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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Zach’s home, Reese and Bianca share a tender moment in bed before Erica starts to yell at them to get up and get ready for the bridal shower. At Ryan and Greenlee’s, Greenlee sits on the sofa when Ryan walks into the room. Greenlee tells Ryan that she doesn’t want to go to the bridal shower. Tad arrives at Oak Haven for another interview with Dr. Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair lets him know that she knows who he is and what he is after by interviewing her about her career. The bridal shower hits a snag when both Reese’s Mother and Greenlee’s Mother arrives for the festivities. Bianca lashes out at Erica for inviting Claire to the bridal shower. At Wildwind, Krystal tells David that she had gotten Tad to sign the divorce papers. David senses a hesitation and tells Krystal to tear up the papers. Krystal lets David know that she doesn’t want to tear up the papers that she doesn’t know what she wants. Tad visits Ryan and lets him know that Dr. Sinclair had busted him as to who he really was. Tad realizes that Dr. Sinclair definitely has an agenda against Annie. Dr. Sinclair tries to get Annie to own up that she had killed Richie, but Annie refuses to divulge any information.

David examines Kendall while Brot watches. Brot lets David know that he, too, had laid in a coma for months. Greenlee and her Mother have a civilized conversation. Bianca and Erica go outside to have a private talk while Reese and Claire talk. Bianca lashes out at Erica for trying to break up Bianca and Reese. Erica throws snow on Bianca’s coat. Claire slaps Reese’s face just as Zach walks in. Erica goes back to her hotel room where she imagines seeing Josh behind her. Dr. Sinclair visits Annie while she is asleep on her cot. Dr. Sinclair tells Annie that no one can save her now. Krystal searches, frantically, in the chest drawers for more pills. David walks in and wants to know what she is looking for. David holds up the packet of pills. Krystal takes the pills from David and realizes that he had indeed switched the pills at the police station. Krystal begins to beat on David’s chest, telling him that she hates him which leads to them kissing. As Bianca and Greenlee visit Kendall in her hospital room, she opens her eyes.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Brad and Katie agree to allow WOAK to create a reality show about their efforts to have a child on the condition that if the show is a success Brad will get his job back on Oakdale now. It is chaos in the courtroom today in the battle of Craig and Dusty for the custody of Johnny. Josie tells Paul that Dusty and Meg are married because they want to prove to the court that Dusty can give Johnny a stable home. Paul's private detective discovers that Meg backdated her divorce papers to get around the waiting period in the state of Nevada. Paul rushes to court to tell the Judge. The judge doesn't believe Paul until Jose gets on the stand and tell the court what Dusty told her. Carly refuses to be a character witness for Craig but encourages Craig to tell the judge the truth. Craig tells the Judge that he was falsely imprisoned and his son was taken away from him twice but he thinks he would be a good father to Johnny. The Judge is so upset that Dusty committed fraud to the court that he decides to give custody of Johnny to Craig. Dusty thinks Josie told Paul the truth about Meg's marriage so he would show up in court and ruin everything. Josie denies Dusty's accusations and apologizes for what happened in court today. Meg can't stand to look at Paul and tells him he betrayed Jennifer once again and made sure his sister would never rest in peace. Meg wishes Paul luck telling Barbara that Johnny is being raised by Craig. Craig thanks Carly for her advice and tells her nobody will ever take Johnny from him again.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric lectures Ridge and Stephanie that this is done; he wants no more talk of the sabotage. They will get on with their work and he doesn’t want to hear any more about it. Jackie tells Clarke that they are facing harsh realities and they are going to be bringing in another designer to help him. Rick tells Bridget that he blew it with Steffy and they are over. Steffy wants nothing to do with him. Katie confronts Nick. Okay, he didn’t steal the designs. That is splitting hairs since he knows who did send them and did use them as his own. He promises a lot of things, but will not share this. He says he had good intentions for his company and his family, so Katie will have to decide if she wants to be part of that or not. Eric tells Steffy that he loves Rick and he will forgive him and no one will ever know. She is shocked that Eric is letting Rick get away with this. There should be consequences. Eric claims he is a very good person and just needs help to get through this. Ridge tells Rick that he knows it was him; don’t even bother to deny it. He’s come across some losers in his life, but none that disgusts him as much as Rick does. Rick feels like he is trying to work through this. It’s Ridge that won’t let it go. Jackie is surprised when she discovers Bridget is the new designer that she was looking for. Bridget says that she would like to fulfill her lifelong dream. She'd like to do that with Jackie M.

Katie tells Nick that she doesn’t need him to protect her, just be honest with her. Jackie’s only hesitation in hiring Bridget is that she would be betraying Eric again by snatching away another one of his family members. She will hire her, but there will be tension between the families, and there is the little thing with her working with Nick. Bridget says she can handle that. Ridge vents his anger with Stephanie about Rick. He sees red and swears that he can’t stand the sight of that kid. One more thing from Rick and Ridge won’t be responsible for what he might do. Steffy sees Rick and expounds that she can’t believe that Eric actually forgave him. But Eric explained and she sees things a little differently now. He tells Steffy that he was caught up in the fantasy together and he didn’t care what happened as long as they were together. She says they were both crazy……crazy in love. He is holding Steffy tenderly and gazing into her eyes when Stephanie walks by the door and spots them.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami insists on seeing her baby, but a nurse gives her a tranquilizer to calm her down. Baker saves Sami’s baby and Nicole tells him about her plan to switch Mia’s baby for Sami’s, saying that she is sure Sami will take good care of Mia’s baby. Chloe and Maggie talk about her fears about marrying Lucas, and Maggie tells her that while her relationship with Lucas won’t always be perfect ,they’ll get through it if they love ach other. Kate visits Daniel and questions him about what has been bothering him, but he explodes and she ends up leaving .She wonders what is wrong with him. Chloe later visits Daniel even though he told her that it’s over between them. Rafe gets the best of the killer and stabs him. The killer stumbles off and collapses in the park from blood loss.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick is unable to stop the surgery in time and the entire surgical team is unconscious when he gets to the operating room. Jason races to the hospital to help. Wearing a hazardous materials suit, Patrick gets everyone out of the OR. Andy Archer and Earl Bragg are dead. Patrick says only one of the poison spheres caused the team to pass out. Agent Rayner says the remaining four spheres must still be inside Bragg and they must be removed. Spinelli learns that the air duct from the OR connects to the boardroom where the benefit is simultaneously taking place. Kate comes to the benefit to spill the DVD news to Sonny. Olivia tries to stop her. Just as Kate approaches Sonny, she suddenly passes out. Anthony confronts Ric at the benefit and wonders if it was Ric who filled Claudia in on his plans.

Johnny and Maxie almost collide their cars. Johnny takes Maxie to an abandoned garage nearby. Nikolas thinks he sees Emily at the nurse’s desk at GH. Robin tries to find someone to baby-sit as Emma cries in the other room.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill is dreaming that he is with his father at the old house that he found. Beth meets with Alan about ending their marriage. Alan says he'll fight for what he says is "mine". Lizzie goes to her "Uncle Rick" to help Beth back to her senses. Rick refuses to help. They also say they wished Phillip were back. Bill is still in his dream talking to his father. In his dream Billy tells him to go lay down as he has a concussion. Beth gets a call and lies to Alan about who it is. Lizzie meets with her grandmother, Lillian about her situation. Lizzie is fed up with people protecting her. Billy calls Rick. He tells him he found Bill and that he has a concussion. Billy says he is in the middle of nowhere. Rick says he'll call a doctor and get back to him. Bill is dreaming and he dreams he come upon a masked man just as he is about to grab the mask off he wakes up. Coop sneaks up on Beth at the Spaulding Mansion. At the office, Alan visits Lizzie. Lizzie says that she isn't using Alan in the Spaulding company. She want him to travel. Alan says, "Sounds like you're trying to get rid of me." Bill is conscious, he is talking with Billy about Phillip. Back at Spaulding Company, Alan states that he is staying right where he is. Bill decides to go home. Blake get an advance for Coop's book and the woman asks for a "publishing party date". Beth and Coop are talking about the book. Beth wants to know why Blake is so persistent about getting it published. Coops says he lied to Blake, saying that the book was about her. Beth and Coop laugh.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd's trial is underway. Starr knows she has a real dilemma about whether to testify against her father when she's the only witness and she learns, from Tea, that not long ago Todd tried to take his own life. She goes and talks to Scuyler Joplin knowing he's in the same boat as her, since his mother did take her own life. Scuyler then privately opens a letter his mother wrote her right before she ended her life, where she reveals that she was ready to help Todd kidnap Starr's baby because Todd threatened to expose her son. And now that Starr's baby is dead, she cannot live with what has happened. Tea is able to discredit her witnesses and with Todd, she exposes Janet as a fraud in The Sun. Janet is ready to testify against Todd but when she sees the article, she is afraid to do so. And Starr is not certain if she wants to testify against her father when Nora calls her to the witness stand.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nick reads Sharon letter unintentionally. Colleen and JT find Bradís car. Lauren tells Eden that her age of defiance is over. Jack shares with Phyllis that he has not given up on Sharon and their marriage. Noah begins to remember.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

At the cabin, Sharon sits deep in thought. She pulls out a pad and begins to write a note to Nicholas. Michael and Nick search for Noah and Eden at the bowling alley, but finds no one there. Phyllis and Lauren call around to friends to ask if Noah and Eden had been seen, but with no luck. At Lake Mary, Eden calls for Noah to come back. Noah calls to her to stay where she is that the ice is breaking. Noah calls to her to go get help. At the restaurant, Ashley approaches Colleen and Abby, who are waiting for Brad to arrive. Ashley is invited to join them and Ashley agrees. Jack walks in and also join the happy group. Ashley asks Colleen to be the new Face of Jabot. Colleen accepts, happily. Phyllis calls Abby to check up on Noah and Eden. Michael gets a lead as to where Noah and Eden could be. Brad hears someone screaming for help and goes to help him. Brad tells him to keep talking so that he can find him. Brad finds Noah in the icy waters .Brad crawls across the water to rescue Noah. Colleen calls Bradís cell phone, but doesnít get an answer. Nick and Michael search for Noah and Eden. Nick receives a call that Noah had been found. Jack tells Ashley that he had offered Gloria a deal that if she sells her shares then he will drop the civil suit. Noah and Eden are brought into the emergency room.  Everyone is notified that Noah had been found. Eden wants to see Noah, but Michael refuses. Phyllis, Nicholas and Jack visit Noah. Joe Tesper from the Parks Department checks on Sharon to see how she is. Lauren stops Eden from visiting Noah and instead takes Eden home. Nicholas informs Phyllis that he has to go tell Sharon what had happened to Noah. Colleen is still concerned over Bradís whereabouts.

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