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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie questions Jesse as to what he is up to. At Pine Valley Hospital, Jake steals medicine from the medicine room. In the corridor of the hospital, Amanda tells J.R. that she had changed her mind and she would move into the Chandler mansion. David confronts J.R. and Amanda as to how the baby is. At the nurse’s station, Krystal confronts David as to why he is all over Amanda. Krystal makes David swear to her that he isn’t the baby’s father. David bumps into Jake in the hospital corridor and questions Jake as to why he is here. At home, Zach and Kendall enjoy some quite time together until the doorbell rings. Zach wants them to go away, but Kendall insists that he answer the door. Greenlee and Erica come rushing in. At the same time, Erica and Greenlee tell Kendall what had been going on at Fusion. Bianca and Reese wake up together. Bianca begins to tell Reese her dream, and then wants to show her how the dream ends, but Reese pulls away. Zach orders Greenlee and Erica out of the house. Kendall questions Zach as to how Babe had died. Reese comes downstairs and interrupts Zach’s and Kendall’s conversation. Kendall tells Zach that she wants to speak to Reese alone. Jesse calls Tad and tells him that he needs to see him. Krystal is with Tad at the house. Tad offers to let Krystal have Jenny for the day. Greenlee and Erica argue over who is going to run Fusion. J.R. tells Adam that Amanda is moving in. Adam tells J.R. that Amanda has to sign over the baby to them .Kendall and Reese have a private conversation about Bianca. Jesse and Jake go over their plan to nail David.

Adam finds out that Amanda has lots of money. Frankie, reluctantly, agrees to keep Rebecca’s secret. Jesse, Tad and Jake go over their plan. Erica and Greenlee tell Pete to toss a coin to determine, who will run Fusion. Pete swallows the coin. Erica and Greenlee fight with chairs until Erica pushes Greenlee and Greenlee falls against the desk, hits her head and falls to the floor. Kendall tells Zach that she wants Reese and Bianca out of her house. Pete checks Greenlee and finds that Greenlee is bleeding from her head. Erica clasps her hands over her mouth. Pete tells Erica that she has killed her.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Vienna wants to have a baby using a sperm donor so she goes to a sperm bank and gets a book with different profiles. Henry tells Vienna that their relationship is over if she decides to have a baby because he doesn't want to be a father. Janet advises Vienna to really think about raising a baby on her own because it isn't easy. Janet tells Vienna to really consider if she wants to risk losing Henry. Vienna thinks about what it would be like to be a single mom and later tells Henry that she loves him more then a baby.

Craig almost gets arrested for peaking in the window of Johnny's class since the teacher won't let him come in and see how Johnny is doing on his first day of school. Craig invites Carly to lunch at the Lakeview and they interrupt Jack and Janet's romantic lunch. Janet invites Craig and Carly to eat with them and after hearing Janet and Carly talk to Craig and give him advice on how to be a good father, Jack has had enough and tells Janet they should go home. Craig thinks Carly for helping him today and tries to get her to admit she isn't so bad after all. Carly tells Craig he isn't such a bad guy and Craig smiles because he thinks he is changing Carly's mind.

Brad and Katie are told by Bob that she got an infection because of the drugs she used for the bone marrow transplant and she should stop trying to have a baby until the infection has left her system. Bob tells Katie that if she wants to have a baby in the future she will need to have fertility treatments. Katie wants to find out about the fertility treatments right away but Brad persuades her to stop the reality show and wait until she is better to talk about fertility treatments.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor rages that this can not be happening. Assuring her that it is, Steffy says that she and Rick are in love. Taylor takes it personally. Rick is trying to get back at her for ending their relationship and wants to take her other daughter away from her now. She says this is payback. She says that he needs professional help. He is not going to use Steffy against her own father. It is wrong and unhealthy. And if Taylor is upset, can Steffy even imagine how Ridge will react? She’s afraid to even think what he might do. Steffy asks them to try and understand as she is not going to give him up. Rick tells Stephanie that she can not dictate to them about this, but she throws him out of Taylor's house so they can speak with Steffy alone.

Eric absolutely will not hear anything against Rick from Ridge. Yes, they used to be all over Sally Spectra, but they are not going after Jackie M. Hiding Madame X behind a screen, Jackie introduces reporter Jarrett to their newest designer. He then makes a dash to Forrester’s to announce this new designer. Nick wants to speak to Madame X alone and grills her about where she has trained and what her inspirations are….must be one hell of a guy from her past. After he has put her on the spot long enough, he reveals that he knows she is Bridget.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole has a run-in with Stefano when he demands an investigation of the clinic she supposedly gave birth at. She throws a fit and threatens to move if Stefano doesn’t let her and her child be. EJ backs her up and Stefano agrees to drop the issue. Sami prepares to say goodbye to Grace, promising to come back for her and saying she has to keep her safe from the DiMeras for now. Chloe tries to talk to Daniel about Maggie, but he gets an emergency page. Maggie later confronts him, demanding that he break off the affair with Chloe or she’ll tell Lucas. Daniel refuses, saying the matter is none of her business. Chloe confides in Nicole about Daniel, saying that she does really want to be with Lucas, despite her trouble staying away from Daniel. Nicole advises her to go after what she really wants and then nearly spills her secret about Sami’s baby. Lucas tells EJ about Sami coming home and Lucas and Stefano both independently express concern about how Sami and Nicole will react to being around one another. EJ thinks everything will be fine since he says he doesn’t have feelings for Sami anymore. Hope continues to feel guilty about Kayla’s shooting. She refuses to speak to Bo, and Internal Affairs calls to begin the investigation in to her actions at the hospital. Chelsea and Max both speak to Bo and Hope separately, and they fear that things are only going to get worse for the two.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jason isn't too happy with Sam after she shoots him in the arm. Edward is worried for Tracy and Carly does her best to set his mind at ease. Sonny believes Claudia's claim that Anthony shot Kate. Anthony insists Claudia is just trying to "manipulate" Sonny with her story. Sonny tries to kill Anthony but Jason interrupts. Anthony runs so Sonny shoots at him. Spinelli tries to stop Patrick from giving the FBI the poison spheres. Spinelli says Patrick needs to keep the spheres for leverage. Winifred brings an FBI team to GH to recover the spheres. Spinelli suits up and sneaks into the operating room with Winifred's team. Patrick is afraid the poison is still in the air and he wants to evacuate the hospital. Rayner makes it clear that Equinox is calling the shots and he is merely taking orders. Robin and Emma are lost and on foot in the storm. Maxie and Johnny find Robin but Emma isn't with her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

At Cedars Edmund runs into Reva. Olivia and Natalia confront the two women that were gawking at them. They were also friends with kids living together. Josh offers Shayne a job t Lewis Construction. Jeffrey gives Dinah reports he has on Jeffery. Dinah warns Jeffery that Edmund could be up to his old tricks and to be careful. Jeffery seems to think Edmund has changed and tells Dinah so. At the hospital, Reva and Edmund have words. They talk about Cassie. Edmund says he messed up with Cassie and he was sorry. Reva realizes why Edmund is at Cedars and laughs. It seems he is there for a blood test to prove he is Lara's father. Reva is walking home and see Dinah holding her neck. Reva asks if she needs to help her to Cedars. Dinah says she is ok. Reva tells her she was wrong about her. That maybe Dinah can help Shayne. Shayne and Edmund meet. At their place, Natalia is livid at Olivia for making such a scene at Towers with those women. Olivia sees no problem with people thinking she and Natalia are gay. Edmond and Shayne have drinks at Company. Reva and Jeffrey are at home. Jeffrey has brought home a "toy". He is going give it to the baby. Reva is not too thrilled. Then Jeffrey tells Reva about Shayne working at Lewis Construction. At Shayne's, Dinah sees Shayne working on a construction project on paper. Shayne tells her that he is working for his father. She is not pleased. Natalia talks to Frank. She tells him she wants to get away to clear her head. She agrees to go with him to the mountains. Olivia meets with Clive to set a date. Dinah and Shayne talk again and this time things are about the same. Shayne tells Dinah, that Josh thinks he is a hero. He doesn't feel that way. Shayne asks, "Who is there for me?." Dinah answers, "Me."

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the judge acquits Todd of all charges, Nora announces that if Todd is not going to jail, his daughter will for committing perjury. Hearing that, Todd asks Nora what she wants. She replies she wants him to admit everything he did. He apologizes to Marty and to Starr. And they all realize that he is a free man. Nora does not carry out her threat to send Starr to prison. But everybody is furious at Todd and at Tea. David and Dorian are on their flight to Vegas. She calls Clint to gloat. But little does she know that Clint is having Rex on their trail and will pay him top dollar to prevent their wedding and prevent them from taking everything from him. Natalie lays down the law to Jessica that she will never forgive her, trust her nor feel safe around her and she needs to protect them children form her. Jessica lays down the law that she is their mother and Natalie needs to be supportive. But Natalie makes it clear that she will not.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Genoa City mourns the death of Brad Carlton and his ex-wives and lovers recall the fond memories they shared. Phyllis forces Nick to confess he slept with Sharon then begs him not to move out. Sharon tells Jack what happened at the cabin with Nick and continues blaming herself for Brad’s death. Victor continues to spew his venom about Brad then goes to his house to comfort Abby. Colleen is not at impressed at all.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Tracy arrives at the cemetery for the memorial service for Brad. The rabbi arrives for the service. Tracy remembers a happier time with Brad. Billy tries to comfort Colleen over the death of Brad. Billy urges Colleen to tell him what she feels. Victor has a meeting with a lawyer friend of his. They discuss Bradís death. Ashley comforts Abby as Colleen and Victoria arrive at Michaelís. Noah, Sharon and Jack arrive home from the hospital. Nicholas arrive home to Phyllis. Phyllis questions Nicholas as to how Noah is. Phyllis confronts Nicholas if he had slept with Sharon. Sharon tells Jack that Brad had visited her at the cabin. Ashley remembers a conversation with Brad. Victor remembers a conversation with Brad. The lawyer suggests Michael Baldwin for the board. Victor suggests Ashley for the board of Newman Enterprises. Tracy remembers when Brad had delivered Colleen. Victoria tells Ashley that Sharon should be here. Phyllis tries to rationalize Nicholas sleeping with Sharon.  Phyllis forbids Nicholas to leave. Everyone gathers at the cemetery for Bradís funeral. The Rabbi arrives for the ceremony. Everyone arrives for the Bradís wake at Bradís. Tracy realizes that Brad was in love with Sharon. Sharon visits Bradís grave and encounters Phyllis.

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