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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the living room of the Chandler mansion, Adam readies Little Adam to go to the doctor. Colby comes in and wants to know where J.R. is. Amanda wakes up on the sofa of her yacht and sees J.R. looking out the window. J.R. immediately wants another drink despite Amanda’s protests. At Pine Valley Hospital, Ben Copeland arrives to represent Jake in his hearing against David. Brot and Taylor walk down the hall. Brot goes to get the car while Taylor goes to talk to Jake. Taylor lets Jake know that this is the only way that she knows of keeping Brot in Pine Valley a little while longer. At Zach’s casino, Bianca calls Ryan to tell him and Greenlee to meet Bianca and Reese at the casino to plan for the double wedding. Bianca watches Reese have a playful flirtation with Zach. Adam takes Little A to Pine Valley Hospital to the doctor. While Adam inquires at the nurse’s station about Little A’s doctor, David walks up and makes some snide remarks concerning J.R. and his whereabouts. Colby barges in on J.R. and Amanda kissing. Colby, immediately blames Amanda for J.R.’s drinking. J.R. defends Amanda and tells Colby to leave. Emma comes downstairs to go to school and sees Greenlee there. Emma hugs Greenlee and begs Ryan to let Greenlee stay.

During the planning of the wedding ceremony, Bianca lashes out at Reese and questions her as to how it was between Reese and Simon. Bianca apologizes for her rude remarks, Bianca and Reese kiss and make up. Taylor and Brot arrive back at the apartment. Taylor plans a special picnic for them. Taylor and Brot dance to a slow dance. Brot pulls away and starts to leave. Taylor gets up and tells Brot not to go. Brot asks Taylor how long had she been faking this. David comes to see J.R. on the yacht. Amanda goes to Jake for help. Upon arriving back at the yacht, Amanda finds a piece of wood, snapped in half with blood on it. Amanda fears the worst. J.R. holds David hostage at Wildwind. J.R. forces David to confess what he did to Dixie and Krystal. Bianca tells Ryan that Zach is Gabrielle’s father. Reese owns up on how she had kept things from Bianca about her past.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

The bank calls in Carly’s loan on Metro for being delinquent. She asks Henry for help, but he doesn’t have the money from his book yet; he teases her about getting a ‘sugar daddy.’ Janet and Jack talk about getting a place of their own and Jack tells her that he is going to try to take out a second mortgage on his home again. They go to speak with Carly, who is not on board with their request, because she needs to do the same to save Metro. Janet and Carly disagree while Jack doesn’t think she should take out a second mortgage in case Metro still goes under and then his kids could lose their home. An exasperated Carly tells Jack she will get the money elsewhere and that he can take the money and go start his dream life. Jack seems worried by this. Craig makes Margo come to the hospital to arrest Lucy for kidnapping. Dusty is sure that Craig is planning something against Lucy and tells her that Derek is going to bring her a place that is secure. Josie spies on Craig for Dusty. Josie tells him that Craig is going to have Lucy arrested. Dusty finally is able to convince Lucy to leave town for a while. Josie sends Craig and Margo on a wild gooses chase while Lucy says an emotional goodbye to Johnny. Lucy makes Dusty promise to make peace with Craig – for Johnny’s sake. Henry and Katie talk about her transplant for Johnny and then how Craig is making her life hard. Katie wrestles with if she did the right thing for Johnny after she finds out from Margo that Craig wants Lucy arrested. Dusty tries to make peace and Craig seems on board but then he reverts back to his old self and wants Margo to arrest Dusty and Josie for aiding and abetting Lucy’s get away. Katie appeals to Craig to do the right thing by Johnny. Craig relents and agrees to hold off. Johnny continues to see his mom in Josie, which seems to bring Dusty comfort. Craig assures Margo and Katie that no one will ever take Johnny away from him again though.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam tries to explain to Donna how intricate her bikini knots are, and not just anybody can do it. Donna says it is not rocket science and she is sure they can get it! Pam informs Owen that they will sell like hotcakes. Katie and Nick cuddle and kiss and she tells him that she has told her sisters about her engagement and they want to throw her a shower. Steffy is reminded of Rick’s kiss just before Marcus catches up with her and offers a quiet moment alone with him, perhaps at her cabin at Big Bear. Immediately she calls Rick and needs to talk to him. When they are together, he advises her not to go with Marcus. She tells Rick that she doesn’t regret what the two of them have done. But is there a way for them to be together without hurting others? Bridget is stunned to see that Pam is the bikini designer, and even more so when Donna tries to play matchmaker with her and Owen. Donna claims that Bridget doesn’t even have a social life anymore. She could do worse than Owen. She gives her the new red Pammie bathing suit and tells her to be spontaneous. Go to the beach, show up unannounced, never know what might happen.

Holed up brainstorming with Pammie, Owen answers the door with Bridget standing there blatantly in her red crocheted bathing suit. Donna tells Marcus that Owen agreed to take the brunt of Donna working with him, so she had to go along with it since it was Eric’s idea and he needed Pam’s bikini for the surfing collection. Steffy bemoans to Rick that she feels the same way he does, but they both agree that no one can know. She will just have to get over how she feels. Her father has suffered enough and she will not cause him any more pain. Fighting her feelings, she cries that she will go with Marcus and try to forget her feelings for Rick. It will be their secret. She knows they can’t be together no matter how much they connected. Through an open doorway, Bridget sees them kissing.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Mia insists on meeting Nicole’s fiancée, and she calls Brady while he is arguing with EJ about how protective Brady is of Nicole. He agrees to meet her, and Nicole begs him to pretend to be her fiancée. Brady refuses at first, but Nicole cries a lot trying to convince him. Daniel performs surgery to release the pressure on Theo’s brain while Lexie blames herself for what happened. She butts heads with Stefano when he tries to insist on bringing in one of his own surgeons. Abe arrives and consoles her. Theo makes it out of surgery ok, and Lexie urges both Daniel and EJ not to take their loved ones for granted. EJ tells Lucas about his moving on and telling Sami about it, saying that he thought Lucas would want to know. Lucas insists he doesn’t care about Sami anymore now that Chloe is in his life. Kate later surprises them both, saying she’ll be hosting an engagement party. Chloe is still fantasizing about Daniel and isn’t pleased, but eventually caves and agrees to the party. Lucas accuses her of having second thoughts about marrying him. She insists she isn’t. Kate invites Daniel to the party. Hope suggests that Bo see a psychiatrist about his visions, but he refuses.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Spinelli continues to bond with Winifred. Maxie wonders if Winifred “hacked into” Spinelli’s computer. Later, Winifred threatens Maxie. When Maxie tells Spinelli about the threat, Spinelli doesn’t believe her. Maxie is hurt that Spinelli has sided with Winifred. Sonny plans to move some “product” in through Jason’s territory. Max is concerned about the friction between Sonny and Jason so he confides in Carly. Carly visits Sonny to discuss the situation. Carly blames herself for the tension between Jason and Sonny. She asks Sonny to “walk away” from the Zacchara family. Sonny resents that Carly is loyal to Jason. Diane resigns as Sonny’s attorney.

Luke offers his assistance to Johnny. Luke and Lulu visit Liz to get info on the man Johnny supposedly beat up. Later, Luke pretends to be Johnny’s victim as he calls Ric and requests a meeting. Luke confronts Ric on the pier and threatens to go to Alexis if the charges against Johnny aren’t dropped. Olivia starts her new job at the Metro Court. Carly is sure Jax had ulterior motives for hiring Olivia. When Carly misses a meeting for the hotel spa, Jax asks Olivia to take a swim in the new pool with him. Liz offers to help Lucky with his taxes and the two end up playing video games. Sam isn’t happy to find the two of them together so she storms off.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Emma wants to interview Olivia about her family. Alan questions Beth as to if she has spoken with Lizzie. Alan tells Beth that Bill has moved out. Reva is excited about filming a message to the baby and tells Jeffrey and Billy. Byron gets a hold of Dinah and holds her at knifepoint. Shayne gets Byron so angry he then takes off. Dinah thinks Shayne is crazy. Jeffrey and Josh get together and talk about the past Christmas and then Shayne. Jeffrey tells Josh about his run and the medal he found. Jeffrey tells Josh that Shayne feels like a failure. So he fixed it to work as a counselor. Josh tells Jeffrey he wished he ran it by him first. Jeffrey says that Josh had a lot on his mind. Josh says that finally they agree on something which is nice. Coop and Buzz are talking about Company's affairs. Buzz wants Coop to take a look at the books. Emma calls Alan for an interview. Alan jokes about her too young to work for the Springfield Journal. Alan arrives at Olivia and Natalia's to pick up Emma for their interview. Beth is alone when suddenly Coop shows up to talk. Reva finally goes outside to make her video. Shayne visits Josh and tells him about Byron. Josh tells him it is not his fault. Coop goes crazy going over Company's books. Beth checks into some business dealing with rentals. Alan give Emma some family info. Some of which Natalia is not happy with. The same guy (Brooks) that was talking with Beth talks with Coop and it does not go will. When Beth returns they leave Company. Reva and Jeffrey go for another appointment at the hospital. After Josh has gotten groceries for Shayne and talked to him and making sure Shayne is ok, Josh leaves. But Josh has a feeling all is not well. Dinah runs into Josh outside the door and talks with her about the visit. Emma tells Olivia and Natalia that Alan talked a lot but didn't answer her questions. Dinah and Josh go to Towers for drinks and to talk about Shayne. Josh doesn't quite follow her though. Alan goes to Company to look for Beth. Both Coop and Buzz tell him he left with a hot shot lawyer..

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Gigi and Rex comes downstairs and pause to kiss on the stairs. They are kissing when there is a knock on the door. Rex tells Gigi to ignore them and they will go away, but Natalie yells at Gigi and Rex that she has good news. Brody and Wes are sitting together on a sofa in the rec room at St. Anne’s. Jessica speaks to Brody. Brody questions Jessica if it is Jessica or if it is Tess. Jessica assures him that it is Jessica. Tea offers Lola her help in dealing with Ray. Lola is suspicious as to why Tea would offer to help her since Lola had been the one, who had put Ray away. Nora wants to put Jessica on the witness stand to testify against Todd, but Viki tells Nora absolutely not. Beaver wakes up in Dorian’s bed in her hotel suite at St. Blaze’s resort. Dorian lets him know that they had spent the entire night together. Jared meets with David and offers him money to go back to Tibet. Agent Troy visits Cristian and Vanessa and lets them know that they had been reported that their marriage was a marriage of convenience in order to keep Vanessa in the United States. Cristian demands to know who would do such a thing. There is a knock on the door and it is Sarah, who owns up that she had been the one, who had reported them. Natalie lets Gigi and Rex know that she and Jared are engaged and are getting married when Jessica gets out of St. Anne’s.

Cristian and Sarah have it out over Cristian’s marriage to Vanessa. Sarah lets Cristian know that she is leaving town. Brody lets Jessica know that he wants to continue talking to her. Jared lets David know that Jared and Natalie are getting married. Viki thanks Nora for not putting Jessica on the witness stand to testify against Todd. Dorian pretends as though Beaver had told her everything about David Vicars being Asa’s son. Beaver swears Dorian to secrecy. Mel visits Dorian in the hotel room. Dorian insists to Mel that she is getting B.E. back . Natalie questions Jared as to how it had gone with David.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

Jack finally tells Sharon the truth and it sets her free. She files for divorce. Victor and Jill plan their takedown of Jack and Jabot. Kay’s memoir is selling like hotcakes and has GC all abuzz. Another person who has the city buzzing is Kay’s doppelganger. Murphy and Kay begin their battle to get her life back and decide to start with Nikki Newman. Olivia is concerned about Ashley’s relationship with Victor, but she assures her it will work this time. Glo and Jeffrey are back at it again as they prepare to take on Kay. Nikki is ready to give her enemies a piece of her mind. There’s one in particular she can’t wait to read the riot act to, and that’s Glo.

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