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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the ConFusion Bar, Jake urges Amanda to take a pregnancy test. In the courtroom during the custody hearing, all of Krystal’s packet of pills falls to the floor. At the casino, Zach orders the gunman to put the gun down. Instead, the gunman runs off. When Zach checks on everyone to see how they are, they find Bianca knocked unconscious. Amanda denies that she could be pregnant. Jesse and Angie try to share some quality time together despite Angie wanting to get the goods on David. Reese tells Zach, Erica and Bianca about the ring that the man was wearing. The head of security at the casino tells Zach that the gunman had gotten away with 10 million dollars. In her hotel room, Erica opens up to Bianca and Reese that the masked gunman could be Josh. Josh comes out of hiding and insists that Erica had ruined his surprise. Erica offers Josh her help. Amanda comes home with the pregnancy test and is almost caught by J.R. Jesse receives a phone call and is called away to the casino. Angie and Jake come up with a plan to bring down David. Tad gets full custody of Jenny.

J.R. and Amanda start to kiss, but she has to run to the bathroom to vomit. Jake and Angie break into David’s house and find some valuable info on David. Krystal urges the judge to not take away her baby. The judge lifts the restraining order against Krystal. Tad addresses the court and agrees to let Krystal see Jenny anytime she wants as long as she is alone. Adam vows revenge on David. Josh takes Reese hostage. There is a standoff between Josh, Reese, Jesse and Zach downstairs in the casino. A struggle begins between Reese and Josh. Zach aims his revolver directly at Josh. Jake visits Amanda at the yacht.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Craig tries to bribe Margo with donuts. He offers to give a statement about yesterday with his role in the Parker and Johnny incident. He forgoes his visitation rights and pushes his way past Dusty to see Johnny in the dining room. Tom advises Dusty not to thwart this, it won’t help his case. Dusty is forced to allow Craig to take Johnny for a couple of hours. Jack and Carly get into a shouting match over Craig being near their children. He insists it is not Craig’s kindness, but his own strategy and he won’t stand for it. Craig shows up with Johnny, his excuse is he wanted to thank Parker in person. Without being asked, he comes on in, spying Jack who is none too pleased after what he just said about Craig. Craig tells him every time he sees him, it looks like he has sucked a whole tree of lemons. Carly dismisses Jack. Craig quips that anytime she wants to get rid of Jack, just call him. He walks in, Jack walks out. Jack is happily married, she needs to be too.

Brad tells Katie that he has a problem with her brother. Dusty drops in on Brad and there is nothing more Brad would like to do than nail Craig to the wall. Margo and Katie are on opposite sides as to how to treat or forgive their brother for his mistakes. Jack calls Margo that his brother is going to make a statement about her brother; they need to talk. Margo tracks down Craig at Carly’s and as a courtesy call she tells him that she will put Katie’s marriage and life in jeopardy until he confesses. Carly makes it easier. She vows unless he helps his sister that Carly will have nothing to do with Craig ever again. He got Katie into this mess; he will have to get her out. She calls him crazy when he asks if he helps his sister, will she marry him then. She’s good, decent and loving and he wants his son to grow up happy and healthy. He doesn’t want to ruin things like with Bryant and Lucy. He’s going to help Katie, so he wants Carly to at least give some thought to his proposal. Jack tells Dusty that he has to fill out paperwork, but Craig should be arrested before the end of the day. Katie is mad that Brad and Dusty appointed themselves as judge and jury against Craig. A show-down ensues at the police station when Craig shows up with Johnny and Dusty accuses him of using his son for his own cause. Craig hugs Johnny and tells him what a great time he had with him today. Katie storms out saying she can not do this. Margo asks Dusty to get Johnny out of here. Craig tells Margo that he likes family gatherings, but next time let him pick the place. Katie shouts to Brad that she was going to tell the truth, but when she saw Craig with Johnny, she could not take that away from him. It doesn’t have to change things between her and Brad. Craig returns to Carly with flowers and champagne. He wants to take some wedding pictures. She’s not going to change her mind, and he vows that he won’t give up.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne is still upset at his father and feels his accomplishments aren’t as noticed or vital as Rick’s. Katie drops by Jackie M’s office to see Nick. He questions her as to just how far she would go to help him in his moment of financial need. Rick manages to miss Ridge by inches as he pulls out of his parking space. Ridge insists that “Phoebe” get out of the car. Brooke reminds Rick that Ridge does not want him anywhere near Steffy. Ridge tells Steffy that he knows he momentarily lost it, but she has to help him and stay away from Rick. Eric speaks with Katie also about Jackie M. He re-emphasizes the importance of confidentiality about their own collection here at Forrester’s. Nick refuses to take advantage of this gift which Jackie speaks of until he knows who is sending the e-mails. He does not believe it is Katie.

Stephanie warns Rick again to stay away from Steffy. She says losing this little office of his will be the least of his problems. Brooke tells Ridge that Rick was only trying to be helpful, he won’t do it again. Ridge won’t hear of any excuses, but vows that Rick better not! Steffy is the one who can’t stay away. She comes to Rick’s office. She cries that she can’t do this. It will kill her dad. They have to end the relationship. Rick tries to convince her that nothing will bring Phoebe back or end Ridge’s pain. They end up kissing right there in the office. Jackie gives Nick a stack of photos, possible suspects – Owen, Donna, Thorne, Felicia, Rick, Katie, Brooke, Ridge, Stephanie and even Steffy, any number who might want to sabotage the company. Stephanie grouses to Eric again about Rick......that he won’t listen to reason and stay away from Steffy. She warns him that Rick will be the downfall of the entire Forrester Creations. A gloved hand sends another vital design to Nick via his computer. Nick and Jackie look over the photos again. Who can it be?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Charlotte tells John that he needs to leave town. Later, she nearly catches Brady in her office, but Marlena stops her from going in, asking her about John’s therapy. Charlotte blows up, which prompts Kayla to intervene. Charlotte apologizes, but Kayla finds John and tells him that she doesn’t trust Charlotte and doesn’t think he should either. Brady finds Marlena and shows her the tape of John’s hypnosis, which he emailed to her from Charlotte’s computer. Charlotte discovers someone tampered with her laptop. EJ tries to get Melanie to give the DiMeras her project. She says she is happy with Titan, but EJ encourages her to consider his offer. She later asks Maggie about EJ, but Maggie warns her to be on her guard since EJ is a DiMera. Tony catches Mia at the mansion with Nicole. She comes up with a lie about counseling pregnant teens, and Tony tells EJ about it. He confronts Nicole later. Mia has an ultrasound with Dr. Baker and she and Nicole learn she is having a girl. Mia later goes into labor at her apartment.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick talks to agent Rayner about something that happened at the hospital. Winifred is on the phone talking about casualties. She says she’s not certain if Sonny survived.

Eight hours earlier, Alexis grills Nikolas about Nadine. Nikolas says Nadine has given him much help and comfort. Nik struggles to deal with Emily’s birthday. He says he has sad moments where he still misses Emily. Robin tells Patrick she paid a visit to Jason to learn about Carly’s PPD. Patrick thinks Robin should talk to Dr. Winters. Robin is against the idea. Robin is uncomfortable when she holds Emma while Patrick takes their picture. Spinelli is jealous of Matt. Jason advises Sonny to cut his ties with Anthony or he will be on his own. Sonny refuses and says the chips will fall where they may. Sonny tells Jason he joined the Zaccharas to learn who shot Kate. Ric goes to the house and notices Claudia's strange behavior with her computer. Anthony comes in just as Ric kisses Claudia. When Sonny comes home, Anthony says he wants retaliation against Jason. Anthony says he’s unhappy about Sonny’s role in Johnny’s release. Next, Anthony tells Sonny he’s having a shipment delivered but he won’t reveal where or when. Sonny wonders what Claudia is hiding, then promises her he will find out sooner or later. Sam visits Jason to find out what he promised the FBI in return for Spinelli’s freedom.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Buzz and Coop catch Frank practicing is asking Natalia to dinner, and joke about it. Emma comes home from school telling Olivia and Natalia what went on. Ashley sees Grady threatening a guy. Alan calls Cyrus to inquire about Lizzie's whereabouts. Seems she didn't get to NY where she was supposed to meet up with Alan. Bill meets with Daisy, who asks for a favor. As Bill takes Lizzie for an unexpected ride in the back of a van. She gets annoyed. She tells Bill that Alan is expecting her and when she doesn't arrive he'll call the police. Back at Company Coop tells Buzz and Frank all he wants is someone to love. They had it. Outside Ashlee is found out by Grady. Ashlee acts dumb, but Grady sees through it. Then Cyrus arrives and drags Grady away to talk to him. Alan thinks he is calling Lizzie when it is really Daisy on the phone. Bill takes Lizzie back to the ransom drop. She says she wasn't there when it was dropped. Bill just wants her help. They begin to talk about the kidnapping. Lizzie says she remembers a basement. That is the first she has mentioned it to Bill. Lizzie says the kidnapper let her talk about her family almost as if he knew them. Bill asks her if she felt the kidnapper would kill her? Lizzie says, no. Lizzie then realizes that Bill read her diary. That he stole her family's company and she helped him do it. Cyrus asks Grady if he knows where Lizzie is. Then Daisy arrives where Grady, Cyrus and Ashlee are. Daisy says she talked to Alan and that Lizzie is ok. Cyrus is shocked that she'd talk with Alan. What they don't know is Daisy has lied to Alan and just liked to them about Lizzie's whereabouts. Family Day at Emma's school. Natalia gets a call that Rafe has been brought into the Prison's hospital. The doctor says that Rafe forgot to take his medication. Natalia doesn't believe that Rafe would do that. She tells Emma she is sorry, but she has to go and that Rafe needs her. Emma is at school listening to her classmates tell their stories about their family. She is sitting alone. Cyrus and Daisy go to search for Lizzie. They go to the place where Lizzie was found before. Daisy tries to stop Cyrus from looking. Daisy start making excuses for Lizzie. While Bill explains his actions, Lizzie slaps him. The teacher calls on Emma as Olivia and Natalia return from the prison. Emma starts her story. Daisy returns to her place with Grady and find him and Ashlee having fun. Lizzie gives Bill a piece of her mind. Just then he gets a call. It is from Cyrus. She tells Cyrus where she is and to come pick her up. Emma's speech begins. There is a television screen in back of her with a picture of a picture she drew of her and Olivia and Natalia, titled My two mommies and me.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Starr has talked to her new teacher, who is Dr. Joplin's son, he reveals to her that he has had some problems such as drug addiction, for which his mother has bailed him out. Starr seems very receptive to Mr. Joplin. But Cole does not. And she can detect that Cole might be on drugs. Cole seems to have nowhere to turn after losing his baby, being abandoned by his mother and being tempted to use. Marty is living and socializing with Wes. John does not approve. It appears that Brody has a secret that Wes is keeping from him. Jessica is determined to find out the secret of what happened to her baby. Tess comes out and both Tess and Jessica demand that Bess tells them. And she finally reveals that the baby died. Dorian is tempting David to get him to marry her so that she can get all of what he's inherited from Asa. But he appears to know nothing about it and appears to have no more desire for material wealth.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Amber and Daniel go to the diner to help Kay get her memory back, her signature ring is bought up and Kay states she pawned it. Esther and Roger do the deed and Jill senses that he’s not genuine and fires him, but Esther exclaims she has money. Jill instincts correct as Clint advises Roger to marry her and take her fortune, he also goes to the diner looking for Marge. Tyra kisses Neil in the heat of the moment while Karen tries to figure out a name Ana could call her, she refuses to call her Mama Karen. Adam is headed to the state Penn and Victor is having second thoughts, while Brad is pissed about Abby’s living arrangements. Jack thinks he deserves the title of CEO of Jabot but Ashley is not having that at all.

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