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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad comes downstairs, carrying two suitcases which he sets down by the front door. Kathy comes out of the living room and asks him as to where he is going . Tad tells him that he isn’t going anywhere, but Krystal is moving out. At Wildwind, Krystal and David kiss and make love. Dr. Sinclair shows Annie pics of Richie, dead, lying on the road, and tries to get Annie to remember. Annie is just about to breakdown and talk when the fire alarm sounds and Dr. Sinclair leaves. Ryan visits Erica at her hotel room to question her as to why she had invited both Mary and Claire to the bridal shower. At Zach’s house, Reese blasts Claire for not accepting her lifestyle. Claire retaliates by slapping Reese in the face. Zach walks in and tells Claire to leave. Reese tells Claire to get out. Bianca and Greenlee visit and get the surprise of a lifetime when Kendall opens her eyes. Dr. Sinclair comes into Aidan’s room and wants to know who he was talking to. David, Zach, Erica, Ryan and Reese arrive at the hospital. Everyone is overjoyed to see Kendall awake. David lets Kendall know that she had a heart transplant. Kendall finds out that her new heart is Josh’s. Dr. Sinclair gives Aidan an injection of truth serum.

Tad refuses to let Krystal tell the girls good-bye. Zach spends some quality time with Kendall. Kendall tells Zach that she is ready to give him a daughter. Dr. Sinclair questions Aidan as to who he is and what he is doing there. Aidan tries to fight it, but he gives in and tells Dr. Sinclair what she wants to know. Erica urges Bianca to tell Kendall the truth about Gabrielle. Tad finds Kathy missing from the house after Krystal’s visit. Bianca introduces Reese to Kendall. Bianca opens up and tells Kendall that Zach is the father of Gabrielle.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Dusty hands Meg the fake passports and asks her to cut them up, but not the cash, before he changes his mind. Craig thinks Carly is giving Dusty too much credit and himself not enough. She says Johnny should not be made to feel that he is being abandoned by someone who loves him. Jack has one of those days when he feels like he is disappointing everyone – Janet by not getting the house they wanted and Parker and Liberty by not having $200 for Metallica tickets. Dusty explains to Johnny that although he won’t always be with him, he will always be there for him. Now it’s time to spend more time with his other daddy. He cries at the graveside of Jennifer, wishing he didn’t have to give up on Johnny. Johnny wants to make brownies so Craig shows up at Carly’s door with groceries and convinces her to help. Jack drops by to let her know that he doesn’t need the second mortgage right now after all. When he sees Craig, he warns Carly that she will never learn. He apologies when he realizes the real reason that Craig is there and she in her robe. Janet realizes his problems with Craig is just Carly. Jack can’t stand to see her with another man. Craig gives Parker a wad of money to buy toys for Johnny and in the process gives Parker money for himself so he can get the Metallica tickets. Jack doesn’t like that Craig is throwing money at his son. Janet doesn’t believe Craig is hurting anyone and Jack is just jealous that Craig has money and he doesn’t. She states that she loves him, not what he can buy for her, that doesn’t matter. Craig concedes he already is a lousy father since he let Johnny eat as many brownies as he wanted and now he is sick. Meg notices how Dusty is so attentive to Eliza.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie tells Ridge this thing with Rick is more than he knows, but he’s to concentrate on working and making more designs and she will deal with Rick. Stephanie asks a working Eric to make time for her. They need to resolve this with Rick. She will not let this destroy the whole family and she thinks that is what Rick is out to do. He listens to enough and then throws her out of the office. He has more designing to do and Rick needs his support, not this finger-pointing. Bridget tells Steffy that she is taking a leave of absence from the hospital to do something else. Steffy confides in her that while she and Rick say they will stay away from each other, they haven’t. Bridget tells her this is a passing attraction, not love. Bridget says it is a no-win situation so Steffy must not give herself a chance to make this work. Stephanie gives Rick a message to get him out of his office and then she sneaks in. She rifles through papers, calendars and then his computer e-mail and comes to the conclusion that the bastard is after Steffy. A text message from Steffy is waiting for Rick to meet her at the beach house. Ridge is cornered and tells Brooke that it is her own son, Rick, who sabotaged the company. She is appalled that Ridge would insult Rick like that and accuse him. When she hears that Stephanie knows too, then she knows why Ridge has jumped to this conclusion.

Bridget informs her dad that there is nothing wrong, but she’d like to take a leave of absence and do something else with her life right now. She appreciates his support, which leads to how Rick is feeling. She promises she will talk to Rick. Ridge realizes that Brooke is trying to be loyal to her son, but he needs help. He’s not sure what but the most he can do is keep him away from Ridge’s family. Stephanie lets herself into the beach house. Rick and Steffy, separately, are both not far behind. They confess their love for each other and Steffy says Rick has her right where he wants her. She is completely his. Stephanie sees them kissing passionately.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole talks Dr. Baker into switching Mia’s baby for Sami’s by threatening and cajoling him in turn. Meanwhile, Sami frets about the whereabouts of her own baby, and EJ calls Nicole to tell her he is on his way home. Later, Baker gives Sami Mia’s baby, while Nicole takes Sami’s. Bo has a vision of Hope shooting Kayla, and confides in Steve about it. The two agree to do everything they can to keep the two from seeing each other. Maggie finds the killer unconscious in the park and has him taken to the hospital. Kayla later tells him he looks familiar to her. Chloe comes to Daniel’s apartment and lays into him for dumping her in a voicemail. They end up making love and afterwards, Daniel gets paged by the hospital. Chloe stays behind to get her purse, and runs into Maggie outside in the hallway. Maggie was on her way to take Joe’s toy by Kayla’s apartment for the sitter, and saw the two kiss in the doorway. Rafe got hurt in the fight with the killer and can’t stand on his feet. He tries to make a call but the phone doesn’t work.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Luke catches an intruder on the Haunted Star. The young man, Ethan, claims to be seeking shelter from the storm. Lulu worries about Nikolas. Later, Nikolas tells Jason he thinks he saw Emily. Mac visits with Robin and notices she seems distressed. Robin still can't pick up Emma. Agent Rayner calls Mac into the PCPD.

Patrick removes the toxic spheres from Earl Bragg's body and leaves them in the operating room for safety purposes. He also seals off the air duct in the OR. Jason locks everyone inside the boardroom and Claudia takes charge and seals the air duct. The guests in the boardroom get nervous after hearing Jason's news. Anthony is amused by the situation. Medics take Kate into the hospital. Soon after, Trevor passes out. Later, an orderly passes out in front of Patrick. Just as she's about to tell Sonny the truth about the shooting, Claudia passes out. Agent Rayner tells Patrick to quarantine the hospital. Someone lurks around in the OR where the spheres are stored.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Shayne is asked how he is feeling. Billy brings Bill home. They are met by Lizzie's dog. Cyrus is at the Spaulding Mansion trying to understand Lizzie and how she feels and thinks. Shayne visits Reva and asks for her feelings about Edmund's claim. Reva says to fight for him. If it means talking to Edmund, then go ahead. Edmund now knows that Cassie is in Hawaii after talking to Josh. Josh gives Edmund permission to talk to Shayne, but with a warning. If Edmund hurts him, Josh will go after him. At Company, Bill runs into Daisy, who gives him encouragement. She calls him her hero. They hug. At Jeffrey and Reva's, Jeffrey, Dinah, Reva and Shayne talk about what Reva thinks Dinah almost did to Shayne. Shayne tells her to lay off. Dinah and Shayne go outside to talk. Bill goes to see Cyrus about Lizzie. Then Lizzie shows up and act very comfortable next to Cyrus and smiles. At Company, Cyrus stops by looking for Bill. Daisy and he talk. Daisy tells him to leave Bill alone. After talking to Shayne, Dinah senses a problem. He leaves her outside Reva's. Reva comes out and sees Dinah is worried. Dinah tells her. Reva offers to take them to where Shayne and Edmund are meeting. Daisy finds Bill at the Towers bar. Bill tells her that Lizzie didn't believe him when he told her he got his memory back. Edmund is alone looking at a picture of Lara when there is a knock at the door. It is Shayne. Shayne says he is here now what. Edmund starts asking questions. Shayne wants to know when Edmund is leaving town. Edmund just continues to ask questions. Shayne wants him to leave. When Dinah and Reva get at Shayne's it is empty. Dinah realizes that Reva lied. Reva wants Dinah to sit down while she talks. Josh shows up at Reva and Jeffrey's. Josh tells Jeffrey that Edmund isn't going anywhere. Jeffrey says Reva is gone. That she usually rests during a time and when he came home she wasn't there. Reva tells Dinah that Shayne is a grown man. And Dinah says, "Edmund is Edmund."

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr finds she cannot testify against her father. So, in court, she announces that Todd never intended to kidnap her child and she merely lied because she was angry at him. At that point, Nora realizes that Janet is her last hope. But after Janet has discovered the headline in the Sun where Todd has exposed her, she has escaped. And, we find out that Wes knows Janet. She slept with his father and took all of his money when Wes was a child. Meanwhile, Jessica returns home and is welcomed by everybody in the house except for Natalie and Bree. Natalie lays down the law to her that while being Tess, Jessica abandoned Bree and it's a miracle that Chloe did not die after Tess gave birth without going to a hospital since she was too concerned about blowing up Natalie and Jared to let them out so they could help her when she went into labor. Starr then goes to her "allegedly" dead baby's grave telling her how sorry she is and the dilemma of whether to protect her or Todd in the courtroom. Little does anybody know what really happened in regard to the two babies (Chloe and Hope).

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Brad is missing and Colleen has enlisted JT, Billy and Lily’s help to find him. Nick goes to the cabin to tell Sharon, the park ranger informs then that they are stranded due to the inclement weather. Billy invites Lily to the Abbott cabin for Valentine’s day. Phyllis follows Nick only to be turned around by the rangers. Michael goes off Eden.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At J.T’s and Victoria’s house, J.T has surprised Victoria with a “Happy Anniversary” dinner at home. Colleen calls Brad once again on his cell phone, but still doesn’t get an answer. Colleen begins to panic as to where Brad could be. Billy tries to reassure Colleen that Brad could have had car trouble and isn’t near his phone. At the hospital, Eden heaves a sigh of relief that Noah is going to be just fine. Nicholas questions the doctor if he is sure that Noah will be alright. The doctor assures him that Noah will be fine. Nicholas tells Phyllis that he is going to the cabin to let Sharon know about Noah and that he is fine. Jack sits beside Noah’s bed when Noah begins to groan. Jack urges him to relax. Noah begins to question Jack as to where Eden is.
Colleen calls the police about Brad, but is disappointed when she gets no help from them. Phyllis advises Nicholas not to go to the cabin since it is so bad and snowy out, but Nicholas will not take, no, for an answer. Finally, Phyllis gives in and tells Nicholas that she will go to the cabin herself and tells Sharon about Noah. Nicholas refuses to let Phyllis go out in the snowstorm. Colleen visits J.T. and Victoria and tells them that Brad is missing. Eden blames herself for Noah’s accident. Jack questions Phyllis as to where Nicholas is. Lily offers Billy some snacks while they discuss Colleen and how she is dealing with this about Brad. Phyllis starts to go find Nicholas, but an officer stops her and tells her that the road is closed. Nicholas arrives at the cabin safely. Nicholas tells Sharon about Noah and the accident, but that he is fine. Nicholas finds out that the roads are closed, and Nicholas cannot leave the cabin.

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