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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Oak Haven, Ryan encounters Aidan and wonders what Aidan is doing here. Dr. Sinclair apologizes to Annie for slapping her and wants to be Annie’s friend. Dr. Sinclair asks Annie if she had killed Richie. At Fusion. Greenlee and Erica decide to work together to save Fusion. Erica confesses to Greenlee that she needs help in reaching out to Kendall. Erica questions Greenlee if she had noticed a change in Kendall since she had came out of the coma. At Zach’s, Bianca blasts Reese for remarking that it might have been better if Kendall had never awaken. Kendall refuses a kiss from Zach. Greenlee agrees to help Erica. Bianca orders Reese to back off Kendall. Reese accuses Bianca of choosing Kendall over Reese. Zach coaxes Kendall to tell him what she is thinking, Aidan confides to Ryan that Dr. Sinclair is somehow connected to Richie. Dr. Sinclair urges Annie to be honest. Annie confesses that she remembers everything. Bianca blames herself for asking Zach to be the donor for Gabrielle. Aidan and Ryan discuss Dr. Sinclair and how she is out to get Annie no matter what it takes. Dr. Sinclair comes into Aidan’s room and tells him that this has got to stop. Ryan listens to them from behind the door. Colby visits Pete at Fusion. Pete lets Colby know that he had lost his contact lens. Reese and Zach meet up at the casino.

Aidan talks to Annie through the air vent. Annie feels good about she had handled the situation with Dr. Sinclair. Ryan realizes that Annie is better and it is all due to Aidan. Greenlee visits Kendall. Kendall opens up about her feelings toward Bianca, Reese and Zach. Bianca visits Erica, but, will not open up to what had gone on between her and Reese. Erica advises Bianca to make up with Reese. Bianca agrees. Colby compares Pete to Clark Kent when he wears his glasses. Bianca and Reese reconcile.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Henry and Carly try to come up with ways that they can get Metro back in the black when Craig arrives with ideas. Craig thinks that Henry’s idea of new drinks – namely the Hopetini - is not thinking broadly enough. He thinks Carly needs her own label of alcohol. It takes a while, but Carly is intrigued. Carly and Craig have fun taking shots of Vodka, as they brainstorm. They finally come up with a name – Midnight Sun, as Carly draws a logo. Craig and Carly, in their inebriated state, agree to forge a partnership again. Craig flirts shamelessly with Carly, as they get more drunk, but Carly cautions that they will be just friends if they want to get into business together. Katie wants to continue to try to have a baby, but Brad is too concerned for her health. Katie tires to convince him every seductive way she can to reconsider, so Brad leaves. Brad opens up to Henry about Katie and her desire to get pregnant despite it being possibly harmful to her. Henry thinks he needs to put his foot down and demand they use protection. Katie is moping at home; she decides she will get pregnant no matter the risk when she throws away her birth control pills. She goes looking for Brad and convinces him that she doesn’t want to be intimate to try to get pregnant. Brad falls for it when Katie implies that she has taken her pill. Paul calls Barbara for help, as he explains what happened to Eliza. Barbara agrees to come with money. Dusty demands to know from Josie where Paul is. Josie explains that she left Paul, who was heading home to Meg. Dusty doesn’t believe her and drags her along as he checks out her story at Car Rental Agencies. Josie thinks that Dusty and Paul are alike – they both do whatever they want to get what they want and they don’t worry about who they hurt in the process. Barbara comes to NYC with a distraught Meg in tow. Meg and Paul argue, as he assures her that he never meant to hurt her. They are coming up empty with the car agency and Paul wants to canvas the neighborhood, but a furious Meg won’t let him out of her sight. Paul, Meg, Barbara, Dusty and Josie come face to face. After an initial altercation between Dusty and Paul, Barbara wants them to put aside their differences and find Eliza. They come up with more dead ends, as Dusty finally demands they go to the police. They are headed there when Paul sees his rental car. He races to look inside only to find Eliza’s car seat empty. Meg is devastated and turns to find comfort in Dusty’s arms, as a helpless Paul and Josie watch.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick throws it in Brooke’s face – so she forbids him from seeing Steffy. Brooke has always followed her heart. That is all he is doing as well. It’s semantics, but now she can support him or she can support Ridge. Brooke claims that she would have to be totally naive to believe him now when it’s clear it has always been to get back at Ridge. She demands that his relationship with Steffy stop right now. Ridge broods alone and Stephanie questions if he has his new collection ready. He’s not there yet, nor with getting over Phoebe’s death. He promises nothing bad is going to come Steffy’s way, he just won’t let it. Stephanie confesses that Taylor had James Warrick come talk to Steffy. She doesn’t tell him that it was about Rick. Stephanie shocks Ridge by saying lately it seems he is more at peace with Brooke so he should go home and spend some time with her. He says okay, he will. Taylor makes Steffy see that she can’t have a relationship with Rick although Steffy admits it is hard for her to hear or accept. She does realize how this would devastate Ridge. It will be over with Rick and her.

Even after baring her soul and showing her disapproval, Rick tells Brooke that when all is said and done, he doesn’t know what will happen but he will be with Steffy. He will not let Ridge dictate his life. Rick informs Brooke that he doesn’t give a damn what the others or Ridge thinks. He is not living his life for them. He and Steffy have every right to be together. Ridge walks through the front door and hears this. He goes ballistic. He shakes his finger at Rick and says that he has taken one daughter from him, he will not have the other.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Rafe confides in Teresa that he had to lie to his boss to buy himself and Sami a little more time. Teresa accuses him of caring deeply for Sami since he put his career on the line. He later tells Sami they can stay there, and she thanks him profusely. Nicole, EJ, and Brady rush Sydney to the hospital because she is having trouble breathing. Lexie stabilizes her, but isn’t sure what is wrong. Nicole confides in Brady that this is all her fault for lying. EJ confronts Brady again and demands he leave. Afterwards, Nicole tells EJ that she can’t keep lying to him. Hope tells Kayla about Bo’s vision while Bo similarly confides in Abe. Kayla confronts Steve about knowing of the vision, but the two make up. Hope, on the other hand, decides to take Ciara and live at Doug and Julie’s for a while until she can sort out her feelings. Bo begs her to reconsider, but she refuses. Melanie tells Max that she is pitting EJ against Phillip to get Phillip to fall for her. Max warns her that it won’t work. Melanie vows to bring Phillip down if it doesn’t. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Phillip argue about what she overheard him saying about destroying Melanie. Stephanie is angry with Phillip for threatening to go to such lengths, and they agree it probably won’t work out between them since they differ on their definitions of right and wrong. Phillip adds that he doesn’t want a girlfriend that thinks she is better than him or can change him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Nikolas approaches Rebecca. Sonny backs down from killing Anthony for Jason’s sake. Spinelli notices that the anesthesia is leaking in the OR and he knows a small spark will ignite the room. Before Spinelli can take any action, the operating room explodes. Carly learns that Trevor has the poison sphere and she tries to talk some sense into him. Jax breaks his way into the hospital to find Carly. At Robin’s request, Johnny and Maxie take Emma to Mercy hospital. John uses the Zacchara name to get Emma immediate medical attention. The doctor says Emma is critically ill with pneumonia. Luke wonders why Ethan really came to Port Charles. Ethan secretly looks at an old photo of Luke and Robert. Jason ties Anthony to a hospital bed and says he’ll be back. Sonny happens upon Anthony but refuses to set him free. The fire continues to burn right near a storage area for oxygen. Jerry’s DVD lies unnoticed on the floor. Winifred and Spinelli explain the explosion to Jason. Jason, Spinelli, Winifred, Lulu and Sam work with Patrick to evacuate the hospital. Elizabeth is stunned when Rebecca comes into her room. Rebecca looks for help but gets caught in a fiery hallway and is later knocked unconscious. Nikolas does his best to get Liz to safety. Jax and Lucky search the hospital for Carly and Liz. Carly gets stuck helping Claudia to safety.

Thanks to a “heads up” from Carly, Sonny goes after Trevor. Trevor dares Sonny to shoot him as they stand near the room that stores the oxygen. Sonny shoots, causing another explosion.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill goes to Cyrus to ask where Lizzie is. Cyrus asks him why he wants Lizzie. Bill says this conversation is private. Beth and Lizzie are in the kitchen of the Mansion talking. Alan corners Rick. Alan tells him that he is marrying Beth today and wants Rick as his best man. After locking Coop in the cellar, Buzz turns around and sees Jenna. They hug and Buzz looks surprised. Back at Cedars, Rick tells Alan he'll be there. Cyrus tells Bill the reason he lost Lizzie was because of his hanging on the company. Bill has lunch with Billy. Bill has an invite to a wedding and asks his father if he wants to crash it. Alan is home and is talking with Lizzie about business. The stock market in particular. Seems Beth got into some stock option thru Bill Lewis. Alan says to Lizzie that he has been made a laughing stock. That he wants to show people that the Spaulding are better than ever. Outside, Buzz meets with Coop, and asks forgiveness for locking him up. Coop answers him by punching him in the jaw. Back at Company, Bill tells Billy he is going to kidnap Beth and ruin Alan. Billy is excited. He says he'll partner with him to do this. Cyrus is talking to Lizzie. He feels he overstep his bounds. That is new job is watching her back. They then kiss. Lizzie blushes after the kiss. After he leaves she smiles and opens a white box. in it is a bouquet of pink roses. Cyrus comes back into the room. Alan gives Beth an heirloom, a necklace. Also Alan has a pre-nup she has to sign. She is offended. She wants them to be honest with each other. Alan says he is trying to save her from herself. She signs it. Buzz recovers from the blow. Buzz tells Coop to go and get Beth and bring her back to Company. That he is over arguing with Alan. Coop realizes if he does this Buzz could lose Company. They hug. Then Coop walks away, but comes back for another hug of his father. Coop gets into his car and drives off. Bill, Lizzie and Cyrus run into each other. Cyrus leaves them alone for a second. Bill and Lizzie smell each other to see who they are with. Cyrus returns and tells them that is enough. Though they keep talking. Beth is alone in her wedding dress at the chapel's dressing room, Coop shows up. Coop says they can go to California today. That they were meant to be. It is all a dream for Beth as Alan walks in startling Beth. She begs him to stop these. Back at Company, Buzz tells Frank, he has got things to do before someone closes them. Frank tells Buzz he'll go to the church and be backup for Coop. Coop is in his car, when he calls Beth, although Alan answers her cell. Beth comes into the room and exclaims, "How could you!". At which point Alan tells Coop, calling him by his given name Henry, that it is over. Coop yells no. At which point Coop looses control of his car. Beth tells Alan she is not going through with this wedding. Alan mentions the book Coop was writing. That it was cruel toward him. Tells Beth to put herself together that she is going before her family and friends. Meanwhile, Coop is in a burning car alive and awake. Someone hooded comes near the car. It turns out to be Phillip!

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Gigi are on the hunt for Dorian and David and search all places in Vegas where there are weddings. They don't find them but run into Moe and Noelle. They witness their wedding and Moe and Noelle are officially hitched. Dorian and David are elsewhere and taking their time about tying the knot. It looks like David wants to go through with it but it hasn't happened yet. Behind the scenes, there is a mysterious show girl named Gigi who spies upon Rex and his Gigi. She tells her agent she needs to leave town and plans to work in Llanview, PA. Lola demands that Tea tells her what Vanessa's big secret is and why she (Tea) is talking to Lola's father. Lola admits to her that she believes that Vanessa murdered Lola's mother and set Ray Montez up for the crime. And she intends to prove that with Lola's help. Cristian and Vanessa are getting closer and he still seems to trust her. Blair and Marty argue. Blair makes it clear that she resents John's preoccupation about needing to help Marty.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary **One Day Ahead

Jack visits Gloria in prison and they discuss Bradís death. Gloria lets Jack know that Brad had never been her favorite person, but in her book Brad died a hero. Jack questions Gloria about her Jabot stock that Katherine had left her. Jack wants Gloria to sell her the Jabot stock in exchange for his dropping the charges against her. Gloria lets him know that she had already sold the stock to someone else. Jill arrives at Victorís. Victor wants to know what Jill is doing here. Jill tells him that this is important. Victor tells Jill that Ashley will be here soon. Jill confronts Victor about Ashley not knowing that Victor now has controlling interest in Jabot. Victor tells Jill that he wants Billy as the new C.E.O of Jabot. Jill wants him to consider Cane for the job. Chloe tells Narciso that she loves him. Chloe tells Cane to look at the blue and black lines. Cane tells Chloe that these figures canít be right. Cane wonders if this is what his Mother wants to talk to him about. Chloe makes plans to go to New York after the baby is born. Billy asks Lily about Colleen and if she had gotten any sleep. Lily tells him that she had heard Colleen up and that Traci and Colleen must have talked all night. Billy and Lily discuss going up to the Abbott cabin for the weekend when Colleen walks in. Colleen questions them as to who is going away. Billy tells her nobody. The cell phone rings. Ashley invites Billy and Lily out with them for coffee. Billy declines the invitation, but Lily agrees to go. Colleen tells Ashley that they are reading Bradís will next week. Traci offers her condolences. Chloe tells Cane that they are finishing up the nursery tonight and all they lack is the pictures and the ceiling stars.

Jack demands to know who Gloria sold her stock to, but Gloria refuses to tell him. Kevin visits Gloria in jail. Kevin tells Gloria that he had met Jack in the hall and he had looked ticked off. Gloria tells Kevin that she hadnít sold the stock to Jack. Gloria asks for Kevinís help in the charade of a fake friendship with Katherine and Gloria. Jill tells Billy that she is the retaking control of Jabot and she wants Billy as the new C.E.O. Jack tells Ashley that Gloria had sold her shares of Jabot stock. Billy tells Ashley and Traci that he is the new C.E.O. of Jabot. Victor meets with a mysterious woman and asks her if she knows that Jack Abbott is still in Genoa City. Colleen tells Billy that she is going to Italy to visit her grandmother. Billy tells Lily that Jill is retaking control of Jabot and Billy is the new C.E.O.

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