Tuesday 1/13/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David comes downstairs at Wild wind and finds Krystal, sitting alone in the living room. David comforts Krystal as usual. They kiss. Krystal begs David to let Jenny move in, too. David finally agrees to do as Krystal asks and let Jenny move in. Krystal immediately goes to get Jenny. Jesse arrives at Tad’s to leave Tad a restraining order against Krystal. At the hospital, Angie and Frankie discuss the reasons behind Joe stepping down as Chief of Staff. Greenlee arrives at Ryan’s and gives him a good-morning kiss. Emma, excitedly wants to know when she can get fitted for her flower girl dress. Emma wants to know if Annie can come to the wedding. At Oak Haven, Annie is asleep in her bed. Annie dreams that she comes downstairs and finds Ryan lying in a puddle of blood. Dr. Sinclair watches on a web cam, Aidan going into Annie’s room and then hiding under the bed when Dr. Sinclair comes in. Dr. Sinclair immediately wants to see Mr. Stone. Dr. Sinclair finds that Mr. Stone is no where to be found in the hospital. Frankie overhears some interns discussing some porno pics that they were watching on the internet. Frankie walks in and wants to know what they are watching. Frankie takes the cell phone from them and finds out that they are watching Randi. Frankie pushes one of them down into a chair. David comes in and reprimands the two interns for their actions and puts Frankie on warning that if this happens again, Frankie will be relieved of his duties. Jack visits Ryan and Greenlee and serves them with their divorce papers from Aidan and Annie. Greenlee calls Aidan and tells him that she and Ryan are getting married.

Annie remembers who she is and demands to see Ryan. When Annie demands to see her “friend” she has to be sedated. Aidan arrives at Ryan’s to sign the divorce papers. Krystal arrives at Tad’s only to find the locks changed and she is served with a restraining order to stay away from Tad’s house and away from Jenny. Jesse has to escort Krystal out. Frankie comes home and looks at the pics of Randi on the internet. After having a dispute with Frankie over the pics, Randi walks out and goes to a nearby bar. Krystal arrives at the hospital to tell David what Tad had done to her concerning Jenny. David has a visit from Jay Stark, a lawyer, who advises Krystal of what might happen if this matter goes to court. Aidan arrives back at Oak Haven only to be confronted by Dr. Sinclair as to why he is so interested in Annie. Annie dreams that it was Greenlee, who had killed Ryan. Annie vows to find Greenlee and kill her before Greenlee can kill Ryan.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Janet coaxes Liberty to admit that she and Parker have secretly been dating and surprisingly Janet agrees to allow Liberty and parker to date. Janet insists that Liberty tell Carly the truth and she will help her persuade Carly to let her date Parker. Liberty and Parker tell the whole truth to Carly Janet, Janet and Jack and Carly and Janet persuade Jack to trust the kids to be responsible and Carly gives the kids the safe sex speech before they get permission to date. Parker and Liberty go over to her house to study and start kissing before working on homework. Dusty and Craig continue to argue over Johnny and Craig gets angry because Dusty takes Johnny home from the hospital without informing him the little boy had been released. Craig later arrives with Parker who has a present for Johnny and then they take him downstairs to the lounge for ice cream. Josie calls Dusty informing him Craig took Johnny and Dusty calls Jack asking him to arrest Craig. Jack questions Josie who admits Craig left her his cell Phone number. Dusty calls Craig and then he confronts Craig and threatens to kill him if he takes Johnny without permission again. Johnny tells Dusty to stop being so mean to Craig and Jack takes both men aside and tells them to legally work things out for Johnny's sake. Josie persuades Dusty to make peace with Craig or he could lose Johnny in the courts. Craig thinks that Dusty wants a custody battle so he decides to take Lily's advice that he should find a wife so he can create a stable home in the eyes of the court. Craig asks Carly to marry him and she is so shocked by the offer she slams the door in Craig's face.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Rick that she doesn’t want him to stop. They don’t care about the folks in L.A. or that they might get snowed in here at the cabin. They just want to enjoy each other. They wish they could tell their families, but she says she loves him and this is the way it has to be. Katie plans her wedding, but finds Nick is distracted. She catches him more and more on the computer and making phone calls doing secret stuff that he won’t discuss. Bridget is surprised to see Marcus at Forrester’s and not up at Big Bear. He explains that he didn’t know Steffy as well as he thought. She turned down his proposal. And worse yet, she didn’t deny that there was another guy. Bridget goes to Big Bear, hoping her worst fears won't be true. She spies the lovebirds kissing passionately before the blazing fire. She uses her key and barges in, berating them for what they are doing. They had discussed it, she tells Rick, this is an impossible situation and can not be!

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Charlotte tells John that he didn’t make much progress after his session is over, despite the fact that he remembered more memories under hypnosis involving Marlena. John storms out, vowing not to go back to therapy. Marlena does some checking up on Charlotte, but discovers that her credentials are commendable, and she urges John to continue the sessions. He agrees to one more. Then Marlena gets a call from another of Charlotte’s former colleagues. They have interesting news as to why she left her last job. Victor has nasty remarks for both Nicole and Chloe, and warns EJ and Lucas in turn about the both of them. Later, Daniel goes off on Victor when he continues to trash Chloe. Chloe continues to feel guilt over her romantic encounter with Daniel, and the two can’t keep their eyes off of one another. Daniel vows that it isn’t over between them. Nicole notices something is wrong with Chloe, but Daniel interrupts before Chloe can tell her the truth. Mia calls Nicole, wanting to meet with her, but EJ won’t let her take the car out alone. Nicole promises to come by the next day, but Mia insists on her bringing her fiancé. Lucas, Kate, and a waitress at the pub all assume Max and Chelsea are a couple. The two continue to insist that they are just friends. Phillip decides that his being Stephanie’s boss is inappropriate. Stephanie fears that he wants to break up, but he actually just wants to find her a new boss at Titan.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Anthony demands that Sonny kill Jason. Anthony and Sonny argue. Claudia later tells Sonny that Anthony is testing his loyalty. Rayner tries to work a deal with Jason – Spinelli’s freedom in exchange for the dirt on Sonny and Anthony. Jason offers to go to prison in exchange for Spinelli’s freedom. Rayner says he needs Jason on the outside. Rayner instructs Diane to stay out of his “way.” Spinelli is released and Maxie takes him to her place. Spinelli beats himself up over being duped by Winifred. Spinelli and Maxie make amends. Spinelli worries for Jason. Nikolas agrees to be Nadine’s escort to a charity function. Patrick worries about Robin’s mental health. Robin suggests that they buy a house. Jason asks Carly to set up a peace talk meeting with him and Sonny. Carly refuses Jason’s request so she can spend an evening at home with Jax. Jax is surprised by Carly’s decision. Later, Jason tells Sonny to cut his ties with the Zacchara organization if he wants to be “saved.” Sonny calls Jason his “enemy.” Jason says he is no longer obligated to “protect” Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia and Natalia talk about Emma's report on her family. Olivia is worried about it. Emma appears and they stop talking about it and get Emma ready for the bus for school. At Marina and Mallets they are talking about the physical and having a baby. After Marina leaves he makes a phone call. At Shayne's he is talking with Remy. Shayne feels that Remy talked behind his back. Shayne says he is fine. Dinah and Christina are at the gym. They are talking about Remy and whether Dinah has a lucky guy. Dinah says she is waiting for "that lucky guy'. After a bit Christina leaves and Dinah drops a dumb bell on her foot. Back Natalia's she thinks that Emma is adjusting to living together, Olivia agrees. Christina and Remy argue over Christina taking the exam. She says if she can't take it now, she'll take it later. At Cedars, Dinah is limping in, Mallet catches her before she falls. At the park, Shayne sees a domestic dispute in progress and tells the guy to stop. Where at that point the guy tells him to mind his own business. Children in Emma's class start sharing their reports. Olivia goes to Company to talk to Frank, who is being very supportive. She tells him she is feeling better every day. At Cedars Natalia runs into Rick. She calls him Dr Bauer. He kids that, that is what people call his dad. They then turn the subject to Olivia's love life. Who would be a good guy for her. Rick says she likes people like Philip Spaulding, the aristocratic type. Natalia feels offended she suggested Frank. Rick says no. Remy talks Christina into retaking the test. Marina yells at Shayne for trying to stop that argument in the park. She tells him she remembers the first time he was in the wheelchair. Marina tells him she is trying to help him stay out of trouble. She leaves to make a phone call to Josh for bail. At Cedars Mallet helps Dinah with adjusting the foot pedals on the wheelchair and reminiscing. Back at Company, Frank is confused with what Olivia is saying about living with Natalia. He finally gets Olivia to admit she likes living with Natalia. Frank says then she has a home. Olivia says all that Natalia cares about is being a mother or a waitress. Olivia says that Natalia is capable of achieving more. Frank thinks on that. Back on Springfield PD, Marina tries to get through to Shayne before locking him up until bail comes. Dinah makes Mallet realize that marrying Marina was the right thing to do. The nurse disrupts their talk to say the doctor will see him. He thanks Dinah for the chat and leaves the waiting room. Marina calls Dinah to get her to come down to the police department to pick up Shayne. In Emma's classroom her teacher asks the class to be polite as the students ask and answer questions about their reports. Olivia is home alone and sees on the mantle a rosary. She smiles. Just then Natalia comes in and apologizes to her. Olivia says no apology necessary. They start laughing then hug. Christina takes the exam over with 2 other students in the room. Dinah comes to Shayne's rescue. Shayne is not happy that Marina called her. Shayne tells her she needs a hobby. Dinah doesn't give up. She tells Shayne she could help him if he'd let her. Olivia and Natalia move their discussion to the living room. And talks more about helping each other. Emma then comes home. She has an invitation to Family Day at school. After the exam, Christina comes outside to find Remy at the end of the sidewalk. She says she finished the exam in record time and might fail. Remy says at least you took it to prove to herself she could. Marina and Mallet have a talk about the results. Shayne is getting Remy in jail. And calls for the guard. A lady cop tells Dinah about it. Dinah call in a favor.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Todd goes to the gravesite of Starr's baby and privately confesses all he has done wrong and that he wants to be a better man. Unknown to him, Starr observes and overhears. And she indicates she might be willing to forgive him for his wrong-doings. Wes gets a job at Rodi's before finding out that John is the new owner. Marty tells Wes that she needs to live away from people who remember her and asks if she can stay at his home a while longer. He tells her yes. She tells Cole that she cannot remember a thing and does not want to get his hopes up. And she rejects her son's motions for them to reconcile since she remembers nothing. Cole is then ready to take the pills the drug pusher gave him. Bo and Nora catch Matthew with a joint. But he doesn't want to answer to them. He realizes that they have both used and they need to realize that he can make good judgment with "using" in moderation just like they can. But they are very disappointed in their son. Rex and Gigi are attempting to explain to Shane that they are having sex and how he was conceived. Marcie and Michael attempt to "help" them. Jessica asks Brody what is behind the "vision" he has of the boy whom he shot. And she wants to help him process his situation.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jana returns and Kevin shares the news about Katherine being alive, Amber still hell bent on having Kevin arrested for her death faints when she sees her enter Crimson Lights with Murphy. The rivaling brothers Cane and Billy meet up at the bookstore accidentally, Chloe and Cane spy lovebirds Billy and Lily making out in one of the aisles. It is also bought to Lily’s attention that Billy and Chloe know each other, Chloe plays matchmaker for Esther setting her up with a shady character Roger who is posing as a new member of the Chancellor accounting team. Lauren and Michael go to Murphy’s trailer to see Katherine, Lauren thinks this could be Katherine but Michael is jaded and states that it all hinges on the DNA test. Phyllis lays all her cards on the table with Nick and confesses to meddling with Jack and Sharon’s marriage. She also puts Brad on notice that she is not to be messed with, after finding out he’s the one who squealed like a pig.

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