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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, J.R instructs the maid to put fresh flowers in a room on the east wing. Adam overhears and wonders who is moving in. Greenlee is already at work at Fusion when Amanda comes in. Greenlee asks her how is the morning sickness. Amanda tells Greenlee that she had decided to keep the baby. At Wild wind, David wakes up to see Krystal watching him. David, once again, asks Krystal to marry him, but Krystal refuses. At Pine Valley Hospital, Kendall looks at a pic of her family when Erica comes in to visit her. Zach is at home with the boys preparing for Kendall’s homecoming. Reese questions Bianca if this is going to be alright with Kendall them living here, too. Bianca assures her that it will be. Greenlee goes over the financial figures for the year and realizes that Fusion had lost money. Greenlee asks Pete to hack into Erica’s computer.

Jake visits Angie at her apartment and lets her know that he will not allow her to take the fall alone for breaking into David’s home. Jesse overhears. Against his better judgment, David releases Kendall from the hospital. Pete manages to give Greenlee the “holiday launch numbers” which isn’t what she wants to see at all. Jesse finds out Jake’s involvement in this mess with breaking into David’s apartment. J.R. visits Amanda at Fusion. Amanda lets him know that she will not move into the Chandler mansion. Amanda has a sharp pain in her stomach and almost collapses. J.R. and Randi rush her to the hospital. David overhears J.R.’s and Randi’s conversation concerning the baby in the hospital corridor. Greenlee lets Adam know how that Erica had been hiding the figures on how Fusion had really been doing for the past year. Adam demands his money or Fusion would be hearing from his lawyer.

David confronts J.R. and Randi about Amanda and her condition. David comes in to see how Amanda is doing and Amanda puts him out. Amanda is overjoyed when she sees the baby’s heartbeat. Greenlee and Erica argue over how Erica had been running things at Fusion. Kendall arrives home much to the delight of everyone. Bianca nudges Reese for them to leave Kendall and Zach alone. Reese stops and looks at Zach as she leaves the room and Kendall notices. Amanda finds out that the baby is David’s, but has Frankie to fix the tests that they will show that the baby is J.R.’s. David lets Amanda know that he will be watching everything about the baby. Krystal questions David if he thinks that the baby is his. Kendall notices a pic of Zach and the children and Reese. Reese is looking sideways at Zach in the pic.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Brad and Katie are frustrated by the intrusion into the lives as they try to make a baby even though they signed up for this. Brad and Katie give the cameramen the slip and head to see Henry and Vienna. Henry and Vienna help hide Brad and Katie, as Henry bemoans the fact that they are trying to have a baby. Vienna and Henry dress up as Brad and Katie, go back to their home, and fool the cameramen filming them from afar. Vienna and Henry have a big disagreement when she tells him that she wants children and Henry tells her that he doesn’t. Brad and Katie enjoy some alone time as they ‘practice’ to try having a baby. Meg worries continually about her missing daughter as those around her assure her that Paul would never hurt Eliza. Holden and Dusty argue about his role in Eliza going missing, as Meg goes home with Holden to keep the peace. Lily visits Dusty, as he struggles with guilt thinking he brought this on for Meg because he pushed Paul too far. Lily defends what he was trying to do and explains it later to Holden. Jack still has no leads on Eliza or Paul. Paul and Josie continue to hold up at the TV studio. Paul takes Josie’s cell phone battery, as they argue about how he needs to turn himself in. Paul pleads with her to give him a week with his daughter and then he will do that; he just wants to bond with her. Josie is affected by the way he is with Eliza. However, when Josie sees a phone and Paul leaves the room, she makes a quick call to Dusty to tell him that Eliza is safe and Meg will get her back, but she has to have patience. Paul walks back in the room and she realizes he was testing her; she tells him that she just wanted Meg to know her baby was ok and that she didn’t tell Dusty where they were. He has to now hold up his end of the deal – one week. Dusty rushes to Meg to tell her what Josie told him. Meg is cautiously optimistic, but can’t help but be thrilled to know her baby is actually safe and could be coming home soon.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie is secretive about her new designer when talking with Nick. She simply refers to her as Madame X. Katie is none to happy that she too took flack about the stolen designs and suspicion fell on her too. Jackie says Eric is okay with this and she is sorry that Katie got caught in the middle, but she is not going to apologize for still having a business to run. Stephanie shows back up at the beach house and wants to be sure that Rick is going to end it with Steffy. He argues then shows her the door. Steffy drops by and glumly he has to tell her they have a big problem. He tells her that Stephanie knows about them. Steffy panics. She knows Stephanie has always had a vendetta against the Logans so she will tell Ridge and they will do everything in their power to split her and Rick up. She states that Ridge is no where ready to learn about their relationship. She has to do something to make sure Stephanie does not tell him. She needs some advice, perhaps her mom.

Bridget dons a sexy, saucy disguise and almost fools Jackie. Both love the mysterious element – Madame X who is Nick’s ex. Stephanie goes to see Taylor. She’s in a funk and declares that she is happy to see Stephanie; she needs some good news. Stephanie comforts her when she hears that Taylor is still having problems coping with Phoebe’s death and worrying about Steffy too going through the same process. She tries to ease into that Steffy has a new man in her life… that Stephanie believes is using her just the way he used Taylor. She’s stunned when Steffy walks in the door with Rick and it dawns on her that he’s the one now involved with Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole has a couple of scares when EJ wants her to breastfeed and the pediatrician wants to have blood work done on their little girl. Mia calls, but just wants to know how the baby is doing. She tells Nicole that she is leaving for Japan. Nicole and EJ later name the baby Sydney. Sami is elated when she learns Roman wants her to stay in witness protection a little while longer. She names her baby Grace and worries that she won’t be able to give her up to the nuns. Hope is furious with Bo for not confiding in her about his vision. Kayla goes into surgery and makes it out alright. Melanie daydreams of kissing Phillip and watches Stephanie and Phillip bonding. She later tries to talk to Phillip but her blows her off.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin tries to make her way to the hospital in the storm. Robin loses her way then her van breaks down. Emma continues to scream as Robin tries to figure out what to do next. Robin takes the baby and leaves the van to find help on foot. Maxie and Johnny stop themselves before things go too far. Maxie suggests that Johnny admit his “secret” to Lulu. Johnny gives Maxie a pep talk and tries to convince her she’s not such a bad person. Carly talks Lulu out of sneaking out of the hospital to find Johnny. Lucky is at Liz’s side when she wakes up. Later, Jason listens at the door as Liz and Lucky reminisce. Jason then goes to see Monica and tells her he’s working with the FBI to solve the crisis. Lucky holds Liz’s hand and blames himself for their failed marriage as Sam watches through the window. Jason later tells Carly about the missing sphere. Agent Rayner tells Jax that nobody will be released from the hospital until the missing sphere is recovered. Later, Jax confides his frustrations in Alexis. Patrick worries that Robin won’t make it to GH safely in the storm. Spinelli views the hospital security tapes to see if he can get any clues about the missing sphere. Spinelli is worried about Maxie’s safety so Sam tries to set his mind at ease. Tracy passes out in the middle of yelling at Patrick. Jason and Sam stop a deliveryman from breaking a window to escape the hospital. Suddenly the man pulls a gun on Jason and decides to take him “hostage.” Jason instructs Sam to shoot the man but she misses and hits Jason in the arm instead.

GL Recap Written by Beth

After seeing Doris on TV, Olivia ponders what to do. Christina and Remy meet up at Company to thank him for helping her. Things turn bad when he mentions that she could get a semester via his paying for it. She doesn't want that and leaves. Buzz gives Coop advice about Beth. Alan grabs Beth and won't let go until he is finished talking. Alan tells her he forgives all her indiscretions. He wants to have a drink on their staying together. Beth tries to reason with Alan. Alan gives her an order. Get rid of Coop! And she has an hour to do it. Remy goes to see Marina. She tells him that she and Mallet are going away for the week. Remy offers to stay at the house. Marina says no need. At that point Christina shows up. At Doris' office Olivia is livid, she tells Doris off. Natalia is at Company talking with Frank, who is washing some dishes. She asks him if he has seen Doris on TV today. Frank says no, so she drops the subject. Back at Doris' Olivia defends Natalia. Doris says it is politic and dismisses Olivia. Emma goes to Natalia with Frank's help. After finding Natalia at the store, Frank leaves Emma there to talk to Natalia. Alan goes to Company to talk to Buzz about Coop's book. Beth and Coop meet up at the park to talk. Coop is acting like nothing is wrong. Beth says they need to talk. Coop says he is going to Stamford U to teach and wants her to go with him. Remy goes with Christina to her her benefactor to ask him to change his mind about allowing her to get the money for her education. Olivia goes home to Emma and Natalia. Alan continues to get to Buzz's nerves about Coop. Beth tells Coop she can't go with him and wants to end their relationship before it gets worse. The talk that Remy and Christina had with this guy works. At Towers, Olivia, Natalia and Emma are having lunch. They are having a great time unaware 2 females sitting at a table on an upper floor are looking at them. Beth blames the situation on Coop. That he is the one that had the book published and now she wants out of the relationship. Coop doesn't believe her at first until she says goodbye for the second time. He says ok and takes off. But from afar looks at her without her knowing, as she cries. Christina and Remy celebrate. While leaving Towers, Olivia happens to see the two woman gawking at them. She tells Natalia to take Emma out. Olivia goes up to the two women and ask, "Do you have a problem?" At Company, Coop is angrily telling Buzz what just happened between he and Beth. Then he realizes it isn't over.

OLTL Recap Written by Mandy

Tea confesses to the murder of Lee Halpern (Janet). But nobody believes her. The judge acquits Todd, given that Starr has exonerated him and his key witness is dead. Everybody is furious. John is concerned about Marty's relationship with Wes. But neither believe it's his business. David goes to inform Viki that Dorian proposed to him and asks Viki what she thinks he should do. She replies that she thinks his crazy to want to marry Dorian nor to believe that she wants to give up her life and lead a "pure" life. She tells David she knows that Dorian is up to something. Rex spies on Dorian and David for Clint and informs him that Dorian is determined to marry David before he finds out that he is a Buchanan. And he goes rushing to stop them but it appears to be too late. Dorian reveals to Moe and Noelle that she resents them taking over all of her wealth before David comes and accepts her marriage proposal.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Brad is dead. Sharon and Nick return to the real world and reunite with Noah. Jack and Phyllis realize that this may be the end of their prospective relationships. However, Phyllis makes it clear that she is still going to fight for what’s hers. Kay confronts the pawn broker and wins and Kevin and Amber steal Kay’s dental records.

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