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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Corrina brings Emma home from school to Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan tells Emma that he and Greenlee are getting married. Emma wonders if Ryan would stop loving Emma just like he had stopped loving Annie. Bianca readies to leave on her trip up the coast. Reese has her doubts about Bianca going alone. Erica visits Opal at Krystal’s and fills Opal in on what had been going on between Bianca and Reese. J.R. holds the gun to David’s head and threatens to kill him. Greenlee asks Emma to be her flower girl and Emma, happily accepts . Krystal urges J.R. to put the gun down, but instead of putting the gun down, J.R. fires shots into the ceiling. Bianca visits Ryan and Greenlee and tells them her plan to test Zach and Reese. Kathy questions Opal as to where Krystal is. Tad arrives home much to Kathy’s delight.

Tad questions Opal as to where Krystal is, but Opal refuses to give out any information. J.R. throws the gun onto the couch, tells Krystal and David that they can have each other and walks out. Krystal unties David. David wants to call the police, but Krystal stops him. Krystal and David begin to kiss when Opal walks in on them. Opal lets Krystal know that Tad is home. Kathy tells Tad that David had spent Christmas with them. Krystal walks into the house and immediately hugs Tad. Tad questions Krystal as to where she had been. J.R. comes up behind Krystal and tells Tad that he can tell Tad where Krystal had been. Zach offers Reese emotional support by hugging her and kissing her on the forehead. Bianca watches from outside the door.

ATWT Recap Written by Wanda

Jack tells Carly that he got the mortgage. He’s terribly upset when he spies the $200,000 check that Carly accepted from Craig. He’s afraid Craig will take this as an invitation to move in and take over. She tells him that is not so; Jack just wants to control her. Craig feels the hostility from Janet when ordering at the diner. He tells her that in the future not to sugar-coat it, just tell him what she thinks. She thanks him later when he’s able to do the Heimlich maneuver on a young customer. Trouble is Jack walks in just as Craig is demonstrating it to Janet and Jack warns him to take his hands off his wife! Craig further irks Jack more when he leaves a very generous tip….citing the service was excellent! Craig calls Carly and says he just saw her ex and he thinks they should talk. Barbara berates Dusty for not telling her that he’d found her grandson. He hugs her, manages to calm her down and says that he was going to tell her today. He just wanted to be sure that Johnny was okay first. Josie brings Paul in to see Johnny. Paul is still confused. He thinks Josie is Jennifer. Josie asks him to go back to his room and for him to try to get some rest. Barbara finds Paul missing and insists that Josie tell him where he is. She was watching him. Dusty won’t let Barbara talk to Josie this way. She is not Paul’s keeper.

Craig finds Parker and Liberty hiding behind the counter at Metro. He promises not to get them in trouble with Carly. Janet promises Jack that Craig will never put his hands on her again. And she thinks Carly can figure that out too without Jack’s constant disapproval. Josie finds Paul at Jennifer’s grave. She knows that on some level that he knows that Josie is not Jennifer as he came here to say goodbye to Jennifer. She talks him into going back to the hospital. Carly politely tells Craig that she hung up on him; she does not want to talk to him. He brings up the check and why she hasn’t cashed it yet. Perhaps Jack disapproved so go ahead and make him happy…... tear the check up. She stashes it away on her person and assures him again that she is not talking to him. Janet assuages Jack that they will buy a house and fill it always with huge chunks of time with his kids. Dusty is not happy to hear from Josie that she did take Paul in to see Johnny and then found him at Jennifer’s grave. He storms that she had no right to bring that man in to see his son. He doesn’t want him within ten feet of his son ever! She claims she can not live her life living for Dusty’s constant approval. She vows that on some cold wintry night, he’s going to miss her. Count on it! He follows. He won’t let her walk out of his life. He’s grateful that he has Johnny because of her. Gratitude – just what she wanted to hear. Craig tells Carly there are no strings attached to the check. She can just say thank you. He’s found his son and he’s actually going to see him grow up. That’s wonderful and he’s been wanting to tell someone all day. He thanks Carly for that opportunity.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Stephanie that she is using Phoebe’s death to her advantage, to gain some leverage. He tells her that she can pack her desk, if she has one, and get the hell out. She scoffs if he thinks he can get rid of her with a little wave of his hand. She tells him that she is not his mother, but she knows how to put a petulant child in his place, and just watch, she will do it. “Baby boy” is the one who needs to start packing. Donna thinks Eric was masterful in bringing Ridge in as CEO and yet keeping Rick as President, thus bringing the family together. Both think Marcus being in Steffy’s future is just what she needs and Ridge will want for her. Donna questions why Stephanie is even still hanging around. She has no real job. He admits that everyone has grown dependant on seeing her there, from employees to customers. As much as he doesn’t like what she does, ethically he can not throw her out. Marcus begs Steffy to marry him. He thinks he is commitment material, let him prove that to her. She tells him that this is not fair to him. She doesn’t think this is ever going to work.

Ridge and Brooke play the CEO and lowly assistant in the steam room. She must do everything he says. Since this was her idea, she’s only too happy to comply. Will it stretch or will there be shrinkage? Marcus thinks Steffy is over-reacting. Okay, perhaps she is not ready for marriage, but he can’t understand why she is suddenly feeling differently about their relationship. He immediately jumps to Rick as the reason; for him sending Marcus off to Paris. Eric tells Donna that he will talk to Stephanie; he won’t let her walk all over him. Rick bursts in and wants to be sure Eric will back him. Stephanie joins in too and it becomes a brouhaha. She threatens Rick that there is not enough money for her severance pay; she’s not leaving. Marcus thanks Steffy for being honest with him. She’d like them to at least remain friends. Stephanie gives an ultimatum, either Rick goes or she goes. Eric should not reward Rick for his granddaughter’s death. All Rick is asking for now is to work hard for this company. Eric tells Stephanie that she is the founder of this company and he will never forget that. But she has taken a family tragedy and gone to the press, what is the matter with her? He berates the two of them and makes them stop dead in their tracks. He has made his decision. Who is leaving – their son or Stephanie?

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Chloe and Daniel argue about whether or not she loves Lucas and whether or not she and Daniel have a real connection. Chloe tries to deny it, but they end up kissing and preparing to make love. Chelsea is angry with Daniel when Lucas tells her he and her grandma broke up. She calms down when Kate assures her that she was the one that ended things. Lucas decides to go check on Chloe as she and Daniel roll around in bed. Melanie gets Max to admit that he is upset Chelsea didn’t invite him to the engagement party. Sami has to help Rafe to the shower to get his fever down, and almost gets the opportunity to use his phone. Hilda interrupts her. Later, when Rafe goes to sleep, Sami sneaks out. The killer gets a picture of Hilda from his informant and confronts her later, demanding to know where Sami is. Charlotte begins John’s hypnotherapy. He remembers Marlena as being the love of his life when he flashes back to them reuniting on the pier years ago. Marlena tells Maggie that she is upset Charlotte could help John when she couldn’t, but Maggie thinks it’s something more. She urges Marlena to check up on Charlotte, as her suspicions are probably valid. Marlena agrees.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Carly and Jax meet with Alexis and Diane to discuss the divorce. Later, Jax returns to Alexis' office and says he doesn't want the divorce. Carly tells Diane the same thing at the Metro Court. Spinelli realizes that Maxie seduced him to keep him away from Winfred. Spinelli is hurt by Maxie's lack of faith and trust. The two argue and Spinelli storms off. Claudia tells Johnny about the hidden DVD collection. As a favor to Luke, Sonny secures Johnny's release from jail. Nik and Nadine go to Washington. Nik has Nadine sign over the patent to him so he can fight for her. Sonny tries to land a shipment on one of Jason's piers. As Sonny and Claudia watch from the dock, there is an explosion on the water. Tracy tells Luke she's unhappy about his friendship with Sonny. Spinelli is arrested for treason and for violating the Homeland Security Act.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Reva runs into Marina at Cedars and asks her why she is there. Marina says Mallet is there for a routine physical. That she had to practically drag him there. The doctor wants Mallet to have the mole on his back checked. Mallet fears cancer. Remy and Christina run into each other. Christina has good news about her test. Remy congratulates her as he hugs her. Alan goes to see Bill. He had some papers drawn up to protect Lizzie, so he says. He wants Bill to sign them. Cyrus and Lizzie talk about Bill. Christina says she is in a bind and Remy says he wants to help. Reva and Marina continue their conversation at Cedars. Reva says to believe in miracles, after all look at her. The doctor doesn't want to let Mallet get ahead of himself on this. After Mallet leaves the exam room he runs into Reva, who counsels him on what to do next and what not to do. Bill shows up where Lizzie and Cyrus are talking and overhears the last of the conversation. He tells her he knows what the papers are saying, and what Alan wants. Bill asks what Lizzie wants. Back at Cedars Reva tells Mallet that right now he doesn't know what the treatments are going to be like. But that Marina should be in on this. To hold on to her. Then to two go quiet as Marina shows up. Mallet tells Marina he is finished and that they should go. Reva takes a deep breath as they walk away. Back at Remy's he asks Christina to sit and close her eyes and relax as she sees where she is in her mind. Christina says it works and thanks Remy. She then sees some papers that she questions. Alan and Grady talk about Lizzie's kidnapping. Alan is worried that Bill will get his memory back and tell them it was Grady who kidnapped Lizzie. Bill goes to see Daisy. He is at a loss. Daisy tells him to trust Lizzie. Bill tells Daisy he doesn't want to put Lizzie through anymore. Lizzie goes to see Alan. Alan asks if she has seen Bill. They are looking for something in Alan's desk. Just then her cellphone goes off. It is Bill. He wants to see her. She leaves. Alan swears. Remy is given a do it yourself kit of papers from Christina to sign. Christina has second thought about it though. Mallet takes Marina to a exam to talk about what the doctors said. Reva at first is looking on without them knowing. As soon as Mallet gets going on what he wants to say, Reva disappears. Just as they finish the doctor comes back. Bill tells Lizzie he is going to do anything to get his memory back. Bill tells Daisy to leave he and Lizzie alone. She leaves and Bill continues to talk to Lizzie. At their home, Mallet and Marina hug and kiss. Christina and Remy joke as she is about to leave his place. Lizzie tells Bill she will go with him to see the doctor.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Cole is upset and back in school, a drug user asks Cole to join him. Cole notices that Matthew might be hanging with the "wrong crowd". They have a new biology teacher. And Starr finds out that he is Dr. Joplin's son. Tea knows that she needs to fight to prevent Nora from proving that Todd intended to kidnap Starr's baby. He admits that Janet the nurse knows all about it but nobody knows where Janet is. Tea warns him that they better make certain that Nora and the prosecution do not find Janet before they do. Janet comes out of nowhere, contacts Renee and asks for her "help". Marty spends the night with a strange guy. She seems more comfortable with him than than with the people who know her but whom she does not remember. John is concerned. But she has no memory of him or of Cole.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon are still in NYC, but a frantic Phyllis sends Nick an SOS and calls Brad so he can be Sharon’s shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately for Phyllis Nick’s flight is cancelled and he’s stranded. He also runs into Brad and wonders what’s going on? The Men we Love photo shoot is in full effect at Restless Style and so is Chloe as she directs the shoot of rival brothers Cane and Billy. They decide to do an homage to boxing which works since their recent bookstore throw down. Jack is also photographed as he tags along with Billy. Lily runs into Cane who tells her about the fight and to be careful with Billy. Lily takes this to heed and explains to Devon that Billy camouflages the real her when they're together. She’s scared but having fun at the same time. She also shares this with Billy who was wondering why she was avoiding him. Chloe is still into Billy but impressed when Billy shares that the fight was about her and Cane defended her honor. When she asks why, Cane explains she is his baby mama.

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