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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At home, Greenlee and Ryan kiss just before they leave for the inn. Tad, Jake and Opal arrive at the inn. Tad makes it a point to tell the desk clerk that they want separate rooms. J.R. and Amanda arrive for the wedding, but Amanda feels a little uncomfortable being here. In their room at the inn, Reese and Bianca can’t believe that the big day is finally here. Erica, Kendall and Zach arrive at the inn. A bellboy shows Erica to her room. Zach questions Kendall as to why she had changed her mind about coming to the wedding. Kendall confesses to Zach that she had told Bianca that she would attend the wedding only if Erica and Reese agreed to move back to Paris after the wedding. Bianca and Reese kiss. Greenlee and Ryan make love. Aidan begs Dr. Sinclair to give twenty-four hours to find Annie before she reports Annie being gone. Dr. Sinclair begins to object, but Aidan tells her that he will spill the beans and tell everyone of Dr. Sinclair’s involvement with Richie. Kendall realizes that Zach is angry with her over sending Reese and Bianca away. Kendall questions him as to how he will deal with not seeing Gabrielle. Bianca tells Erica that after the wedding, she and Reese are moving back to Paris. Aidan confronts Dr. Sinclair about her being in love with Richie. Annie arrives at the inn just before everyone arrives for the rehearsal dinner. Annie is confronted by Judith, who mistakes her for Greenlee. Annie confesses that she is not Greenlee. Ryan, Greenlee and Emma arrive for the ceremony. Annie watches the goings on from the window.

The rehearsal dinner begins with everyone in attendance. Zach proposes a toast to the loving couple. Kendall proposes a toast and hurls insulting remarks toward Reese. Reese grabs the bottle, two glasses and leaves the room. Bianca follows her. In the foyer, Reese goes all to pieces and demands that Bianca straighten out the mess. Aidan watches the goings-on. Annie sneaks up on him and knocks him out. During the wedding rehearsal, Kendall watches Zach with Gabrielle and how he can calm Gabrielle down. Bianca, Erica and Kendall arrive back at the inn. Bianca accuses Kendall of being cruel to Reese. Bianca blames Erica for blaming everything on Reese. Annie watches Greenlee from outside the window. Aidan sneaks up behind her and clasps his hand over her mouth and drags her away. Everyone is gone from the church and all is left is Reese and Zach. Zach comforts Reese and they begin to kiss. Ryan walks in and sees them kissing. Reese pulls away from him and tells him that they cannot do this. Reese and Zach vow not to ever let this happen again. When Zach and Reese arrive back at the inn, Reese goes on to her bedroom while Ryan confronts Zach. Ryan lets Zach know that he had seen the kiss between Zach and Reese. Zach brushes Ryan off and tells him not to ever mention it again. Zach hurries into his bedroom unbeknownst to him that Kendall has heard him come in the room.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig tells Carly that the man who had agreed to distribute the vodka backed out of the deal but he has a meeting set up with a new distributor but they have to go to New York today. Carly and Craig go to the meeting and once they are back in Oakdale the distributor calls and tells Craig that he loves the idea and he has already sent a check to them in the mail. Craig is so excited that he gives Carly a kiss but seeing her stunned reaction he promises not to ever do that again.

Allison tells Matt that she was hurt to see Casey and Jade making love so in order to cheer her up he surprises her with a picnic at the hospital. Tom and Margo are not happy when they discover Casey slept with Jade while they were out of town. Tom tells Casey that Jade isn't the right girl for him and Casey tells Tom it is none of his business whom he dates. Casey is tired of everybody telling him he shouldn't date Jade so he tells Jade that they are going to pick up where they left off last night.

Luke and Noah tell Casey that they think Elwood sold Reg the pills that caused his overdose and Casey calls Elwood to set up a meeting at the park. Casey tries to persuade Elwood to sell him pills but Elwood doesn't fall into the trap. Casey places the pills that Reg took in Elwood's backpack and later tells Luke and Noah to go to the police with their suspicions. Margo brings Elwood in for questioning after talking to Luke and Noah. Elwood denies selling the pills to Reg and when Margo searches the backpack she doesn't find anything. Noah tells Casey that Elwood was let go because Margo found no evidence. Casey guesses Elwood found the pills and took them out before he went to the police station. Casey, Luke and Noah are determined to see Elwood goes to jail for Reg's death.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

A better day today says Ridge since they were able to get Steffy away from Rick last night. Now Eric has called a meeting. Ridge tells Brooke that Rick is out of Steffy’s life and now he might be out of the business too so they can all move on. Ridge leaves and Rick comes in to see Brooke. He knows about the emergency family meeting. But if Ridge would accept him, this would all work out. Brooke lashes that it’s time for Rick to own up to what he has done and take responsibility for damages he has caused. Rick is not willing to sacrifice his relationship with Steffy to have peace. Brooke is not sure she can believe anything he says at all any more. In Eric’s office, all gather and Felicia and Thorne are in the dark except they know it is about Rick’s future. Ridge tells Rick that he has to go. It doesn’t matter where. Just pack and get his garbage out of the office and get the hell out of there.

Steffy tells Taylor that she does not have to keep a constant eye on her, but Taylor says she wants to. Steffy can’t believe that Taylor would agree that Rick is using her to get to her dad. They really do love each other. Taylor reminds her that Rick is troubled and he might not even realize his true motives. It may take a while, it will be difficult but she has to give Rick up. Bickering breaks out at the Forrester’s and Eric breaks it up. What’s done is done. All they need to think about now is if they can continue to work with Rick in the office. Felicia and Stephanie shake their head no, while all look to Ridge. Ridge states that he agreed that he would leave Rick alone after Phoebe died if he would just stay away, but he couldn’t have the decency to do that. Eric says this all comes down to Rick’s mother. This decision is going to affect her the most. She needs to decide if Rick stays or goes. Both Rick and Ridge look to Brooke for the answer.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady tells Victor that he borrowed money from Nicole when he came back to Salem and is just now paying her back. They end up getting in a fight over Victor not trusting Brady to pick his friends and Brady storms out. Nicole pays off Dr. Baker, who had an earlier run-in with EJ. She smoothes EJ’s ruffled feathers by telling him she was out buying a baby monitor. Daniel talks Chloe out of leaving town. Kate tells Lucas that he has to try to get Chloe back. Kate later confides in Daniel that she’s worried about Lucas. Brady tries to comfort Chloe, although she refuses to tell him what is going on. Phillip catches Melanie hacking into the computer at Titan and he throws her out instead of arresting her. Victor is furious with his decision and accuses him of falling for Melanie. Melanie learns that Nick sent Max a copy of the blueprints she was looking for at Titan.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason, Patrick, and Sam work to evacuate patients from the hospital. Trevor and Claudia argue and he pushes her down some stairs. Trevor runs into Kate and tells her about being in possession of the poison sphere. After Kate claims to want nothing to do with Trevor, he takes off. Sam follows Trevor to try and get the poison sphere. Robin arrives at Mercy with Johnny. She later asks Maxie to go to GH and get Patrick. Emma's condition improves. Rebecca gets trapped in the fire and Nikolas promises to free her. Luke and Ethan try to free themselves from jail. Maxie makes her way into the hospital to find Spinelli. Spinelli gets locked inside a hospital utility closet.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Daisy tells Lizzie about Coop's accident telling her that her grandfather is partly to blame. Rick tells Beth that Coop is lucky that Phillip came up on his car when he did. Outside Cedars, Phillip is still in the middle of the fight Buzz wants to have with Alan. Alan gets up from the ground and start making accusations about Buzz. Phillip demands Alan go. That he'll handle Buzz. After Alan leaves the scene, Phillip tells Buzz he doesn't want Harley to know he is back. Buzz tells Phillip that Harley is halfway around the world. Ashlee goes to see Daisy. Daisy tells her about Beth, Coop and the car accident. She tells Ashlee that he is in surgery now. Daisy also tells Ashlee that she doesn't think it is a good time for Grady to be around either. Phillip goes to the Mansion and looks around. Lizzie goes looking for Cyrus and runs into Bill breaking in. Beth comes home to find Phillip on the stairs. Buzz comes home and lets into Daisy his frustration. Alan goes into Cedars and runs into Rick, who tells him he'd better go home. Alan doesn't budge. They talk about Phillip. At the house, Phillip comes down stairs into the study and he and Beth talk. Beth tells him a lot has changed since he "left". Beth says to Phillip he was gone and she "hated him for it." Phillip asks about the children, Lizzie and James. Beth tells Phillip that Lizzie lost her baby. Phillip is shocked to even hear that Lizzie had a baby. Beth gets up and tries to apologize. Phillip tells her she never has to apologize to him. Bill tells Lizzie he didn't take anything, yet he has a strip of pictures. They are of her and Phillip. Lizzie grabs them out of his hand. Bill says he found where Phillip was living, but missed him. Lizzie gives Bill the pictures back saying she doesn't need to be reminded of her dad. Alan is still talking to Rick. Alan wants to know why Phillip came back. Rick jokes, "To thank you for shooting him." Alan doesn't think that is funny. Phillip goes in search of Beth's bathrobe to cover herself up. They are in front of a round mirror and they both look into it as Phillip reminisces about the old days. After he finishes covering her up, Phillip leaves. Beth starts to sob. Alan runs into Bill in the Cedar's parking lot. Bill asks why he isn't with Beth. Alan is surprised he doesn't know already and tells him that, "Beth ditched him."

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea urges Todd to go to the ball with her. He doesn't want to. But they play a poker game where she wins and gets to decide that they go. She is also there to find out what is up with Cristian and Vanessa and to secretly help Ray Montez. John asks Blair to go with him. But she doesn't want to, telling him she knows that she will never be as important to him as Marty. But she decides to go with him anyway. Marty gets Wes to do with her. But he can tell it's only to use him in order to make John and Todd jealous. The woman at the desk is a real stickler about allowing people to enter the ball without identifying themselves. Gigi the showgirl steals the real Gigi Morasco's dress, identifies herself as Gigi and gets in. Gigi Morasco has to force her way in when she does not have a red dress. And Beaver Calhoun appears to drop the bomb shell upon everybody that David is Asa's son and the sole heir to Asa's estate.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Billy and Lily’s romantic weekend at the cabin is interrupted by confessions and Chloe’s water breaking. Murphy finds a cryptic letter and realizes Kay is kidnapped but Jill has the DNA and guess what Kay’s not her mother. Cane can’t get Lily off his mind as he tries to give Chloe a special heirloom, he realizes its Lily he wants and goes after her. Nick tells Sharon she needs to resign and Phyllis that he wants to work on saving their marriage. Sharon is cracking up. Phyllis gives Daniel a loan.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the restaurant, Kevin looks at Jana as she puts icing strands on the cake in honor of Kay’s D.N.A. Amber fins them cute and asks what the man said to Daniel as he walks into the restaurant. Daniel tells her that the deal fell through, because he didn’t have the money to hang his pictures. Amber realizes that she won't have the money from the inheritance if Kay is proven to be alive. Kay gives Murphy the last kiss as Margie. Murphy realizes that things are about to change, At home, Cane tells Chloe that he is going to meet his mother but decides to bring them take-out. At the cabin, Lily and Billy realize that there is no electric, no heat, and no lights. Lily wants to build a fire out of newspaper sticks. Billy agrees to go out and cut some firewood. Phyllis comes in and asks how Summer is. Nicholas tells Phyllis that she is making Valentines. Nicholas tells Phyllis that he is going to the office for awhile. Sharon asks where Victor is. The woman tells her that he stepped out. The woman offers her condolences concerning Brad. Cane arrives at Jill’s and asks if she did him the favor. Jill gives him a necklace that his father had given her. Jill begins to put down Chloe, but Cane defends Chloe that she is not the same person. Chloe calls Jack to get an approval on the next issue of “Restless Style.”

Billy tells Lily that it is really snowing outside. Lily shares her blanket with Billy. Kay meets up with Kevin and Amber. Gloria calls Kevin. Kay wants to talk to Gloria. Daniel asks for money from Phyllis. Phyllis agrees to give it to him. Chloe considers going to see Billy and Lily. Jill finds out that the D.N.A. tests are in. Clint calls Margie (Kay). Nicholas tells Phyllis that Sharon had resigned. Jill gives them the test results confirming that Kay is not her mother. Lily lashes out at Chloe for all her lies and manipulations. Chloe’s water breaks.

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