Tuesday 2/10/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/10/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion, Jesse and Natalia sit at a table celebrating his birthday. At Pine Valley Hospital, Jake, Frankie and Angie are standing at the nurses’ station. They do not have any complaints, they are just glad to be back at work. David walks up and overhears them talking. David reminds them that they have patients to see. Angie lets him know that they are not on the clock. At Tad’s house, Tad and Krystal meet with their lawyer. Krystal’s lawyer suggests that Tad and Krystal sell everything and split the money. Tad refuses to sell the house. At Oak Haven, Aidan talks to Annie through the air vent. Dr. Sinclair has a confrontation with Ryan in the hall and demands to know what he is doing here. Ryan looks through the window in the door and sees Annie talking to someone through the air vent. Annie notices Ryan being outside the door and begins to pound on the door and yells for Ryan. Ryan and Dr. Sinclair talk in her office about Ryan’s impending nuptials. Ryan starts to get up out of his chair and knocks a cup off the desk. Dr. Sinclair calls him an “idiot.” Natalia tells Jesse that she is looking for a place for herself and her Rebecca. Taylor and Brot arrive at the ConFusion Bar. Natalia questions Jesse about his investigation concerning David, but Jesse refuses to tell her anything. At Wildwind, Krystal takes another little white pill to calm her nerves. David watches her. Krystal shows David the blueprints that tad had given her the property that the Comeback Bar was on. While Krystal goes to change her clothes, David picks up the blueprints and throws them onto the fire. Dr. Sinclair visits Annie and shows her a pic of Ryan and Greenlee getting married soon.

An orderly escorts Ryan to the door of Oak Haven, but Ryan pays the orderly off in order to get to see Annie. Ryan tells Aidan about the Chicago mug and how that Ryan had knocked it off the desk in Dr. Sinclair’s office. Tad, Angie, Frankie, and Randi surprise Jesse with a cake in which Tad pops out of the cake. Tad does a very sexy dance for the whole crowd. David and Krystal walk in and watch the festivities for a minute and then leave. At the house, Krystal looks for the blueprints, but David confesses that he had burned them. David tells Krystal that he wants to be involved in the new plans for the bar. Annie confesses to Dr. Sinclair that she had indeed killed Richie. Dr. Sinclair plays Annie a tape of her conversation with Ryan. Aidan hacks into Dr. Sinclair’s computer and finds a connection between Dr. Sinclair and Richie. Jesse finds out that Rebecca is dead and, sadly tells Natalia about her Mother. Frankie confesses to Angie that he knew that Rebecca was dying. Natalia receives a letter from her mother.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Sage is a big hit playing Tinkerbell in her school play and she and Janet bond when Janet does her makeup for the play. Sage thanks Janet for doing her makeup and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Carly and Craig get a top distributor for their midnight sun vodka but Carly has to miss Sage's play when the meeting with the distributor takes longer then expected. Carly arrives at the end of the play but pretends she saw it so Sage won't be hurt. Carly and Craig toast to a bright future for their children because of the great business deal they made today.

Meg, Paul, and Josie work together to find Eliza and they discover that the kidnappers are trying to sell the baby on the black market. Paul has a vision which leads them to central park where they find a couple waiting for the baby. Paul pretends to be the kidnapper and leads the couple away so that Dusty and Meg can pretend to be the adoptive couple. Meg and Dusty give the kidnapper $5,000 promising to give him more money when they see the baby. The kidnappers decide to take the money and run but when Josie spots them they take her hostage too. Paul Meg and Dusty search the neighborhood where the car was stolen for the kidnappers. Paul finds Josie's earring and Meg hears Eliza crying so Paul and Dusty tackle the kidnappers and Meg finds Josie and Eliza. The police arrive and arrest the two kidnappers as well as Paul.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge shouts at Rick. So one daughter wasn’t enough, now he wants Steffy too. He insists on knowing all the details of what is going on. Jackie is delighted to see Bridget designing, she’s in her best element. Jackie shares that she only wants the best for her. And she’s not that unhappy that this might not go down well with Katie – Nick working so closely with his ex-wife. Nick explains to Katie who Madame X is. Katie drops in on Bridget and is supportive of her new career as long as it doesn’t depend on her working too closely with Nick. Steffy feels she needs somebody to talk to, but she and Thomas end up in a shouting match when she tells him about Rick.

Brooke has to jump in between Ridge and Rick to keep them apart and it’s just enough to allow Rick to run out the door and get into his car. Up pops Steffy from the back seat wanting to talk to Rick. They spy Ridge running after Rick. Ridge sees Steffy, and Rick accelerates the car in the getaway. On the highway, Rick realizes Ridge is speeding and following him at close range. Ridge vows to Brooke that Rick will not take another daughter away from him. Brooke begs him to pull over, he and Rick are both driving like maniacs and something bad is going to happen. With both women shouting at the men driving, the cars barely make the winding curves and Ridge sees Rick suddenly swerve and run the car off the road.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole nearly tells EJ the truth about the baby, fearing for her life when Lexie says she needs Nicole’s family health history. Later, they learn the baby just had some reflux and Nicole decides to keep her secret for good. Stefano becomes suspicious of Nicole, despite Lexie defending both her and EJ. Phillip goes to see Melanie and pretends to make a peace offering, saying Stephanie laid into him for being cruel to Melanie and that he deserved it. He adds that they broke up and promises to do anything to get Melanie back at Titan. It turns out he is waiting around for Melanie to be served with a court injunction forcing her to stay at Titan. Afterwards, Melanie demands EJ meet with her and tells him she wants Phillip eliminated. Kayla tells Stephanie that she doesn’t think Phillip is the right man for her. Chloe and Lucas set their wedding date for Valentine’s Day. Later, Chloe, Lucas, Kate, Victor and Daniel all attend a hospital fundraiser at Chez Rouge. Stefano shows up and expresses interest in dating Kate. Lucas pays for Chloe to sing a love song to him, but she can’t keep her eyes off of Daniel. Victor thinks something is going on between the two of them. After her song, Chloe rushes off in tears and tells Lucas that she can’t marry him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas does his best to get Edward and Monica to a safe part of the hospital. Nadine overhears Nik tell Monica about his “once in a lifetime” love for Emily. Patrick and Jason decide to evacuate patients via the hospital roof but Mac says it’s impossible because of the storm. Mac says the firefighters are working to clear the stairways. Lulu refuses to leave Tracy’s side. Carly and Olivia work to get Claudia and Kate to safety. Sonny loses track of Trevor after the explosion. Sonny happens upon Kate, Carly, Claudia, and Olivia. Claudia hears Kate talk about an important DVD then spies one on the floor. Sonny takes Kate and Olivia to another part of the hospital and Carly follows close behind. Claudia stays behind to take care of the DVD. Sonny returns for Claudia right after she gets the DVD in her hands. Jason finds an unconscious Rebecca and is stunned by her resemblance to Emily. Sam takes Rebecca to safety and they run into Edward and Monica. Jax insists he can evacuate the hospital by helicopter. Patrick confides the severity of the situation in Matt. Patrick further admits he’s worried about Emma and Robin. Meanwhile, Robin helps Epiphany evacuate the babies in the nursery. Jax heads off to land a chopper on the hospital roof. Carly and Spinelli watch as Jax appears to be in trouble trying to land the chopper.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lillian and Lizzie are talking about what they think Beth really wants or needs while they are waiting for the wedding to start. Phillip comes up to Lillian to remind her about an old saying about "Enemies". The hooded person that saves Coop is Phillip. After Phillip has gotten Coop out, he looks as the car goes up in flames. Frank is trying to cheer Buzz up. Rick is trying to tell Beth she can stop this before she walks down the aisle. Mallet and Marina are at the accident by chance when Marina recognizes Buzz's car. She calls him. Frank grabs the receiver from Buzz to get more info. Mallet continues the phone conversation with Frank saying there is no sign of the driver. Not knowing that Coop is already at Cedars unconscious. Lizzie joins Bill outside the church. Bill wants her to go back in. She doesn't, he kisses her. Beth reaches Alan and the minister. The minister begins the service. When the preacher get to the part about anyone objecting, Phillip walks in, stunning Beth. Coop is alone in the Cedar's examination room and calls out for Beth. Beth walks up to Phillip to touch his face, at that point she faints into his arms as Lillian call out to her. Buzz and Frank get to Cedars to look for Coop. Frank tells his dad that he'll ask about Coop at the desk. Buzz doesn't wait. He starts looking into rooms. He finds Coop and at that point Frank comes up behind him to look in. Phillip tells Beth of the accident he came upon. They are outside the church and Beth gets angry at Alan. Lillian tells her to come on to the hospital as Phillip looks on at Alan. After everyone is outside, Lizzie, who has now gone back inside the church looks at the veil on the floor. Bill is at Company with Daisy the only one there. She tells him what she knows of the accident. Bill tries to sound positive, saying that he'll probably be back ordering coffee soon. Mallet and Marina find Frank and Buzz. Mallet leaves Marina hugging Buzz and goes to talk to Frank. Alan takes Phillip to his "grave". Phillip is impressed at the way the grave looks. Phillip says, "He doesn't hurt anymore". Alan asks, "What?" To which, Phillip shoots back, "Where you shot me!"

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dorian and David return to Llanview after secretly tying the knot. They stay at the angel square motel. But Dorian knows that she cannot let anybody know that David is with her. So she bribes Roxy to keep quiet. Meanwhile, the Buchanan lawyer, Beaver Calhoun is looking for David. Rex tells the Buchanans he regrets to inform them that he failed to find Dorian and David. But Bo tells Rex that he still wants him on the case and believes that Rex can still help them. Gigi the showgirl from Vegas has secretly followed Gigi Morasco and Rex back to Llanview and is spying upon them from the bushes. Viki finds out that Dorian supposedly gave her home and all her wealth to Moe and Noelle and knows she is up to something. Starr admits to Schuyler that she felt her baby "ever near" when she held Jessica's baby, Chloe. Jessica admits to Brody that she feels as though Chloe is not really hers.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

At Nicholas’ and Phyllis’, Nick asks Phyllis where Summer is. Phyllis lets him know that she is watching a video. Nick tells Phyllis that he has something to talk to her about. Nick shows Phyllis the water bottle and lets her smell of it. Phyllis realizes that it is liquor. Phyllis defends Noah that it may not even be his. Nicholas declares that he will get to the bottom of this. At Jack’s, Sharon arrives to pick up Noah. Jack lets her know that Noah is at drama club. Sharon starts to leave, but Jack urges her to stay so that they can talk. At the cabin, Kay gets served with a court order to have a D.N.A test done to prove that she is Kay Chancellor. Michael explains to them all that a sample will also be taken from Jill and the two D.N.A.‘s compared. At Jill’s house, Jill refuses to take the D.N.A. test and declares that Kay is a fake. Lauren tells Daniel that he looked awesome in the leather jacket that he had worn in the latest issue of “Restless.” Lauren asks if the coat was an original. Daniel tells Lauren that it was an Amber original. Lauren is surprised and wonders if Amber would let her sell it at Fenmore’s. Roger tells Esther that he had had a dream that they were getting married. Roger hands Esther an envelope. Inside is two plane tickets to Las Vegas. Roger asks Esther to elope with him to Las Vegas and for them to be married tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. Esther accepts.

After she calls him, Phyllis and Michael meet at his house where she informs him that Nicholas and Sharon slept together. Detective Wallace visits Jack and asks him why Brad had been going to Jack’s cabin. Esther tells Jill that she and Roger are getting married. Jill thinks that Roger is only after Esther’s money. Lauren asks Daniel if Amber would be willing to sell her jacket at Fenmore’s. They make plans to contact Amber. Sharon lets Wallace know that Brad had come to see her at the cabin. Daniel tells Amber about Lauren’s plan to market the jacket and Amber is more than a little excited. Lauren realizes that this bottle could be Eden’s. Nicholas forbids Noah and Eden to see each other anymore. Esther suggests to Jill that she have the D.N.A test, but Jill still refuses. The man tells Jill that he will have her arrested if she doesn’t have the D.N.A. Kay gets good news that she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s or dementia. Jill agrees to the D.N.A. Roger and Clint connive to get their hands on Esther’s fortune.

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