Wednesday 1/21/09 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 1/21/09 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Pine Valley Hospital, the Erica, Reese, Bianca, Zach and Greenlee stand vigil while Kendall has surgery. Jesse comes into the waiting room and wants to question Erica as to what had gone on in Erica’s hotel room. Ryan arrives and gives Greenlee a kiss, and inquires as to how Kendall is. David comes out and gives them a good report that the operation was a success. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. pours himself a drink and starts to sit down in the floor, but falls down instead. Little A comes in and wants J.R. to play with him, but Little A soon tells J.R. that he “stinks.” and runs out of the room. Adam comes into the room and realizes that J.R. is drunk. Jake brings Amanda some prenatal vitamins to the yacht and offers his apologies as to the things that he had said to her. Amanda tells him that she is getting an abortion. Jake tries to talk her out of getting the abortion. Angie confronts David as to the pills that he had been using to drug Krystal. Jesse walks up and wants to know what is going on. Angie insists that Jesse arrest David for getting Krystal on drugs. David and Jesse go to his office to talk.

Everyone offers their condolences to Erica over the death of Josh. Erica blames herself for Josh turning out the way that he did. Joe gives Erica Josh’s personal effects. Erica, going through Josh’s wallet finds Kendall’s pic. Despite Jake’s protests, Amanda leaves the yacht to get the abortion. Bianca insists that Reese take Zach home. Jesse arrests Angie for breaking and entering. Amanda finds J.R. at the docks. J.R. yells out that it is all his fault and falls into the water. Amanda yells for help, but then dives in to save J.R. Jack and Erica hug.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Jack and Janet get a note supposedly from Carly to meet her for drinks at Metro; Jack doesn’t want to go because he is suspicious, but Janet convinces him to go. Vienna receives a note supposedly from Carly to set up for a cocktail party at Metro. Craig goes to tell Margo his good news and to invite her to cocktails at Metro. Margo is suspicious, but Craig assures her that he only has Johnny’s happiness on his mind. Carly rethinks her answer to Craig and races over to Lily’s to talk. She talks about all the reasons she agreed to say yes, but in the end, she tells Lily that she has to tell Craig that she can’t marry him. Craig calls Carly and invites her to Metro. Carly drags Lily along for support. Katie talks to Vienna about her marriage falling apart, as Brad talks with Dusty. Dusty and Vienna give them advice to put their pride aside, see it from the other person’s view and make their marriage a priority. Katie and Brad agree to meet up at Metro to talk and work through things. Dusty receives a note from Carly supposedly and heads over to Metro with Johnny. Carly is shocked to find all these people at Metro supposedly because of her. Craig walks in and admits he sent the notes. Craig prepares to announce the reasons why he got them all there, as Carly grimaces and tries to stop him – he spills the beans of his and Carly’s engagement. Needless to say, everyone – especially Jack – hits the roof. Jack is furious with Carly and takes things out on her and Craig, but Dusty is the one who ends up punching Craig… in front of Johnny no less. After Dusty is brought to the police station, he and Lily talk about him walking right into Craig’s plan, as Dusty knows it is about Craig trying to gain custody, but he can’t help himself. Carly and Craig take Johnny home, as Carly lights into Craig for how he used her. Craig gets Carly to admit some of her reasons she said yes to his proposal however. They share common ground again, they realize. Jack and Janet talk about the situation and Jack can’t let it go – he is determined to put a stop to this even as Janet assures him that there is nothing he can do. Dusty shows up at Carly’s and without a word to either her or Craig, he picks Johnny up from the couch where he is sleeping and takes him home.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Jackie is euphoric about the Jackie M showing, but Nick thinks it stinks since they are being Benedict Arnold with stealing designs. There will be hell to pay when Eric sees his gowns on their runway. Katie pops in, but Nick tries to rush her out of the way and finally tells her that she can not be there right now. She says she understands, he’s just under a lot of pressure, she will see him later at home. Felicia refuses to be her daddy’s little gopher and Brooke has to step in to call for unity between Logan’s and Forrester’s. Ever the optimist, Eric says he thinks the relationship will heal. Steffy continues to be cozy with Rick at the office and wishes it didn’t have to be this way that they sneak around. Rick says he doesn’t think her dad will ever forgive him. But if they are worth fighting for, then there will be a way, nothing can keep them apart. She says she loves him too, but her dad means so much to her and she is sensitive to his feelings. Stephanie tells Eric that he’s the best in the business and anyone would give their right arm to have his designs. She defends her children for the way they are feeling right now. Maybe Eric could be a little more sensitive toward their feelings.

Champagne is flowing at Jackie M’s and she spouts to Jarrett that she has every confidence that Clark’s new fashions in the new Signature line will be on the level of Forrester’s, both the quality and flair. Katie is nervous and can’t concentrate on her own work, so Brooke convinces her to go back and be with Nick. Despite what he says, he must want her there by his side during this difficult time. Jackie introduces the new line and vows that Jackie M is here to stay! Shocked as one by one the models walk the runway, Katie realizes they are all Forrester Originals.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe asks Lucas to come with her to Vancouver for an audition. Lucas agrees, but then receives a call from Sami, who tells him where she is and what has been going on in the police search for the mayor’s killer. Lucas tells Chloe that Sami is in trouble, and might need him, so he can’t go to Vancouver. She storms off. Daniel runs into her, wanting to talk, but she refuses. Daniel then goes to the cabin, telling Lucas that they need to talk about Chloe. Nicole tells EJ that she plans on going to Chicago, but he refuses, saying that he won’t miss out on the birth of another one of his children. Later, Chloe comes by to complain about Sami, and lets it slip to Nicole that Sami is also pregnant. Rafe goes back to the apartment to confront the killer, and the two end up struggling over a gun. Bo tells Hope that he is considering quitting his job to spend more time with her, but she tells him not to. Brady tells John all about Charlotte’s lies and shows him the tape of his hypnosis. When he learns Marlena plans to confront her, he calls Marlena to tell her not to. Marlena says it is too late. Charlotte forces her to hang up and threatens her with a syringe full of muscle relaxant, saying she plans on killing Marlena because her own father liked Marlena better than he liked her. The two struggle over the syringe, and Marlena gets the upper hand. John bursts in to save the day, and Charlotte stabs him with the syringe instead. John is rendered comatose. Brady, Bo, and Hope rush in and arrest Charlotte. Marlena gives John CPR and begs him not to leave her.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick talks with agent Rayner about the “disaster.” Winifred talks on the phone about “potential victims.” Six hours before the surgery: Claudia is annoyed as she watches Jerry’s DVD. Sonny catches Claudia searching his living room. Anthony seems interested in Sam’s job inquiry. Patrick talks to Liz about Robin. Maxie questions Lulu’s feelings for Johnny. Later, Maxie tries to make Johnny doubt Lulu’s feelings. Sonny is suspicious of Claudia’s strange behavior. Jason worries that Carly is having the benefit so she can somehow bring Michael back. Carly gets emotional and insists she’s simply trying to offer “hope” to others. Jason worries that Carly will end up hurt or disappointed. Later, Jason makes an appointment with Patrick. Sonny and Claudia argue over the suggested retaliation against Jason. Anthony tells Ric that things are going according to plan as far as Sonny and Jason are concerned. Johnny warns Sonny to watch out for Anthony and his ulterior motives. Claudia entertains Ric at Sonny’s house unaware that Sonny is downstairs talking to Carly. When Sonny heads upstairs, he hears noises coming from Claudia’s room. A woman who looks like Emily comes into GH looking for a job. Sam tells Jason about her meeting with Anthony. Leyla tells Epiphany she’s getting married.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie makes plans to have dinner with Alan, then changes when she sees Coop at Towers. Coop follows her to the elevator to argue about his relationship with Beth. Lizzie slaps Coop not once, but twice. Bill goes to Rick at Cedars to have him contact Phillip as soon as possible. Rick thinks he is crazy or drunk or better yet on drugs. Bill discounts this saying he is serious. At Olivia and Natalia's, Natalia is upset with the idea that Emma thinks she has two mommies and that her class knows now. Back at Cedars where Bill and Rick are talking, Bill wants Phillip back to save Lizzie from Alan's clutches. Rick only wishes Bill luck and walks away. Outside Towers Lizzie and Coop are still arguing over Beth and Coop's love affair. Coop thinks Lizzie is jealous. She says she isn't. When Coop talks of his strong feeling for Beth, Lizzie walks away. As Coop catches up to her, Lizzie blames him for messing with people's heads. Although she wants him to walk away from Beth before anything happens, Coop refuses. Lizzie says he'll regret it and walks away. Bill goes looking for Lizzie and runs into Cyrus, who tells him he hasn't seen her. At Lizzie's car, Bill is telling Lizzie he loves Beth. Lizzie doesn't want to hear anymore and gets into her car, leaving Coop standing there. Back at Olivia and Natalia, Olivia doesn't care what people think. As long as they know what they are. Olivia leaves with Natalia just standing there. Lizzie is upset and packs her bags into the trunk of her car. She sees Bill come and pet the dog and talk to Lizzie. Things seem ok with them as Lizzie doesn't yell at him only about the dog. But he reminds her that it isn't her dog anymore. She then walks away. At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth and Rick talk like old times. Beth asks if she knows why Lizzie is leaving town. Rick says no. Beth admits to Rick he's been seeing Coop. Rick is surprised. He isn't upset about it and she thanks him for that. Coop goes to Company to talk to Frank and Buzz. He tells them about his affair with Beth. Frank is upset and asks Buzz if he knew. Buzz admits he did. Natalia goes to see Emma's teacher about the report Emma gave. To explain the "real" situation. Natalia tells the teacher that she thinks that the teacher got the wrong idea. Olivia walks in on their talk. Natalia looks over to see Olivia standing there smiling, and continues explaining what is what. Lizzie is in her car and talking to Cyrus about Bill, Beth and Coop. By now most of Springfield knows of Beth and Coop's affair. Lizzie moves over to the passenger side of her car and lets Cyrus in the driver seat. Bill wakes up from his nap with a startled look on his face.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At La Boulaie, Todd comes to visit his children, but Blair refuses to let him see the children. At the high school, Nora and Bo wait in the principal’s office to talk to the principal about Matthew. In one of the classrooms at the high school, Tea questions Schuyler about Todd and his involvement with Dr. Joplin. At Ultraviolet, Starr and Langston sit in a booth. Starr tells Langston that she had found Todd at Hope’s grave. Gigi arrives at Ultraviolet to tell Rex that she had had a bad day and she was going home. Rex lets her know that her favorite band “Plain White Tea” is playing there tonight. Gigi changes her mind about going home. At Cristian’s loft, Vanessa tells Cristian that they will soon be all alone since Lola is going out. Cristian begins to kiss Vanessa’s neck when there is a knock on the door. Markko has arrived to take Lola to Ultraviolet, but Vanessa refuses to let Lola go with him. At the Buchanan house, Renee questions Janet as to how much she knows about Todd planning to steal Starr’s baby. While Tea questions Schuyler, Antonio walks in to question him also.

Blair and Todd hug. Blair finally gives in and lets Todd see the boys. Janet beats around the bush and doesn’t want to get Renee more involved. Bo arrives home to find Matthew gone to Ultraviolet. Matthew arrives at the club. Vanessa calls Lola and then hides the piece of paper under her purse when Cristian begins to kiss her. Gigi meets the members of “Plain White Tea.” Bo comes to the club looking for Matthew. Lola calls Tea. Janet tells Nora that she can tell her all about Todd planning to steal Starr’s baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Amber takes Kay to the doctor while Daniel tries to convince him to help Amber and him with the Kay situation. Kevin suggests that they break into the pawn shop. Paul is also on a haunt he goes to the trailer posed as a census bureau surveyor. Victor wants to take everything from Brad and is adamant about doing so. Paul convinces Nikki to go see Kay with him.

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