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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, Erica refuses to help David to get Little A away from J.R. Although David reminds Erica of her promise, Erica still refuses to help David. Bianca tells Kendall that Zach was the donor for Gabrielle. At Wildwind, Krystal looks at a pic of herself and Tad. Krystal tells David, but leaves him a message for him to call her. At Tad’s home, Jesse and Angie are there to go over the facts of Kathy being missing from the house. At the ConFusion Bar, J.R. and Colby sit at a table, busily, talking when Adam walks up and interrupts. Adam inquires as to what is going on, but they both refuse to tell him anything. Colby notices Pete walk in. Adam also notices Pete and goes to the bar to confront Pete by grabbing him by the shirt collar. Amanda walks up to J.R.’s and Colby’s table and wants to have a private conversation with J.R. J.R. lets Amanda know that Colby knows about Amanda being pregnant. Amanda is upset that J.R. had told someone else about her pregnancy. Adam begins to accuse Pete of getting Colby pregnant. Colby breaks up the fight by telling Adam that she is not pregnant. Adam sees Amanda and J.R. talking, and makes the connection that Amanda is the one, who is pregnant. Kendall inquires of Zach as to how long Reese and Bianca are staying at the house. Tad arrives at the hospital and accuses David of kidnapping Kathy. David denies kidnapping Kathy. Erica notices a tense moment between Zach and Reese.

Erica explains to Kendall about Reese’s past. Colby apologizes to Pete for Adam’s actions. Colby lets Pete know that she has missed him. Adam confronts J.R. about Amanda being pregnant with J.R.’s child. Amanda finds Kathy at the yacht. Amanda wants to call Tad, but Kathy stops her by telling Amanda that she doesn’t want to go home that Tad loves Jenny more than he does Kathy. Krystal stops by Tad’s and finds out that Kathy is missing. Angie starts to accuse David. J.R. finds Kathy at the yacht with Amanda. Amanda tells J.R. that she is keeping the baby. David watches from outside the door. Bianca shows Gabrielle to Kendall.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jade apologizes to Casey for not giving him the message that Allison was waiting for him on the roof. Casey rushes to find Allison and talk about the misunderstanding and finds her kissing Matt who returned to Oakdale after getting out of jail. Allison apologizes to Matt for using him because she knew that Casey was watching them. Matt later talks to Casey and tries to explain that Allison really cares about him but Casey doesn't want to hear anymore because he is tired of Allison and her games. Jade stops by Emily's office to pick up her first check and Emily tells Jade to keep up the good work. Jade wonders if Emily cares about Allison and Casey. Emily tells jade that she cares about Alison and Casey very much and wants them to be happy just not together.

Meg pays a visit to Fairwinds to make it clear to Paul that she is getting a speedy divorce and giving him limited visitation with Eliza. Paul pleads with Meg for a second chance but Meg tells him their relationship is finished. A paranoid Paul assumes Meg cheated on him with Dusty and that is why she wants a quick divorce. Meg is tired of this same argument and in anger she confirms Paul's suspicions and later tells him she said those things because he pushed her too far. Paul can't get the idea of Meg and Dusty's supposed affair out of his head because no matter what Meg tells him he thinks that Meg and Dusty had an affair. Meg tells Paul that the way he is acting is scaring her so she has decided that he can no longer be a part of her and Eliza's life .

Meg makes it clear that she will use the full extent of the law to protect Eliza from Paul. Paul panics and while Barbara is visiting Meg and Eliza at the Lakeview he causes the hotel to have a blackout and while it is dark he takes Eliza out of her stroller and kidnaps her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the beach house, Stephanie spies as Rick and Steffy get amorous. At the office, Ridge can’t concentrate once he sees a dress he designed for Phoebe. He thought it was pulled from the collection. He had so many plans, now plans that will never be realized. Rick and Steffy are interrupted by a phone call from Brooke with her asking Steffy to please stop by and talk to Ridge. He needs comfort. Rick convinces Steffy that Brooke will accept them as a couple and she will work her magic on Ridge and eventually he will come around too. Ridge is comforted by Steffy, but ends up saying he knows she is vulnerable too and can be taken advantage of by others who find her so loving and trusting. He will do anything to keep her safe and ends up warning her about her safe driving. She promises him that Ridge won’t lose her. Rick did not force Phoebe to get into his car. It was her own choice. Ridge says maybe Rick did not force her into the car, but he was the force that caused the accident and he does not want Rick anywhere near Steffy now.

In his solitude and thinking, Rick is startled to find Stephanie standing by his side. She says it wasn’t enough for him to kill Steffy’s sister, now he is after Steffy too. He won’t be able to contain himself when he reels Steffy in to go over and throw it in Ridge’s face. She will not stand by and watch that happen. He confesses that he is in love with Steffy. This is not about revenge. He is not playing with her as Stephanie keeps saying. He wants to know what she intends to do. She reminds him that Steffy thinks this is Romeo and Juliet and look what a terrible ending that had. There is nothing Stephanie won’t do to protect Steffy and her father.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Dr. Baker gives Sami Mia’s baby and she and Teresa rush back to the convent for fear that the birth will go on record and that the DiMeras could find out. Rafe makes it to the convent just as they arrive, and tell them they aren’t safe. He then collapses from his leg wound. The killer strangles Kayla, but Daniel fends him off and give him a sedative. Kayla thinks he may be the mayor’s killer based on the sketch she saw, and calls Hope to come down to the hospital. Bo has asked her not to see Kayla because of his vision, but he doesn’t tell Hope the truth about it and she brushes him off. Once she arrives, the killer comes out of his room and takes Kayla hostage with a stranglehold. Hope pulls her gun on him. Chloe begs Maggie not to tell Lucas the truth about her and Daniel, and is able to convince her this will never happen again. Maggie agrees, but vows to keep an eye on her and tell Lucas the truth if she catches her with Daniel again. Nicole learns that EJ has come home and panics, asking Dr. Baker to give her Sami’s room at the clinic so she can pretend to have given birth. Baker agrees and calls EJ to tell him Nicole is in labor. He tells Nicole that the baby looks just like Sami and fears she won’t be able to pull this off. EJ arrives in time to find Nicole in bed with Sami’s baby.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Jax comes to GH and Jason fills him in on what happened inside. Jax wants to see Carly but Jason refuses to open the door. When Jason peeks in on Liz, Epiphany tells him Liz is “critical.” Lucky breaks into the hospital and tells Sam he’s there to check on Liz. Lucky sits at Liz’s bedside to give her “strength.” Ethan spends more time on the Haunted Star with Luke. Patrick says the guests in the boardroom will be “decontaminated” one at a time. Those inside argue over who will go first. Lulu spends her time waiting out the crisis with Spinelli. Maxie and Johnny spend their time talking while they wait out the storm at the garage. Claudia is in pretty bad shape but she tries to warn Jason about Anthony’s plan for Sonny. Matt and Patrick each blame themselves for what happened. Tracy is released from the boardroom and gets her “decontamination” shower with Epiphany’s help. Jax calls and talks with Carly at the hospital. Later, Jax stands outside the hospital door while Carly stands on the inside of the door. Jason realizes one of the four spheres Patrick removed from Bragg's body is missing. Leyla takes a turn for the worst and Patrick tries to revive her. Anthony heads to Claudia’s room to try and silence her “for good.”

GL Recap Written by Beth

Edmund talks to Shayne. He sees a keepsake that Lara gave Shayne. Edmund tells Shayne he can a keep a keepsake of Lara's. Reva still doesn't trust Dinah with Shayne. She doesn't believe that Dinah can help Shayne. They argue about it. Dinah comes home and calls out for Mallet. She gets no answer. She sees a light on the answering machine and listens to the message. She then get a call from the same person the message was from. Mallet by the pond with a metal briefcase. Dinah is passed out at Reva's. Reva is trying to revive her. At the Springfield PD, Frank has called Jeffrey. Frank says an alarm went off at his place and no one answered the phone. Jeffrey leaves as Frank calls Dr. Rick Bauer. Marina goes to Frank all upset about Mallet. Jeffrey and Josh get to Reva and Jeffrey's. Reva says that Dinah collapsed after touching her forehead. Mallet comes home. Marina asks what happened. Mallet says, "We have to talk. Marina agrees. At the hospital, Reva and Josh are in the waiting room while waiting for news of Dinah. Jeffrey who has checked on Dinah comes back. Jeffrey asks Reva what happened. Jeffrey says, Dinah did say she and Reva talked. In the examination room Dinah is awake and Shayne is there. They don't talk just look at each other.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Langston admits to Starr that she is very disappointed in her for lying in court to protect Todd. Starr tells Langston she does not understand. Only "Mr. J" does. Yet she doesn't tell Langston just how she knows that Schuyler Joplin (Mr. J) is "in the same boat" as her the way nobody else is. Schuyler goes to his mother's grave and asks her what he is supposed to do and why she did not tell him that Todd blackmailed her by threatening to expose her son if she did not help him kidnap Starr's baby. After Janet has been murdered in Todd's living room and it looks like he did it, Tea comes and asks him what happened. They are both suspects for the dead body. But there is another suspect who is Wes. He admits to Marty that Janet was his father's mistress. She ruined his family and took all Wes's father's money. And Wes is very angry at her. It looks like Todd may have gotten away with intending to kidnap Starr's baby since she has refused to incriminate him in court. But the murder of Janet incriminates both him and Tea.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Brad is missing and Colleen has enlisted JT, Billy and Lily’s help to find him. Nick goes to the cabin to tell Sharon, the park ranger informs then that they are stranded due to the inclement weather. Billy invites Lily to the Abbott cabin for Valentine’s day. Phyllis follows Nick only to be turned around by the rangers. Michael goes off Eden.

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