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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Wild wind, Jesse finds incriminating evidence against David in the piano. Krystal objects that Jesse is doing this and insists that David had been set up. In the bedroom at Zach and Kendall’s, Bianca and Reese share a tender moment together. Downstairs, sitting on the sofa, Kendall insists to Zach that he ask Reese and Bianca to leave. Zach objects, but Kendall insists. At Oak Haven, Annie talks to Aidan through the air vent about Dr. Sinclair trying to get Annie to confess that she had killed Richie. At Fusion, Pete checks on Greenlee and finds that she is bleeding from her head. Pete accuses Erica of killing her. Ryan rushes in and sees Greenlee lying on the floor. Ryan demands to know what Erica had done to her. Erica rushes to call the ambulance. Ryan demands to know what Erica had done to Greenlee. Dr. Sinclair questions Annie about the night that Richie had died. Annie becomes upset and tells Dr. Sinclair that Richie had deserved to die. Dr. Sinclair slaps her. Jesse arrests David at Wild wind for drug possession. David demands to know from Krystal as to who had planted the drugs, but Krystal refuses to divulge any info. Tad arrives at Pine Valley Hospital to talk to Ryan about Dr. Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair and Aidan have a private conversation in his hospital room about Annie. Dr. Sinclair promises Aidan that she will make Annie pay. Zach tells Reese and Blanca to move out. Kendall tells Greenlee at the house that she has noticed a bond between Reese and Zach. Greenlee opens up and tells Kendall everything that had been happening.

Jesse tells David that he will let him go if David will re-instate Angie and Zach at the hospital. Jesse gives David until 4:00 to make his decision. Reese and Bianca get settled in their hotel room at the casino. Erica is surprised to see Reese and Bianca here. David demands to know from Krystal as to who had planted the drugs, but Krystal still refuses to tell him that it was Tad. David gives in and tells Krystal that he doesn’t want to lose her from his life. Aidan visits Annie in her room and they hug. Dr. Sinclair watches from outside the window, but doesn’t like what she sees. At Pine Valley Hospital, Jesse gives Angie, Frankie and Jake the good news that they had been re-instated at the hospital. As Aidan goes back to his room, he sees Ryan standing outside the door. Aidan quickly asks to use the phone to gain the attention of the orderly. Aidan hurries back to see Ryan. Ryan wonders what he is doing here.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Matt gets in the middle of a spat between Alison and Casey. She finally explains why she had Matt fake the kiss at the park. Matt implores Jade to give Alison and Casey a chance. She has an attitude and questions why he would even care. Casey feels Alison is doing a 180 on him when she insists on just being friends. Dusty is livid that the police can not trace Josie’s call or the car. Security questions Paul of how and why he slipped past the front desk when he’s not supposed to be there at the studio. He tells Josie that she can go home; she should not be punished for what he did. Later Dusty’s P.I, picks up the car in Brooklyn and he tells Meg he is heading to New York. She argues that he should let Jack and the police follow the leads and not interfere and make this worse. He agrees to her face, but then calls for the jet to be ready to go to New York. Paul calls Meg just to tell her that Eliza is safe and he is bringing her back. Paul gives Josie a big wad of money to keep her afloat until she can get her career going. Luke is sick and tired of everything being talked to death and not spontaneous with Noah. Holden hopes Meg is still speaking to him for giving his views about her marrying Dusty. Jade apologizes to Casey for interfering with the Alison situation. Alison explains to Matt that she and Casey need to grow up, it didn’t work out between them. Dusty catches up with Josie and demands to know where Paul and the baby are. Holden comforts Meg and is happy about her news that Paul is returning Eliza. When his back is turned, Paul is hit over the head with a baseball bat and the man takes off with Eliza in the car.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy continues to tell Taylor that she doesn’t want to hurt her dad, but she doesn’t want to give Rick up either. Big guns are called in and James Warrick shows up. Both Taylor and Stephanie fill him in that Rick is using Steffy. Nick asks Bridget if she is having an early mid-life crisis wanting to change careers at this stage. He knows if she can walk away from being a doctor that easily, then he certainly doesn’t want her to give designing up because of him. They can work together. Clarke questions her credibility too and has a cow when he hears Madame X is Bridget. Brooke is happy to hear that Rick is head over heels in love until he tells her with whom. She can not believe he would do something like this, falling in love with Steffy. She didn’t believe the rest of the family about his revenge, but now she wonders. She will not allow this. She’s even more appalled when he confesses that he gave the Forrester designs to Jackie M. She says he must be crazy.

Stephanie, Taylor and James all tell Steffy that her dream is not going to come true. Ridge is not going to come around on this. James tells Steffy that she has to think of Ridge. Weight the scales. It might just be her and Rick against the world; she may lose her father. Eventually she might even grow to resent Rick for that, so this can affect the rest of her life. Brooke rants to Rick that Ridge is not going to find out about this. He will go berserk. She will not allow Rick to have this relationship with Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole nearly spills her secret to Chloe, but backtracks and makes Chloe swear not to tell anyone she knows about EJ and Sami’s baby. Chloe agrees, and Nicole advises her to choose between Daniel and Lucas. EJ tells Lexie that Sami doesn’t mean anything him and she suggests he marry Nicole. After talking with Victor about Melanie, Brady comes to see Nicole and thinks she has Mia’s baby. He advises her to put an end to this charade before EJ finds out or Mia changes her mind. EJ walks in on them arguing and vows to find out why Brady keeps coming over and yelling at Nicole. She interrupts their argument, shrieking that there’s something wrong with Sydney. Maggie nearly tells Lucas about Daniel and Chloe, but Kate interrupts to talk about the wadding date. After Maggie learns how important the wedding is to Kate, she decides to keep quiet. Chloe goes by Daniel’s place to tell him it’s over, but the two end up kissing. Kate fears Sami will come between Lucas and Chloe unless the wedding is moved up. Melanie tells Phillip that she is leaving Titan and taking her project to the DiMera’s company, even going as far as calling EJ to tell him so in front of Phillip. Phillip accuses her of being jealous of Stephanie. Stephanie tells Maggie that Melanie can’t come between her and Phillip and later overhears Phillip vowing to bury Melanie as he and Victor try to come up with a plan to keep the fuel project.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax warns agent Rayner he better resolve the crisis soon, or else. Winifred and Spinelli disagree about letting the FBI retrieve the poison spheres. Winifred assures Spinelli that he can trust her. Maxie and Johnny find Emma perched on a tree. They take Robin and Emma to GH where Jax fills everyone in on the situation. Claudia fills Carly in on what’s going on with Sonny. Ric tells Claudia he’s disappointed in her for betraying his trust. Trevor and Ric argue. Trevor reveals to Claudia that he has the missing sphere of poison. Nikolas finally catches up with Rebecca. Thanks to Trevor, Sonny finds Anthony in the hospital chapel. Jason arrives in the nick of time and convinces Sonny not to shoot Anthony. After the FBI packs up the poison spheres, Spinelli senses danger. Suddenly there’s a huge explosion in the operating room.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Shayne and Dinah do more talking about his feelings. Richard joins Reva at Cedars where they start talking about what type of birthing they want to do. Coop tells his Dad of a plan to break in to the Spaulding Mansion and grabbing Beth. Buzz yells, No! Alan tells Beth that this time tomorrow she will be his wife and hands her an invitation he sent out. He doesn't want to go to a courthouse he wants a public wedding. Richard tries to calm Reva. Buzz tries to talk some sense into Coop. Coop and Beth meet outside Company. Beth tells Coop of Alan's plans. Buzz is not to far away looking at them. Shayne goes to Josh to tell him he is going to work with Edmund. Josh wants to be sure Shayne wants this. Shayne says, "Yes". Reva is happy. She doesn't have to worry about cancer and looking forward to their baby. But she admits to Jeffrey she is terrified. Edmond is at Cedars and Reva and Jeffrey run into him. He is going to give a grant in Lara's name to Cedars. Reva wants to know if Shayne knows of it. Edmund tells her that Shayne is his new business partner, Dinah goes snooping. Coop tries to talk to Beth, but gets nowhere. Reva wants to know how Edmund talked Shayne into the partnership. Shayne wants Josh's help in this project. Josh tells him money is tight, but he'll crunch some numbers. Shayne tells him, "I really want this." Edmund catches Dinah at snooping. Richard tells of how he met Lara. He was at the hospital at the time. He says he was heavily medicated when she first came into his room. Edmund tells Dinah there was a child involved with Lara and Shayne. Dinah asks if Shayne knows this. Then comments that Edmond is testing Shayne. Edmond just looks at Dinah. Beth later goes to see Buzz at Company. She wants to wish Coop the best because she loves him. Coop goes to the Spaulding Mansion only to be stopped by a guard. He calls out Beth's Name. Alan is looking out a window. Dinah tells Edmund if he tells Shayne about Lara's child it would crush him. Reva and Jeffrey go to see Josh about Shayne's decision to work with Edmund. Josh says he knows and is all for it. Reva reminds Josh that this is Edmund they are talking about here. Alan confronts Beth about being with Coop again. Then tells her at the wedding she will look up to him and say I do. Buzz locks Coop in the cellar after coaxing him down there.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi and Rex are headed to Vegas in search of Dorian and David. John asks Officer Fish to help him investigate Wes Granger. And they find out Wes's "connection" to Lee Halpern. Starr goes to Viki's and runs into Jessica. She tells Jessica about her experience losing her baby. Jessica reveals to Starr that she's afraid of "somebody" taking her baby from her. And Jessica has flashbacks about Tess giving birth to a stillborn baby. She also remembers overhearing Todd and Janet talking about stealing Starr's baby. Ray Montez tells Tea that now that she's done with Todd's trial, she better get Vanessa charged with the murder of Lola's mother and with setting him up for the crime. She is ready to "deliver" for Ray the same way she did for Todd. Blair reveals that she is jealous of John's "interest" in Marty.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

People gather at Brad’s home to pay their respects. Victor is in attendance and Colleen is not to pleased, she does not hesitate to express how she feels about his presence. Eden and Sharon beat themselves up and play the blame game. While Phyllis flips the script and makes nice; this behavior scares Nick and Sharon. Nick finds out from Detective Wallace that Eden and Noah were drinking during their forbidden excursion.

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