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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda visits Ryan and Greenlee at their home and tells them that she wants them to adopt her child. Ryan and Greenlee both have reservations about adopting Amanda’s child. At Pine Valley Hospital, David confronts J.R. about Amanda being pregnant and J.R. is the father. J.R. orders David to stay away from Amanda. Jack, Angie and Jesse are in court over the breaking and entering charge of Angie .Dr. Sinclair meets with Mr. Peterson (Tad) for an article about her career. Annie tries to talk to Mr. Stone through the air vent in her room at Oak Haven. An orderly brings Mr. Stone (Aidan) back to his room. Annie urges him to wake up. Ryan and Greenlee find out that J.R. is the father of Amanda’s unborn child. At the hospital, Krystal questions David if he has been using her. At the yacht, J.R. questions Amanda if he (J.R.) is the father or is David the father of Amanda’s unborn child. Jesse interrupts Tad’s and Dr. Sinclair’s conversation.

Tad lies to Dr. Sinclair as to his connection with Jesse. After Dr. Sinclair leaves, Tad asks for Jesse’s help in exposing Dr. Sinclair. Amanda tells J.R. that she wants Ryan and Greenlee to adopt her baby. Ryan and Greenlee agree to adopt Amanda’s baby. Dr. Sinclair arrives at Ryan and Greenlee’s to let them know that she was aware of his and Tad’s plan to find out info on her career. Annie blames herself for Mr. Stone (Aidan) getting hurt. At the ConFusion Bar, David confronts Amanda over her being pregnant and who the father of her child is. Angie sits on a bar stool when Jesse walks in. Angie declares to Jesse that she is not going to let David destroy their marriage. Tad and Krystal sit at a table in the bar. Krystal gives him the divorce papers to sign. Tad signs the papers, pulls off his wedding ring and lays it on the table. Tad walks out leaving Krystal alone. Angie join her. Greenlee dreams that she and Ryan had gone to Oak Haven to pick up Annie after she is released. Annie pulls a knife and stabs Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Paul calls Meg to ask to see Eliza; Meg balks at it, but then tells Paul that she will let him know. Dusty tells Meg that he will go in her place so she doesn’t have to deal with Paul in order for him to have a relationship with his daughter. Dusty shows up at Paul’s with Eliza and Paul doesn’t react well and is even more angry when he finds out that Meg and he got married. Meanwhile, Josie finds out by accident about Dusty and Meg’s marriage and doesn’t react well either when Meg admits that Dusty is breaking the news to Paul about them. Josie points out that Meg has come between her and Dusty and he chose her; she is convinced that both Dusty and Paul are obsessed with her. Dusty lays down the ground rules with Paul, which incites him. When Dusty finally hands over Eliza, Paul orders him out of his house. Dusty threatens to call the police until Josie shows up and talks everyone down. Meg learns of Paul’s displeasure in her new marriage, as Josie soon learns that Paul is not going to take this lying down; Dusty won’t know what hit him when he is done with him, Paul promises. Casey tries to make plans for dinner and dancing with Allison, but she tells him that she is not interested. Casey wants to know what is stopping her. Finally, he figures out it has to do with Emily, as Allison admits that Emily wants them to keep their distance. Casey is furious and tells Allison that he won’t stand for that, as he storms off. Luke wants Jade to stay in town when he learns she is down because she doesn’t want to be around Derek. They look online for a job for her and they come across Emily’s listing. Luke warns her, but Jade is up for it. Jade and Emily speak, but soon Emily is berating Jade for something she didn’t do when she answered her phone and she orders her out of her office. Casey shows up loaded for bear at Emily, as they have it out. Jade overhears and Emily notices that Casey and Jade are somewhat close. She tries to entice Jade to take a job with her – one that keeps Casey away from her sister and with Jade instead. Jade sees she has Emily over a barrel and tells Emily that she will let her know. Luke and Allison talk about her fears about getting into a relationship. He thinks she has nothing to lose if she throws caution to the wind and dates Casey; he thinks he might be the right person for her. Allison is unsure, but Luke takes the same tactic as hers when she and Casey locked Noah and he on the roof. He instructs her to wait while he finds Casey to meet her on the roof. Casey calls Jade to find out about the job interview, which she dodges. He asks her to find Casey and send him to the roof to meet with Allison. Instead, Jade talks to Casey about how good of a guy he is and if Allison doesn’t see that then maybe he should cut his losses. She asks him to have coffee with her instead of delivering the message. When Casey gets the coffee, Jade calls Emily and accepts the ‘job’. Emily asks when she will start. Jade tells her that she already has.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick considers the deal. He can have Eric’s entire Forrester collection as his own, but not his son. Nick is ticked when Steffy walks onto the plane too. Eric assures him that no one else knows. Eric tells Steffy that he is aware of what Rick did and knows why he did it. He will take care of it. Nick listens while Rick says that he does want to stay with his family. Nick shakes Eric's hand and says okay, it is a deal and the secret stays here with the four of them. Bridget shares with Jackie that she misses Jack and it hurt to lose Nick twice, but she is ready to get on with her life. Jackie wishes her all that happiness she wants. Stephanie tells Ridge not to underestimate Rick; he is capable of doing most anything to ruin their lives. Ridge can not figure out the motive though. Eric puts his foot down and announces that there will be no investigation. Jackie M has won the first round. They can keep the designs. Jackie M will not get more publicity out of it if they don’t fight this. Stephanie and Ridge are aghast that he is willing to give up so easily. He is surely covering for someone. Ridge guesses it is little Rickie!

Nick gives Jackie the good news and the bad news. Eric gave him the designs and there will be no charges, but they won’t be getting a new president. Eric tells Stephanie that she is looking for a scapegoat and he will not have that. He trusts his son. He tells Ridge this is over once and for all. He will not have Rick blamed. Steffy confides in Bridget that she loves Rick yet she knows it is wrong. It hurts her that she can’t be with him, but she has to give up on this notion. Rick tells his dad that Eric protected him when he shouldn’t. He should be taking responsibility for this. He needs to let him go. Eric tells him that he will not let that happen. He won't let this attitude destroy him. This negativity between his two boys will stop right now. They both vow they love each other, and Eric says he will do some damage control. Stephanie has the last word – there is no doubt in her mind that Rick did this. She tells him shame on him for doing this to his father. And he can believe this – she will bring him down.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami gives birth to a baby girl, but there’s a problem, since the baby had trouble getting oxygen during the delivery. Mia has doubts about giving her baby to Nicole, but finally agrees. Nicole takes the baby and heads off the clinic to see if Sami has given birth. The killer figures out Sami is at the convent when Rafe stares too much at the religious medal the killer found on the floor. Melanie confides in Max, telling him she wants to start a bidding war between EJ and Phillip for the fuel project. Phillip discovers EJ is interested and tries to talk to Melanie about an agreement, but she lies and says she has plans and has to leave. Max warns Phillip not to mess with Melanie, or he will make sure she leaves Titan and takes the fuel project with her. Brady and Melanie bond when he learns that her father was murdered.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick and Agent Rayner discuss the “survivors” of the crisis. Patrick talks about Liz and says he was worried about her. He says he “should have been with” Robin. Winifred is on the phone, passionately arguing on Spinelli’s behalf. She says Spinelli “risked his life” to help people.

One hour earlier:  Nikolas gets emotional at Emily’s grave. Lulu confides in Carly about Johnny. Johnny finds Maxie after her car accident. Kate tells Sonny she came over to tell him she wouldn’t be at the benefit. Claudia listens in as Sonny promises to find Kate’s shooter. Kate leaves with the DVD. Claudia feels pressured so she admits to being in Sonny’s bedroom earlier. Kate watches the DVD and learns all about Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting. Jerry gives Kate a clue for the whereabouts of the next DVD. Kate plans to head to the benefit and tell all to Sonny. She asks Lulu to run interference so Claudia and Carly stay out of her way. Carly goes to the benefit solo. Jax agrees to meet up with her after he’s finished helping his mother with some business. Carly greets her guests. Nikolas corners Claudia at the benefit and agrees to keep her “secret.”

Jason gets some info on the person who bought the cargo from the missing truck. A man that matches Jason’s description of the buyer is in the emergency room at GH due to a car accident. Sam comes in to GH because she was involved in the accident with the man. The man, Earl Bragg, is experiencing abdominal pain as Matt and Patrick tend to him. Matt and Monica decide they must immediately operate on Earl Bragg. Patrick agrees to go home and check on Robin. Before he leaves, Patrick looks at Bragg’s x rays and is stunned by what he sees. Meanwhile someone calls GH and inquires about Bragg. They tell Patrick that Bragg may be in possession of “poison.” Patrick tells the caller he knows “where it is.” Patrick tries to race to the ER and stop the surgery. Matt makes the first incision in Earl Bragg as Patrick races up the stairs to the OR. Patrick arrives too late and chaos erupts in the operating room. The staff in the OR falls to the floor as Patrick yells for them to evacuate the room. Patrick stands outside, helpless.

Jason tells Agent Rayner where to find the truck. Agent Rayner insists the “situation is serious” and he wants Jason to give him “a name.” Jason complies in order to protect Spinelli. Agent Rayner reminds Jason that he must still provide info on Anthony if he wants to keep Spinelli out of prison. Spinelli tries to help Jason find the buyer of the poison. Spinelli narrows his list down – Earl Bragg is on the list of suspects. He learns Bragg is at GH. Jason races to GH.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Bill snoops around an old house. He goes inside to find no won but it is clear that someone has been there. There is food on the table and thermoses. He sees a piece of paper, the then says Phillip's name. At the Spaulding Mansion, Cyrus and Lizzie are all over each other kissing an hugging. Buzz goes to Olivia and Natalia's with a gift. Back at the Mansion, Cyrus and Lizzie are still at it. Back at the old house, Bill goes outside and calls Phillips name. No one answers. Coop and Beth are on the floor together talking and making love. Alan again visits Olivia and Natalia. He is still angry over Emma's Family Report. He threatens to go and get Emma from her room. Natalia goes after him as he goes toward Emma's room. Lizzie dresses for success. Bill goes chasing after a figure of a man he thinks he saw and trips and falls. At a diner, Cyrus and Grady meet. Cyrus is not happy with Grady's new job. Cyrus says he was fired. And that their plans are out the window. Back at Olivia and Natalia's, Olivia fights back. Beth tells Coop to play it save and smart now that Alan is back in town. She leaves and runs into Lizzie. Lizzie tells Beth that she is trying to help her. Beth doesn't buy it. Beth says she knows what she is doing. Beth walks away leaving Lizzie standing there. Alan leaves Olivia and Natalia's place. They ponder what to do.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At Rodi’s, Cole looks at a packet of little white pills as he remembers a conversation that he had had with John. John walks up and asks Cole as to what he is doing here. At the Angel Square diner, David is just about to sign away the Buchanan fortune when Rex comes in and interrupts. At a table in the Angel Square diner, Blair questions Todd as to why he is trusting Tea. Tea visits Star at La Boulaie and tells her that Todd had tried to kill himself on New Year’s. In Rodi’s, Cole attacks Wes and hits him in the face over Marty. Blair urges Todd to confess to what he had done to Star. Rex stops David from signing away the Buchanan fortune. Viki tells Natalie that she is taking Chloe to visit Jessica at St. Anne’s. Natalie objects. Jared suggests that they move out of Llanfair.

David questions Dorian as to why she hates Rex so bad. John tries to talk to Cole about his problems, but Cole refuses to listen and then pops another pill. Jared tells Natalie his feelings about them moving out of Llanfair into their own place, but finally gives in to Natalie’s wishes for them to stay at Llanfair . Viki realizes that something is wrong when Jessica doesn’t remember Chloe being born. Tea tells Star that Todd had forbade Tea to cross examine Star on the witness stand.

Tea is determined to win the case for Todd. She goes and talks to Starr privately and milks sympathy from her by informing her that her father tried to take his own life. At that point, she establishes that Starr may not testify against her father. Todd also makes it clear that he does not want to let her damage Starr on the witness stand. Not knowing what to do and finding she cannot contact Cole or Langston, Starr rushes to the high school and seeks comfort from her new teacher, Mr. J. (Dr. Joplin's son). Rex goes to find out what is up with Dorian and David. He cannot find out any information from them about what they are up to. But he lets Natalie and Jared know that he can clearly see that Dorian wants to find a way to get all of David's wealth when he inherits it. Natalie admits to her mother and Dr. Levin that she does not want Jessica to come home and be able to care for her two children after being homicidal recently. Viki goes to arrange for her daughter to come back. But she admits to Dr. Levin that she realizes something is not right with her daughter and questions whether she has really integrated or not.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary  **One Day Ahead

Noah and Eden arrive at their destination in the woods which is near a lake. They remark how beautiful that it is here. Eden brags about how she and Noah had deceived Phyllis and Michael by telling them that they were going to the bowling alley for a bowl-a-thon. Nicholas finds Phyllis at the office and wonders what she is doing here so late. Phyllis lets him know that she is going to get some work done. Phyllis begins to question Nickolas as to who he had seen in Chicago. Nicholas defends himself by telling her that he had only gone there on business. Brad comes to visit Sharon at the cabin in the woods and wants to talk to her. Nikki blast Victor for neglecting his first family for his second family. Nikki tells Victor that her sister, Casey had been diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer and Nikki was going to care for Casey for awhile. Lauren and Michael discuss as to whether or not Katherine is a fraud. Victoria questions Nikki as to Casey’s prognosis. Nikki and Victoria discuss how that Victor wants Brad off the Newman board. Ashley visits Victor with some hot Macadamia nuts from the corner candy store. Ashley mentions how that she is going to get Daniel to do the family portrait. Eden has her doubts as to whether or not Michael and Lauren want her in their house. Michael has his doubts if he is raising Eden the proper way. Nikki interrupts Nicholas and Phyllis to let them know that Casey has cancer and Nikki is going to care for her. Nicholas inquires of Phyllis as to where Noah is.

Noah tells Eden that his Mom and Dad are getting a divorce. Victor tells Ashley that he had asked Brad to resign from the board because Brad had been caught stealing from Newman Enterprises.. Nicholas and Phyllis find out that Eden and Noah had lied to them as to where they were going .Paul offers his condolences to Nikki about Casey and that Nikki was having to go through this .Brad informs Sharon about the terrible snowstorm that is hitting the area and there are whiteout conditions. Nikolas tells Sharon that she is making a big mistake. Lauren begins to panic when they can’t find Noah and Eden .Brad remembers his past with Sharon and the Shakespearean Garden. Nicholas and Michael go looking for Eden and Noah. Noah goes out on the ice to skate, but the ice begins to crackle and he falls in. Eden begins to yell for Noah.

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