Monday 1/12/09 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Zach’s house, Bianca sees Zach and Reese hug and then Zach kisses Reese on the head. Colby visits Pete and tells him that she needs a “friend.” David plays a song on the piano in the living room of Wildwind. Amanda visits him and demands to know what he had done to J.R. David points to a gun on the piano and leads Amanda to think that he had shot J.R.. Krystal tells Tad that J.R. had been drinking again. J.R. fills Tad in that Krystal had been sleeping with David. Tad puts J.R. out so he can have a private conversation with Krystal about David. Krystal confesses that she had slept with David. Pete owns up to Colby that his date, Scarlet was really a “hooker.” Zach receives a phone call that Bianca had been in a car accident and was in Pine Valley Hospital. Zach and Reese rush to check on Bianca. Bianca confronts Reese and Zach that she had seen them hugging and the kiss. Tad orders Krystal to come with him. Amanda finds J.R. at her yacht. Pete tells Colby that he loves her, but Colby breaks Pete’s heart by telling him that she only wants him as a “friend.” Reese asks Bianca if the wedding is “off.”

Reese tries to explain her feelings for Bianca, but Bianca pushes her away. Krystal and Tad arrives at Wild wind to confront David about the medication that David had been giving Krystal. Tad tells David that Tad only wants David to get what David deserves. A nurse brings Blanca a note from Reese informing Bianca that Reese is leaving town and going back to Paris. Tad gives Krystal to David and walks out. J.R declares to Amanda, “no more booze.” J.R. and Amanda kiss. Crying, and holding Gabrielle close, Reese declares that she cannot leave Gabrielle and Miranda. Bianca walks in and declares to Reese that Bianca loves and believes Reese. Reese and Bianca kiss.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Josie and Dusty spend time with Johnny. Allison apologizes to Dusty for not telling him about Johnny, as they talk about their friendship. Paul gets released and pleads with Josie to take him to see his Meg and Eliza. Tom brings Meg the divorce papers. Paul and Josie arrive to see Eliza, as Meg is stunned and unsure. Paul is talking about Johnny and Meg is nervous that he is still delusional until she calls Dusty and learns the truth – Johnny is home. Meg is touched by Paul’s interactions with Eliza. Paul finds the divorce papers but appears to be empathetic to Meg and what she needs to do. Dusty shows up for support and is bothered to see Josie with Paul, as Paul leaves without a fight. Meg promises Dusty she is sticking to her guns with the divorce, but she couldn’t help but see a difference in Paul. Paul tells Josie he isn’t going to accept Meg wanting to divorce him. Dusty and Josie make up. Separately, Casey talks to his dad about wanting to be with Allison, as his father thinks he needs to slow things down. Then, Allison admits to Dusty that she cares for Casey, but is gun shy because of her failed marriage. Lucinda and Luke are still awkward with one another. Jade pushes Lucinda to do something about the way she is treating Luke. Lucinda challenges Noah to forgive and accept Luke. Casey tries to make Luke talk with Noah, but he doesn’t want to. Thanks to Casey and Jade, Luke and Noah are sent on a collision course and end up making up and out. Allison is thrilled to have gotten tickets to a concert Casey would love to see, but then she sees Casey and Jade together, and they are overjoyed on how much they worked as a team to get Luke and Noah back together that she doesn’t mention the tickets. Casey doesn’t like how Allison leaves things after that. Luke and Noah get back together and make love; they revel in their newfound happiness. Lucinda is preparing to go back home, but Luke asks her to stay and work things out with him. Luke, Noah and Lucinda have ice cream and bond.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All want to know Eric’s decision. Someone is leaving and one is staying. This isn’t going to be easy, states Eric. They have made it into a turf war. Eric doesn’t want Rick to beat himself up, but he won’t tolerate his ego in the presidency and not to accept consequences. Eric wants to make it clear that this will not be a competition and he won’t tolerate this. He berates Stephanie, but she gives it back that if he depends on Rick, he will bring the company down. He tells Rick that he is still the president, but as long as Ridge is the CEO, he will work hand in hand with him. Donna praises Eric for standing up to Stephanie. Stephanie immediately goes to Ridge and tells him that Rick is going to be trouble and they need to get rid of him before the company goes under. Brooke joins in and Ridge has to shout at both of them to take their issues elsewhere; he can not cope with it.

Donna puts on her Honey-Bear act in the Eric’s office and pours honey on her bare shoulder and taunts him to lick it off. He knows he shouldn’t, but can’t help himself. Marcus doesn’t understand Steffy. She claims she is being unfair to him, so he asks outright – is there another guy? She won’t answer. She wants to just leave it that she can’t marry him. He at least wants to remain friends. Marcus leaves and Steffy calls Rick. She leaves a message for him to please come to Big Bear immediately. Rick shows up, but not because of the phone message which he didn’t get. He was worried and couldn’t stand the thought of her there with Marcus. She tells him of Marcus’s proposal. He asks her not to marry Marcus, even though he’s a good guy. Rick says that he loves her. He wants her. They start to make love.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Sami sneaks over to the convent while Rafe sleeps. She confides in Sister Teresa about being afraid of her baby’s father, and the nun gives her a cell phone with her number programmed in so she can feel safer. The killer demands that Hilda tell him where Sami is. She claims that the police moved her, and she doesn’t know where Sami is. He murders her. EJ and Stefano butt heads when Stefano asks him to get some reports done by the morning. EJ refuses, saying he has to spend time with Nicole. Tony chides Nicole when he learns EJ never called her and told her what happened to Theo. He warns her that EJ will get so wrapped up in business that he won’t pay any attention to her and her baby. Nicole likes the idea of giving birth while EJ is away on a business trip. Later, when EJ comes home, she tells him that she is ok with him working long hours. They head off to Chloe’s engagement party. At the party, Max sees Stephanie and Phillip kissing. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it, and Stephanie later asks Chelsea if anything is going on between the two of them. Chelsea admits she isn’t sure, but knows she doesn’t want a commitment. Lucas interrupts Chloe and Daniel, who are about to make love, but finds the door locked. Chloe stalls him, telling him that she talked to her mom and cried, so she had to redo her makeup. Lucas accepts this and leaves. Daniel argues with Chloe about the engagement party, but she insists on going through with it and marrying Lucas. Later, Daniel and Chloe stare each other down as Lucas proposes a toast to Chloe in front of the guests.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Maxie watches as the FBI arrests Spinelli. Winifred’s real occupation as an FBI agent is revealed to Maxie. Maxie calls Winifred on her betrayal as Spinelli looks on. Rayner questions Spinelli and brings up all of his “crimes of espionage and high treason.” Maxie calls on Jason and Diane for help. Rayner talks to Jason privately at the PCPD. Rayner says Spinelli’s future is in Jason’s hands. Spinelli admits to Maxie how afraid he is. Winifred informs Maxie that Spinelli could go to prison for life unless “someone comes forward.” Jax and Carly separately decide to “stall” the divorce. Carly insists to Diane that her days with Sonny are long over. Later, Carly and Jax admit their stall tactics to each other. Jax agrees to a quiet dinner at Carly’s house.

Sonny and Claudia watch as their ship is blown up on the water. Jason appears and announces that the ship was “evacuated.” Jason and Sonny argue over Jason’s territory. Later, Claudia says Sonny must “retaliate” and eliminate Jason in order to please Anthony. Sonny resents Claudia’s interference. Sam runs into Liz on the docks when the explosion happens. Liz pretends not to care if Jason was hurt in the explosion. Later, Lucky and Liz have some family time with Cam. Tracy gets on Luke’s back about his association with the mob. Tracy admits she’s worried for Luke’s safety. Nadine and Nikolas are still in Washington. Nadine is told that Equinox will no longer be able to use her patent.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Olivia is alone when there is a knock at the door. It is Rick Bauer, he tells her from the last tests she is showing much improvement medically. She is happy to hear the news. Bill and Lizzie discuss trust among them. And that Bill should call a doctor to help with his memory. Alan is at it again trying to destroy Bill. He meets with the doctor whose phone starts to ring at the same time Bill is calling someone. Alan threatens the doctor not to answer. When Bill gets no answer from the phone call he takes off. Christina corners Remy about the finance papers. He tells her they are in the trash. She asks about the divorce papers. He tells her that he has been meaning to call her about that. He has some questions on the finance part. Dr Rick does takes some vitals on Olivia and likes the numbers. He proclaims her healthy. Josh and Shayne argue about whether or not Shayne is fine. Shayne says he is, Josh says he isn't. That he has canceled doctors appointments. Josh gets angry. Josh wants Shayne to work with him again. Shayne doesn't want to. Remy and Christina show up. Christina offers her services as a physical therapist. Bill and Lizzie meet with this doctor who suggests using photographs to jog Bill's memory. Both Bill and Lizzie agree to this experiment. It doesn't start out well. Well whatever was said to Shayne it worked. Both Josh and Remy leave with smiles. Remy says that was teamwork. Josh agrees. Bill is going under hypnosis. And the doctor asks what he first remembers of that day. All Bill remembers is looking at his watch. Alan is listening via the doctor's phone. Though Bill and Lizzie don't know it. Lizzie asks Bill questions about if he saw her. Bill at first says he doesn't know. Bill remembers the rescue, so the doctor wants to hear more. The doctor decides then to end the session. Alan is seen looking happy. Bill asks the doctor if he remembered anything. The doctor says statement was fuzzy and confusing. At the park near the pond, Josh and Remy talk. Josh thanks Remy for being in on his little scheme to help Shayne. Remy says no problem. Josh says something changed in Shayne since his Afghanistan time. Back at Shayne's, Christina starts working with Shayne. Though there are times Shayne wants to give up. Christina tells him she is not going to let him give up. Shayne says that now they can tell Josh this isn't going to work. Christina says differently. Alan is happy. He wants one of his house workers to get something out of the attic. At the office, Lizzie tells Bill she is going home to figure out what to do next. Bill doesn't want that. But she insists and leaves. Lizzie goes home to tell Alan what he already know unbeknown to her. On Alan's desk is a little replica of Springfield that Alan says was Philip's. He wants her to have it to make your way into the real Springfield. Lizzie doesn't know what to say. She just looks at it. Dr. Rick, before he leaves, tells Olivia not to unpack a thing and go on that trip. Remy tells Josh that he is staying married to Christina so he can get a loan. Josh doesn't believe what he is hearing and gives Remy to think twice before signing the divorce papers. After all Josh did it a couple of times. Shayne takes from his trash a piece of crumpled up paper and puts it back into a little notebook. Alan tells Lizzie that the replica will make her stronger that there will be other men. She tells him she doesn't know how to go on. Alan says he'll help.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Right after Starr and Dr. Joplin's son know each other, vow to keep their secrets from the others, and remain as teacher and student, Tea is on the warpath to make certain nobody can implicate Todd for intending to kidnap Starr's baby. She calls him. And she warns Todd that they better find Janet the nurse before anybody else does. Right then, Janet comes out of nowhere to reveal that she's an old friend and "business associate" of Renee's. She informs Renee that she needs to hide and needs Renee's help. Renee agrees to hide Janet. A joint falls out of Matthew's pocket. Nora informs Bo. They know they must talk to their son. Yet it is actually Cole who might be ready to smoke marijuana. Blair and John both realize that he may not be over Marty nor she over Todd. Viki goes to visit Todd in an attempt to encourage him to redeem himself and know that people still love him.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya **One Day Ahead

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