the poison sphere to safety. Kate tells Claudia she knows the truth about Michael's shooting, thanks to Jerry's DVD. Claudia says Kate has no evidence to prove her story. Agent Rayner takes Patrick aside to question him. Alexis waits out the crisis in her office with Diane.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Natalia tells Olivia she is going away on a trip with Frank. Olivia is ok with it. At Cedars everyone waits for news of Coop. Marina and Mallet steal a moment away from family. Marina says she is mad at Mallet. That is until he hands her an envelope with a Valentine in it. Beth talks to her mother, Lillian, about what has happened in the last day or so. At the crash site, Lizzie views the car. Philip come up on her startling her. Philip says he is sorry for startling her. He tries to talk to her. She tells him to stay away from her. Lizzie asks Phillip in short how long he's been back in town. Phillip tells her the day she was born he swore he'd not let anyone or anything hurt her. And he ended up being the one that did. Lizzie tells Phillip she used to dream about him trying to find her. Olivia tells Emma about Natalia's trip with Frank. Emma is confused and hurt. Olivia spends time making Valentines with her. Back at Cedars. Ashlee tries to cheer Daisy up. In Lillian's office at Cedars, she and Beth continue their talk. Frank interrupts to ask if Lillian knows anything. She tells him she doesn't, but when she does, she'll let him know. Back at the crash site. Lizzie is still venting her anger toward Phillip. Phillip says he realizes he is asking a lot in her forgiveness for what he put her through. At home of Olivia and Natalia, Natalia joins Emma and Olivia in making Valentines. They are all enjoying each other. Frank call Natalia to tell him about Coop. Lillian and an orderly bring Coop back as Frank is arguing about how Coop was left at the scene. Now at a gazebo, Phillip continues to talk to Lizzie. This time she listens to him. While there a cop come up and tell Phillip to put his hands in the air. Daisy goes into Coop's hospital room to talk to him along with Ashlee. Coop wakes up. Daisy is thrilled. Frank calls Natalia's cell. She asks about Coop. He asks her to tell her that Phillip is back. Olivia gets nervous at hearing of this. At the hospital, Coop is now visited by the family, Marina, Mallet and Daisy are with him. The arrest of Phillip stems from an attempted abduction at Lizzie's. Beth sits with Coop as he tries to talk to her. Olivia wants Natalia to take Emma and get out of the country up on hearing that Phillip is back. But Natalia tells her that is not the right way to go. That she will help her protect Emma. Lizzie goes home to think about what she just went through with Phillip. Phillip is put into a jail cell at Springfield PD.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the Go Red Ball, Todd is provoked by Marty with Wes. So is John. Blair is provoked by both men's interest in Marty, in seeing Tea with Todd and gets really freaked out when she sees Tea dancing with John. She and Todd both drink and admit they are not over each other. Beaver Calhoun enters and drops the bombshell upon everybody that David Vickers is Asa's son and the soul heir to the Buchanan fortune. Everybody is stunned and shocked. But Dorian is delighted. Gigi reunites with her sister Stacy. Stacy informs her that she has missed her sister and that their parents are dead

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the cabin, Lily asks Chloe and Billy how they can stand themselves for ruining two people’s lives. Chloe’s water breaks, but Lily thinks that Chloe is faking it. Billy insists on getting Chloe to the hospital. An unknown man remarks that weather people have all the luck. Cane insists on getting through that there is a woman that he needs to see. Amber doesn’t believe the D.N.A results that they are saying that Kay is a fake. Jill calls Kay a “fraud.: Jill tells them that they have all been conned by this woman. Roger and Clint take Kay to an undisclosed location. Kay insists that Roger get his hands off her. Clint remarks that Marge was always a big pain. Billy starts out for the hospital, but is told that he cannot get through because of the snow. Lily checks on Chloe to see if she is o.k.. The park ranger tells Billy that the snow will not let up till morning and they are stuck at the cabin.

Ashley questions Olivia if she has a hot date for tonight. Olivia lets her know that she is visiting her sick pastor in the hospital. Olivia confronts Ashley about her losing her position at Jabot. Neil questions Victor as to who had bought the shares of Jabot from Gloria. Victor calls off his and Ashley’s plans for the evening, but Ashley goes to the office instead. Victor surprises her with offering her a seat on the board of directors at Newman Enterprises. Complications arise in the delivery of Chloe’s baby. Lily calls Olivia for help and also talks to her dad. Kevin questions Murphy as to where is Kay. Annie stays with Kay while Clint is away. Roger and Esther prepare to wed. Cane arrives at the cabin and hopes he is not too late. Billy delivers Chloe’s baby. Cane holds the baby.

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