Friday 1/23/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The camera scans pics at the Fusion offices. The phone rings and Amanda listens to the answering machine as she gets a call from J.R. but doesn’t answer it. Erica walks into the offices and tells Amanda to listen to her phone messages on her own time. At Pine Valley Hospital, Frankie tells Reese and Bianca that Kendall is holding her own before he goes on his other rounds. Reese and Bianca both wonder why Zach hasn’t seen Kendall since the heart transplant. Zach goes to pick up Spike at Ryan and Greenlee’s. At Oak Haven, Annie tells Aidan (Mr. Stone) that she is beginning to remember more. He warns her to keep it a secret from Dr. Sinclair. Annie asks Aidan why she stabbed Erica. Dr. Sinclair listens and watches Annie from outside the door. When J.R. visits Amanda at Fusion, she tries to get rid of him, but Erica gives her the rest of the day off. Zach offers Brot a job at the casino, but he turns him down. Greenlee tells Ryan to ask Zach to be his best man. Dr. Sinclair accuses Annie of talking to Richie, then informs her that her brother is dead. Dr. Sinclair summons Ryan to Oak Haven. Emma asks Greenlee to make her some chocolate chip cookies. At the casino, Reese asks Zach why he hasn't visited Kendall. After a little hesitation, Zach shares with Reese his fear that Kendall will be different with Josh's heart.

At ConFusion, Amanda confesses to J.R. that she didn't have an abortion but will have the baby. Reese urges Zach to go to the hospital to see Kendall and he agrees. Greenlee hurries into the hospital with Emma because she has burned her hands on the hot cookies. As Emma screams, Brot comes in and calms her down so that Frankie can treat her hands. Ryan files a grievance report against Dr. Sinclair with the administrator. Amanda tells J.R. he is not ready to be a father again. At Fusion, Bianca blasts Randi and Pete for talking about Erica behind her back. In Kendall’s hospital room, Zach listens to her heart and declares that it's the same. Bianca comes in and hugs Zach while he holds Reese’s hand as Erica watches from outside the window. Jake joins Amanda at ConFusion and wonders if David is the father of her child.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Jack picks Sage up so they can work on a school project. Carly thanks him for understanding and wants Sage back early so she can break the news to her about her marrying Craig. Craig shows up though and spoils the surprise. Meg tells Dusty she divorced Eliza’s father and she will not make the same mistake with him. Dragging her into Johnny’s life is wrong. He needs more permanence, not a merger. He begs her and she says she will think about it. Craig bestows a huge engagement ring on Carly and insists they not just go to city hall but do this right and it must done within a few days. Sage is bummed by this and asks her dad if there isn’t something he can do. He feels his hands are tied. Barbara commiserates with Paul over Meg. Although she does not feel she can help matters by talking to her, she agrees to try. Dusty busts Josie’s bubble by telling her that he proposed to Meg and he thinks she will accept. The court date has been set and he needs to offer something better than Craig can. Craig tells Carly too that whatever they do, they have to do it with conviction otherwise Dusty will call him on it. She declares she will marry him, she never said she would sleep with him or share her home. Paul snaps at Josie that Meg will never be Dusty’s wife, she belongs to him. He storms out to talk to Dusty. Craig tracks down Jack and shares with him that he will be a good husband to Carly and a good father to his children. Jack has a laissez faire attitude and says that is up to Carly, not him. Sage drags her suitcase down and declares that if Carly marries Craig, she is going to move in with Janet and her dad. Carly reminds her that she felt this same way at one time about Janet. In time she will come to like Craig more. She pays for the taxi and convinces Sage to stay for now. She tells Jack that people like Craig can change. She begs Jack not to take Sage, give her a few months to get over this. Craig returns and is one step closer to the walking down the aisle. She tells him that she is only doing this so he can keep his son, but she is not going to lose her daughter in the process. She can not do this. He convinces Carly that this is not Sage’s doing, but Jack still trying to control her. He knows exactly how to stick it to her. Jack is expecting this outcome, so just bluff him. Sage will come around and want her own room rather than sharing a farmhouse with 50 other people and dozens of animals. Trust him, all of this is going to work out just fine. Barbara is surprised when Josie tells her that Paul is gone, and Meg is going to marry Dusty. Paul shows up at Meg’s. She agrees she still has feelings and is attracted to him, but she can not be married to him. He asks her to move back into Fairwinds, she can have her own wing. They can be together and be with their daughter. Frantically, Meg shows up at Dusty’s and says if he still wants to get married, she will marry him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The rat-fink turns out to be Rick. A surprised Nick shakes his hand and welcomes him to Jackie M. Nick does ask why would Rick do this? Rick says it is because of Ridge. He can not live with that man’s ego. His dad threw Rick a bone, but he threw Ridge two. He tells Nick that he saved his company, so don’t say it did it for nothing. It’s eating him alive and there is nothing left for him, no future at Forrester Creations. He’s not proud, he’s even disgusted, but he is not going to live out his life like this. Nick vows that he will live up to his end of the bargain. “Welcome aboard, Mr. President.” Eric is livid. He tells the troops that every single one of his designs showed up on Jackie M’s runway. No one has a clue how Jackie or Clarke could have gotten in and taken their designs. Eric says it was an inside job, someone here is a traitor. Everyone begins to finger each other. Brooke declares she is going over to speak with Nick. She is sure he had nothing to do with this and will issue a statement admitting any involvement that Jackie and Clark had. Steffy calls and cries to Taylor about the backstabbing. Taylor admits this is going to be a lot for Ridge to handle right after losing Phoebe too.

Brooke intrudes on Nick’s solitude and insists that he issue some statement for this cooperate espionage. She wants to know who betrayed Forrester Creations. He tells her for her own good, just let this be. Rick calls Steffy for her to meet him in his office. When she sees him, she realizes that he knows who the culprit is. She can’t imagine what possible justification this person can have. He states that what he is sick of is the way they have to sneak around the family and have no future at Forrester. That is why he did what he did. He arranged for them to be above board and love each other out in the open. They can do that at Jackie M Designs. Nick offered him the Presidency and his first edict is to hire her. He did this for “us”, to pave the way for their future.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

John and Marlena learn that John is paralyzed and Kayla suggests they go to a facility in Switzerland where John may be able to regain mobility. Marlena and John agree, but John wants to marry her first. They two have a small ceremony in the hospital with Roman, Brady, and Kayla as witnesses. Stefano learns about John’s condition as he gets ready to leave on a business trip. He is visibly upset, and EJ offers to go to Italy instead. Nicole overhears Sami telling the nun, Teresa, that she needs her to hide her baby for her until she can figure out what to do. Teresa agrees, but says she needs to know where Sami will deliver. She isn’t sure, but says it must be outside of Salem. Nicole learns EJ is going out of town and gives him her blessing. She later concocts a story for Teresa, telling her that her family doesn’t know she’s pregnant and mustn’t find out, so she had to find a hospital outside of Salem to deliver in. The nun divulges that she knows someone with Nicole’s same predicament. Chloe and Daniel make love again while Kate and Lucas search for Chloe. Daniel wants to tell everyone the truth about them, but Chloe refuses. Kate shows up at Daniel’s apartment and nearly catches Chloe there.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick continues his talk with Agent Rayner. Winifred discusses the benefit and some possible victims. Four hours earlier: Spinelli goes to agent Rayner to get info on the deal Jason made with the FBI. Rayner gets annoyed and refuses to deny or confirm Spinelli’s suspicions. Spinelli offers his services to the FBI in exchange for Jason’s “freedom.” Carly notices Robin’s lack of attentiveness with Emma. Carly later tells Patrick something is very wrong with Robin. Later, Robin is very distressed when Emma starts to cry again. Matt flirts with Rebecca as she lurks around the hospital. Sonny wonders why Claudia is acting so strange. He’s certain she’s up to something. Olivia delivers a watch to Sonny that Kate had planned to give him as a wedding gift. Later, Sonny returns the watch to Kate. Claudia meets with Anthony and tells him in a roundabout way that she knows about his role in Kate’s shooting.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva asks for Josh's help in the memorial service. Jeffrey asks Reva if she is sure she wants to have this service. Shayne is at his place fully dressed laying on his bed listening to music through headphones. Mallet keep reassuring Marina they will be fine. Remy gets an excepted to John Hopkins Medical School. Josh goes to see Shayne to ask him to join them at the memorial service. A faceless man listens to the message left by Shayne about Lara. As Reva is putting up the poster to announce the service, Dinah comes in. Reva and Dinah argue about Shayne hand what each think is wrong with him. Dinah tells Reva this service is a bad idea. Christina and Remy are at Company. Remy is in a somber mood. He tells her a friend died. Marina and Mallet fill out questionnaires. Back at the Chapel Dinah and Reva are still arguing over Shayne. Reva tells Dinah that she hurt Shayne when she left town. Shayne is talking with Josh. He tells Josh he doesn't want to be part of Lara's memorial service. Josh is still trying to convince Shayne to come that it would be good to grieve. Josh tells him he'll be at the chapel if he is needed or if Shayne changes his mind. Things are taking shape at the Chapel when Jeffrey brings a vase of flowers. Mallet goes in for his interview a bit nervous. Back at Company, Christina learns about Remy's being accepted to John Hopkins. People start arriving for the memorial service. Already there is Marina and Remy. Just after Reva tells Josh they get started he leaves. Reva is about to go in, but before she does, she see Shayne arrive. The memorial starts as Josh speaks. Shayne goes up to speak. After the interview, Mallet goes to Company to talk to Frank. Frank gets excited. Mallet tells him to slow down. Josh and Reva hug Shayne. Shayne then goes on top of a roof to jump but hesitates. Remy goes to see his advisor and tells him he is not accepting the offer to go to John Hopkins. Mallet and Marina dine at Company to celebrate. Dinah finds Shayne and tells him not to jump. She asks for him to tell her so she can understand. He tells her what and how it all happened. Reva and Josh talk. A visitor comes to the Chapel. To everyone's shock it is Edmund. Edmund is Lara's father!!!

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora and Bo persuade Janet to wear a wire and attempt to get a confession out of Todd. But when she goes to talk to Todd, he knows something is going on and discovers her wire. Matthew is persuaded by peer pressure to impress a girl named Becca at school and make his peers believe that he does not get any consequences from his parents nor care if he disregards their orders. Cole is taking pills. Dorian is bound and determined to do whatever David wants in order to get him to marry her, even if it means going on the "spiritual path" he wants. She invites guests as he asks of her. She has Moe serve them. Meanwhile, Madam Delphina has met David, and she warns Noelle that she and Moe will become rich which might cause them serious danger. At that point, in a desperate attempt to get David to believe she has given up her wealth, Dorian declares to him that she gives everything to Moe.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

The Fabulous Four, Jana, Kevin, Daniel and Amber break into the pawn shop and find some evidence to lead them to the ring only thing is Amber left her wildly embellished phone behind. Glo’s stock is still a pretty hot commodity, she decides to take Victor’s offer. Victor talks to Billy about considering bringing his talents to Newman. Victor also gives the stocks to Jill and orders that she will run Jabot under him and appoint Billy as CEO. Jack visits Sharon at the cabin with false hope when he realizes they are really over. Brad sets Phyllis up and Nick decides to stay at Restless Style.

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