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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Wild wind, David demands for J.R. to untie him. Krystal calls David and leaves him a message that J.R. listens to as well as David. Brot notices Taylor getting up off the sofa and taking a few steps toward him. Brot demands to know how long had she been faking. Bianca tells Ryan that she wants to test Zach and Reese to find out Reese’s true feelings for Bianca. Krystal calls the hospital to check on David when Opal walks in and takes the phone from Krystal’s hand. Opal accuses Krystal of being involved with David. At first, Krystal denies her involvement, but then confesses that David had been giving her anti-anxiety drugs to help her calm down so she can rest. Brot and Taylor attempt at a reconciliation. Reese leaves the casino. Bianca goes after her to talk to her to get things straightened out .Zach wants to go after them, but Greenlee and Ryan stop him. Ryan and Greenlee let Zach know that they will work things out without his interference. J.R. finds a gun hidden in the wooden cabinet. J.R. demands that David confess to everything that he had done. Opal lets Krystal know that Opal is moving in with Krystal to keep her away from David.

David questions J.R. as to what he will do with his confession. David goads J.R. into losing his temper, and J.R. demands that he shut up. J.R. fires five or six shots into the ceiling. J.R. calls Krystal to come to Wild wind that there is something that he wants her to see. Brot and Taylor kiss. Krystal arrives at Wild wind to find J.R. drinking, and David tied up. Krystal also notices the bullet holes in the ceiling. At Zach’s home, Bianca tells Reese that she wants a legal wedding in Connecticut, and she wants to go check out a little inn in Essex. Reese tells her that she has too much to do and for Bianca to go alone. Zach walks in and wants to know what is going on. Bianca goes upstairs to pack, leaving Reese to explain to Zach. When Reese wonders whether to accompany Bianca, Zach encourages her to stay. Bianca overhears their conversation. Greenlee and Ryan discuss how Zach is Gabrielle’s father.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucinda is mad at herself for ignoring the signs that Brian was gay but she can't forgive Luke for not telling her about Brian kissing him. Casey and Alison arrange a meeting between Luke and Noah on the hospital roof and won't allow them back inside until they talk. Luke and Noah talk and decide to separate and work on their own lives. Alison is surprised and pleased to discover that Casey is ready to settle down if he finds the right woman. Carly asks Holden for a loan to save Metro but he doesn't give her a loan because Lily doesn't think it is a good idea. Craig gives Carly $200,000 to save Metro with no strings attached but Carly worries that she will have to do Craig a favor in return for the loan.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While glancing through the newest edition of Eye On Fashion magazine, Brooke is appalled that Stephanie told Jarrett publicly that Rick was responsible for Phoebe’s death and should be held accountable. Both Felicia and Thorne tell Stephanie they are trying to promote a new line and she would have been better served to keep this statement to herself. Maybe she should take a look at their balance sheet. She scoffs yes it was the year of the Logan’s. The Forrester name is on the building, but the Logan’s are running the business. Stephanie says if Eric won’t do something about this travesty, she will. Playing kissy-face in the office with Donna, Eric turns livid when he sees the same article. He declares that Stephanie has now gone too far. Bridget drops in on Rick and informs him that she saw him and Steffy kissing last night right here in this office where anybody could have seen them, even Ridge. It’s pretty foolish of him to still be trying to get back at Ridge this way. He assures her that he is not about getting back at Ridge. It is mutual between him and Steffy, but it is now over. They are going to be apart as Steffy is up at Big Bear with Marcus as they speak. She thinks that is good. She reminds him that the family is divided on this and this will only bring out the worst in Stephanie and Ridge, so don’t do anything now but leave Steffy alone. Marcus ushers Steffy into the cabin and everything has been set up perfectly with blazing fire, candles lit, soft lighting, food and drink. She thinks of Rick and wants to scamper off to some snowboarding, but Marcus has her and keeping warm and cozy on his mind. He does feel her reluctance, but thinks it is just her feeling guilty of trying to have fun so soon after her twin was killed. He understands.

Eric tells Donna and Katie that coming down on the new line is one thing, but Rick is his son and Stephanie badmouthing him and putting the blame of Phoebe’s death to him is another! Katie disagrees and says this deserves a response, it is not just private but news now. Donna convinces him that Stephanie now has an audience and the attention just what she wanted. Ridge and Brooke agree, Stephanie has crossed the line. She thought getting married would put them in the right direction, but now where will this lead them? Ridge thinks they are all trying to heal, yet Stephanie is rubbing salt in the wounds. Rick can’t get his mind off of Steffy. He calls only to be thwarted by her voicemail. He calls his secretary and asks her to clear the rest of his day, and he heads out....only to be stopped by Stephanie who declares that it is the day of his reckoning. Slapping the magazine in his hands, she says he is naked now for all the world to see. He wants to know why she is starting this scandal. She fires back that his being here is the scandal. She wants him to quit. Just pack up his stuff and don’t bother to come back as the office will not be his when he does return. Marcus wants Steffy to lean on him, but understands that she will have to deal with this in her own way and time. She doesn’t want to talk about always. He says he understands. She is afraid to look too far ahead and know how things can suddenly change. He’s missed her. He’s kept his distance to let her work things out. She’s special and deserves to be treated that way. She’s stunned when he pulls out a ring box and announces he only wants to make her happy. That is his priority. All she has to do is say yes to being his wife, til death do they part. As per her e-mail, Ridge meets an eager Brooke in the steam room......time to check out those skimpy little swimsuits to see if they stretch or shrink....oh what fun! Rick lowers the boom on Stephanie. If she continues to make this personal, he will call her bluff and she will only make herself look bad, not him. He is his father’s real son, this is his legacy. She will find out the hard way, that Rick will still be here and she will be the one who is gone.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Brady refuses to go along with Nicole’s plan and Mia storms off when she realizes Nicole lied to her. Nicole blows up and goes off on Brady, accusing him of ruining her life. He thinks that she should tell EJ the truth, and that if he leaves her, then he wasn’t worth it. Nicole refuses to listen to reason, and Brady finally gives up on getting her to do the right thing, telling her not to contact him anymore. Later, Mia overhears Nicole praying and decides to give her her baby, provided that she meet Nicole’s fiancé. Nicole agrees. John bumps into Charlotte and tells her that he wants to do hypnotherapy. Marlena overhears and tells John that she is happy about it. Later, however, she admits to Brady that she fears that she pushed John into something with Charlotte that he won’t want to end. Chelsea picks up a cake for Chloe and Lucas’ engagement party and runs into Max. They awkwardly discuss their kiss on New Year’s and he offers to be her date to the party later. She turns him down, but promises to stay in touch. Kate gives Chloe a dress to wear for the party. Daniel decides to come, and when Kate tells Lucas they broke up, Lucas assumes Daniel dumped her and punches him. Kate explains what really happened, and Daniel angrily heads off to get a first aid kit. He goes into Chloe’s room upstairs where she is struggling with her zipper. He helps her, and he begs her to reconsider marrying Lucas, saying that they can’t keep denying their feelings for one another.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Ric warns Luke to stay out of Anthony's way where Johnny is concerned. Trevor pays Luke and visit on the Haunted Star and gives him a similar warning. Carly tells Sonny about the foundation she's setting up to help children with head injuries. Sonny admits that he's still hurt that Carly turned to Jason during Michael's crisis. Jax flirts with Olivia. Alexis and Diane wonder if the best solution is to reconcile Carly and Jax. Later, Jax and Carly meet with Alexis and Diane about the divorce. Alexis sets up a meeting in Washington for Nadine. Nik agrees to accompany Nadine. Liz tells Lucky not to ignore any doubts he has about his relationship with Sam. Maxie vows to keep Spinelli away from Winnifred and later seduces him. Agent Rayner tells Winnifred that he plans to use Spinelli to "bring down" Sonny. Winnifred appears sympathetic toward Spinelli. Sonny tells Luke he plans to get his territory back.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Marina is home watching a home video when Mallet walks into the living room for a leg rub. Olivia is talking to Emma when Natalia comes in with some brochures. Coop tells Buzz he is close to loosing Company. Alan is standing near Coop and tells Buzz "he is up the creek". Olivia tells Emma not to worry about her writing assignment. Something will come up. While talking with Brooks, woman Beth gave advice to comes up to them and thanks her for it. Brooks is surprised. At Company, Frank has had enough of Alan bulling his father and kindly asks him to leave. At Mallet and Marina's, Mallet doesn't want to talk. All he wants is to have Marina in his arms. Olivia can't concentrate on a conference call, so she tells them to schedule it for another time. Lillian argues with Alan about Beth's needs. Back at Company, Buzz and his sons are talking about loosing Company. Beth is thrilled that her client won over her landlord. But Coop has Company on his mind. He tells her about it. Beth is shocked and asks what is Buzz going to do. Coop tells Beth she is resourceful. Beth agrees. Marina tells Mallet she has scheduled him for a physical and that they should get going. Natalia takes Emma to visit Rafe. She thought it would do them both good. Olivia shows up and all have a laugh. Back at the Spaulding Mansion. Beth talks to Alan and her mother about Buzz and the restaurant. Alan tells Beth that Buzz didn't read the small print, so it isn't his problem. Beth pleads Buzz's case to Alan. Alan sees how important to her it is. He hugs her but has something on his mind. Frank and Coop are arguing over how to pay it off. Frank suggest a few ideas which are shot down. Then the phone rings and Buzz answers it. Coop is hoping it is Beth. Coop ends the call and has a mysterious look on his face. At Cedars, Mallet and Marina are with a doctor. They are acting like lovebirds. At Olivia and Natalia's, Natalia is talking about her shopping with Emma and asks if Olivia is upset she didn't call, as her phone died. Olivia says no. Buzz goes to see Alan. Alan has this idea that he buys the land, leases Company to them. Frank doesn't like this idea. Alan says it wasn't his idea, but Beth's. Beth speaks up in her defense, saying it would be a way to still have Company. Buzz agrees with the idea. At the end of the meeting, Coop walks over to Beth telling her he owes her. Beth says don't worry about it. At Olivia and Natalia's, Natalia is now cooking dinner for them, she and Olivia are talking about how smart Emma is. And how they both like spending time with her. At Cedars, Mallet's physical is going on. Dr. Mansfield is examining Mallet's back and sees a mole that looks suspicious. Dr. Mansfield asks Mallet about it. Mallet has no clue. At Spaulding Mansion. Buzz and Beth are talking. Buzz knows why Beth did what she did. Buzz tells Beth not to hurt Coop. Alan tells Beth that he is not going to under estimate her again. That when the time is right she will come back to him. He gives her a hug..

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Marty has spent the night with a strange guy. He does not "take advantage" of her. But she tell him about her issues with Todd. He reveals that he has been in Iraq and Afghanistan and wants to "hide" from his life the same way she wants to. Blair goes and attempts to encourage Todd to get his family back and stop living this fantasy he had with Marty. Tea informs Viki that Todd tried to take his own life the previous night and that he needs people to care about him. Starr and Cole do not know what to do when they face their acquaintances in school, given all that has happened.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Cane and Billy fight in the bookstore after their interviews with the reporter about Kay. Kay visits Nikki and tries to convince her that she is not an imposter, but she does not buy it and tries to pay her to disappear. Murphy returns the left over money to Kevin after Michael suggests he may have been a con-artist; Kevin is pleased that he’s not and hires Michael to help them and Michael obliges. Murphy shares this with a beaten Kay and urges her to not give up. Daniel makes his debut as cover model and Amber calls the authorities on Kevin. Nick and Sharon persuade a buyer into doing business with the tale of their romance and Sharon tells Nick she’s divorcing Jack. Meanwhile Phyllis is ready to hyperventilate with the magazine and Nick’s absence, add Sharon and her divorce and she’s done.

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