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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Zach’s casino, J.R. continues to drink straight from the bottle of whiskey. Amanda urges him to stop, but he refuses to listen to Amanda. Zach doesn’t understand why Reese doesn’t want to be friends with him anymore. Reese explains that it is because that Erica feels that something is developing between Reese and Zach. Greenlee questions Opal as to why Opal thinks that it isn’t wise for Greenlee and Ryan to wed. Opal explains that it is because that some of the tarot cards had dropped to the floor and Opal hadn’t given Greenlee an accurate tarot reading. Jake finds Krystal collapsed on the floor and yells for help. David, immediately comes to Krystal’s rescue since David is Krystal’s doctor. Krystal tells everyone that Tad, Jeff and Jamie had been found and Tad would be home soon. Opal calls Joe to tell him the good news about Tad, Jeff and Jamie. The entire Hubbard family arrives at the casino for a fun night on the town. Rebecca immediately wants to hit the gambling tables. Bianca, after walking up to Reese and Zach, insists that they are not moving out of Zach’s house. Randi confronts Pete about his date with Scarlet and is shocked when Randi finds out that Scarlet is a prostitute. Colby catches J.R. drinking and urges him to stop. David, on the other hand, rejoices in J.R.’s hitting the booze. Opal confronts Krystal about Krystal’s involvement with David. Ryan, Greenlee, Reese and Bianca plan to marry on Valentine’s Day.

Erica enlists Jack’s help in changing Greenlee’s mind of getting married on Valentine’s Day. Carmen walks up and asks Jack to leave, but Erica insists that Jack and she are talking. Carmen walks off in a huff. At hers and Tad’s home, Krystal confesses to David that she had never loved Tad in the way that he should have been loved. Zach proposes a toast to all the loved ones that were not able to be there at the celebration tonight. While dancing, Angie tells Jesse that she thinks that Krystal is cheating on Tad, and in fact, Angie had caught Krystal and David kissing. Scarlet follows Pete home to follow up on what they had started at the casino. Pete draws away and insists that he will always love Colby. At the hospital, Angie gets good news about Rebecca’s brain tumor and how that Rebecca could recover fully.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Everyone decides to tell the truth today in Oakdale and it could and it leads to painful consequences. Jade gets in an argument with Lucinda and blurts out that Brian is gay. Lucinda demands the truth from Brian who admits he has had these feelings all his life but he thought he had control of them. Brian also admits to Lucinda that he is attracted to Luke but thinks they can move past this because he does love her. Lucinda throws Brian out and then Lily gives her a shoulder upon which to cry. Katie tells Craig that Lucy is home with Johnny because he needs a bone marrow transplant. Craig sees Johnny for thee first time and Johnny has the transplant. Lucy tells Craig she will make peace with him if he tries to allow Dusty to be part of Johnny's life. Lucy tells Dusty she only told Craig what he wanted to hear and they must leave as soon as Johnny is able to travel. Brad tells Dusty the details of how Craig blackmailed Katie and later Dusty asks Katie to tell Margo the truth so that Craig can be put in jail. Dusty promises to protect Katie from Craig but Katie's is confused about what she should do. Katie later tells Craig that Dusty and Lucy are still planning to run away with Johnny. Craig calls Margo and tells her that Lucy and Johnny have come home and he asks her to arrest Lucy for kidnapping.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Brooke speak of the wedding night on the beach, neither of them really sleeping. A night she will cherish forever, she says. They discuss Taylor and needing to help her more since Phoebe’s death. Eric keeps praising Donna for her beautiful bikini and it being so successful. Every time she tries to tell him about it, he has an interview or some obstacle and has to run off. But he insists that Donna and Owen get that original designer in here ASAP. Pam shows up at the office and despite objections, Owen hires her on the spot for more of those bikinis since the Forrester’s own seamstresses can’t equal Pam’s quality. Brooke tells Stephanie that Ridge went over to see Taylor. Ridge checks in to see how Taylor is and informs her that as of yesterday he is now a newlywed again. She feels this is just another loss like with Phoebe.

Pam insists on comparable pay, an office and her own parking space. Owen tells her that he is sure Eric will take care of her. Eric is thrilled and wants Pam onboard if she is available. For him, yes! Pam wants Donna to say that they “need” her and will smile and welcome her each day working side by side. Stephanie tells Brooke that Ridge has only put a bandage on the problem with Rick. Rick will end up screwing up again and all Ridge's hurt and anger will come tumbling out again. Brooke says that her Ridge is back and nothing Stephanie can do will change that.

Days Recap Written by Jenni

Kate ends her relationship with Daniel, saying that she needs a clean break from everything that reminds her of her illness, and saying she wants to focus her time on herself and her family. Stephanie and Phillip nearly make love, but decide to back off and take things slow. Kate tells Phillip that she thinks the two are perfect for one another. Bo calls an ambulance to the DiMera mansion for Theo before Stefano can. He’s later questioned about it by Stefano, but Hope covers for him. Lexie confides in Tony that she is a horrible mother and he tries to console her. Lexie learns that Theo has swelling in his brain and must be operated on immediately. Nicole meets with Mia, and she agrees to giver her baby to Nicole--provided that she can meet Nicole’s fiancée.

GH Recap Written by Laurie

Claudia watches Jerry’s second DVD. Spinelli bonds with Winifred. Maxie tries to warn Spinelli that Winifred can’t be trusted. Maxie confides her suspicions about Winifred to Sam. Jax offers Olivia a management position at the Metro Court. Robin voices her fears about Emma’s safety to Patrick. Later, Patrick is concerned about Robin’s emotional state. Luke asks Mike to come back to work at the newly “restored” Kelly’s. Claudia is less than thrilled when Carly comes to the house to see Sonny. Nadine is informed she’s being audited and she accepts Nik’s help with the situation. Alexis agrees to help but warns Nadine to prepare herself for a difficult fight. Sam worries about Spinelli so she tries to reach Jason. Unfortunately for Sam, Lucky overhears the phone call. Lucky gets upset that Sam won’t give him the details behind the call. Luke agrees to help Lulu prove that Anthony set up Johnny.

GL Recap Written by Beth

Jeffrey is out running in the park when he sees something on the ground. He picks it up, it's Shayne's medal. Jeffrey meets Reva at Company. Shayne is exercising when Dinah knocks on the door of his room and enters after identifying herself. Lizzie is running the news broadcast on her computer. Daisy tries again to help Bill and his hangover. Jeffrey introduces his old friend, Roc Cartwright to both Billy and Reva, then tell Reva that he has to talk to Roc. And leaves them. Reva tells Billy that Jeffrey is up to something. Billy runs into Dinah outside Company. They talk about Bill and the fire. Dinah tells Billy, that Bill doesn't know if he started that fire or not. Billy can't believe what Dinah has told him. He sits down for more. Later in Company, Dinah talks to Reva about Shayne. Jeffrey goes to see Shayne. Billy finds Bill at the Food Mart shopping. Daisy and Lizzie run into each other. Daisy wants Lizzie to listen to her about Bill. At first Lizzie doesn't want to listen. Then she does, but doesn't agree with all that Daisy says. Lizzie then hears Daisy out when Daisy continues to say that Bill feels that Lizzie is the best thing he has in his life. Then Lizzie says that Daisy doesn't know what she has been through these last few weeks. Lizzie says she even had doubts about Bill's innocents. Daisy admits she has been spending time with Bill. She tells Lizzie she'll be sorry if she doesn't talk with Bill. Reva tells Dinah to give some space to Shayne. That he is vulnerable right now. Dinah shoots back. Jeffrey's visit to Shayne's doesn't start out good. Jeffrey says that Shayne can help people in Springfield like he did in Afghanistan. Shayne says like defusing mines?! Jeffrey has a proposition for Shayne to help kids. At first Shayne isn't in for it. More Jeffrey talks the more Shayne warms up to it. Jeffrey says he'll talk with those involved. Lizzie is at home talking to her dog about Bill, unaware that Bill is also there on the landing listening to her. She gets up and walks out of the living room and Bill walks up to her. He is still pretty confused. At Towers, Jeffrey runs into Dinah. Dinah mentions Shayne. Jeffrey says he just dropped him off at a center. He tells her that Shayne was at first dead set against it. A youngster walks up to Shayne who wants to know who he is. Shayne introduces himself as his new counselor. Shayne finds out the kid's name is Byron. There is somewhat of a showdown of action between these two. Shayne eggs Byron on to do something. Shayne is surprise when Byron presents a knife toward him. Bill and Daisy walk into Company together. Daisy asks Billy if he's talk with Billy lately. Billy says no. Daisy tells Billy what she has witnessed with Bill lately. Things get a little better between Bill and Lizzie at the mansion.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint informs Natalie and Jared that if they want to keep their jobs at B.E. and still have a B.E., they need to know that David Vickers has become the sole heir of Asa's fortune. And they must make certain that David never finds that out. Sara decides she will take action against Vanessa. So she calls the immigration agent and tells him she believes that Vanessa perpetrated fraud in manipulating Cristian to marry her so that she could get away with attempting to murder her ex husband and get him falsely accused of murdering his first wife. Tea is working with Ray Montez to secretly keep Vanessa married to Cristian so she can stay in the US and he can get her charged with false imprisonment and other crimes Viki and Clint know that Jessica (and Tess as well) has a secret involving baby Chloe. SO she asks Bess. But Bess won't talk about it. Brody shares with his friend, Wes that he knows there is something mysterious and similar to his own situation about his new "friend" Jessica. . Nora tells Clint and Viki that in order to make her kidnapping case against Todd stick, she needs to subpoena the only witness who can corroborate that Todd intended to kidnap Starr's baby. And that witness happens to be Tess.

Y&R Recap Written by Asiya  **One Day Ahead

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