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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the yacht, J.R. covers Kathy up with a blanket while she sleeps. David watches from outside the door. At Tad’s, Angie, Jesse and Tad go over the facts as to where Kathy could be. David calls Krystal to meet him at the docks. At Oak Haven, Annie talks to Aidan through the air vent. Aidan lets Annie know that Dr. Sinclair had injected him with truth serum. Greenlee looks at her engagement ring while Ryan talks to her about the honeymoon. Greenlee pays him no mind. Ryan tells Greenlee that if she doesn’t want to marry him for her to tell him so. J.R. suggests calling Tad about Kathy, but Amanda stops him. Krystal arrives at the docks and David tells her that Kathy is with J.R. on the yacht. David and Krystal come up with a plan as to how to take Kathy home without Tad suspecting anything. Greenlee tells Ryan that she cannot wait to marry him. Aidan assures Annie that everything is under control. Dr. Sinclair comes to Aidan’s room and tells him of her plan to get Annie to confess to murdering Richie. Aidan questions Dr. Sinclair as to why she wants Annie out of the picture. Krystal takes Kathy home to Tad, who is overjoyed to see her. Dr. Sinclair denies knowing Annie before she came to Oak Haven. Ryan and Greenlee arrive at Opal’s for the fake tarot reading. Opal informs Ryan and Greenlee that all systems are go for their wedding. Greenlee is overjoyed.

Tad and Krystal argue over David’s involvement in this kidnapping until Kathy yells at them to “stop fighting.” Tad and Krystal both apologize to Kathy. Tad thanks Krystal for bringing Kathy home safe .Aidan sneaks into Annie’s room to talk to her while Dr. Sinclair listens from the vent in Aidan’s room. J.R. tells Amanda that Adam knows that Amanda is expecting J.R.’s child. J.R. tells Amanda that she is moving in with him to keep her away from David. David meets Krystal outside Tad’s. They hug. David asks Krystal to marry him. When Dr. Sinclair comes out of Aidan’s room, Aidan sees tears in Dr. Sinclair’s eyes. Ryan dreams that Greenlee is lying dead in a pool of blood. Opal beats herself up for giving Greenlee a false tarot reading .

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

When Eliza goes missing, Meg turns her terror and anger on Barbara assuming that she was a party to helping Paul kidnap her daughter. Barbara assures her that she would never be involved. The police are called, as Jack takes lead on the case. However, Jack finds no leads of Paul being seen by anyone. Meg feels guilty that she started this ball rolling when she threatened to take Eliza away from Paul to hurt him and now he is hurting her back. Dusty supports Meg. Josie leaves a goodbye letter for Dusty and heads out of town. She is stunned to find Paul in her backseat ordering her to drive or he will shoot her, as he holds something to her shoulder under a blanket. Josie tries to talk some sense into Paul, but he believes there is no turning back and Meg left him with no choice. Josie learns that Paul was never holding a gun on her. A frantic Barbara calls Paul, who finally picks up, and begs him to come home. He won’t come back and orders her not to tell the police she talked with him or she will never see him or Eliza again. Carly, Craig and Johnny hang out after Parker goes to a friend’s house for a ‘sleepover.’ Liberty is supposedly doing the same thing, but little do their parents know, thanks to Craig’s money they are going to see Metallica in Chicago. When Janet runs into the parent of the girl Liberty is supposed to be with, she finds out that Liberty set her up. Janet goes to speak with Carly, as they worry about their kids being out overnight together. Craig admits to giving Parker money and him mentioning the concert. Carly and Janet are furious, as Craig offers to go find them and Carly goes with him. Janet calls Jack with news of what their children have been up to, as Jack is furious. Later, Craig and Carly bring home the kids, as Jack, Janet and Carly light into them and ground them both. Jack is furious with Craig, as is Carly. Carly witnesses a sweet moment between him and Johnny, but she can’t get past what Craig did again involving Parker and she and Craig fight; she thinks Jack was right and he isn’t good to be around her son. Craig pleads his case explaining he is trying to be a friend to Parker when he pushes his parents away, but Carly won’t have it and orders him out of her life. Meg continues to frantically worry about Eliza when the tunnels under Fairwinds are another dead end. Dusty assures Meg that Paul would never hurt his baby; he knows Paul loves Eliza. Josie and Paul wind up hiding out at TV station where Josie is exhausted; Paul tells her to go to sleep and they will figure things out when she wakes up. Dusty reads Josie’s letter and calls her; he is sorry she felt she had to leave, but he wonders if she has news about where Paul took Eliza. Paul sees the call, from Dusty, hears the message and deletes it all while Josie is sleeping nearby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Steffy that no matter if he didn’t mean to, Rick killed Phoebe and Ridge is not going to turn the other cheek. He will hate that bastard the rest of his life. Rick argues with Stephanie that he is not trying to hurt Ridge. Phoebe’s death was an accident. He can not end something so beautiful and pure with Steffy. Stephanie asks him just to consider this one selfless act. She knows how hurt and angry he has been all his life with feeling his mom and dad abandoned him. But he will only be lashing back at them to continue this relationship. It must end. Brooke confides to Steffy that she is appreciative of Steffy being supportive of Rick, but she doesn’t see Ridge’s attitude changing toward him any time soon, if ever. Ridge returns and expresses again, he will never forget and he will not forgive. Stephanie tells Rick that Steffy is sneaking around and getting in deeper and deeper and it will only be destructive if she is forced to choose between Rick and her family.

Rick continues that he wishes he could go back and put himself in that accident. He would trade places with Phoebe in a heartbeat. Stephanie points out what a life it will be for Steffy if she chooses him, having Steffy’s entire family against her, no joy, no happiness, just pain. Steffy will come to hate him when he takes all of this away. She reminds him she loved him when he was a small sweet boy. He can be that sweet boy again. It will hurt Steffy for now, but the kind of hurt that will go away. Don’t make this into a tragic love story. He asks her to stop. He hears her. Good, she says, then let Steffy go.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Lexie notifies Roman about the hostage situation as Bo and Steve rush down to the hospital. Hope makes a move to shoot the killer, but he pulls Kayla in front of him, and she gets hit with the bullet instead. Bo and Steve rush in just then and Bo shoots the killer dead. He later admits to a distraught Hope that he knew this was going to happen. She assumes he had another vision and is furious he didn’t tell her. Phillip and Stephanie admit they are falling in love with one another and begin to make love, but Steve interrupts, calling Stephanie to tell her about Kayla being shot. A nun helps patch Rafe up and Teresa moves him and Sami into another room to hide, since Sami is sure Rafe thinks the killer knows where they are. She later admits to him that she will miss him when this is all over, and he says he feels the same. They get a call letting them know the killer has died, and Sami is free to return home, but she says she can’t--not until she comes up with a plan for her baby. Nicole has a scare when EJ tells her the baby looks like someone else, but it turns out he only meant himself. She and Baker dodge some more bullets when a nurse starts telling EJ about the delivery, and later when Nicole refuses to get checked out at the hospital. She and EJ end up heading home together with the baby without incident, however.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick tries to revive Leyla with no luck. Later, Patrick breaks the news to Leyla’s fiancé. Sonny catches Anthony in Claudia’s room before anything happens. Anthony pretends to be concerned about Claudia but Sonny knows better. Sonny finally convinces Anthony to leave Claudia’s hospital room. Later, Anthony finds an opportunity to get back into Claudia’s room unnoticed. Trevor catches Anthony, as he’s standing and about to suffocate Claudia with a pillow. Trevor admits he “faked” his symptoms to get out of the boardroom. Anthony says Trevor should help him kill Claudia. Claudia is awake and she hits the call button. Trevor figures out that Anthony shot Kate so Trevor attacks Anthony. Nadine comes in and clears out Claudia’s room. Sonny comes into the room and Claudia tells him that Anthony shot Kate.

Maxie and Johnny continue to wait out the storm at the garage. Johnny says he’s afraid of what will happen when Lulu “learns the truth” about him. Maxie is intrigued by Johnny’s statement and wonders what his “secret” is. Johnny stays mum but Maxie opens up to him about her past mistakes. Maxie is convinced that she will eventually “drive” Spinelli away. Johnny comments that if he and Maxie fooled around, it would ruin his relationship with Lulu as well as Maxie’s relationship with Spinelli. Johnny thinks he and Maxie would be doing Spinelli and Lulu “a favor” by sleeping together. Maxie kisses Johnny. Nikolas sees Rebecca again. He tells Lulu but they end up discussing Lulu’s relationship with Johnny. Ethan and Luke continue on with their odd friendship. Kate wakes up to find Olivia at her bedside. Kate insists that Olivia find her purse, which contains the DVD. Olivia reports back that all the items from the boardroom are to be “destroyed.” Spinelli advises Winifred of the missing poison sphere. Sam informs Patrick about the missing sphere. Sonny is there and says they must keep the info “quiet” so as not to cause a panic. Emma runs a high fever so Robin heads for GH with her.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Mallet tells all to Marina. He says that man he worked for was Griggs. Doris is on another witch hunt for Alan. This time it concerns Emma and Olivia, and Natalia. After Mallet tells her what he has, Marina tells him she is going for a walk. Coop is at a reading of his latest book. Alan and Beth arrive at the reading. Beth is shocked. She motions to Coop to not read it. But he ignores her. Mallet finds Marina and they go to a to the adoption agency. They talk to the woman who will handle the adoption. Marina tell her that even though Mallet is secure in his current job he had others that weren't so good. Then asks does that make him a bad person? Doris holds a press conference that has Olivia and Natalia becoming nervous and angry as she talks about protecting the children of Springfield. At home, Mallet and Marina talk more about what has been said. Mallet says that this could cost them the adoption. Marina is aware of that. She says by telling her, that he has a lot of faith in their marriage. He sits on the couch beside her and Marina takes his hands in hers. Beth and Alan go home. Beth is nervous. Alan says he knows everything.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Many people are "in limbo" not knowing what will happen with Todd's trial or where their star witness, Lee Halpern is. Only Todd, Tea, Antonio and Talia know that Lee/Janet has been murdered. Marty and Wes talk about both of their association with this woman. Blair warns Starr that if they find Lee Halpern and she testifies against Todd with evidence, Starr could get charged with perjury. Schuyler Joplin is not certain what to do knowing his mother's involvement in Todd's attempt to steal Starr's baby, the fact that she complied with Todd in order to protect her son, or her untimely suicide. He goes into Rodi's and talks to John. Cole catches Matthew with a joint in his room. Matthew argues that he only smokes pot and odes not pop pills. Renee tells them both they need to shape up. Cole reveals to her that he has "motives" to get revenge upon Lee Halpern. It appears there are many suspects in the murder investigation of Lee/Janet. But Tea confesses to the murder. Antonio and Talia do not believe her but they take her down to the station. She still wants to represent Todd and win the case for him.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon have sex and reminisce on old times. Noah realizes Brad is the one that saved him. Abby and Colleen hear the nasty message Victor has left for Brad, they also confront him about it. JT calls out a search party fro Brad and Kay pleads with Murphy to her remember.

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