Tuesday 1/27/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Ryan’s and Greenlee’s home, Dr. Sinclair meets with Ryan and Greenlee about Annie and her treatment unaware that Tad listens to their conversation upstairs. J.R. visits Babe’s grave and tells Babe that Amanda is pregnant with his child .At Pine Valley Hospital, Zach questions Frankie about Kendall’s condition. David walks up and reprimands Frankie for giving out info on one of David’s patients. At Oak Haven, an orderly tells Annie that Mr. Stone is gone. Tad lets Ryan and Greenlee know that Dr. Sinclair definitely has an agenda against Annie. While Greenlee goes to work, Tad and Ryan search the internet for info on Dr. Sinclair’s past work experience. At the hospital, Brot and David become acquainted. Frankie walks up and advises Brot not to trust David Hayward. At Fusion, Amanda questions Greenlee if Greenlee and Ryan had discussed having children. Amanda starts to get up and almost faints. Greenlee sends her home, as well as, Pete and Randi .Tad finds out some very disturbing info about Dr. Sinclair on the internet.

Reese and Bianca model their wedding gowns with a sheet between them so that the other couldn’t see each other’s wedding gown. Miranda tears down the sheet between the two exposing their wedding gowns to each other. Both Bianca and Reese decide to get different wedding gowns. J.R. comes to Fusion, looking for Amanda. Greenlee inquires if Amanda is alright. At the hospital, David tells Amanda that he had seen Amanda and J.R. together the night before on her yacht. David also questions Amanda as to what is wrong with her. Amanda refuses to give out any info. Tad sets up an interview with Dr. Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair plays a word association with Annie. At the hospital, J.R. comes looking for Amanda. David lets J.R. know that he knows that Amanda is pregnant and that J. R. is the father of Amanda’s unborn child. Amanda comes to visit Ryan and Greenlee and tells them that she is pregnant and she wants to give her child to Ryan and Greenlee. Both Ryan and Greenlee are surprised. Reese and Zach are both embarrassed when Reese drops her towel and reveals all to Zach.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

It is the story of two weddings today one in Oakdale and one in Reno Nevada but one bride says no at the alter and the other says yes. Meg gets a quick divorce in Reno and marries Dusty in a small chapel with Johnny as his best man. Carly can't go through with her wedding to Craig when she decides she can't marry him if she doesn't love him. Craig is shattered and is sure he has lost his chance at a happy life with his son. Craig thinks Carly planned to leave Craig at the alter as part of a plan to make Jack and Holden jealous. Carly denies Craig's allegations but he is sure she did this just to ruin his plans to have a happy life.

Lily and Holden are shocked when Meg announces she married Dusty in Reno and Holden isn't happy that the man who slept with his wife is now part of his family. Meg thinks her marriage to Dusty served no purpose since Carly didn't marry Craig. Dusty thinks this is great news because now he will have a better chance in court against Craig. Lily is insecure because Carly followed Holden's advice to Hold out for Love. Lily thinks that Carly still cares for Holden but he assures her that he advised Carly to Hold out for love because she deserves to have a happy marriage like they do. Margo warns Jack to be careful because Carly is single and she could try to destroy his marriage to Janet. Carly worries after a very drunk Craig leaves her house so she follows him to make sure he is okay. Craig arrives at the Lakeview and pounds on Dusty's door screaming for Johnny. Carly feels guilty because she hurt Craig deeply and they almost kiss but he pushes her away and screams for her to leave him alone.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick accuses his dad for saying that he was no Ridge Forrester. Rick fumes; that is what Eric said and how Rick felt his entire life. Eric states that is no excuse for Rick to act this way if Eric played favorites. This is all about Ridge. Rick doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He’s finished. He’s walking out the door. In a flash, Rick realizes what sort of man he has become. He has to get away from his family and this company. His parting words are that Eric will never know how sorry he is what he did to him and to the company. Eric tells him no. He will not allow this. He will not let him go. He’s going to stay there with him. He wants him there with him. The family will not find out about this. He has a plan.

Ridge tells Brooke that whoever leaked those designs will have hell to pay. That will include Nick and Jackie too. Stephanie tells Pam, who is knitting in the dark, that the culprit will rue the day they ever hurt her company and her family. Jackie pries Nick to tell her who their benefactor is, but he won’t tell. Stephanie catches Brooke in her undies and tells her to put her sexual prowess aside, both Ridge and Eric have a new line to design very quickly. Eric calls Nick and asks him to meet him. It’s to be a secret, not even Jackie must know. He bellows at Rick that he is only lashing out at everyone who ever loved him and there is no excuse for that. He’s his father and he loves Rick, despite his faults. They are not going to ever fail again. Both Ridge and Stephanie think it strange they haven’t seen much of Rick. He is their #1 suspect. Nick meets Eric on his plane and Eric tells him that he knows what happened. Rick comes forward and admits that he confessed everything. Eric says he has every right to charge Jackie M, but there is something more important to him. His son – he needs his help. He wants to make a deal with Nick. He will let him keep the collection, the press will never know. But Rick stays with Forrester. It’s up to Nick.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Daniel watches as Chloe and Lucas spend time with the twins at the pub. Kate tells Daniel that she thinks the three make a perfect family. Victor later tells Daniel that he knows he wants happiness too, and that the right woman will come along eventually. Daniel later calls Chloe to tell her he doesn’t want to ever come between her and Lucas. Victor complains about Chloe to Caroline, predicting that she will destroy Lucas. Phillip wants to take Stephanie to Chicago, but she suggests they go to a bar instead. Phillip pays the bartender to shut the place down so he can have some alone time with Stephanie, but he is forced to go to the office. The killer takes pictures of the twins and shows them to Rafe, threatening to murder them unless Rafe tells him where Sami is. Sami heads to the clinic to give birth. Baker tells her that the baby is having trouble breathing, but they can’t perform a c-section since the clinic as no OR. Sami panics. Nicole is forced to deliver Mia’s baby herself when they can’t back to the clinic in time. Mia delivers a healthy baby and Nicole is thrilled.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick explains what he knows to agent Rayner. Patrick is very upset. Rayner talks about an “airborne toxin” that couldn’t be contained. Winifred talks to someone on the phone about the guests who attended the benefit.

Two hours earlier:  Lulu lets it slip to Johnny she knows he didn’t get the job at GH. The two argue about their families and Johnny storms off. When Johnny returns, they argue again. Johnny storms out again. Lucky spends some quality time with Sam but he slips and calls her “Elizabeth.” Later, Sam tells Jason she’s “landing a shipment for Anthony” that evening. Agent Rayner puts pressure on Jason to find the Equinox truck. Spinelli eavesdrops on Jason’s conversation with Rayner. Spinelli offers to help Jason find the lost truck. Jason insists on handling things by himself. Spinelli turns to Winifred for help. Maxie sees them together and gets the wrong idea. Winifred gives Spinelli some confidential information to help Jason. She tells Spinelli that the truck contains some sort of “weapons grade poison.” Spinelli refuses to give Jason all the info unless he’s cut in on the deal. Jason reluctantly agrees to work with Spinelli. Patrick worries about Robin’s behavior. He later confides his worries in Liz. Claudia snatches the (home movie) DVD from Sonny and then pretends she wants to discuss Kate. Kate tells Olivia she saw Claudia watching a suspicious looking DVD of Jerry. Kate is very concerned for Sonny’s safety and she asks Olivia to relay a message to him. Olivia wants no part of Kate’s problem. Kate sneaks into Sonny’s house and finds the DVD. Sonny catches Kate as she tries to sneak back out of the house. Maxie has a car accident while driving in the snow.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Christina and Olivia are talking about Remy while doing Olivia's exercises. Olivia sees that Remy has really gotten to Christina and she tells her so. Christina is shocked at this. Coop and Beth are at Company having lunch. They are more open with their affair. Alan wants a moment alone with Lizzie to talk so Cyrus leaves. Bill has problems on his voyage to find Phillip. One is that his nap sack winds up in he river soaking everything. While on a lunch date with Frank, Natalia gives him some advice about just being himself. Then she gives him a small kiss on the lips. On her way out she runs into Matt Reardon. And they talk. Matt offers his help if she needs it. As she leaves Frank comes to the door way. Both men admire Natalia. Then Frank looks at Matt and tells him not to think about it. Coop gets a call about a book he didn't send out. It seems it is being published. Natalia tells Olivia about her relationship with Frank and worries it will go wrong. Olivia tells her not to worry about it going wrong. Do everything to make it right. Coop and Beth at grocery shopping and talking. Beth is upset that she hurt Lizzie with her coming out of her affair with Coop. Beth wants to end it before it goes way too far. Lizzie questions Cyrus about the job offer and what he plans on getting with it. Bill dreams of Lizzie and meeting up in the woods. He tells her he is going to find her father. Lizzie jokes in the woods? Then says, "You're not going to kind him there. After a bit Bill looks up. Bill continues on his voyage. Lizzie goes to see Buzz for a "surrogate father/daughter" talk. Coop lets Beth see a book he is writing about her. She picks up a bag and walks out of the room. Alan calls Olivia, Emma sent him her report with the title, "My two Mommies", he is not happy. He reminds her that Phillip is her father. Olivia goes to Natalia with this. Natalia doesn't want to cause any trouble. Natalia suggests Olivia and Emma move. Olivia gets angry at that and leaves the room. Lizzie calls Alan, who is on a plane on his way back. She feels what happened with Phillip is going to happen to her. Bill comes across a shack. Bill walks into this shack. Lizzie calls Cyrus and tells him to come over. She tells him she is not going to let anything get in the way of this deal. Then she kisses him. Olivia says she and Emma aren't going anywhere. That they are a family and she is damned to let anyone tell her otherwise. Then the two sit and fold laundry. Matt gives Frank more advice about women. Coop wants to know if the feelings she had about him were and are still real. Alan sees something he doesn't like.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora goes to talk to Blair and Starr and informs them that Janet has informed her and the cops that Todd might be indirectly responsible for the death of Starr's baby. Yet both his daughter and ex wife are having trouble testifying against him and convicting him. Todd also admits to Tea that he does not want to fight with his daughter nor testify against her even if it means he must risk going to prison for failure to do so. Dorian gets a lawyer to draw up papers so that she can take the Buchanan fortune from David when he inherits. Jared goes to meet with David in an attempt to prevent David from ever finding out that he has inherited everything from Asa. But he sees the Dorian is also working on David. He and Natalie inform Rex and Gigi what they are up against. And Rex considers helping them by being their PI. Jessica is going to find a way to get out of St. Ann's and back to her baby. And Bess makes it clear that only she can help her. Yet Natalie reveals that she does not want her sister to come back and raise Chloe.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Emerald ring is found after Kevin and Amber take the evidence to Michael; and Kay dresses up in her signature digs to obtain it from a high end jeweler. Noah and Eden lie to Michael and Phyllis about a school function they plan to attend. Brad is losing everything and reminisces with Tracey about old times and present; he also goes to visit Sharon at the cabin. Victor wants to destroy Brad by stealing his daughter and his stocks. Ashley is warned by Nikki of Victor’s current living arrangements. Nikki also receives devastating news about her sister Casey, she has cancer.

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