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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jake visits Amanda at the yacht, but cannot get past J.R., who refuses to let Jake see Amanda. In the bathroom of the yacht, Amanda takes a pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregnant. At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie instructs Andy to analyze some pills that she had found at David’s. Greenlee walks up behind Angie and questions her as to Kendall’s condition. Kendall stops breathing and David has to resuscitate her. At the casino, Erica begs Josh to let Reese go. Reese begins to try to get free which results in Zach shooting Josh in the head. Adam destroys the car that David had purchased for Little A for Christmas. David lets Greenlee know that Kendall won’t live through the night. Zach tells the paramedics that he wants them to keep Josh alive that he needs Josh’s heart. Erica begins to question Zach as to why he needs Josh’s heart. Zach explains to Erica, Reese and Bianca that Kendall is dying. At Pine Valley Hospital, Zach instructs David to take Josh’s heart for Kendall. Zach visits Kendall and tells her that something had happened that would cause them to be able to be together. Adam questions J.R. if David was the one, who had caused J.R. to take a drink again. At the hospital, Jake confronts Amanda about the check and what had she done that David would give her that much money. Amanda confesses that she had been the one, who had gotten J.R. to take his first drink. Amanda faints. Erica gives the doctors permission to take Josh’s heart for Kendall. David lets Kendall’s family know that Josh’s heart was a perfect match for Kendall. Angie gets the test results back from Andy about the pills that David is giving to Krystal. Amanda is indeed pregnant, but doesn’t know who the father is. Josh and Kendall are wheeled into surgery. Angie tells Jake about the pills that she had found at David’s. Jesse overhears the conversation.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Josie finds Paul at home among empty pizza boxes looking a lot worse for the wear. When she finds the divorce papers in the trash, she offers him advice – go through with it if he wants Meg to see him differently. Paul doesn’t know why Josie has decided to be such a supportive friend. Dusty asks Meg for a favor – call Craig and offer an olive branch in hopes of him incriminating himself about Paul’s car bomb. Meg is unsure, but Dusty works on her and she gives in and calls Craig to meet up where Dusty will be listening nearby through a voice-activated microphone. Jack tells Janet that he doesn’t want Craig around his family and so he is less then pleased to find him with Parker at his school. Jack later lights into Carly about her allowing Craig near Parker; their disagreement escalates into a fight, as Jack promises he will keep Craig away from his kids at all cost and Carly kicking him out because she doesn’t want to hear about one more thing she is to blame for. Meg tries to coax a confession out of Craig, but he doesn’t bite. Dusty appreciates her attempt, as Josie sees them interact. Later, as they talk, Dusty admits that he isn’t happy Josie is friends with Paul and she isn’t thrilled he is always going to Meg. Paul goes to see Meg; he is ready to sign the divorce papers. Meg can’t help but notice this new improved Paul. He only asks that he see Eliza because he couldn’t stand to lose her too. They talk about renewing a friendship for the sake of Eliza after the divorce; Meg asks Paul if he wants to feed Eliza, as Paul seems hopeful. Craig comes to see a depressed Carly because of her and Jack’s fight. He tries to make her feel better and offers to stand up to Jack for her. He also explains to her why he wants her to marry him. Carly seems affected. Craig goes looking for Jack and finds Janet, who tells him that she sent Jack back to apologize to Carly. Jack apologizes to Carly and promises he would never take their kids, as they bridge the gap that was forming quickly between them. After he leaves, Craig stops by and Carly assumes it was his doing and he does nothing to correct that. Carly finally agrees to marry Craig.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is busy at Forrester’s for the new showing preview. They mention Jackie is doing an all out last ditch effort to save her company. Clarke is ecstatic they have the rip-offs from Forrester. Nick is still not on board with this and thinks it is too risky until he finds out who sent him the e-mails. Bridget drops in to see Donna but speaks with Owen instead. Owen isn’t happy how the swimwear line showing went and wonders if Eric will even keep him on at the company now. He kisses Bridget who responds. Jackie hastily invites Stephanie to lunch. Stephanie grouses that she misses the old company now being run by all the Logan’s and stupid Rick. Felicia offers her services as a designer to Nick if he gets the company up and running again. She claims it could even be personal as she always had designs on him. Ridge is not receptive, but Rick says as they need to talk. Rick starts again that he is profoundly sorry for all his part in Phoebe’s death, but he realizes that Ridge won’t let him apologize and he will never accept him. Nick catches up with Thorne nursing a drink and he sits and talks. Both seem to be checking up on their mothers at lunch, making sure no blood was shed.

Ridge spells it out to Rick again. It terrifies him when he sees Steffy with him. He will put up with him at work, that’s all. He doesn’t want any other part of him with his family. Jackie and Nick share that one of the Forrester’s is so miserable they are willing to go to any lengths to sabotage the company. They receive another e-mail in which the sender names their terms – presidency of the company. Jackie thinks this is their only chance not to let the company go under. Nick hits the accept button. Immediately the entire line of Forrester Creations is sent. Nick confides to Jackie that he feels like he made a deal with the devil. He would like to know who that is.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady demands that he and Marlena do something about Charlotte after they both view the videotape of John’s hypnosis. Marlena vows to take care of it herself, and later calls a former colleague of Charlotte’s. Charlotte discovers someone sent John’s video to another computer via email and has an IT staff member figure out what address it was sent to. She flies into a rage when she learns it was sent to Marlena’s email address. Kayla tells John not to trust Charlotte because of her behavior in her fight with Marlena. He asks Charlotte about the fight and decides to stop going to therapy. She throws another fit and heads off to Marlena’s house, telling her that they need to talk. The killer uses Hilda’s credentials to log into the FBI’s online files. He discovers Sami’s location. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe learn about Hilda’s murder and how her computer files were compromised. They decide to leave immediately, and Rafe takes Sami to the convent. The killer shows up at the loft shortly after their departure. EJ confronts Nicole about her volunteer work, and she apologizes for not telling him, saying he is always too busy. He shows him a picture of Mia’s ultrasound (claiming it’s hers, of course) and also tells him she may have to go out of town to speak to some other youth centers in the next few weeks. EJ insists on coming with her. Later, Mia calls to tell her she has gone into labor. Nicole rushes down to the clinic, but she and Mia learn it was just a false alarm.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick is still in a dark room, talking to agent Rayner. Winnifred talks to someone about “casualties.” Seven hours before the hospital crisis: Lulu tries to convince Carly to hire Johnny. Coleman gives Johnny a temporary job cleaning up the bar. Spinelli runs into Johnny at the bar and offers him a loan. Kate asks Jax if Jerry was in some sort of business with Claudia. Kate is disappointed to hear of Jax’s reconciliation with Carly. Robin hesitates when Patrick wants to get intimate. Maxie and Matt run into each other at Robin and Patrick’s new house. Sam tells Jason she plans on infiltrating the Zacchara organization to help save Spinelli. Later, Sam asks Ric to help her get a job working for Anthony. Nikolas does his best to stop Jax’s current expansion plan for the hotel by insisting on a much-delayed inspection. Nik says he will agree to anything as long as Jax agrees to sell him the island back. Olivia secretly steals Nik’s phone and moves up the inspection date to benefit Jax. A woman who resembles Emily comes into the Metro Court. Ric tells Jason the Zacchara organization will “retaliate” if further action is taken against them. Carly tells Jason she expects a good turnout at the benefit, in spite of the impending blizzard. Jason wonders if Carly planned the benefit as a way to “bring Michael back.”

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie tears a page out of her diary. Bill goes to Billy for more advice. Emma starts her story to her class about her "two mommies". When she finishes the all applaud. Olivia and Natalia praise her. After Emma leaves them Natalia and Olivia talk of how proud they are of Emma. Then the teacher walks over to Olivia. Lizzie drops her dog off to Lillian's. At Emma's school other parents are coming up to Olivia congratulating her for such a good daughter. Lillian is taking Roxy the dog out for a walk when they run into Bill. Lillian tells Bill she is going to call the vet to see if there is a nice home for the dog. Bill says he'll take her. Lillian hands him the leash and walks away as the dog looks at her. Lizzie talks to Beth about what she saw between Beth and Coop. Beth defends her actions with Coop to Lizzie, who still isn't happy. Billy comes in just as they finish to talk to Lizzie about Bill and his feelings. Natalia goes to see Frank about Rafe and his condition after a fight in the prison. Natalia wants Frank to request that Rafe be moved to Cedars. Frank says it is out of his hands but he can to keep tabs on the situation. Olivia goes for a drink at Towers. While still out walking the dog, Bill runs into Beth. He tells her Lillian gave him Roxy instead of going to the vets to see if they would find a home. Beth tells Bill to be patient. Bill thinks it is good advice. Beth leaves and Bill then says that to the dog. Billy is trying to talk Lizzie into just talking with Bill again. She wants to know from Billy how many times must she get hurt before it is enough. Lizzie is putting away coats when she drops to her knees and gets a pillow and cries. Frank comes back to Company angry at Buzz for the advice he gave him for getting Natalia to like him. Natalia finds Olivia alone in their living room. Natalia tells her about Frank their discussion concerning Rafe. Then their discussion turns to Frank in general. Then they talk about Emma's speech. Natalia reminds Olivia that the teacher, parents liked Emma's speech. Olivia isn't so sure. Beth and Coop meet up at Towers for a meal and drinks. Billy gives some advice to Bill about Lizzie. Next thing Billy knows is that Bill leaves Roxy with him and tell Billy she likes crumpled up bacon for lunch. Olivia tells Natalia what Emma means by close, that they are in love with each other. And not the way Natalia sees it as friends and helping each other out.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica struggles to remember what Tess and Bess do not want her to know. Tess demands that Bess tells her how the baby died. Bess tells her she was negligent. Tess is devastated but they both realize that Jessica must never know. Jessica admits that she knows that Tess is a part of her and she wanted Tess to murder Natalie and Jared. But Jessica still has no conscious awareness that her baby died nor that Bess switched her with Starr's baby. Wes admits to Brody that he let Brody falsely believe that the kid he shot had a gun. Brody is devastated but attempts to process the truth alone. At Rodi's, Blair and Marty have a big argument about both of their history with Todd.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead


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