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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At ConFusion, Frankie meets with Natalia. Frankie lets her know what had happened between Frankie and Randi and the pics on the internet. At Oak Haven, Dr. Sinclair questions Aidan about how he knows Annie and why Aidan is so interested in Annie. Ryan and Greenlee spend quality time together at Ryan’s condo. Bianca insists on going with Reese when Reese goes to have brunch with Erica. In the bar, Randi is approached by a man (unbeknownst to her that he is a cop) and she comes on to him. Erica arrives at her hotel room and finds Opal there, enjoying the meal that she had planned for Reese. Zach tells Bianca that they have something to talk about. Josh watches everyone and everything at the casino. Jesse arrives at the bar and Randi fills him in on what had happened. Jesse has a talk with the cop and clears everything up. Jesse tells Randi that she is free to go. Erica surprises Reese with a wedding present. Erica apologizes to Reese for all the cruel things that she had been saying to Bianca about Reese. Ryan surprises Greenlee with a motorcycle. Dr. Sinclair becomes suspicious of Aidan. Bianca visits Erica to see how everything is going between Erica and Reese. The administrator of Oak Haven meets with Aidan and shows Aidan a way that Aidan can talk to Annie.

Erica asks Bianca if she can be back in on the wedding plans. Bianca agrees. Josh visits Kendall and vows to make Zach pay for what he had caused to happen to Kendall. At the casino, Zach questions Reese as to what had happened to their arrangement at home and if something had happened between them (Zach and Reese). Josh listens to every word that is said. Aidan listens to Dr. Sinclair and Annie. Annie begins to remember things from her past. Dr. Sinclair visits Ryan and Greenlee to have a talk with Greenlee. Frankie and Randi reconcile their differences with a kiss. Aidan talks to Annie through the vent and promises to help her escape.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey tries to get back on track with Allison, but she is in a bad mood and pushes him away. They talk about their relationship – or lack of it – and still won’t take that step to admit anything…mostly now because Allison is unsure what Casey is doing with Jade. Robbie takes Derek hostage at gunpoint. Bonnie and Lily talk about Derek and Jade, as Margo comes by to tell them that Robbie has escaped and could be heading for Oakdale. Jade, Luke and Noah talk about Lucinda and Brian, but Jade gets a call from Robbie telling her that he has Derek and she should come alone. Casey sees Jade take off and he follows her. Robbie threatens to kill Jade in front of Derek, but Casey interrupts and Robbie has more then he bargained for. He ends up shooting Derek and seemingly knocking Casey unconscious. He is about to exact his revenge on Jade when Margo and the police bust in (with Lily and Bonnie in tow) and take Robbie into custody. Derek is taken into surgery while Bonnie and Jade worry. Allison is upset to hear what happened to Casey but is still bothered to see Casey and Jade’s newfound closeness. Derek gets out of surgery and wants himself and Jade tested to see if they are father and daughter. Casey and Allison are getting close to kissing when an oblivious Jade interrupts wanting to take Casey to lunch to thank him. When Casey finally accepts, instinctively Allison pulls back from him again. Lucinda and Brian have it out again and she orders him out of her life and the Foundation. Brian goes to see Luke, but finds Noah instead. He is acting strangely and is happy to hear that they got back together so things can end well. Noah is so worried about his behavior that he follows Brian, who is packing up, as he stares at some prescription medication nearby. Luke goes to see Lucinda to help her through this with Brian and they make some headway; then Noah calls about Brian and Luke decides to meet Noah at Brian’s’ but Lucinda won’t go. Luke and Noah force Brian to face the truth about himself; he angrily and exasperatedly admits he is gay, as Lucinda walks in. Lucinda and Brian come to an understanding and seem to find closure, as Brian heads out of town to see a therapist, as he has to learn to embrace who he actually is now.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget blasts Rick over the fact that he and Steffy together will never be okay. Rick tells her that it is complicated; they have fallen in love and there is no turning back. She tells him simply to try harder, fall out of love. They both beg her not to tell anyone. Bridget says she won’t, but eventually they will all figure it out. The family will never accept this, so Nick and Steffy need to leave each other and walk away. Nick tells Steffy not to ask him to do this as he can not walk away from her. She leaves to go back to L.A. before they send out a search party for her. Jackie bumps into Robin McGraw at a restaurant and they renew old acquaintances. Robin announces that she has a new book she will send Jackie. Not that Jackie needs it, but every woman owes it to herself to look and feel her best. Jackie spies Stephanie at the bar although Stephanie says it is not necessarily Happy Hour. They share martinis and commiserate over Eric and his indiscretions. Stephanie hates to lose to a blonde, bimbo Barbie Doll. Jackie thinks he needs to be taught a lesson.

Nick confesses to Katie that he is almost in default at the bank. He doesn’t want to lose these boutiques since it is his mother’s life’s joy. A man from the bank visits and tells him that time is running out. He is about to lose Jackie M. The banker will give him 24 hours. Nick snaps at Katie to just go, he needs time alone. When she drops Jack off at Brooke’s and returns, Nick tells her again that when he smokes and drinks heavily he likes to be alone. She’s better grab her lifejacket as the ship is about to sink. She says she will stick with the Captain. She’s been without material wealth before. She loves him and she can do without all the trappings. There is nothing she would not do for him. Nick suddenly finds a Forrester Creations design on his computer.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

John tells Brady that he plans to continue the hypnosis sessions because he knows he is supposed to be with Marlena. Marlena confronts Charlotte about her suddenly leaving her last job. Charlotte lays a guilt trip on Marlena, telling her that her father was dying and was fond of Marlena, even though she never contacted him. Marlena apologizes, and tells Charlotte she hopes they can be friends, since they share a common goal in desiring John’s recovery. Charlotte admits to herself later that only Marlena has that goal in mind. She then tells John that hypnosis won’t help him, despite the fact that she has been watching tape of him remembering Marlena and their life together. She tell John that she doesn’t think he will ever get his memories back. Nick’s sentencing commences, and Melanie shows up to speak on Nick’s behalf. Because of this, Nick is only sentenced to a two to five year term in prison. Phillip is there, and tells Melanie how proud he is of her for being selfless. Stephanie and Max agree with Phillip. Nick later asks Melanie if she did this to impress Phillip, and she admits that that was part of the reason. She later gets upset when she sees Stephanie and Phillip kissing. Stefano congratulates EJ, who was Nick’s lawyer in the case, on a victory. He thinks EJ is learning to play the game by making a friend out of an influential family like the Hortons. Stefano renews his proposal of marriage to Kate. She admits that she feels a connection, but doesn’t want to make a commitment right now. Chloe comes to Daniel’s apartment to tell him to keep quiet about what happened between them. They end up making love, and Kate interrupts. Chloe hides in a room in the back as Kate returns Daniel’s pager. After she leaves, Chloe tells Daniel that this can never happen again and walks out on him. Nicole tells Mia the truth about why she can never meet EJ. Mia orders her to get out, but Nicole begs her to reconsider, saying that she lost her baby and just wants a little happiness.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Robin falls in love with the house she and Patrick look at so they buy it. The house is close by to Liz's house. Spinelli worries about how Jason secured his freedom. Jason snaps at Spinelli and refuses to discuss it. Jason apologizes to Spinelli and promises to watch out for him in the future. Alexis goes to see Carly and is surprised to find Jax at the house too. Alexis assumes Jax and Carly spent the night together and nobody corrects her assumption. While looking for the next DVD in Sonny’s bedroom, Claudia gets an unexpected visit from Kate. Later, Claudia finds the DVD. Spinelli goes to see Sonny but ends up sneaking up on Claudia instead. Claudia is frazzled – she tells Spinelli not to make a habit of coming over for a visit. Later, Claudia watches the DVD while Kate lurks outside the door. Sam decides to get a PI license. Lucky isn’t crazy about the idea but Alexis is supportive. Carly goes to see Jason and tries to be supportive of his rift with Sonny. Johnny interviews for a job at GH but doesn’t get hired. Lulu calls the hospital and Epiphany fills her in on Johnny. Later, Johnny comes home and says he got the job. Carly loans Lulu some money. Rayner reminds Jason of his agreement to get info on Sonny in exchange for Spinelli’s freedom.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Beth and Coop meet up again. Lillian joins Alan at his home in the library. He offers her an antique item as a gift. Lillian begins to wonder about Alan first the good gesture to Buzz and now this antique item. Alan says he is in giving mood. Dinah goes to see Jeffrey about Shayne. Reva surprises Shayne when she shows up at his cell. Marina goes to talk to Buzz about Mallet. Mallet goes to see Mel for advice as a lawyer and a doctor about adoption and surrogate parenting. Jeffrey goes to see Dinah about leaving Shayne alone for Reva's health. Seems Reva got herself arrested so that Shayne wasn't in prison alone. Shayne thinks she is crazy. Reva says she did this so they could talk. Because before he would wheel away saying, "Everything is fine". Coop isn't happy with the latest that Beth has done. Alan shows up at Company looking for Beth. Both Marina and Buzz are scared to tell him. Then Beth pops up and makes it as if she just got there and suggests they have a meal there at Company instead of home. Josh shows up and is angry that Reva is in jail. He is standing out side between both jail cells like a referee. Then a Mallet who is overhearing the fight tell Josh to join his little family and puts him in a cell by Reva. Mallet makes a call for Reva. She wants her pre natal vitamins. Marina tries to give Coop advice on how to deal with Alan. But he doesn't take it. Beth and Alan talk outside the Company about Company and dreams. Alan says he realizes Beth needs some space. After Alan leaves Lillian appears and gives Beth a look only a mother upset would. Jeffrey shows up at the Jail. He is not happy that Reva is in jail and tells all of them. Jeffrey leaves Shayne in Jail and takes home Josh and Reva. Dinah appears as Shayne is calling for a guard to call a lawyer. At Marina and Mallets, Mallet is already home when Marina arrives to tell him about Coop and Coop's fling with Beth. Then the subject turns to how they will have a baby. Marina says she wants to have a baby with Mallet and go upstairs. Outside Company, Beth and Lillian are fighting over Beth's indiscretion with Coop and what Alan will do if he finds out. It comes to blow until Beth hugs Lillian. They stop talking as Alan appears. He sees Beth upset, and asks about it. Lillian makes up something about just being upset about having a baby, etc. Lillian leaves and Alan continues to say, that Beth is his whole world. Then Coop shows up startling Beth. At Jeffrey's office Jeffrey is talking to Reva with Josh sitting beside her. He doesn't want her to pull another stunt like she just did because of the baby and her health. Then Jeffrey mentions that he might have some info on Shayne's girlfriend. Blake is on the phone talking about Coop's latest book. Coop says he is there to give Alan papers on a final payment arraignment for Company. Alan takes the papers and leaves. Leaving Beth and Coop alone so they think. Lizzie is spying on them. She has a disgusting look on her face. At Jeffrey's office Reva is handed a pictured missing poster on Shayne's girlfriend. As she is looking at it Shayne wheels in with Dinah not far behind. The look on Shayne's face says it all.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

At Rodi’s, Gigi congratulates Rex on his first successful father and son talk about sex. Wes talks to Marty on the phone. John watches him. After Wes hangs up with Marty, John tells Wes to get back to work. At the gym during their workout, Cristian and Antonio discuss Vanessa and Cristian’s feelings for her. At Cristian’s apartment, Vanessa and Lola discuss Sarah and why she had left town and if she was ever coming back. Lola blames Vanessa for Sarah leaving town. At the Angel Square diner, Tea sits in a booth and talks to Ray on the phone. Langston comes into the diner and finds Markko behind the counter. Langston tells Markko that she had received a letter from her Uncle Ray. Tea watches intently the goings on about the letter. Roxie visits John’s room and finds Blair there. Roxie confronts Blair about the fight that she had overheard between John and Blair concerning Marty. Jessica urges Brody to remember what had happened when he had killed the little boy.

Vanessa has prepared a romantic dinner for Cristian when he arrives home from the gym. They begin to kiss and make love. Brody and Jessica both begin to remember things about their past that they had forgotten. Bo comes into Rodi’s and sits down at the table with Rex. Bo lets Rex know about Matthew and the cigarette. Blair finds out from Antonio and Talia that Marty is shacking up with Wes. Jessica sees Tess in the mirror telling her that this is wrong. Lola tells Tea that she had received a letter from Ray telling her that he hadn’t killed her Mother. Jessica tells Brody that she has to go back to the cottage to remember what had happened to the baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Michael talks to Paul about his Florida discovery and with Nikki’s coaxing goes off about how Glo was forced to act this way because of Lowell (River). Kay/Marge returns to the diner and is tempted to tell her dear friend Pearl the truth but Murphy advises its not time. Karen and Neil want to adopt Ana, but Tyra’s not having it. Lily thinks it’s a good idea but Devon’s also against it. Eden overhears Michael talking to Lauren about how much he despises Lowell and how he’s bought nothing good into their lives; she runs away but returns to Crimson Lights and the Baldwin and Fisher clan tell her she’s a welcome addition. Paul for the sake of Nikki turns down investigating Kay/Marge and Glo feels trapped in prison. Michael and Glo curse Lowell who is now posing as a Father Donohue for donations.

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