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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal meets Opal at the ConFusion Bar for some girl talk, but is surprised when she turns around and sees Tad. Krystal blames Opal for setting her up. At the hospital, Jesse reads Angie her rights and questions her about the medication that she had found at David’s house. Amanda jumps into the frigid waters to rescue a drunken J.R. Taylor and Brot arrive at the ConFusion Bar for a night out on the town. Angie lashes out at Jesse when Jesse tells her that he wants her to come downtown for some further questioning. Tad grants Krystal some quality time with Jenny which she accepts excitedly until she receives a phone call from David, who needs her to come to the police station. Krystal declines her play date with Jenny. Amanda brings J.R. home to the yacht and reprimands him for his actions. J.R. faints. Amanda quickly calls Jake for help. Colby’s friends make fun of Brot, who sits at a nearby table. Colby lashes out at her friends for making fun of Brot. Krystal arrives at the police station and gives David the pills that he had been giving Krystal. Jesse quickly has them analyzed. Angie tries to talk some sense into Krystal concerning David, but Krystal refuses to listen to Angie. David puts Angie on suspension from the hospital.

Krystal visits Tad at his home and lets him know about Angie being put on suspension from the hospital because she had broken into David’s home. J.R. finds out that Amanda is pregnant. J.R. hurries to the hospital to stop her. Amanda meets up with David at the hospital and lies to him when David questions her as to why she is here. J.R. arrives at the hospital just as Amanda is going into the doctor’s office and tries his best to talk her out of doing this, but Amanda goes into the doctor’s office anyway.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jade and Derek get the results of the paternity tests and discover that Derek is Jade's father. Derek is overwhelmed and admits to Bonnie that he isn't good enough to be a father to Jade. Bonnie tries to get Jade and Derek to talk but they end up fighting when Derek gives Jade some money and she throws it back at him. Allison is effected when she advises Jade not to let Derek's rejection bother her. Allison tells Casey the story of when she visited her father in Chicago when she was younger and he rejected her. Emily asks Allison to stay away from Casey if she cares about her at all. Emily doesn't want to watch Allison take another man away from her.

Paul visits Eliza and Meg is so touched to watch him with the baby that she ends up kissing him but a few minutes later she pushes him away and leaves Fairwinds. Emily tells Dusty that if he wants to fight Craig in court they could get married and provide a stable home for Johnny. Dusty tells Emily that marrying her would hurt his case because of her past as a prostitute. Meg wonders how she can make Paul understand that they can never be a couple. Dusty suggests that Meg marry him so he can protect her from Paul and help his case against Craig at the same time.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick asks Steffy not to give up on them. Nothing is impossible. She wishes they could just have one normal day so they didn’t have to sneak around their families. He declares he will not let that define his life. That is not who he is or the guy she fell in love with. Eric asks Thorne, Brooke and Felicia if anyone has heard anything about the Jackie M showing. Perhaps they should check with Katie as she must have a front row seat. Katie does know and she tears into Nick for stealing the designs. She can not believe someone at Forrester would deliberately try to sabotage the company by sending him the designs. He tells her that he even thought it was her. He didn’t like doing it, but he was not going to lose his company and his family. She claims this is wrong and he needs to go out there and set it straight. Katie calls Eric and tells him all his designs have been hi-jacked. Jackie M stole every one of them.

Rick promises Steffy that he has a plan and they will be together, just trust him. Eric arrives at Jackie M’s just as the gorgeous showstopper is on the runway. Then he is shocked when each and every model steps forward showcasing his entire collection. As the electricity abodes backstage with Jarrett praising Clark and his inspiration, Nick gets a text message from Stormy Seas. He is in his office and it’s time to pay the piper. Eric will not keep his voice down and he slams Jackie for stealing his designs. He would have helped her if she needed help. They are competitors, not enemies. But she will not profit from his work. Jackie claims she stole nothing from him. Eric says she did and just watch him prove it. Silently Nick makes his way in the dark to his office and the great mystery is solved. “My God, it’s you.”

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Bo and Hope arrest Charlotte. John is taken to the hospital after Marlena injects some adrenaline in him to save his life. He seems to be comatose, but Marlena talks to him about their life together and John wakes up, saying he remembers her. Chloe spills the beans to Nicole about EJ being the father of Sami’s baby. Nicole throws a fit and heads off to the convent to confront Sami. Meanwhile, Sami begs Sister Teresa to help her hide her baby. Rafe refuses to tell the killer where Sami is, and the two continue to fight over the gun. Daniel goes to confront Lucas about him and Chloe, but backs off when he learns how important Chloe is to Allie. Later, Chloe shows up at his place, and he tells her he loves her and can’t destroy her life. He thinks they should say goodbye, but Chloe kisses him.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick and Rayner discuss "the incident." Five hours before the surgery: Nikolas visits Robin at the new house. They discuss love, grief, loss, and parenthood. Jason goes to see Patrick out of concern for Carly. Ric and Claudia almost get caught in bed together by Sonny. Ric tells Claudia that Anthony shot Kate. Ric also tells Claudia Anthony's plan for Sonny and Jason. Sonny wonders why Claudia is so nervous and afraid. Claudia tries to warn Sonny about the dangers of Anthony. Sonny wants Robin at the benefit so Carly delivers a personal invite to her. Carly notices Robin's strange behavior toward Emma. Sam tells Jason she's going through with her plan to work for Anthony. Agent Rayner is agitated about a hijacked shipment that he calls "volatile." Spinelli asks agent Rayner why he was released from custody. Rebecca lurks around GH and applies for a job.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva is a on mission that Jeffrey warns her to take care of herself and the baby. Remy takes Christina to work. Mallet picks up Dinah's little sister for shoplifting. Shayne looks at a picture of Lara. Jeffrey finds a guy named Crenshaw in Shayne's place. After pitting him up against the wall, Jeffrey asks the guy who he is. The guy says he works for Lara's father. After the 2 show IDs Jeffrey warns the guy that he can make things very difficult for him. Then Shayne comes in angrily wanting to know what they are doing in his room. Jeffrey tells Shayne that this guy claims to be working for Lara's father. Shayne is clueless. He tells Jeffrey that she hardly mentioned her father because of a rift. Reva does another recording for the baby. Dinah has as strict talk with her little sister, Maureen with the help of Marina and Mallet. After this Mallet and Marina realize that they can handle being parents. While Christina and Remy are talking, he beeper goes off. Christina wants to know who that could be. Remy looks and smiles and says, "They have a call lets go". They take off. Dinah confirms to Mallet and Marina that they could become good parents after what she saw with Maureen. Jeffrey calls Reva, who is taking a walk to tell her that the guy she saw earlier is the guy that is hired by Lara's father. Jeffrey mentions a doctors appointment. Reva makes believe that Jeffrey's end of the call is breaking up. Shayne walks up to his mother making Reva emotional. She says she has a doctor's appointment. Shayne offers to go with her. At the hospital both Reva and Shayne look at an sonogram picture of the baby. Remy and Christine's call is at the grocery store where they find Buzz sitting on the floor conscious and alert. Remy check's hi blood pressure. Matt arrives at Dinah's. He scolds Maureen. Dinah kisses Maureen as she and Matt are about to leave. Alone in the PD office, Marina kisses Mallet passionately on the lips. Jeffrey goes back to Shayne's to find Dinah there. They ask each other if they know where Shayne is. Neither of them know. Meanwhile back at Cedars Reva is happy to see all looks fine with the baby. Reva has the nurse get her video camera to have Shayne video her at the hospital exam room. He hands the camera to Reva who then has Shayne tape a video message for the baby. Shayne says, "You're very lucky to have Reva as a mom." Reva smiles broadly. At Cedars, Buzz is fine. He says it wasn't a heart attack but a panic attack. Mallet sees the mail when they get home. The phone bill hasn't been paid. Marina yells that is why they shouldn't be parent. If they have forgotten to pay the phone bill, what would they do with a child. Reva is dressed and signing out of Cedars when Shayne comes back into the hospital corridor. Reva mentions that Shayne has been through a lot. And that he will get back what he lost. Shayne changes the subject to wanting the baby to have Reva here to see it do all the things she missed with him. Back at Shayne's Jeffrey and Dinah are still talking about Shayne and if she is up to the challenge of being there for him. In short she says yes. Standing a desk where there is a computer, Christina checks to see about her test results. At Marina and Mallet's, he is shaving and she is in the kitchen. Almost simultaneously they run to the stairs and say they'd make great parents. Reva runs into Dinah they talk about Shayne. Reva tells Dinah to be at the memorial service for Lara. Shayne calls Lara's father. The gentleman' face isn't shown as Shayne talks.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea finds Todd alone in his home very depressed. She warns him that he better use care with visiting Blair and the kids or she cannot help him at his trial. But they end up together happy and indicating that they might develop a relationship. John and Blair argue about the way she allows Todd to manipulate her and how he allows Marty to manipulate him. They are both jealous of the other's interest in Todd and in Marty. Marty is with Wes and it seems they both want to help each other with their respective situations. Brody confides in Jessica that Wes just informed him that the kid he shot was unarmed and Wes wanted to have Brody falsely believing he was armed. Jessica confides in him that he consciously intended for Tess to come out and murder Natalie and Jared. Natalie angrily tells Viki that she is tired of everybody making excuses for Jessica and her "illness" when Jessica could have murdered her and Jared. And she's tire of always having to be the "strong" one. Rex and Gigi are moving forward in their relationship.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nikki and Paul visit Kay and Nikki still does not believe that this is Kay, but Paul does. The Fab Four, Jana, Kevin, Amber and Daniel go to break into the pawn shop. Glo is getting all kinds of offers from Genoa City’s most powerful all she has to do is sell her Jabot stock, her last visitor is mighty Victor Newman. He states he has an offer she can’t refuse. Phyllis gets caught by Nick trying to sic Brad on Sharon once again. Sharon is alone reflecting on her life in a desolate cabin while Jack explains to Noah why they are getting divorced and then is served with the papers. Kay wishes she can remember.

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