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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the ConFusion Bar, Jake questions Amanda as to who the father of her child is. J.R. and Colby arrive home to the Chandler mansion. Adam and Little A jump out and surprise them. J.R. lets Adam that he will never let Adam come between J.R. and Little A. At Pine Valley Hospital, Brot coaxes Emma into letting Frankie bandage her hand. At Oak Haven, Aidan quickly hides while Ryan talks to the administrator about Dr. Sinclair. Annie remembers killing Richie. J.R. tells Colby that Amanda is pregnant with J.R.’s child. Amanda sees David and Krystal walk in and wants to leave the bar, but Jake talks her out of leaving . David can’t seem to keep his eyes off Amanda which makes Krystal suspicious. Taylor commends Brot for his treatment of Emma. Frankie offers Brot a job at Pine Valley Hospital. Dr. Sinclair lets Ryan know that she feels that Annie is faking her psychosis and is going to prove her theory. Brot tells Frankie and Taylor that he got the job as an orderly. Brot asks Taylor out on a date to celebrate. Ryan comes home and finds out about Emma’s burnt hands. Greenlee feels that she had just failed the “Mommy” test. Ryan fills Greenlee in on Dr. Sinclair’s plan to prove that Annie is as sane as anyone else. Dr. Sinclair tells Aidan that she is his doctor now.

Amanda, at the yacht, begins to cry, pushes the magazines off the table and then has to fly to the bathroom to vomit. J.R. arrives at the yacht. Amanda tells him to get out. J.R. refuses to leave until he has his say. At the ConFusion Bar, Krystal confronts David as to why he always picks with everyone. David gives Krystal the divorce papers to get Tad to sign, who is standing by the bar. Krystal hesitates. Tad asks Krystal if she is alright and sees the divorce papers in her hand. Tad asks Krystal if this is really what she wants, and Krystal tells him that she doesn’t really know. In the ConFusion Bar, Jake kisses Taylor good-bye. Annie imagines that she sees Emma, dancing. Dr. Sinclair sedates Aidan at Oak Haven. At the yacht, J.R. promises to stand by Amanda through all this. David watches them from outside the door.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Craig invites Margo to his wedding – which is that very day; he asks her to try to reach Katie because he can’t reach her to invite her too. Holden learns from Lily about Carly and Craig marrying today and heads off to try to talk Carly out of it. Brad and Katie enjoy spending time together with no interruptions while they get their marriage back on track. Sage tells her dad her nightmare about how her mother will replace her once she marries Craig. Craig tells a stunned Carly that they are marrying that day; she is not pleased and puts her foot down – she will not marry him unless her kids are on board. Craig promises to deliver. Holden confronts Carly about Craig, who is none to pleased that Holden is interfering. She tells him that he needs to mind his own business because she has her reasons. Holden appeals to her, but Carly tries to get him to see that Craig fulfills something in her right now. Jack is stunned to learn Carly and Craig are marrying today. Craig pleads his case to Parker as to why he is marrying his mom. Parker won’t stand in their way, but worries Sage will never be on board. Craig asks him to help with that. Margo stops by to tell Katie the news of Craig and Carly. Katie wants to assume the best in Craig and that he is doing this for Johnny. She will go to the wedding, but she is going to have to convince Brad. Parker talks with Sage about Craig and Carly and Sage finally agrees to go to the wedding, as Jack sadly watches this transpire. Katie tells Brad about Craig and Carly, but he won’t go to the wedding. They bicker about her place in Craig’s life and then they realize they are letting Craig come between them. Brad initiates a conversation about them working on their own family instead of worrying about saving Craig’s family. Katie is thrilled to hear Brad say he wants to start having children with her, as Katie forgets about the wedding. Craig arrives at Carly’s with her kids in tow and Carly is thrilled to see he brought them around. Craig asks Parker to be his best man and Carly asks Sage to be her maid of honor. Unsure guests arrive at Craig and Carly’s wedding. Lily drags in Holden to the ceremony and Margo begrudgingly arrives as well. Carly is nowhere to be seen at first, but then arrives. Craig gives her a necklace of his mother’s…. as old, new borrowed and blue. The ceremony begins after Craig speaks shortly but soon Carly seems out of it, as she stares around the room at people she knows and their expressions of their faces as her wedding is taking place. A stunned Carly’s eyes finally lock on Jack, who shows up in the doorway, as the ceremony begins.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy won’t listen, not even when Rick says he did this for their future. He took the designs and sent them to Jackie M. They have nothing to worry about, this is a perfect plan. They will turn Jackie M into a first rate fashion house and they can run it and be who they want to be. She sees his love for her is just a chance to tear down her family. His scheme didn’t help them, it destroyed them. Now her father will know about their relationship and it will tear him apart, something she never wanted. Rick had no right to think she would go along with this sick idea. Nothing good will come of it. All he can do now is come clean. Rick promises he will go tell his dad right now if that is what she wants. Just please don’t say that there is no more "us". Jackie exclaims to Nick and Clarke that they are a big hit. There will be no repercussions. He reminds her it is not only being sued they have to worry about, but how things sit with Katie. Nick is not at all sure that Katie will see it the way Jackie does. Katie tells Brooke that she is not sure how she can even go home tonight and face Nick. She’s not sure about the marriage anymore either. Eric tells Ridge this really hurts. Ridge states they have to find out who the culprit is.

Nick keeps missing Katie on the phone but leaves messages. Ridge tells Brooke that he must find out who turned on them before it ruins the entire company. He has to find a new inspiration. Brooke says she will be his. Rick confesses to Eric that he is the saboteur. At first Eric doesn’t believe it. He thinks Rick is covering for somebody. Rick further explains that he never earned the title of President. It was a gift from father to son after Rick had manipulated him. The bottom line was he could not accept being an outcast by his family. He wanted a future. Eric is aghast that his own son could do this and will not accept Rick’s apology. He committed a crime against him and his family. He doesn’t even know who Rick is anymore. But he is living in the shadow of his brother…..he’s nothing compared to him and never will be. He’s NO Ridge Forrester!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Nicole overhears Sami telling Teresa that EJ can never find out about her baby. The nun tells Sami about the clinic and the doctor whom Nicole referred her to. Nicole later heads to the clinic to tell Dr. Baker about the arrangement with the nun. Mia has doubts about giving her baby up for adoption, and later calls Nicole to tell her she is in labor. Sami worries about Rafe, and tries to go to the safe house. Teresa stops her, and at that point, Sami also goes into labor. Rafe gets away from the killer, but the killer attacks him with a Taser and ties Rafe up again. The killer finds a pamphlet about pregnancy and Rafe claims it belongs to his girlfriend. The killer threatens to murder him if he doesn’t tell him where Sami is, and Rafe finally agrees to talk. Bo has a vision of a gun firing. He knows Hope is involved and also senses death, and tries to take her off the murder investigation. He asks Steve to help him with the case after Abe lambastes him for not yet having a suspect in Marino’s murder. Abe later apologizes, saying the press has been stressing him, and Hope and Bo argue about him taking her off the murder case. She thinks he is acting over-protectively because of another vision. Bo refuses to say anything about it to her. Lexie tells Abe that she has decided to become a more relaxed mother around Theo ever since his near-death experience.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick is still with Agent Rayner discussing the surgery. Winifred is at the PCPD talking about the “guest list” for the benefit. Three hours earlier: Sonny promises Kate he will figure out who really shot her. Kate seems sad that she and Sonny lost their “second chance” at love. Kate says Sonny “belongs” with Claudia. Anthony reminds Claudia of her role in Michael’s shooting. He also denies shooting Kate. Anthony subtly threatens Claudia. Later, Anthony meets with Sonny to discuss Claudia’s “unstable” behavior. Anthony tells Sonny that Claudia is a “skillful manipulator” who uses lies to gain “power.” Claudia comes home in time to see Sonny about to watch a DVD so she yells for him to "stop."

Jason is determined to find the missing Equinox truck for agent Rayner. Nikolas visits with Monica on Emily’s birthday. Carly does her best to warn Patrick about Robin’s condition. Carly proceeds to tell Patrick about her own experience. Later, Carly agrees to give Johnny a job at the hotel. Kate blames Carly for her breakup with Sonny. Carly blames Kate for “helping create” Michael’s current situation. Robin continues to struggle with her feelings toward Emma. Robin tells Patrick she’s planning on going to the benefit. Sam goes to Liz for advice on Lucky. Lucky pressures Jason for information on Sam. Jason continues to try his best to protect Spinelli. In doing so, Jason refuses to talk to Spinelli about his dealings with the FBI. A man in a hotel room receives a box from the Equinox truck. The box contains a briefcase, which contains 5 small, round objects. Rayner pressures Jason about finding the missing Equinox truck.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Alan is with Lizzie when there is a knock on the door. Alan thinks it is a bellhop. Turns out to be Cyrus. Billy goes to see Bill. Bill tells him he is going to look for Phillip Spaulding. Meanwhile on the roof of a building, Shayne is about to jump until Dinah sees him. He stops and they argue. Dinah tries to persuade him not to jump. That he needs time. When he disagrees she then climbs over the ledge to say if he goes she does. Back at the chapel. Reva is still in shock that Lara is Edmund's daughter. She can't fathom that fact. Edmund tells her to do so. At Bill's car as he is loading it, he tells his Dad if he wants Lizzie back he has to earn it. In the hotel room where Lizzie and Alan are, he tells her that he will call a restaurant to set up a reservation. That Lizzie should be wined and dined. He leaves after a bit and. Josh and Jeffrey want proof that Edmund is Lara's father. So Edmund tells them a story of Lara's mother, Rachel falling in love with him and telling him years later he had a daughter. He says they met and he thought she wanted money, when she told him about her and her mother. Jeffrey still doesn't believe him. Back at the roof Shayne still wants to jump. He tells Dinah she has everything. Dinah says don't be so sure. When Dinah starts to slip, Shayne catches her and pushes her up against the railing. He asks her if she is ok. Dinah says, "I guess you'll have to stick around to see." Dinah and Shayne go to the hospital. They are in an exam room still talking about themselves and their pasts. Dinah mentions time in prison. She also mentions her time in the hospital last year. That she know how he feels because she was about to do the same then. But didn't jump. Shayne's phone rings. Shayne gives the phone to Dinah. Then Dinah answers it. It is Josh. Dinah puts him on speaker. Shayne doesn't want to hear anything Josh wants to say at first, until Josh tells him that Lara's father is at the chapel and it is Edmund Winslow. Shayne tells Josh that they are on their way. Jeffrey is at Company talking to Edmund. Jeffrey thinks Edmund is going threaten his family, Edmund tells him to just listen. What he says isn't a threat. Edmund asks, "Wouldn't you do anything to protect your family?" Jeffrey just stares at him. Bill gets ready to go find Phillip. Lizzie is alone in the room thinking. She is about to leave this room, when she opens the door there is Cyrus with a green folding of information on a person. Shayne and Dinah arrive at Company. Shayne asks his parents if Edmund is telling the truth. Reva says it is easy to check on. Edmund comes in and hugs Shayne, who is shocked to see him do so. Jeffrey tells Reva that he believes Edmund. He reasons this to when he found out about Ava. Shayne questions Edmund on Lara's middle name. Edmund tells a story of Lara's friend moving away, so Lara used her friend's first name as a middle name. Edmund then asks about the incident that killed her. Shayne gets agitated and says he doesn't want to talk. Edmond raises his voice and Reva hears this and tells Edmund to back off. That Lara's death has hurt Shayne. Edmund backs off. A meeting to which Alan takes helm starts. Shayne gets more news.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Janet gets wired and attempts to get a confession from Todd, he knows what she is up to, rips her shirt and discovers her wire. Antonio and Talia go to arrest him. But Talia protects her client from the three of them. Meanwhile, Dr. Joplin's son has an unopened letter from his mother in the desk drawer of his new classroom. Dorian tells Moe that she will give her home and all of her wealth to him and to Noelle. But Noelle is worried that they will have serious consequences, as they were previously warned by Madam Delphina. In the high school, Cole is tempted to take drugs. So is Matthew.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

Kevin and Amber are questioned by the detective about the break in at the pawn shop. Amber’s phone being left behind is evidence they were there. Chloe orders Cane to tag along on Esther’s date with Roger, because she is suspicious he agrees and witnesses along with Lily in Billy Roger’s proposal. Nick and Phyllis are concerned about their future and Kay just wants her identity back. Lily applies for a job at a dive bar and Cane helps her mix drinks; while at Restless Style, Billy and Chloe reminisce.

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