Wednesday 2/11/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Oak Haven, Annie imagines Greenlee and Ryan taking their wedding vows. Annie looks at the pic of Ryan and Greenlee. Aidan calls for Annie through the air vent, but she doesn’t answer. An orderly comes in to Aidan’s room and tells him that Dr. Sinclair wants to see him. Ryan and Tad discuss how that Dr. Sinclair must have been Richie psychiatrist at the Chicago prison. Greenlee comes in and overhears them talking about Annie and helping her. Reese is sitting on the sofa, working on her wedding vows when Bianca comes in. Bianca wants to see what Reese is writing, but Reese refuses to let her see. They begin to wrestle with one another which results in a hug. David examines Kendall at Zach’s while Erica goes over the wedding plans. Erica starts to leave when Zach comes in. Kendall lets Zach know that she doesn’t want to go to the wedding. Zach tells Kendall that if she isn’t going to the wedding then neither is she. Jesse and Angie stand at the bar in their apartment when Natalia comes out to go to work. Natalia assures them that she is fine as she leaves. Jesse wishes that he could have said good-bye to Rebecca. Aidan visits Dr. Sinclair in her office. Dr. Sinclair tells Aidan that Annie had confessed to killing Richie. Dr. Sinclair tells Aidan that she has called for a competency hearing for Annie. Tad, Ryan and Greenlee are discussing Annie when the doorbell rings. A designer has brought Greenlee’s wedding gown. Dr. Sinclair plays Aidan a tape recording of Annie’s confession. Krystal visits David at the hospital. David blasts Angie for being late. Angie warns Krystal that David is gonna hurt Krystal bad. Aidan visits Annie. Annie begs for his help. Annie shows Aidan a newspaper pic of Ryan and Greenlee and asks if he had known about it. Annie orders Aidan out. Zach tells Reese. Erica and Bianca that Kendall is not coming to the wedding. While Greenlee gets fitted for her wedding gown, Aidan visits.

Aidan asks Greenlee if Ryan had told her about himself and Annie. Natalia comes home, upset that Jesse had had her pulled from duty today. Natalia begins to cry as Jesse holds her. Krystal and Angie discuss the death of Rebecca. Angie and Krystal hug while David watches. Greenlee and Aidan discuss Annie when Ryan comes in. Bianca pays Kendall a visit and asks her to come to the wedding. Kendall lets Bianca know that there is something that Bianca must do for her first. Dr. Sinclair reveals that she had loved Richie with all her heart. Greenlee is upset that Ryan has seen her in her wedding gown.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick pulls his car over and after checking with Steffy that she is all right, he orders her out of the car. Ridge and Brooke are upon them. Ridge holds Steffy also to be sure she is okay. Then he turns his attention to trying to get Rick out of the car while Brooke is on the other side advising Rick to start up and leave. Donna questions Eric as to who he is protecting from stealing the designs. He simply says it is done and to just let it go. The designs have already been seen as Jackie M’s so nothing will come of it now. He must design new ones for his own showing. Rick shows up at the office and tells Eric that Ridge is after him and will kill him. It’s not about the designs, it’s something else. Eric is aghast when Rick tells him it is Steffy. He’s in love with Steffy and that is why he gave the designs to Jackie M. so they could be together and work away from the disapproving family. Eric sees is all too clearly now. He’s lashing out at Ridge. He knew how Ridge would react to this. He rails at Rick that he has given him all his support and yet Rick has been lying to him all along. Rick, and Rick alone, was responsible for his actions and he won’t let Rick pull this guilt trip on him again that he is siding with Ridge. Rick had promised him time and time again that he would not disappoint him, yet here he is again doing so. He says Rick’s future with this company is not looking too good right now.

Ridge tries to talk to Steffy and convince her that Rick is only using her. He’s used everyone in the family, his mother and his father and especially Ridge. So what better way to stick it to him than to take his daughter, a second daughter? Steffy can’t even convince Brooke that her son is sincere in his feelings. Brooke calls Rick and tells him not to go home tonight; stay away from Ridge……and away from Steffy. Don’t make the situation any worse. Yet when Steffy walks into her room, she is surprised to have Rick slip up to her from behind and assures her that no matter what anyone says he is not going to give up on them. Brooke apologizes to Ridge that this has happened with her son, but she assures him that Rick now realizes the seriousness of the situation and he won’t pursue Steffy any more.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

EJ tells Melanie that he can’t work with her until he sees the blueprints for the fuel project. She doesn’t have them, but assumes Phillip does, so she sneaks into Titan and breaks into the computer. Stephanie tells Phillip that she can’t let him go, and that she loves him, but changes her mind when she overhears Phillip discussing the court injunction he sprung on Melanie. Victor and Stefano acknowledge to one another that they will do whatever it takes to get the fuel project. Later, Victor warns Brady about getting involved with Nicole. Dr. Baker demands ten thousand dollars from Nicole, and she goes straight to Brady. She convinces him to help her for the baby’s sake, and he gives her money from Victor’s safe. Victor walks in just as he does so, asking him what he thinks he is doing. Chloe breaks up with Lucas, despite his protestations. Kayla urges Daniel to tell her about the woman he is clearly seeing or at least cares for, but Daniel refuses. Later, Chloe shows up at his place, asking him to run away with her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Sonny goes back to get Claudia. Carly and Spinelli watch from the roof as a chopper tries to land but crashes instead. Winifred confirms to Carly that Jax was piloting the chopper. Jax survives the crash and arrives at the trailer, insisting on taking another chopper to the roof. Mac agrees but Alexis pulls rank and forbids Jax from going up again. Alexis gives in so Jax heads off to make another rescue attempt. Kate pulls Sonny aside to try and tell him the truth about Claudia. Monica faints when she sees Rebecca. Nikolas wonders if Rebecca is somehow related to Emily. Matt continues to blame himself for the crisis. Liz makes Lucky promise to care for her kids if she doesn’t make it out of the hospital alive. Claudia drops the DVD and Kate spies it on the floor. Olivia retrieves the DVD and throws it into the fire.

Luke continues to advise Ethan on how to be an effective “con” man. Later, Luke and Ethan con a gunman into believing Luke’s having a heart attack. The two soon learn that the gunman is the sheriff. Maxie and Johnny pretend to be Emma’s parents so she can receive care at Mercy hospital. Robin insists on staying at GH to help out instead of heading to Mercy. After Maxie admits she isn’t Emma’s mother, Johnny heads to GH to get Robin. Maxie blames herself when Emma doesn’t respond to the treatment. Robin hesitates to go to Mercy with Johnny when he explains about Emma’s condition. Carly tries to make her way out of the hospital to find Jax. Patrick gets people together for a rooftop evacuation. Jax lands the chopper successfully. Liz gets ready to get on board the first chopper. Sam watches as Lucky kisses Liz. Nikolas heads off to find Rebecca and help her to the roof. Winifred hesitates in boarding the first chopper even though her superiors have ordered her to do so. Jason goes back to get Anthony but he’s gone missing. Sonny goes off to find Carly. The two run into trouble when something comes crashing down from above them.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Beth goes to the ladies room at Cedars to compose herself. She notices blood on her dress. She quickly finds a lab coat and puts it on. Buzz is talking to Rick about Coop's prognosis. Beth then comes into Coop's room. Buzz whispers to Coop that Beth is there. Beth takes one of Coop's hands and hold it. Phillip talks to Alan more. Phillip tells Alan that all he thought of was his family, children and his business. Phillips brings out a gun. Alan wants to know why. Phillip says it is because Alan shot him. Alan tells Phillip he wasn't right. That since Phillip's been gone he's taken care of Beth and the children. Phillip says he is going to find Beth. Coop says he wants time alone with Beth. Buzz leaves them alone. Josh and Reva get to Cedars. Buzz tells them that Coop was trying to stop the wedding. At Shayne's place, Dinah is looking at his treasures from his trips. They argue about Edmund. As she is about to leave she opens the door to Edmund. She walks by him without saying a word let alone look at him. Beth continues her anger at Alan. Dinah and Edmund talk while they are at Towers having a drink. Coop is readied for surgery. Before he goes in Buzz and Frank talks with him out in the hall. Coop says he wants to thank who saved him. Beth is outside Cedars crying and looking at the dress. She doesn't know at first that Phillip is looking at her from the other end of the parking lot. Beth goes back to find out about Coop and then she asks about Buzz. Frank tells her Coop is in surgery and Buzz went to clear his head. Beth sees Rick and asks about Coop. Rick says he is still in surgery and it could take awhile. She then mentions Phillip. Rick says he's seen him and talked to him. Buzz finds Alan and is about to start a fight, Phillip steps in and tells Buzz to, "Leave my father alone!"

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Matthew accuses Cole of smoking weed, but then confesses to it.  Rex and Gigi talk about finding David, while Roxy gets an offer from Beaver Calhoun.  Natalie and Viki disagree about leaving Jessica alone with the girls while they attend the Go Red Ball.  Jessica and Brody talk about her lack of connection to Chloe, while Starr tells Schuyler about her connection to Chloe.  Michael tries to convince Marcie to go to the Go Red Ball with him and ends up asking her out on a date to get her to go.  Jessica admits to Brody that she is starting to have Tessí memories, while Natalie suggests that she should give Jessica another chance.  Asher asks Cole if he still wants more pharmaceuticals.  Natalie and Jared realize that Tess went to the hospital on the day that Chloe was born.  Starr starts a new project with Schuyler.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nick, Sharon and Phyllis lay down the law to Noah but of course his love for Eden causes him to defy it. Lily’s romance with Billy is sending Cane over the edge especially when she blurts out they slept together. Chloe runs to tell Billy at Jabot to make nice with Cane, Billy can’t stop thinking about the baby. The return of Mrs. C stops Esther from making a stupid mistake and Phyllis offers Sharon parenting advice.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Nicholas and Phyllis are home when Sharon arrives to discuss Noah. Sharon finds out from Nicholas that Noah had been drinking. Phyllis offers to go upstairs, but Nicholas insists that she stay. Sharon suggests a way to keep Noah and Eden apart. Nicholas has his doubts about keeping Noah and Eden apart. Michael and Lauren are home. They discuss that they have to confront Eden about her behavior. Lauren tells Michael that Eden is blaming herself for Noah as well as Bradís death. Eden asks Noah how was his first day back at school. He tells her that it is better since he has seen her. Noah apologizes for not getting Eden anything for Valentineís Day. Edenís cell phone rings. Eden has received a phone call from Michael telling her to come home. Noah also gets a call from Nicholas. Kay serves Murphy a sandwich of roast turkey on whole wheat bread. Murphy notices that Kay had been bouncing off the wall since she had found out that she didnít have Alzheimerís or dementia, and that she will find out today if she is Kay Chancellor. Murphy tells Kay that she has to say good-bye to Joe, Jr. and Pearl. At the Chancellor mansion, Jill confronts Roger as to his haste in getting Esther to the altar. Esther comes downstairs and tells Roger that he is early. He starts to present her with something that his Mother had worn on her wedding day when the phone rings. Chloe visits Billy at his office at Jabot. She begins to confront him on how that he had first taken Lily away from Cane and now has taken Caneís job at Jabot. Cane begs Lily not to go on this weekend trip with Billy.

Kay says good-bye to Joe, Jr.. and Pearl. Kay tells them that she is not Marge Catrooke but Kay Chancellor and she lives in Genoa City. Esther changes her mind about marrying Roger which upsets his plans to no end. Lauren confronts Eden about the whiskey in the water bottle. Nicholas and Sharon find out that Eden was the one, who had brought the whiskey. Nicholas forbids Noah to see Eden anymore. Kay says good-bye to Murphy. Roger gets a call from Clint. Roger tells Clint that Esther had bailed on marrying him. Jill calls Paul to do a background check on Roger Wilkes. Noah calls Eden and tells her that he is out of the house. Noah and Eden confess their love for each other.

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