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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad meets with his lawyer concerning the custody hearing for Jenny. On Amanda’s yacht, Amanda and J.R. wake up together. At Pine Valley Hospital, Krystal comes to visit David to see if David would be attending the custody hearing. At Oak Haven, Aidan talks to Annie through the air vent. Aidan assures Annie that he will help her to escape. Reese and Bianca visit Greenlee and Ryan to discuss wedding plans. At the hospital, Zach has a confrontation with Erica over Erica’s suspecting that something was going on between Zach and Reese. Josh searches the internet for the layout of the casino. Josh picks up a gun as he gets up from the desk. Opal arrives at the courthouse only to run into Krystal and Mr. Stark, Krystal’s attorney. Krystal confronts Opal as to why she is here and if Opal will be testifying against Krystal. Adam walks up to Tad and Olivia’s table. Adam offers Tad his help in bringing David down. J.R. staggers up and also offers to testify against Krystal. David meets up with Zach in the hall and has some important info about Kendall. Annie questions Aidan as to why she hates Greenlee so much. Dr. Sinclair comes in and wants to know who Annie had been talking to. Krystal takes three pills before the custody hearing.

The custody hearing begins as to who gets custody of Jenny. Tad, Adam as well as Opal testifies as to whether or not Krystal is fit to raise Jenny. Krystal is put on the stand and she falls to pieces. David tries to calm Krystal down. Krystal’s purse falls off, the pills falls out all over the floor. Reese, Erica and Bianca have all gathered at the casino to find out what Zach knows about Kendall’s condition. Greenlee visits Annie at Oak Haven. Annie tells Greenlee that she forgives her. The alarm goes off at the casino. Zach urges everyone to hit the floor and a masked gunman fires shots into the roof. Zach goes after the gunman and meets the gunman face to face. The gunman aims the revolver at Zach’s chest. Greenlee comes home to Ryan’s and finds Ryan and Emma asleep on the sofa, and on Emma’s hand is Annie’s wedding ring.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jack catches Parker and Liberty in Parker's bed just before anything happens although if he hadn't walked in on them they would have made love again. Jack is angry at himself for letting Janet and Carly persuade him to let Liberty and Parker date. Dusty tries his best to keep his promise to Lucy although he hates Craig. Tom advises Dusty to reach an agreement with Craig before the case goes to court. Dusty tells Tom to offer Craig 3 supervised visits a week. Dusty allows Craig to say hi to Johnny while he has a meeting with Tom. Josie gives in to Johnny when he wants to go outside and Johnny walks away while Josie is arguing with Craig. Parker and Liberty find Johnny while Liberty is in the process of breaking up with Parker to concentrate on school. Parker talks to Johnny and doesn't notice the car heading straight for them. Craig arrives in time to push both Parker and Johnny out of the way and save their lives.

Jack and Carly argue about Parker but all that is put aside when they hear about his accident. Carly and Jack rush to the hospital Grateful that Parker is okay he just has a painful headache. Lily tells Craig that saving Parker's life won't make Carly accept his marriage proposal. Liberty changes her mind about ending things with Parker because she realizes she came very close to losing him. Carly thanks Craig for saving Parker and Craig remembers how he lost Bryant. Carly holds Craig's hand and he tells her that there is nothing more important in life then family.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick finds himself with an important Forrester Creations design in his hands. Jackie states that this will be their salvation. Nick thinks it will take more than one dress to save them. He confesses that the bank has called in their loan. He receives another on his computer and his first instinct is to delete it, but Jackie won’t allow that. Nick thinks it is strange the company is on the way down and yet someone is throwing them a lifeline when they need it the most. The Forrester’s meet in Eric’s office and he wants to get the buzz out but demands there be no leaks with this collection. Everyone needs to keep it on a need to know basis. Rick spouts they need to all put their petty differences aside and work together to make this work. The new line won’t automatically be devoured by the public. Rick ticks Felicia off, but she won’t play his errand girl. Thorne makes his feelings known to Eric. He doesn’t feel like he has a dad anymore. He overlooks Thorne for his two half-brothers and continues to placate the petulant little brat, Rick. Eric tries to make him understand how important he is to the company, but Thorne can’t hear that. Katie returns to Eric’s office and looks suspicious as he mentions the collection and the good work she is doing. Rick gives Steffy a ride to the docks to pick up some valued material. Ridge hears about this from Felicia and takes off after them. Brooke and Stephanie are watching for the Rooftop Lounge as Ridge runs out in front of Rick’s car.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady tells Marlena that John only wants to get his memories back for her sake. When John tells her that Charlotte has given him no hope of recovering, Marlena kisses him and tries to get him to remember the charm bracelet he gave her. John doesn’t remember anything. Charlotte interrupts them, and Marlena confides to Brady that she can’t do anything to help John. Brady thinks he can and snoops around Charlotte’s office. He discovers the tape of John’s hypnosis and watches it. Meanwhile, Charlotte tells John that he needs to leave Salem and start a whole new life. EJ tells Stefano that he thinks they should try to get the fuel project away from Victor. He tracks Melanie down to talk to her about it. Chelsea and Max say goodbye to Nick, and Chelsea and Nick apologize to each other for what happened in the past. She promises to visit him, and he asks her and Max both to promise not to let his fuel project fall into the wrong hands. Phillip tells Melanie that he was impressed by her testimony on Nick’s behalf, and tells her he likes the person she has become. She is thrilled, but later heads off in a huff when she sees Phillip and Stephanie canoodling. Nicole tells Mia why she kept her miscarriage a secret from EJ, and Mia asks to see Nicole’s home. She takes her to the mansion so Mia can decide if she wants to give her baby up to Nicole, but Tony interrupts, wondering who Mia is.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Patrick tries to stop Matt from performing an operation. Matt doesn't get Patrick's warning on time. Monica and Matt get hit with the patient's tainted blood. Monica drops to the floor.

Nine hours earlier, Liz visits Robin in her new house to help her unpack. Robin gets nervous when Emma cries and goes to see Jason. She asks him about Carly's PPD. Carly meets with Sonny about the benefit. Spinelli tells Sonny about his arrest. Spinelli says he's worried about what kind of deal Jason made to free him from jail. Maxie tells Jason she's worried about Spinelli doing something "stupid." Patrick heads home to check on Robin but finds Liz there instead. Matt flirts with Maxie and asks her on a date. Maxie tells Matt she's not interested. Sonny visits Jason to tell him about the conversation he had with Spinelli.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Lizzie starts arguing with Beth, after she has seen Beth and Coop together. Shayne tells them what went on in Afghanistan and his girlfriend there. Jeffrey says the report didn't say how she died. Josh asks how. He refuses to answer and leaves. Reva doesn't like what they just put Shayne through. Bill tells Alan he still hasn't lost Lizzie. Lizzie asks Beth what she just saw. Beth tries to explain that she was alone when Alan went on business. Lizzie says what is worse is that it is with her first love and ex fiancé. Beth tells Lizzie she has a life just as much as she. Lizzie sarcastically suggests a party to announce the love affair. After meeting with Shayne, Reva and Dinah have words. Dinah defends her actions to Reva about what she did to help Shayne then walks away from Reva. At Company, Josh and Jeffrey arrive and ask Buzz if he's seen Reva or Shayne or Dinah. At the park, Dinah finds Shayne at the pond. Reva arrives at Company and starts in on Jeffrey and Josh about what just went on with Shayne and their little interrogation of him. She blames Jeffrey for it. At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth and Lizzie continue to argue about Beth's affair with Coop. Beth wants Lizzie to support her. Then Alan comes in the room and asks what is wrong. Lizzie just looks at him then back at Beth. Reva is still angry at both Josh and Jeffrey. She tells Jeffrey that she should have known about Shayne's girlfriend when he found out what happened. When Josh sides with Jeffrey, Reva can't believe her ears. Jeffrey tells her to take it easy for the baby. Reva has had enough of Jeffrey, Josh and Buzz and decides to go find Shayne. Shayne is sitting on a bench. Back at the park's pond, Dinah tries to get out of Shayne what happened. And it works, Shayne yells that he killed his girlfriend. Shayne tells Dinah a story. He says that he was going to propose and that he was supposed to meet up with her, but instead she came. Reva gets to the park an see a guy with a cap standing next to Shayne's empty wheelchair. She doesn't understand why. Coop and Beth meet outside Company, Coop tells Beth that there is nothing to stop them from telling Alan they love each other. Lizzie tells Bill she doesn't know him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr's new teacher (Dr. Joplin's son) admits to her that his mother got really "messed up" by bailing him out of his messes such as drug addiction. And that could have contributed to why Starr's baby died. She finds out that Tea has been contacting him in order to build Todd's case. Cole starts taking pills after his mother admits to him that she needs to stay away from him since she remembers nothing. Marty admits to Cole and to Nora that she'd rather spend time with Wes and live with him than be around them. Brody talks to Jessica about her upcoming meeting with her parents and doctor. She goes with them to the place where she (as Tess) gave birth. And she admits that Tess realized the baby was not crying. It's too painful for her to know what really happened. And she turns into Tess again. David Vickers comes to visit Dorian. She does not believe that he has "changed" and tries to seduce him and serve him caviar and expensive champagne. Natalie and Jared want to make certain that David never finds out that he inherits all of Asa's fortune. But Dorian has another plan where she marries him and lets him find out about his inheritance so that she can take it from Clint.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jill and Nikki make a mends for Kay’s sake. Amber and Daniel beg Kevin and Jana for forgiveness and also the whereabouts of this Kay look alike. Amber is shocked and relieved when she realizes that Kay is alive, Kay is also relieved to find out someone believes in her. Chloe, Cane and Esther’s suspect date Roger celebrate Esther’s birthday at Indigo. They have no clue that Roger is in cahoots with Clint when Esther agrees to let Roger come to her place for a night cap at his urging.

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